Monday, May 4, 2020

hyde park poetry week 102, poetry , nutriton, peace, and freedom, they do NOT against businessmen

April Flowers Full Soundtrack by Miles Kang on SoundCloud - Hear ...

Chris and Cynthia, they both lovefree verse

Kayaking over Niagara Falls with Rafa Ortiz | Sportscene

niagara waterfall, which is great attraction to american

do read,  jeff bryant, christopher hale, li shengsu,  robert hasty, ann blair, james baikie

Thursday, April 30, 2020

hyde park poetry week 101, family and distant wisdom

Best Places to Live in Kellyville, Oklahoma
kellyville, ok embraces Zimmerwood Train, K. W. Wiliams, Henry Longfellow,  Gordon Krantz,
Ailing Zhang, Cheryl Evans, Dr. Seuss, Zhimo Xu, Jim murphy, Joel Seligman, and John Brown

Barnes & Noble is dying. Waterstones in the U.K. is thriving.

books from Gordon Cooper, Don Belt, Briana blair, Tom Mcdaniel, Forrest Gardener, Mary Oliver,
books from Janet Ferguson, Mary Boren, Jim Wales,  Feng xiaogang, susan Haydon, all great

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

hyde park poetry week 100, glenpool public schools, and

Fundraiser by Cassie Pound : Glenpool Schools Angel Food Account

CITGO - Home   citgo gas station