Saturday, January 31, 2015

referring week 79, the most invaluable poet (13): Mr. Blaque Soul

Hello, how do you do today?

when it comes to the most invaluable poet award, we fall short since there are hundreds of poets who connect demonstrating amazing talents in their common sense and poetic thoughts.

well, yet, we have one for you, let's read Mr. Blaque Soul's poetry....have a sweet and hot evening...

Sensual Partners

The night starts with a smile Because of the future to come Eyes start to race the courses of bodies Drawing a illustration in the thoughts This is a night that will not be forgotten Vision connects for a particular idea Emotionally combining one act Having a few beverages to ease the nervousness Whispering sweet ear-gasms

Butterfly kisses touch the skin
Giving the awareness of pleasure
As the scorching breathe escapes the mouth
Glazing the outer layer
Creating hills on once a flat surface
Slight trembles dance in the tummy
Building the anxiousness of this moment
Finding that fantasy to embrace
That this is the night of willing contributors

Agreements has been drafted mentally The flashes of this dance is beginning Ascending this mountain of ecstasy Where arches are created from nothingness And mourns are expressed for attention Raising the confidence of accomplishment Dazed by the completion of motion That transformed the two into a single With heavy exhaling and thrusting

Body fluids escape the pores
When displaying an instilled boldness
Of physical exercise of figures
Closing your readers accepting the notion
Reaching closer to that twinkling
Pushing for that explosion of effort
From those gardens of desire
Within the sweet cherry of life
Recycling this information during climax

Thursday, January 29, 2015

the perfect poet award for poets rally week 79

Happy End of January,  aspiring poets! glad that you have experienced Poetry Rally Week 79... To ring the bell for honor and efforts,  let's recognize a few poets for their hard work:

see list below, in no order...

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....Kodjo Deynoo Poetry (K.D.P) An Impressionist Poet
A Message in a Bottle
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Darlings Of Venus
Andrew Kreider
roslyn ross - small stones and other poems
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Sheryl David Tanya Page Raun  
Sasha Jenna Gust McCormick Robertson
Laynie Gosney Blecha Park Yamazaki
Mary Bruce Leopold Holm Reed
Baylee Zach Layton Flecher Pichette
Kora-Leah Meet Faust Wilson
Angenette Karen Gregory Olivara Beredjick
yelena's poetry
Layne Gerald Wade Cutts Hansen
Marcie Barack Lankford Ramsey Constantin
Roxanne Burns George Arrington-Hans
Rachel Gloria Mayer Walsh Schapiro
Abigail Michael Boyle Blount Fallin
Fatiha Kabena Storm Snyder Brothers
Madeline Terry Camille Nat Brownback
Anne Emerson Sharp Block Bloomberg
Iremonger Marty JacoBus Quinlan Pickens
Susan Rafael Otter Jolie Nixon
Lucinda Goce Bristol Tamhane Sahakian
Matt Jerry OffenSend Kivatinos Nusimow
Prem Laszlo Shrock Riesbeck Ottino
Alison Sandberg Jason Pritchard Clinton 
Michael's Lair
Benji Barratt Clark Twohill Sullivan


Nefarious X  
Malia Butterfly Detroit Lawrence Page
Christopher Kerry Scott Sophie Johnson
Jeanne Elena Owen-Mihaltses Henneberry
Stephan Peter Carl Victor Hudson

Lita V  
Angela Cohan  

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Rules to Accept the Award:
#     Put the logo on your blog under your poets rally entry or any poem post before or on next rally.
#    Post any poem (or a Haiku) under the logo.
#        Tag The Hyde Park Poetry Palace to link back to This Award Post.
#        Nominate One Previous Participant or current participant and leave the nominees link to their blog and you're done! 
#        Please copy and paste your acceptance post link in the comments section of post below if possible, no obligation of course to take the award.

A sample award acceptance is linked here:

Happy Rally! see you next time!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Thursday Poets Rally Week 79: January 14-January 27, 2015 (5th anniversary celebration)

Greetings, Dear Poets who support and enjoy our rally:

Welcome to  Week 79, January 14 - 27, 2015, in celebrating Thursday poets Rally Five
year anniversary, say, January 14, 2010 -January 14, 2015...How wonderful?!

Be aware, we are honoring Thursdays Poets’ Rally week 38 (2/17/2011-2/24/2011)  poets rally hosted by Leo, you are welcome to add your new poems or a free verse to our collection! ;)

Please Check out one of  our poetry rally  post of week 38 via the link below, enjoy!

image logo made by Riika Infinity

Please read and answer the following questions before participating Poets Rally week 79:
#1: Is your poem for Poets Rally week 79 original? Please say YES or NO.
#2: Your entry shall be written for Thursday Poets Rally week 79, if you enter your piece to another online meme in the future or have done so previously, please let me know and mention it in your entry post. Please say YES or NO, thanks.
#3: By linking your poetry in, you are automatically a participant, which implies that you allow Poets Rally officials, and other Poets Rally officials or participants unlimited access to your blog posts during the week, and you will NOT complain about how often people have visited or commented for your work. Do you agree? Please give a clear YES or NO.
#4: To be counted as active poet next time, you must meet the requirements:

1): Return favors to those who have commented for you,
2): visit and comment for 12 to 18 poets from participants list. You have up to 14 days to make a minimum 182comments, take your time! Are you going to fulfill requirements with your best knowledge? Please say YES or No.
#5: If you have answered YES to the FOUR questions above, now you are expected to keep your words. Once you fulfill your bi-weekly requirement, you are formally a participant. 
As a participant, you are representing Thursday Poets Rally, no personal biases, no negative comment, or email gossips are encouraged or tolerated. You are expected to follow the rules, focus on public commenting and encouragement, you do your own contribution, and respect decisions made by fellow poets or Poets Rally officials…Are you willing to work on building a positive, encouraging, and respectful poetry community by being modest, cool, and professional? YES or No, Please respond.
Please answer all 5 questions,  …Let us know after you are done… with this agreement, we are clear about our duty and complaints or potential issues are avoided…

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The linkz will remain open for two entire weeks, take your time, do make at least 12- 18 comments to your peers and LEAVE A COMMENT under this post to let us know after you are done.  ;)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

referring week 78: the window to the world (28): The Italian Bird and poetry by angela cohan

There is a singer in every bird,
Both mid-land and mid-wood kind,
There is an opinion in every song you've heard,
A mix of something between liberal
and conservative lags behind,
The Italian bird counts from one to ten
while taking a vacation at forests GREEN,
Coconut and banana trees are naked
with a monkey's teeth falling, being faked,
The Italian bird sees highway blood red,
and would sing to mourn for the dead,
The Italian bird lets some moments overcast,
and looks beyond the seasons faults in the past.
Image Credit:, msn 

another blogger and poet we introduce to you is Angela Cohan: her posts include fashion experts who demonstrate talent and passion for life in free style.

Valentino Garavani

Valentino Garavani

Valentino in a scene from the film "The Last Emperor"
Valentino in a scene from the film “The Last Emperor”

Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani was born in Vogehera, Lombary, Italy in May 1932.  He began working in the fashion industry at a young age as an apprentice for local designers.  He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris as well as the training he received at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.  Garavani apprenticed in the salons of Jean Desses and Guy Laroche.
He left Paris in 1959 and opened a fashion house in Rome.  He gained recognition for his red dresses – in a shade that became known as “Valentino red.”
Valentino met Giancarlo Giammetti, his partner of more then fifty years.  Valentino’s debut took place in 1962 at the Pitti Palace in Florence.  He quickly became a power player of Italian couture with a long list of famous clients.  He designed Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress for her wedding to Aristotle Onassis in 1968.
In 1998, Valentino and Giametti sold their company for approximately $300 million to the Italian conglomerate HdP which subsequently sold the company to Marzotto Apparel in 2002.  In 2007, he announced his retirement. Pierpaolo Picciolioni and Maria Grazia Chiuri are the new designers at Valentino’s fashion house.

Quote from the 2008 documentary film The Last Emperor:
“I love beauty. I love beautiful women. It’s not my fault.”

a poem by angela cohan herself:

Bullied  by
Angela Cohan

I am the fat kid who sits behind you in class
I am the student who gets picked on for terrible acne
I am the child who stutters
I am the person who gets picked last when we’re choosing teams
I am the poor kid with crooked teeth
I am the victim with a slash on my face
I am your friend with a limp
Don’t you know that every time you call me a name,
every time you push me,
every time a racial slur is uttered
the value of human life is diminished?
Every time I hear an anti-Semitic remark
I shudder to think that there are still bullies in the world