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Poetry Foundation
Poetry Center.JPG
Poetry Foundation building
Type Independent literary organization
Founded January 1, 2003
Key people Robert Polito, President
Service(s) Publication; Conferences; Library
Mission "To raise poetry to a more visible and influential position in American culture"
Formerly called Modern Poetry Association
The Poetry Foundation is a Chicago-based American foundation created to promote poetry in the wider culture. It was formed from Poetry magazine, which it continues to publish, with a 2003 gift of $200 million from philanthropist Ruth Lilly.[1]
According to the foundation's Web site, it is "committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture. It exists to discover and celebrate the best poetry and to place it before the largest possible audience."[2] In partial furtherance of this objective, the Foundation runs a blog called Harriet [1] (see, Harriet Monroe). Poets who have blogged at Harriet on behalf of The Poetry Foundation include Ange Mlinko, Christian Bök, Stephen Burt, and Rigoberto González. In addition, the Foundation provides several awards for poets and poetry. It also hosts seminars, readings, exhibitions, and a poetry library.
The Poetry Foundation is a non-profit, charitable, 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible.[2]


The foundation is the successor to the Modern Poetry Association (previous publisher of Poetry magazine), which was founded in 1941.[3] The magazine, itself, was started in 1912 by Harriet Munroe its first publisher, and an art critic for the Chicago Tribune. Today, the Poetry Foundation is one of the largest literary foundations in the world.[2]
Poetry Foundation Library
In 2003, Poetry magazine received a grant from the estate of Ruth Lilly originally said to be worth over $100 million, but which grew to be about $200 million when it was given out. The grant added to her already substantial prior contributions.[4]
The magazine learned in 2001 that it would be getting the grant. Before announcing the gift, the magazine waited a year and reconfigured its governing board, which had been concerned with fund-raising. The foundation was created, and Joseph Parisi, who had been editor of the magazine for two decades, volunteered to head the new organization. Christian Wiman, a young critic and poet, succeeded to the editorship in 2003. Parisi resigned from the foundation after a few months.[4]
The new board used a recruiting agency to find John Barr, a rich executive and published poet, to head the foundation.[4]

Poetry Foundation building

Part of the Lilly grant was used to build the Poetry Center in Near North Side, Chicago. The Center, designed by John Ronan, opened in 2011. The center holds a library open to the public, houses reading spaces, hosts school and tour groups, and provides office and editorial space for the Poetry Foundation and magazine.[5]



The Poetry Foundation hosts a schedule of events. These include poetry readings, staged plays, artist collaborations, and exhibitions.

Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute

The Harriet Monroe Poetry Institute provides an independent forum to convene discussions about poetry. Poets, scholars, educators and others are invited to share ideas about the intellectual and practical needs of the poetry form, and to generate solutions to benefit the art.

Poetry Out Loud contest

The Poetry Out Loud recitation contest was created in 2006 by the Poetry Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts to increase awareness of poetry through performance and competition. It engages high school students in public speaking and the literature and performance of poetry. The contest gives out a $20,000 award to the first place winner, $10,000 for second place and $5,000 for third place. Participating schools also receive cash prizes.


First Poetry issue cover October 1912
The Foundation's awards seek to promote and bring recognition to poets and poetry. The Pegasus Awards are a series of awards to "under-recognized" poets and poetic forms (the winged horse, Pegasus, was used to illustrate the early magazine covers). They are generally given annually but may be given less often. The Children's Poet Laureate is a two year appointment to an author of children's poetry. The Ruth Lilly Prize is an annual award given for lifetime achievement in poetry to U.S. poets. The Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship is awarded to aspiring U.S. poets to support study and writing.


The 30,000-volume library presents a wide selection of modern and contemporary poetry in English or translation. It includes original author works and rare volumes. It also includes representative samples of earlier eras, and includes a 3000-volume children's section. In addition to the reading room, there are listening booths for poet audio recordings and broadcasts related to poetry and interactive displays. It is open to the public Tuesday through Friday with a children's day on Wednesday.


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Monday, March 31, 2014

A Walk On Nutrition Factors and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 78): Join Us Today To Pave A Healthy Habbit

Good Morning, Poets, Bloggers, Friends, Supporters, and Creative Writers:

It has been a while since we run our poets rally last time, I regret that we won’t run regularly, yet, there is exciting news, I decide to do a special prompt with theme on NUTRITION factors, those of you who are interested in can spend time researching and writing on our theme, and submit your work via provided Inlinkz below.

You have about 4 weeks to work out your entry, the submission is from today to April 30th, 2014, which means you have enough time to make your effort, this helps you improve your creative writing skills by writing for a theme, the topic could be anything related to nutrition.
In case you have trouble writing for our theme but still wish to submit your poetry, you can choose sharing a free verse and a poem related to creation, relation, education, location, and occupation, etc.

The offer is open to the public, Two entries Per blog link please, One for our theme, another is free verse, random poetry or haiku, you are encouraged to fine tune your entry and meet the requirement before submitting, our officials will format your work into a book form, we expect about 100-300 entries, we will publish your talent of poetry as a book, it is independent publishing and NON-Profit, which means that  we won’t charge you but won’t pay you either, the bookstore or online booksellers might earn a profit, but they will never pay our officials or you. And the finished book selling link will be provided to you by end of June , 2014, have fun, good luck!

Instruction to your submissions:

Make sure to:

#1: read and follow instruction, make sure you know what you are doing.

#2: once you have written a free verse or a poem on our theme (no more than 30 lines each poem, copy and paste it to your blog, post it, then submit to our special offer prompt,

#3: upon your submission, make a comment under the post, saying:

Hello, poetry rally officials, I agree to have my work published in your Walk Around Nutrition Factors and Free Verse More Project, along with

Title of your entry,
Name in which you wish to appear in the book,
Blog link,
Poem content,

#4: read and comment for other entries to get inspired, no obligations on this one!

A sample poem on nutrition:

No Free Food and Shelter

Birds have free food and nest
Foxes hve free food and holes
Alas, men have no
Free food no free house.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Belated 4th Birthday To Thursday Poets Rally at Hyde Park...New York London Paris Chicago..Etc.


The following is a sample of poetry rally run by Jingle about 4 years ago ...

An Update On Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 2 (Jan 21-27, 2010)

Welcome, Poets and Poetry Fans:

I wanted to thank YOU for the responses to Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 2.

To be able to be eligible for week 2 participants, you must:

#1: Post a poem on Thursday, January 21, 2010 in YOUR OWN BLOG.
#2:  If you are a week 1 participant, make sure you have already commented on 12 fresh Blogs before you  become active on week 2. (Without fulfilling requirement of week 1, you can not request as a participant in week 2, I have to be fair to those who do working hard to send out encouragement and cool notes to other poets via commenting.)
#3: If you are not a week 1 participant, but you are a poet and want to join in, please feel free to join us by commenting on this post.
#4: I love comments, please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I value your ideas very much. Thank YOU in advance.
#5: Please  visit both participants and fresh poets from the following links, you may discover new blogging poetry friends or simply enjoy reading their special poems for Thursday Poets’ Rally week 2. They love comments and dedicated to advocate poetry, poetry reading & writing, and new poets promotion a great deal.
No obligation to be come a member. You can join in any week by commenting.  Once confirm that you want to be IN, then you have to be serious, I trust your WORDS and wish you best of luck on blogging, writing and  reading. Cheers, ;)

Week 2 Participants:

William Manson
My Walking Path
58 INCHES, Jessie Carty:
The CottageGirl:
Shiteki Na Usagi, Haiku Blog: (first poem) (job done, ready for week 3, ;) :))
Bonjour Poetry:
You are never alone: (ready for week 3, hooray, ;) ;) )
Let’s talk about anything:
The Girl In Me: (job done for week 2, ready for week 3, ;) :))
Pat: (her third poem)
A poem named “Jingle” by Pat: (her 2nd poem)
JP Beaty: poem)
Jamie Thorne: (Hurray,  Jamie has done her visits to 12 blogs today, ;) ;))
Beth the Doubtfulpoet:
Utopian Fragments:
Moondustwriter’s blog:
waystationone: (brian miller has done his job, ready to rock for week 3, ;) ;))
Special Thanks to KJ Who Is Gifted in poetry and wrote a poem for Jingle:
KJ’s Blog:
Special thanks go to William a poet who comment for Jingle every single day:
William’s Public Poetry:
Jingle’s Poem for Thursday Poets Rally:

Twelve (12)  fresh poets to explore in week 2:

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For more information about Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 2, please visit:
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