Sunday, March 5, 2023

hyde park poetry palace on thursdays week 129, international poetry month in april, april 1 ---april 31, 2023, 11th year,





the time and the hour glass

the earth and the moon

the man ad the woman

thoughts hide in blink of eyes


none of us laugh too loud,

none of us speak too much, 

the cold air passes by the window span

the dreams make one shake


the hands are black 

the palms are white

the water drops from  himalaya mountain

the fitbit, the miso soup, they merge to a perfect spot





Charlene Delfin said...

It has awesome rhymes!

Unknown said...

blogging is nice.

hyde park poetry week 149, A Break In Farmingdale city is Nice    who's there,  spot?   it is friday, it is time to eat french fries