Sunday, October 23, 2011

Perfect Poet Award Week 54

Hello everyone and welcome to another glorious award giving-and-receiving extravaganza! I am Ava and I will be awarding all you well-loved poets this week! Congratulations and good luck to all! Keep writing!!

The award goes to:

A.B Thomas

Brian Miller



Gigi Ann



Fire and Ice

Luke Water



June Butterfly


Caledonia Poems


Rachel Hoyt



Buttterflies of Time

Broken Sparkles


Eclipse of the Moon

C Rose



Die Reise meines Lebens

Jacqui Binford-Bell


Dark Angel Writes

Voice of True Love

Cindy Eksuzian

Darryl Davis


Sherrie Theriault


The Word Bar

Traci B

Julia Kneale

Half way between the Gutter




Old Jules 

Charles L. Mashburn



Kim Williams

Keith's Ramblings

Daily Journey

Susie Clevenger

Black Swan Poetry

Sweet Pea

Mission Improvisational


The Unknown Gnome

Chocolate Lover

Someone is Special

A Little more than Ordinary

Random Scribblings


Donna Swanson


Mike Jackson

ibeing me


Me Daily

Charlie Parant

Clean Word

Rules to Accept the Award:
  • Put the logo on your blog under your poets rally entry or any poem post before or on next rally.
  • Post a poem (or a Haiku) under the logo.
  • Tag The Poetry Palace to link back to This Award Post.
  • Nominate One Previous Participant or current participant and leave the nominees link to their blog and you're done!
  • Please copy and paste your acceptance post link in the comments section of post.
A sample award acceptance is linked here:

Congrats to all who won!


Hyde Park Poetry Palace said...

way to go....


JANU said...

Thank you so much for the award. My link -

Man Named Kim said...

Thank you. My post is here

And best of luck with the link and community building. Namaste'

Anonymous said...

How do I join this weekly rally?

Jeannette, said...

thank you for the award. i'm overwhelmed and honored...still learning from great poets like you.
my link:

Unknown said...

Thank you very much!

FireandIce said...

Muchas gracias!

JBinford-Bell said...

Thank you oh, so much.

Susie Clevenger said...

Thank you so much for the award.
Here is my link:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award... did not expect it :)
here is my link

Darryl Davis said...

Many thanks :-)

Unknown said...

Many thanks for the nomination and award I have honored it on my page and feel humbled to be included. My thanks again ~ Rose

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Thanks to all who make up this wonderful group of talented folks!

Anonymous said...

Very much appreciated, great community.

The Poet said...

Congratulations everyone!

I humbly accept the award and nominate Reverie.

My acceptance is here:
Her Voice In The Wind

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the lovely award. Congrats to all!

My acceptance and the next nomination:

Love & hugs//Eclipse

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award and here is my acceptance post -

I would like to nominate The Lonely Recluse - for the next award.

robin said...

thank you, i accept. i posted my acceptance here:

Scarlet said...

Thank you kindly... and here is my post:

hyde park poetry week 149, A Break In Farmingdale city is Nice    who's there,  spot?   it is friday, it is time to eat french fries