Sunday, October 16, 2011

Inspiration of the week - 4

Welcome to the The Poetry Palace and "Inspiration of the week". With so many talented poets and amazing poems, every other Sunday we will feature a random poem that has made an impression! I am Blaga and it's a pleasure to be with you!

Today I've chosen to feature a poem by "Eclipse of the moon"! Enjoy!

* Kisses Of Salt *

On the other side of my mirror
there is a diamond
resting within the palm of velvet
glowing with a thousand colors
A reflection of blue
A memory of green
Laughter of the sea in the sunset
A song of noisy crickets
captured in the olive branches

Behind my mirror glass
deep inside the heart
there is a pearl
A reflection of the sea
A memory in the sand
Sealed with kisses of salt
preserved forever
within the sound of waves

* * * * *

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Have a lovely and creative Sunday!


promising poets parking lot said...

great choice.


JANU said...

Beautiful n simple.

Susie Clevenger said...

What a beautiful poem..a view on the other side of your mirror...memories preserved with kissrd of this