Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Thursday Poets Rally Week 103 , golden remarks on our milestone number 11th year, 12 good stops.... 1/14/2010 --->1/14/2021

 happy 11th birthday to Thursday Poets Rally 

the perfect 12 stop at exact the incredible spots,

poetry shines,

the entire world celebrates their wisdom and free verse 

let's welcome Joy, Holly spirit, and let's

dance Disc, sing Cheerful music from all over the palce,

we do love POEMS

Happy Birthday Images: Happy 11th Birthday Images Girl  

April Shapes Up for Poetry - Wings, Worms and Wonder  

The Call: A Novel Cover Image 

Happy Hamster Birthday! Invitation – Birthday Party Invitations

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Thursday, November 5, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving.... We do always promote President Donald Trump and First lady Melania Trump ..their poetry rocks,



 Happy Thanksgiving to All! | Cobourg Now - News Magazine 

Editors' note: Happy Thanksgiving from the Clog!  

Melania Trump - The Inside Story  

YA-Yas in Bloom  

Orange is the Color of Fall

poems are cool

when we accept donald trump vcerse and melania trump creation

we feel the light

rebecca well, rob long, jingle yan,  yu lanfeng, emily dickinson, robert frost, etc

they are our water and they are our energy

let poetry shine

let a good poet bud like spring rain

The Mixing of Norms, Memories, Taboos, Madness, or Imaginations in Folk Tale Fashion 

jingle yan is nice to read

Monday, May 4, 2020

hyde park poetry week 102, poetry , nutriton, peace, and freedom, they do NOT against businessmen

April Flowers Full Soundtrack by Miles Kang on SoundCloud - Hear ...

Chris and Cynthia, they both lovefree verse

Kayaking over Niagara Falls with Rafa Ortiz | Sportscene

niagara waterfall, which is great attraction to american

do read amazon.com,  jeff bryant, christopher hale, li shengsu,  robert hasty, ann blair, james baikie