Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Fabulous Inquiry On Nutrition, Fitbit Melody, and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Palace Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 83), apr 1-may 2, 2016


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New Balance Shoes 

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Fitbit force Adds Altimeter to young lady

Good Morning, Poets, Bloggers, Friends, Supporters, and Creative Writers:
It has been a while since we run our poets rally last time, it is time to work on theme on NUTRITION factors, those of you who are interested in can spend time researching and writing on our theme, and submit your work via provided Inlinkz below.
You have about 4 weeks to work out your entry, the submission is from today to May 2, 2016, which means you have enough time to make your effort, this helps you improve your creative writing skills by writing for a theme, the topic could be anything related to nutrition.
In case you have trouble writing for our theme but still wish to submit your poetry, you can choose sharing a free verse and a poem related to creation, relation, education, location, and occupation, etc.
The offer is open to the public, Two entries Per blog link please, One for our theme, another is free verse, random poetry or haiku, you are encouraged to fine tune your entry and meet the requirement before submitting, our officials will format your work into a book form, we expect 

about 100-300 entries, we will publish your talent of poetry as a book, it is independent publishing and NON-Profit, which means that  we won’t charge you but won’t pay you either, the bookstore or online booksellers might earn a profit, but they will never pay our officials or you. And the finished book selling link will be provided to you by end of June , 2016, have fun, good luck!

Instruction to your submissions:
Make sure to:
#1: read and follow instruction, make sure you know what you are doing.
#2: once you have written a free verse or a poem on our theme (no more than 30 lines each poem, copy and paste it to your blog, post it, then submit to our special offer prompt,
#3: upon your submission, make a comment under the post, saying:
Hello, poetry rally officials, I agree to have my work published in your a Fabulous Inquiry on Nutrition, Fitbit Melody,  and Free Verse More Today Project, along with
Title of your entry,
Name in which you wish to appear in the book,
Blog link,
Poem content,
#4: read and comment for other entries to get inspired, no obligations on this one!
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eat healthy food,
behave normal routine,
work and study in good shape,
grab a strawberry and chew a green grape.


France Marie Henry Southworth Cordova said...

submission starts April 1, 2016 to May 2, 2016,

share your poetry, nutrition thoughts, and free verse, a maximum two pieces with us...bless your creativity,
we value your support.

cora marriet said...

music of birds, fresh air of crowded driftwoods
Cora Marriet

After the Colvin recreational walk--after the Robin sitting;
After the Golfsmith shopping, in term of Fresh food and physical fit,
now, a bluejay, bluejay hawks, swaying arms, batting for a base,
resting in peaceful blood stream near Lake Michigan:
Oxygen of the universe, inhaling and exhaling, jittering bells,
fresh air, irresistible air---pleasant fuel, odd, sexy air,
taxing its way into our lungs, Kenmore cooler, puffing its breath,
sizzle the way, to ear drums, giggling and buoyant, with blank smoke.

France Marie Henry Southworth Cordova said...

the soda cans and the sweet desires
France Marie Henry Southworth Cordova

the donut sits
in round horse shoe curve

It spreads sugar
through our teeth and tongue
down to our stomach
and then turns into a satisfied smile

a sweet treatment comes
serving as appetizer
his words touch her heart

a day passes by without much drama

the hands of a clock moves
despite the rage near Pearl Harbor
our mind dates our will
romantic emotion awaits

gerri willis said...

poetry rally week 83, a fabulous inquiry on nutrition, fitbit melody, and free verse
Gerri Willis

She then lets go
in term
of the previous crowds
or the former tryouts
connecting to cultural context
online or off campus
without face to face confirmation
Things become decent
Wellness, Fitbit, New Balance of nutrition
any time
any where
her echo speaks and stirs
meditation, fruit cups, poetic rhyming
they stack up like brick laying
Inferior won't be able to get arrayed
as Forest Park rocks in Saint Louis bay
this april
bending its body like an arch
head to toe
left to right
inside out
day by day
citi cards, quick silver, jp chase morgan, or barclay
pay checks, cash, and quarters roll like mechanical machine
Well, Well,
her self must melt
changing "weatherly",
adapting "wisely"
number 11 bus on foot,
or rides on a bike
green lawn, silicon valley,
frosty look gets orchestra ed by song of a mouse

squeak, squeak,
Wendy's -New-Missy-Wildcats, Daddy O's guitar
all music vibrates

Kate Neal Virginia Ann Hargis said...

blown away by mimi mathis
Kate Neal Virginia Ann Hargis

everything remains the same
exceptional case won't rust the case
we can not overturn the moon's grace
yet we can not reduce the sun's heat
i have seen your point of view
which makes tip over the unexpected bumps
you shall know the reason backward
the wheel of time may wear off the tangled wood
and I doubt the faith and trust you used to commit

months, years, decades, and ages,
my hair is painted white or grey,
my words are brewed with red wine ingredients
silence, silence, and i appreciate the empty space
when I dip my hands in Nashville country music Hall of Fame,
Taylor Swift has me in her bus tour then
Infamous mountain is blown away by quartz mountain,
I believe that Simon Fraser knows Trent Mantitoba

Asim Kumar Paul said...

Asim Kumar Paul

well done.

joann cram said...

Tomah, Wisconsin, Josh-Avery, Anna-Claire, Karen, and Tony...a story on a new york city library science authoirity
Jo-Ann Cram on Anthony William Tony Marx and Karen Bartkey Marx

poetry is free
when we focus on a beautiful family and research the background

this is for Anthony William Tony Marx, Karen Barkey,
Josh Marx and Anna Marx

from new york city public library sector,
Tony Marx comes along after Paul LeClerc gets well known there

Bronx high School is distant after that,
so does Wesleyan University and Yale University

While Tony attends Woodrow Wilson school at Princeton University,
He expects to enjoy more freedom else where, at south Africa, Khanya College

BusinessWeek honors him for Diversity efforts,
QuestBridge college match program pleases him well

Karen Barkey is a beautiful wife and good mother,
Josh Avery and Anna Claire are offspring to be admired

interesting facts,
Tom Gerely, Carolyn Martin are powerful figures

recall history,
expect future knowledge base

Farah Griffin, Diane Vanghan, Otto Luening, Priscilla Ferguson,
these are relatives at large

Alicia Henkin, Catherine Leuning, Blanche Manso, H. Terrace,
these are back up colleagues

Ciara Marx, David Schiling, Angela Giral, Michael Roth, Dave Foster Wallace, Dan Brown,
these are powerful talents from book printing to book collections.

Lucinda Goce Bristol Tamhane Sahakian said...

Yacht (Haiku on Luxury Yacht The Ship In Ocean Floor)
Lucinda Goce Bristol Tamhane Sahakian

Brave the sea with speed,
Wind is the driving motor,
Nature's power to go.

Let sage's words rain,
Hold the oar to your yacht tight,
Pedal to open sea.

The tides may shift,
The weather may be stormy,
have your yacht ready.

Sabrian Woodrow Wilson said...

baja mexican food, a balanced mix (poetry rally week 83, book project 2)
Sabrian Woodrow Wilson

midnight crsis
a frown at Randy's forehead

Alphonso Wood scanner
Kathryn Oehme printer

a visit to Kurt Wood performing art center
a knock at Brent Wood's front door

soft piano
loud hunger

Daisy Wood and Abigail Wood pair up on ballet dance,
Authur Wood and Mawell Wood pick photograph

two plates of baja mexican food,
each fulfills Chrismen Bien-Aime's thirst

a text memo from Andrea Kim,
a call for Rachel Staats to visit Wayne and Ballard

Subway simply good orange juice,
Shamrock well done milk

Hwee Fung indeed join for Wood Kam movement,
a fine sock from Eskimo Joe

Im Wood, Larry Wood, Lorraine Wood, Aam Wood, Bien David, James Mire,
all of them stay upbeat a lot without getting into a cliff

Steven Wood, Joseph Oehme, Jenna Wood, Ari Wood, Abbey Wood,
they send friendly letters to Howard Wood, Victoria Aime, Tom Wood, Leigh sheppard

the well is full of clear water,
we wave hello to Peggy Herrick, Heather Gregory, Dawn Wood, Ann Blair, Martha Wood

nashvile tennessee Zeppos said...

Green Beans
Carol Cordova
posted by Nashville Tennessee Zeppos

oval leaf
pure green sheen

soft skin
absolutely fresh thing

string beans, or snap beans in the northeastern and western USa
unripe fruit or protective pods of cultivars of the common bean

french bean in France
german bean in Berlin

hong kong bean in Macau
Inchon bean in south korea

marketed canned, frozen, and fresh. Green beans are steamed,
boiled, stir-fried, or baked in casseroles.

A dish with green beans popular throughout the United States, particularly at Thanksgiving,

green bean casserole, which consists of green beans, cream of mushroom , and fried onions

one day it is a bean sprout
another day it is a vine in backyard

weeks after, it is a vegetable tree
months later, it bears short, index figure long bean

you see it from wikipedia,
you read it at poetry nutrition rally

you eat it often after that,
you honor it via Kevin Wood's news flash

beans are very fitting food
that is why I let you know Mario Yvan is good at such.

Nicholas Barry Zeppos Napolitano Constantin said...

A-Z day one: a is for Arkansas city, Kansas state
Leigh Sheppard

Arkansas, Art Memory,
a spot from Kansas and Missouri

Benington 28,
the water in Montana is great

Aime Michelle Barlard Wood, bob Thornton, Pax Thien,
the Yuwin Cuu and Eric Yin brand

Arkansas, Petit Jean,
Mountain valley, the waterfall is slim and award winning

Anna Claire Marx, a girl who loves new york yankees, Alphonse Wood, Abbey Yin, Andrea Kim, Ann Wood, and Anthony Tony Marx, cheers

A word is Absolutely adorable and an angel reminds me of angie Jolie and Brad Pitt, including Shiloh Nouvel, Vivienne,

Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt, Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt, and Marcheline never minds her fame when Marcheline Bertrand, Jon Voight, Jane Etta Pitt, William Alvin Pitt fight

Ann, Anna, Anne, Anapolis, Amelia, Amanda, Aihong, AiE, AiQin, Alison
A..B..C..1..2..3..Austin, Augusta, Augustine, Audie, Alan, Allen, wow

a poem is a piece
that speaks of a language

A post is fine when Arlee Bird, Alex Cavanaugh, Aj Lauer join the April writing challenge.

Shiloh Nouvel and Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt said...

B is for Barclay credit and Boston, Massachussets musicians
Shiloh Nouvel and Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt

Barbara bush feels delighted
because her son and daughter-in-law are framed at Eskimo Joe's

Stan Clark, a figure who seems very smart,
He invites a president on May 22, 2014, to dine at his counterpart shop

Eskimo Joe beers,
Eskimo Joe t-shirts

Eskimo Joe pen
Eskimo joe socks

Eskimo joe post card
Edkimo joe long pants

products and famous rooted wines
everything goes down the valley of Gina Noble, John Bartley, David Schmidly

B is for Barclay credit card,
B is for Barack Obama and Bien David, B is for Bank of America

B is for Bank of Oklahoma, B is for Boston cambridge,
B is for Brown University, B is for Bricktown business

B is for Buddy Wood, Budget Inn Hotel, Budget car rental,
B is for Brad Henry, Brent Wood, Baylee Henry, Emily Claude, Julie Cohen

B is for Beecave,
B is for Boise, Odaho

B is for bread and bamboo baskets
B is for beef stock and Birkenstock

Blogging from A to Z day two is for B words,
John Harvard will be surprised about John Holton, joy campbell

Be a regular fiction writer, and pump the blogging platform with words of Zalka Xsenge Virag,
Jeremy, Heather Gardner, Arlee Bird, Bret, Bruce, Burns Hargis, Burns Flat

Jay Maxwell Nixon said...

bamboo shoots, thai chicken curry with bamboo shoots soup
Risa Zwerling Croft
posted by Jay Maxwell Nixon

Thai chicken curry and bamboo shoots
stir fried bamboo shoots

spicy food makes you cry
but at times, a watermelon slice is not enough for our appetite

i eat bamboo
because they are full of fiber and strength

Bamboo shoots or bamboo sprouts are the edible shoots (new bamboo culms
that come out of the ground) of many bamboo species

Raw bamboo shoots contain cyanogenic glycosides,
natural toxins also contained in cassava

Bamboo shoot tips are called zhú sǔn jiān (竹笋尖) or simply sǔn jiān (笋尖)
in Chinese, although they are mostly referred to as just sǔn (笋)

Chakma people from the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh call Bamboo shoots
Bajchur and it is their traditional food. Bamboo shoot tips are called Myit in Myanmar.

Bamboo shoots, it is Mang in Vietnam,
Kanji in Japanese, Hangui in Korean

a rare vegetable
a backing up dish in winter days and during special occasions

Larry Hasty Wendy Stanley Wojcicki said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition and vacation mixture
Joseph Singer

Corns, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, grapes,
Vegetables refresh our blood streams

Nutrition, Northwestern University Trial Satisfaction,
A way to keep the ropes swinging

Brown, Pink, Green, the color is cute,
Yellow, Blue, White, the world is like a Jupiter

milk is good,
orange juice is fitting

apples, pears, peaches, bananas, and green peppers are perfect,
rice, wheat bread, sandwiches, and music are amusing

leaving behind Knoblock and Ramsey,
we often think of Foster, Hasty, Schapiro, Cao, Chen, Colgate, Goce, Watson

a game of jumping rope is very tricky,
but the exercise helps us a balance shape

concrete on our feet
the bouncing body feel great

sweat in our face
the spirit of Mozart, Bach, Sheley, Yves, Pipen, Jordan, Parsons, Jones drill in many grit

Jill Tracy Biden feels like heaven
When Michelle Obama has her husband Joe Biden in

life unexpected
vacation planned to Houston, Vancouver, Toronto, Columbia, Dallas to be fulfilled

Marissa Biden Sergey Christina Murphy said...

Lettuse, Tomatoes, Basil, Eggplants, and Spinaches
Marissa Biden Sergey Christina Murphy

drawing contest
a first grader determines to paint images of Lettuce, Tomatoes, Basil

International Nutrition Month,
April 1 to May 2, 2016 flying moth

purple heart
beautiful Walmart

pretty eggs
Aldi and Food Pyramid salads

Nathan Greenwood's Angry orchard,
Sherman Smith's indoor training football center

Brumley aprtment
Iron Tie comes from leafy sweet Spinaches

eat well
walk fitbit

new balance shoes
vans off the wall mission statements

I have drunk some pineapple cider
my imagery of the world becomes greener, hotter, and better

Lucius Smith Lowe said...

poetry rally week 83, inquiry on aspects of nutrition, all fitting, no side effects
Lucius Smith Lowe

Todd, Cindy, Sarah, and John used to be hot
Hot like a cooking pot

Today, we only recall that romantic part
and remain conservative on poetry art

Android, google robot
a green soul for all to know

Mao and Nixon,
the historical moment in 1972, in the month of February

Freshens smoothies and yogurt,
a stop at Penn Square mall food court

scanning our footsteps,
we wonder, who is the German making Micro's pizza?

right next to Kurt shack, Wooden Nickle, and Jimmy Johns,
we see freshly baked cookies from Insomnia, Rebeka, Paul, Chad, Shelly,

who makes the freshed sandwiches?
one of those must fall on Subway, Peter Buck, Fred Deluca,

who sends Eskimo Joe's customer to Texas?
It is Stan Clark, Chris Clark, Ken Hansen, Theresa Burke, Patricia Young

today, I may shift my gears to Qdoba Mexican Eats,
the Queso Burrito Steak, by Gary Beisler, Anthony Miller and Robert Hauser

Jack in the Box,
the most interesting friendly dining serve by Robert Oscar Peterson, Leonard A. Comma

my hands have gotten raw
my wish to stay peaceful is good from Lowe's, see you next time...

Benjamin Kingery Loomis Roy Moore said...

poetry rally week 83, book project two, nutrition, fitbit, free verse
Benjamin Kingery Loomis Roy Moore

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, San Diego Sunny Day

Pacific ocean, Atlantic ocean,
Indian ocean, Arctic ocean, they are large and mean

Lo Jolla, Chula Vista, El Cajon,
beach walks imprint our memory art

Lego Land waves its hands,
Six flags sits still

Hollywood has Brad, Julia, Jennifer, and Angela uproaring,
the movies are done well

Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Mountain View,
Pat Showalter, Ken Rosenberg manage the Cruz mountain valley Cool

high tech firms sprout, do learn
Google, Mozilla Foundation, Symantec, and Intuit what they are about

when Sea World pleases their visitors with creative performance,
we feel the energy transform and writing art in exercises

Sony, Alibaba, Apple, Microsoft, Motorola, Yahoo,
the engineers won't quit their pages on Facebook, Twitter, TechCrunch

Paul Terrel is on
Sperry shoes carry wellness sitcom

as the smoke of free verse trails half way
the sky is full of John Dewey's educational phylosophy

despite the contrary opinions,
lots of educators remain unaffected,

Williams Segall, Suzie Parson, Jason Cox, Kay Baker, Lori Swaton,
Tonya Jones, Patricia Jordan, Catherine Castle, Annapolis Mountuwa

Iremonger Lindsay JacoBus Quinlan Pickens said...

poetry rally week 83, carpe diem haiku, abc wednesday
Martha Stewart
posted by Iremonger Lindsay JacoBus Quinlan Pickens

Morton Salt,
A penny for a good thought

How to define research purpose?
we believe that when one does research, one feels the science magic in a fresh rose

Morton Salt,
An equation for applied math now and then, Dale Alspach

Morton Salt,
A sweet nod from William Jaco, Burns Hargis, and Sam Walton

Morton Salt,
a past treat rising from Evanston John Evans, and Owen Schapiro

Morton Salt,
a reminder of us to go smart, promote Peter Salovery, Jerry Bona

Morton Salt,
everyone needs it for nutrition month, Igor Kukavica, Edriss Titi, Jian Cao

Morton Salt,
we don't regret that France Cordova, DEborah Lockhart, Michael Steuerwalt

indeed have superb common sense in nomination, physical shaping,
Wellness, Traveling, speaking, speeches, papers, talks

we praise the hardwork from Richard O. Buckius, James A. Abrahamson,
Fae L. Korsmo, James E. Hamos, Vernon D. Ross, Jose Muñoz, Kathryn R. Rison

two haiku:

not much patience
to see the details, I decide to
let my eyes go blind

too many eye contacts
I feel shy and i wish to hide
my thoughts in a folder

Scott Fredrick Wise said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, fitbit walk, and free verse
Scott Fredrick Wise

who is Wu?
where is Wu?
Wu somewhere? nowhere? anywhere? softwhere? hardwhere?

Wuhan means No Sweat,
Wuxi implies no foil,
Wuchang refers to places with No Fly

Wusheng means Kung Fu actor who is young and able,
Wushu shall tell you that Chinese Kungfu is powerful,
Wuxie simply reveals something that is pure, innocent

ShengWu refers to Biology, Magical Five, or Go Beyond,
15 sounds like Shiwu, fifteen,
50 is wushi, fifty

Wu is Washington University in short,
Wu is Western Union with capital letter connected,
Wu is Wesleyan University as it spells

A tortoise is a Wugui,
A hoolywood movie is a Hao Lai Wu dian yin
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, we say Yi, Er, San, Si, Wu

Wu is five,
Wuyue is May
Friday is Xin Qi Wu...

think of Tom Wu, we believe that Tom Wu means Hot Sam Wood,
think of Amelia Wu, we agree that she is Witty American Lucinda
think of Jeannette Wu, we say, Jiffy News Flash Yuwinozara

recall Jiahong Wu, Jing Wu, Linlin Wu, Aihong Wu, AiE Wu, Ella Wu,
we keep calm our nerve, and write down things such as Kathleen Wu,
Steven Wu, Stephan Wu, Wenping Wu, Tiejian Wu, Yi Wu, Wenhui Wu

anything else?
Wu reminds me of Wang, Yang, Yin, Sun, Huang, Cheng, Guan, Zhao, Liu,
we supports Jia, Ji, Weng, Xu, Zhen, Peng, Pan, Yu, Zhu, Rao, Lu, Li, Zhou, Pipen, You, Han, Zhang,

Iba Ioserashvili Rafael Onyanga-Omara said...

mellow yellow, friday my otwn shoot out, ruby tuesday, and poetry rally week 83
Matilda Luo and Samba Huang
posted by Iba Ioserashvili Rafael Onyanga-Omara

Big waves haul
lots of people gather at Willard Hall

David Poole may pause for a break,
So does Benny Evans and John Wolf

we intend to say good things about Chad Penn,
We end up silent for Julie Cohen, Francis Doyle, and Leah Henry

hugs, smiles, quiet moments,
Alissa, Scott, Mimi, Owen, Morty, Julio, Alan, Rachel, Amy, and Matt love Schapiro Pipen, Beredjick,

Chicago Sun Times,
a powerful voice to Chicago Bulls, and to Saint James, George Bush

amelia wilson, chris willard, mark wu,
a family of three, voting for John Kerry and Hillary Clinton seats

yahoo news are great
only when Jerry Yang, Vivian Wang, Julia Watson, and Natalie Furletts keep at sake

Stacia Campbell, Douglas Foster, Skylar Zhang,
many Nu folks run for Josie and thanks to Sophia Bollag, Jia You, Mark Wrington

Nicholas Barry Zeppos Napolitano Constantin said...

C is for Cordova relatives: Foster, Harvey, Pickett, Feaster, Hargis, Wu, Yan, Peng, Wilson, Ortiz, Lockhart, Ramjee, Marywood
Matilda Bollag and Sheryl Kara Sandberg

from new jersey, to new york,
from princeton, to washington d. .c,
Cordova, Escobar, Ortiz, Pittman, Nieves, Grant, Rivera, and DelValle rise

family members,
France Cordova // Francisco Cordova,
their love converges to Luis Cordova, Ann Welsh, Anne Foster, and Christian Foster

distant relatives,
France Ann Cordova // Debra Frances Harvey,
their friends look forward to Fanny Cordova, Maria Pickett, Dwaine Feaster...

cousins, siblings, in-laws,
Alenise Ortiz // Jaime Rivera
their relation thrive via poetry rally week 83, and blogging challenge a to z in april, 2016

let's rain aids and back up technology to James Ortiz, Lagarion Grant, Jeanneette Nieves,
Jayln Mitchell, john Escobar, Ana Ortiz, Sol Ortiz, Venetia Pittman, Lucy Ortiz, Krystal Ortiz

C is for cozy, croft, crafts, and cordova crowning,
C is for constantin, conyers, coleman, curt, clinton, canada, and carol or carlson

C is for Cordova relatives,
we see Heather Ortiz // Delvalle Delvalle
we see sprouts forming as Cassandra Ortiz-Delvalle, DElvalle Sandra Ortiz, Sandra Ortizanx

C is for Comfort Inn,
C is for Connecticut,
C is for Cora Marriet, Susan Hann, Clark Cooper, Kim Elliott, Angela Harris

C is for coconut briage,
C is for Crim, Cram, California, Cactus, Clark, Claire, Cheney, Crawford,
C is for Zita Barnett, Sara Dwyer, Paul Spyropoulos, Ryan Bael, and Fleming Crim

C is for Convernient J fuel stops,
C is for Murphy USA customer service,
C is for Chris Raun, Christina Fallin, Jamey Peterson Calculua, Kris Arthur Notepads

C is for Cordova and Cora,
C is for Constant function in Constantin space,
C is for Cambridge Harvard University and Crystal Ortiz fashion designs

Sheryl Josephine Page Raun Chambers said...

poetry rally week 83, the confused angels
Sheryl Josephine Page Raun Chambers

Schapiro Pippen speaks,
a relation goes frozen the way a cactus thinks of green or red chili peppers

Hard thorns,
Strong emotion gives in

Hot and spicy flavor
Not many eat it unless coming up with scrambled eggs mix

Scott Pippen //Victoria Pippen
the extended strings shake as Carol Pippen and Jared Pippen thrive

from Lexington, KY to Otis, Or,
we get to know Cern Pippen, Brittany Pippen, and Rebecca Pippen

Pippen, Pippin, Poppen, Pepin, Pippon,
Rodney, Marjorie, Kimberly, Ally, Mtt, Jeremy, Samantha, and Robin popping in

strangers treat one another nice
co-workers make friendship wise

Green cactus, Red Chili Peppers,
my favorite plant, my special choice for occasional foodie

think of Chicago Bulls,
we always praise Alissa Schapiro, Mimi Schapiro, Yvette Prieto, Juanita Vanoy,

Michael Jordan is remembered by Tyrek and Sheng, his offspring are recorded as Marcus Jordan, Jeffrey Michael Jordan, Jasmine Mickael Jordan, Ysabel Jordan, Victoria Jordan

how about Dennis Keith Rodman, Michelle Royer? Carmen Electra? Annie Bakes?
we simply bless small kids Trinity Rodman, Alexis Rodman, D.J. Rodman

relation is far distant,
the water rises high

we wave hello to Phil Jackson, Scott Jackson, Kim Jong-un, Fred Hoiberg,
Jerry Reinsdorf, Jimmy Butler, Pau Gasol, joakim Noah, Derrick Rose, and Braxton Noble

Tony Snell, Aaron Brooks, and Taj Gibson must feel great
whenever a tag on their peers come to Mountain View parade

hot and sweet
we choose both or neither to remain wise to Schapiro, Ontio, Pippen, Jordan, Young, Burke

patricia jordan said...

her footsteps
patricia jordan


left and right
no hesitation in between



blood boiling


light green
always white

beautiful blues
new balance


non stopping
no hurrying

famous footwear
run with it

expensive underwear

breath taking
acceleration and growth

Martha Julio Drew Gilpin Rosenberg said...

poetry rally week 83, monday melow yellow, friday my town shoot out, sunday whirl
Schapiro Madison Pippen
posted by Martha Julio Drew Gilpin Rosenberg


cold stares
mind blowing escapes

spring wishes
hats off to new year

jillian hart book
slow moving stream

humor, jokes, funnies,
a pile of peanuts and peanut butter sandwiches

pushed deep into woods
soul searching moments

wondrous summer
wrong season

golden phonix
autumns' ripen fruits

Morton Celeste Nicholas Eagle Singer said...

X is an unknown variable
Morton Celeste Nicholas Eagle Singer

x is the first thing
when it comes to math,
x is an unknown variable
along with y and z.
x can be anything,
x can be nothing,
x can be 1 2 3,
x can be a b c...
x is a cross at railroad intersection,
x is a no mark to your wrong solution,
x is a special axis when it comes to algebra,
x is you and me as independent civilians.
x comes first
x is an ex or extra entry,
x is a mathematician's first choice,
x is fun when you play with it with wit and patience.

Arlee Bird said...

woolworth and loathnoel
Arlee Bird under posting name Morton Celeste Nicholas Eagle Singer

when it is come to W,
we think of Wa, Wi, Wo, We, Wu,
a wream comes true.

when you write for W,
you must consider M, U, N,
a world of monuments and unique notables,
that makes sense to woolworth and loathnoel.

W is the opposite of M,
U is the upside down of N,
if washington and winington combines,
west and wast go wuuhuu...

something is wrong
when no place works
and nowhere to go to
which is the worst case for what we calls wheatburn.

the weather is wet,
the table is set,
the words speak itself,
the walmart shoppers have stopped feeling imperfect.

you wonder about wung and vong,
she thinks of mang and long,
he votes for Pha and Fa,
she agrees with Chu and Ju...

e is for Egypt Art said...

e is for Egypt Art
Danny Abrego

Eggwhite, Emma Watson,
Excel software, East Town

Egypt art
eggland maps

Elegant Will Roger airport
Cafe Oklahoma snack with Barbara

Elizabeth's shop
Easy Mark Bookmarks from Conyers, Georgia

Expressway northwest 39th street, 7950
Jim's Diner from Bethany, Laura Peterson

Emily Dickerson day break,
K 2 2 Inc bubble gum with Maxey's

Tobacco Beer Gas at Warr Acres,
Edwards Park Fishing Lake, 1515 north bryant

Edmond Sun news,
Earl Harris Bethany elementary school next to Bethany Middle school, high school

Southwern Nazarene University,
Larry Olson promotes Andrew Hanson

Blair Spindle orchestra the horn easily,
the music sings through ears of Jimmy Quick and Hazel Quick

Michael Dell and Bryant Taylor said...

Alex J. Cavanaugh, Elizabeth Spann Craig, f is for Freddi Paul's steakhouse
Michael Dell and Bryant Taylor

Friday panics
Fried chicken legs ignored

Funny Bunny Fridays
Force field by Alex Cavaugh is fantastic

Folly Fuji apples,
Fujian lords creates Great Wall fast food

Friendly Elizabeth Spann Craig posts for writer's knowledge base,
foolish English soldiers incade Honolulu all of a sudden

Fallin Page-bricker, Infamous mountain,
False outcomes, Ford Thomas car

Fan Fuchou, Fan Senlin, Fan Min, Fan Yunqing,
Fans of Albuquerque see Bryan Powell, Jim Graves, Stacy smith

Mathew Mailman, side by side OKC-Phil,
Louisa May Alcott meets Beverly and Robert Parker

Rebekah Ambrasini, Blair Spindle, T Taylor,
they enjoy Bresee Hall, Herrick Building, and Cantrell Hall

Saint Ludwig church,
W. Don Beaver and Loren Gresham fancy about SNu fine arts

Fine Music, R. T. Williams library,
Bracken hall obtains notice from Lori Wilkerson, Courtney Ruby

Feng Dequan educational books
Feng Shui is key elements for permanent resiency

Donnie Adams, Royce Brown, First Christian Church
First ladies include Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Jacquelyn Kennedy

finally, Santa Fe recalls skiing in winter of 2009,
Tom, Hensley, Jodi, Jinks smile at Fred Wise's wife Jay Wise

Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Janet Schmidly,
Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, Alfre Woodard, James Cromwell, and Alice Krige....

too many Fluffy rabbits tails
the blue sky is well fine tuned by Flamingo Jim Wilcox

Jimmy Cricket and Larry Olson said...

Houston, Hometown food, Harvard square, Haas children, Henry bellmon research center, Hennessy city hall
Jimmy Cricket and Larry Olson

Houston, Hometown food, Harvard square,
Haas children, Henry Belmont research center, Hennessy city hall

handsome words
handy notes

Hansen pens
Hudson belk clothing

homeland security
George Bush works with John Brennan

FBI, FedEX, homely mail carriers
Ashton Carter, John Deuch, Philip Zelikow, Holder sports

horror movies
Harry Potter, S coo-Bi Doo, Tom and Jerry, Wish Upon a Star

Blues Clues, Blue Fairy, Amanda Seyfried,
Jiminy Cricket, Disney world arts, Wabbit, Wa Ha Ha drinks

Tara Robinson and Lawrence Williams said...

My Memory Art, Show My Face, Hyde Park Poetry palace, signs, and words connected
Tara Robinson and Lawrence Williams

Rain Bird, Apex, Fiskars, Orbit, Nelson,
Black and white wednesday in coldness

fabulous inquiry on nutrition and fitbit
a free way to verse versa

signs of a street tell stories
tiger brand mixes with lucky brand

terex, bare arms, water hose sprays
boys, girls, summer time wet feet

no tables, but garden roses due
no rain, yet to expect moon

hot baked cookies, sweet candy bars,
weekend treats, not to eat daily

the way we are, things bubble
penguins reclaiming cactus relation so far

loosen ends showcase preening beak plant
wordless thanks lurk near wingsof hope

scratching his head, his eyes twinkle
stone Brooklyn university, new york newsbitts

Angenette Karen Gregory Olivara Beredjick said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, fitbit walk, and free verse inquiry from apil 1 to may 2, 2016, YOU are invited and all welcome!
Robert Black and Leigha Layton
posted by Angenette Karen Gregory Olivara Beredjick

are you on vacation?
check out Vancouver

are you in style?
buy shoes from Stillwater

are you in good mood?
think of a free verse, write it and feel good

do you drive long distance?
if not, dial a number, and send a text message

are you a mother?
do date your high school sweetheart

do you love your children?
do make sure they attend schools, and have yearly birthday celebration

do you blog?
do check out yahoo mail, ymail, hot mail, gmail, outlook mail, 163 mail

do you use facebook social media?
we do, and think of supporters from,,

do you know eric schmidt? how about jonathan rosenberg?
yes, we do, and we google up via firefox mozila and google chrome

poetry is our way
free verse today

lulu and create space are great
think of barnes & noble, bob young, jeff bezos, and alex page

mother's day is rosy
valentine's day is lust and busy

today, we invite you, he, them, us, anyone who reads english words
to write, blog, and post with our poetry rally week 83, nutrition fitbit

passing northwestern university,
we arrive harvard university

admiring yale university
we host brown university

ossm, shs, bethany high school,
mary fallin, princess jill, and santa matilda, wow, my time is cool.

chris fine and keith leftwich said...

poetry rally week 83, from occc to ocu, from osu to wv
Chris Fine and Keith Leftwich

Keith Leftwich, Paul Sechrist jobswitch
Jerry Steward, Lenora Burdine Toddholm

inside osu, burns hargis whitehursts books
Jamie, university store from osu howls

Jianan Yang, jyang4 at my okou dot edu
Perry's, pancakes and french toasts

Nova in May, oklahoma city community college
taj, indian buffet, may food plaza volunteer day

Bishop Angie Smith, Wimble school of religion
Keith Gaylord, a friend to Thelma Gaylord

occc coffee shop, 7777 south may avenue
Kassidy E, Hung Tran, Mav M-Mart #22

glengoe, OK
Pawnee, OK

Stillwater, OK
Morrison, OK

Norman, OK
Lone wolf, OK

Lindo Ravecruz mexican food, good
Cici's pizza, wish upon a star, good

Snak N Pak, Pawnee, OK
Alon, South May, OKC, OK

Sheng Wu, Noogler
Matt Shapiro, Stekerwalt

Ben Wu, benji wojin relative
ALex Zhu, standford university, fine

michael arrington, tech crunch
mark zuckerburg, facebook page

michael dell, near west 44 high way, cross south west 40
larry page and luncinda southworth, google first couple

france cordova, a loud voice on naf
peter constantin, a handsome horse from chicago


hymns by andy leftwich, joe staley, keith harkins,

dan barzuin, red keith, they play sports
mary ahonsi, michael machiorlatti, occc business faculty
anita williams, brad walker, automatic technology
lisa adkins, gyanendra baral, professor of economics
julie young, jenean jones, administrative officer
kegan christian, ramachandran vijayan (vj), division business
j bryson baker, christian jackson, managers of west virginiA

nashvile tennessee Zeppos said...

pears for poetry rally week 83 entry number 2
lydia howarth and newton minow

smooth skin
hard core

green leaves
tree top pear cider

shadow during the day
moonlit face next to a knight

white meat
oval shape

fruit and raw,
well and shaw

take it instantly
bite into the center

a crunchy lady
a fitting choice

pears, hulou
pears, yali

Cindy Gary Murray Tomblin Bullock said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition
Megan Barry and Bruce Barry

blueberries, kiwi, bananas
red and juicy, good day

Martha's fuji apples,
crunchy and delicious

San Jose, a geese
that is wild and cheesy

hearing from gong's favorite student,
the wuhan university graduate impresses us with harvard law school dean position

may wuchang, luojiashan,
mira's grandmother sammy introduces Theresa to Bradley

fubini theory,
nayla nuite space

Tokyo entertains Dong Qing,
Chance matches up with Chai Lu

He Jiaying and He Zhangmei have been good teachers,
Dick Cheney and Al Gore remain cool the way Joe Biden does

Newton Norman Minow, a powerful figure and loving father,
Mary, Nell, Aaron, Judith, Derby, Willie, and Drew..all famous

Penelope Pelizzon and May Penniel said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition
Foyle Young along with Amelia Flynn Noble Stein-Wilson

besides food, fruits, and meats,
beyond our faith
we pay attention to sleep

besides our cloth,
ignore our running shoes, sandles,
we need rest and vacation

studying only when you are able
progress when you are fully attentive
learning from others helps

a school is good
when Pawnee Middle School has neighborly books,
including Dr. Seuss, Barbara Park, and Mother goose rhyming songs

sleep, rest,
when your are done with dinner, and have brushed your teeth,
dream, and fly, once you are ready to verify

your goals, education,
research plans, dining balance,
and physical fitness via fit bit measurements

Prem Laszlo Shrock Riesbeck Ottino said...

poetry rally week 83, an array of business from Tennessee, Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri
Sherine Bright and Prem Laszlo Shrock Riesbeck Ottino

Corky's Ribs & BBQ
John A's
Wolfner Library
Jefferson City
Assistive Technology Center
Saint Louis Science Center
Omnimax Theater
Saint Louis Public Library
Wilson's Creek National Battlefield
Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Dolly Parton
Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies
Hampton Inn---Knoxville West
Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Alcoa Knoxville
Johnson City
Kodak / Sevierville
Comfort Suites ---Manshester
Pigeon Forge
In & Around Nashville
Arrington Vineyards
Cave Country Kentucky Vacation Map

Dalley and Vincent said...

poetry rally week 83, inner peace, fitting mindset, and abdunt sleep factors
Madeleine Peyroux along with Abbey Michael Boyle Blount Fallin

my eyes can not close
when disturbing things appear near

my mind is restless
if my need is not satisfying my appetite

pink pillow case,
smooth skin lotion in my sensitive skin

crescent moon
baby doll gives me comfort

far away from Jupiter and Mars
my breath is warm with inner peace

Robert Ripley, Sherl Crow, Chris Botti, Isley Brothers
Paul Anka, Andre Watts, Diana Ross, and Burt Bacharach

rest, easy,
peace, sleep at erase

Morton Celeste Nicholas Eagle Singer said...

poetry rally week 83, free verse, Hyde Park Poetry
A Fabulous Inquiry On Nutrition, Fitbit Melody, and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Palace Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 83), apr 1-may 2, 2016
Ken and Vikki Piety along with Morton Celeste Nicholas Eagle Singer

a lady bug
red shell, black dot

a green wheat plant
shiny stems, white root

a food pyramid
love's gas stop

Erika, Larry,
Guthrie discount Cigar is merry

Woody Guthrie, country music composer
Shell, Sam Walton, Audie Murphy, and Samantha Yates

Lincoln Mart,
Postal Pack & Ship, 601 South Washington

CM crepe Asian mart,
Myrtle and felxible, 613 south lewis

Ottis Lewis, Facebook, twitter, wordpress,
Once Express 0007, Skylar Rosenberg, Jonathan Rosenberg, Sheryl Rosenbery

1820 Couth Sangre Ridge Road,
Williams Sboes, Josh Walfish, Jillian Sandler, and Michelle Corriston work

free verse
a way to confess

if not to confirm
then we rotate, and establish our own writing firm

Rodi Miller and Pat Quinn said...

I is for iris chang
Venessa Hudson and Sid Hudson

iris chang,
a chunri zhang

polly chang
the sarah dam

michele corriston
patrick svitck in evanston

vanessa hudson
the zhiwen hu under sid hudson

lawrence page
the yufan relative who calls him daihong zhu

anne wojcicki
some say she is xuezhi zhang, a xihu resident

i is for interesting figures
i is for international culture

i is for ISO
i is for iris chang, or chunri zhang

i is for Illinois ploiceman
i is for Inhofe, Intel science museum, and Igor

i is for Rodi Miller, Abby Kelly, Charles Simic, Kathleen Wilson,
I is for IGA, Brian Federle, Nancy Steman Federle, Steven Federle, Nina Wilhelmina Wise

France Marie Henry Southworth Cordova said...

ruby tuesday, six word saturday, bluebell books twitter club, and poetry rally week 83
Terry Baransy, Mark Edward Parker, and Carol Byrd

Ruby Tuesday has some boating fun

Wanda L. Bass,
the place for Ok Youth Orchestra to Improve

Margaret Petree Hall
where Ben Lanners, David Lee, Christina Li, Amelia Wilson, Tina Wu, Tom Wu enroll

Southern Nazarene University and OK Symphony orchestra
where Scott Jackson, Jim Quick, Sifan Zhang, J. D. Henneberry, and Diane Chen string camp

maybe you can not recall, we do know Douglas Drost, Gene Halleck,
Meredith Blecha Wells, John Schemik, John Clinton, Matt Mailman, Eric Garcia

From Lean In book, where Sheryl Sandberg smiles,
I hear facebook followers peak, read, post, invite, and expand their walls

Walker Center,
we have Ann Alspaugh, Cathy Leighter, Jim Bruce, and Ira Schlesinger join the team

it seems like people from OCU and UCO do well
we admire Debbie McKinney, Louise Bass, Richard Sias, Lisa Love, and Christian O'Donnell

people surprise us with profound programs,
that is why we never regret that music rises, students growth enhances

Greg and Lisa Love has easy going gas stops,
Kurt and Cathy Leichter as a couple work toward better music instrumenting

Joe and Valerie Couch keeps going,
Ronald Raines and Dona Vaughn contribute lots to compete with Ken and Debbie McKinney

Stephen Wrentmore said...

orange and orange juice
Mira Harvard Bollag Baskin Romney

Soft meat
leather skin


green leaves
blue sky

if squeezed by florida,
it is called Minute, Ocean Spray, or Lacy

Serge Ibaka production
Victoria Esquibell action

sweet water

singing songs

the well plotted showcase

a way to free verse and feel great

oranges, apples, pears,
our good friends such as Tucker Irey, Aaron Mooney, Nathan Schilz

Anonymous said...

notable production and musicians from Paris, France
Ken Hansen, Katie and Scott Mitic

the chickasaw nation by Bill Anoatubby
Canterbury Choral Society
Chamber Music in Oklahoma
Concert at Standford University
Harvard Square Boston Symphony Orchestra
OKC PHil orchestra
Wanda Bass school of music
OCU school of Theatre
Wendy Mutz photography
Love's gas stops
Carl Jr. food
Oklahoma Gazette
Voice at Tulsa
City of Rep
Mae Ruth Swanson memorial concert
oyo youth orchestra
radio kuco 90.1
Wichita Grand Opera
Poteet Theatre
Chapman Music Theatre
Deloitte by Chet Wood
Abe Wu and Derek Holley from SEM
Adam Freed, Omid Kordestani, Eric Schmidt, Justin Osofsky, Sergey Brin, Larry Page from google
Erin Burnett, Willow Bay, Robert Rubin, Chad Greene, Marne Levine,
Larry Summers, Howard Schultz, Sundar Pichai, facebook
jerry yang, marissa mayer, jennifer ferguson, yahoo
barack obama, joe biden, john kerry, hillary clinton, george bush, dick cheney, white house

Amelia Wu, Arianna Huffington, and Hillary Duff said...

bananas, grapes, and strawberries, they all fit us
Amelia Wu, Arianna Huffington, and Hillary Duff

vibrating strings
crunchy things

bananas, grapes, and strawberries,
they all fruitful goods

peel a banana,
eat the white meat, wow

chew a grape
the ball of gum instantly satisfies my tongue

place a strawberry in your mouth
let the red hot blood flow in to sweeten your teeth

besides eating, walking, sleeping,
we read, we write, and we try to rhyme our words

Sheryl Sandbery has book on facebook theme
the co-author is Nell Scovell, with Alfred Knoff new york publisher

Morton Schapiro
Elena Murphy

Jiamei Wu
Douglas Foster

Ajit Jain
Warren Buffet

Ani Ajit
Julia Watson

Megan Thiefing
Sheng Wu

Meg Whitman
Charlotte birkenstock

Lucinda Goce Bristol Tamhane Sahakian said...

rice noodles, beef noodles, and mr. pho noodles
Dana Noel and Allison Hudson

rice noodles,
my childhood side meals

beef noodles
the famous taoyuan airport treats

mr. pho noodles
the lasting favorites from Mr. Pho in term of Vietnam styles

homely noodles
the timely feed and the current first grade for lunch

after a bowl of noodles
you feel full, hot, fit, and you laugh with less greed

eat a bowl of noodle today
let the soup opera (soap of opera) please your taste

Layne Gerald Wade Cutts Hansen said...

the way to feel better, divorce, a choice we don't agree to promote
Lois Wyatt and Jessica Vance

Nell Scovell
Born Helen Vivian Scovell[1]
Newton, Massachusetts
Alma mater Harvard University
Occupation Journalist, writer, producer, director
Spouse(s) Thomas Jonah Tisch (divorced)
Colin Summers
Children 2
Nell Scovell is a television and magazine writer, producer and director. She is the creator of the television series Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, which aired on ABC and The WB from 1996 until 2003.

so what?

she thrive
and she writes

then she become world famous

a similar story to joann kathleen rowling
and bless Makerzie, Shiloah, Pax, Emily, Sophie, Maybelle, Reece, April, Jill, and Grace

what we do to improve life?
what do we promote to stay fitter?

read more,
walk miles

eat in balanced diets
feel most beautiful

let us meditate
let us upgrade

Gloria Kimbwala and Megan Rose Dickey said...

technology figure bites, Car Hackthon, San Francisco, Jan 10-11th,
Gloria Kimbwala and Megan Rose Dickey

could not jump
but choose to hop

could not programing
but opt to lawn mowing

could not regret
but always keep going

BMW's car hackathon,
San Francisco (Jiu Jinshan), awesome chicks

pivotallabs, here, navdy, chargepoin,
mongoDB, smartcar, braintree, mo-jio, userblitz...

tech crunch disrupt, may 9-11, 2016, new york city, Brooklyn Cruise Terminal
72 Bowne Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Jay Giraud, CEO Mojio gives it a grand praise,
it's about improving car makers' view on how to run the mobile car

Mojio, Darren Roberts, VP Marketing

Hotwire PR, Chris Pappas

factors, they count, look at Narayan Sainaney, Richard Woodruff,
Safe Speed, Cortex, WeCharge, winners grin and feel the fueled courage

BMW engineers and compete for an all-electric BMW i3, Navdy office
interested people say cheese, Mithun Dhar, Horatiu Boeriu, Bruce Barry

Nikki Giovanni and Brendan Eich said...

Sunday's Whirligig, word composition and a free framed verse
Roxanne Burns George Arrington-Hans and Nikki Giovanni

thunder storm
blue ants farm

whining news
miles of loose pants

green lawn
the mower dining on scattered hairs

good move
ballet shoes

red wine
yellow parrots

by the end of the day,
a car hackathon representation makes the time grand

white chalks
black boards

epsilon and garma
rome letters speak

vague views
eyes confuse

indoor and dry
stir and fry

evening reading done
sweet dreams to dan

Casey Porter and Braden Daveport said...

On Guthrie News Leader and Pam Nelson, Jennifer Tennyson, and Dan Newton
Pamela Ken Drummond Chuck Robbins

old lords
new face

rick perry
phil jackson

past scars
fresh wounds

guthrie news leader
tom and judy love speak

Pam Nelson
Dustin Damery

Jerry Wamsley
Mark Pakers

Parker Burnett
Mark Schlachtenhaufen

Mike Monahan
Tyrek Young

Terri Kennedy
Craig Romney

Joe Romney
Jana Ryan

Jennifer Tennyson
Julie Cohen

baseball games run smooth
school bus goes bumpy

princeton public library
Jacqueline Sheehan and Mary Ellen rise

let Frances, Harry, Martha, Malia, Alissa, Sasha, Chelsea, Braxton, and Tom get it
the weather forecast today is cloudy

an Manera, Ryan Jacob, and Olivia Kong said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition factors (entry number two)
Ian Manera, Ryan Jacob, and Olivia Kong

what is wellness
what is mental health

are you bilingual?
are you facebook user?

Emily Claude smiles
because she is sweet and brave in students skills development

Shana Gibelyou,shy girl
she believes in trust, persistence, and good people relations

Anne Ezzell Peters,
a chubby leader, who always support with silent behavior

Jennifer Hilger
an angel who grace high school string players with options of freedom

Carson Misner
a man of deligence, and a power of absolute confidence

Maggie Boyett,
a woman artist, and a sisterhood assistance

Jezy Gray,
the lord of positive energy, and the corner stone of a running river

julie cohen,
the notable head, and the noble peace maker to all hopeful film, photograph, and poetry writers

Lenora Lavictoire
the news on internatinal television, and the editor for accelerating technician

why i say good things?
how things work?

because too much promotion has directed to a point of pivital dot
Dot Woo, Tom Lee, Mary Fallin, and Leah Henry all opt for superb art opportunity.

Iba Ioserashvili Rafael Onyanga-Omara said...

the story from east side of Han river, for poetry rally week 83, nutrition april 1 to may 2, 2016
Kora-Leah Meet Faust Wilson

the talent show is on
a glance at Beijing, Hebei, and Anhui could be profound

look up,
look down,
we find lots of beauty and handsome well-known

old meets young

Ding XiaoJun sings sweetly,
Mei Baojiu acts womanly
Dan Zen is good at comedy

Niu Li is charming,
Pan Yongcao, Feng Huang Chuan Qi, and Jin Yao are dancing,
Qin Yi, Tian Hua, and Song Fei are excellent exercising

middle east

we feel great
about Julie Cohen, Jennifer Flecher, and Kimberly Henry,
we do promote Zhou Tao, Dong Qing, Sa Dingding, and Zhao Wei

think of Ma Shucao, Xu Peidong, Jiang Kemei, Jiang Hun,
recall the show of 2016, 2015 from Chun Ni, Luo Jie, Qu Dan
a music rises for Tao Yulin, Zhang Ye, Ning Jing, Zhu Jun,

soft music
modern dance
free verse

Huang Hong regrets she did not grow taller,
Huo Xuanhe, Shi Weijian, Hu Wei, Yin Liyuan simply laughing, why not Li Shengsu, Yu Kuizhi, and Chen Sisi?

just kidding, we try to pay attention to Wang Erni,
including Wu Huan, Zhu Yibing, Juan Zi, Zhao Pu, and Guo Da
and keep in mind, Sun Yue, Hong Wei, Gong Shuang all thrive

beautiful wear,
fancy coats,
their boots stomp on the floor and make crunchy sound

Hello, Yang Lan, Cao Kefan, Sheng Wu, and Bai Yansheng,
Goodbye Tang Yongli, Chen Kaige, Wang Chuanyue, and Wang Li
keep it up, David Boren, Frank Wang, Woody Guthrie, Alan Moore

Nicholas Barry Zeppos Napolitano Constantin said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, all about background service, health dining, smart news 9 graphing, and nursery schooling
Herbert Rick Ajit Colgate Buffet

Ou, daily, crimson and grreen,
Transcript, David Boren

Valero, Conoco, Shell, Seven-11, and Hess,
Love's stop, adding more easy stops via David Payne

when we fan out for sports
we greet our heroes such as Jim Thorpe, Warren Spahn

so, when i try to work out things on ossm high school snack and peak lunch,
we see Kylie Dick, Barbara Arani, Bob Arani, Cheryl Montana, and Julie Crampton

lovely notes embark Amy Loper, Glencia Enrich, Eric Wood, and Cnthia Brown,
we do care about watermelon, water bottles, and diet cokes

Marvin Odum, Jenna Chevron, Fred Meissner, and Martha Minow do programing well
when M. King Hubbert, Mark Surman, jim Wales, and Ryan Lance brave it fair

hello, how do you do?
well, we are fine, true

Steven Gentling and Andrea Post get curious,
Bruce Johnson, Charles Lamb, Dave Earling refuse to carry taboos

it is a good society here,
Sundai, Edward, Benji, abbey, and Amelia carry the tasks everywhere

blank stare,
empty space

it is a golden chance,
we love John Kilpatrick, Cindy rosenthal, Bryan Taylor, Jay Dee Collins,

never mind albert Eistein's worries,
we appreciate Joseph Singer, France Cordova, Francis Doyle, and Drew Faust

we think, that, Larry Page does not contradict Alan Eagle,
Matt Dukes, Gordon Cameron, Vic Wylie, Flo Whyard, and Bev Buckway are good

folks, giggles,
Washington Googles, Nooglers relax

yes, Dan Curtis, Debra Perry, James Perkins, and Van Houten,
yes agains, Todd Storz, John Toole Griffin, James Jimmy Leake, David Griffin...

let's go picnic
let's swim at Victor Braunig Lake

take care, Kirsten Griffin, Sandy Sanders, Joe Gorder,
let it pass, Valero, Ivy Taylor, Cheryl Sculley, Gloria Page, and Beryl Schmidt
San Antonio
Climate chart (explanation)
























Average max. and min. temperatures in °F
Precipitation totals in inches
Source: NOAA
[show]Metric conversion
San Antonio is located near 29.5°N 98.5°W. It is about 75 miles to the southwest of its neighboring city, Austin, the state capital. The city is also about 190 miles west of Houston and about 250 miles south of the Dallas–Fort Worth area. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2000 the city had a total area of 412.07 square miles (1,067.3 km2)—407.56 square miles (1,055.6 km2) (98.9%) of land and 4.51 square miles (11.7 km2) (1.1%) of water. The city sits on the Balcones Escarpment. The altitude of San Antonio is 772 feet (235 m) above sea level.
The primary source of drinking water for the city is the Edwards Aquifer. Impounded in 1962 and 1969, respectively, Victor Braunig Lake and Calaveras Lake were among the first reservoirs in the country built to use recycled treated wastewater for power plant cooling, reducing the amount of groundwater needed for electrical generation.

Anonymous said...

J is for Justin Drew Bieber and Taylor Mallette Swift, J is for Julie Cohen and John Harvard
Michelle Robinson Obama and Laura Welch Bush

far from middle east,
Iran woman immigrants

Just before 2005,
policy at Washington D. C. (Huafu) revises

a few opposite party comes,
they seek approval and they obtain Bush

now, many people from Cuba, South Korea, and Tibert become more ambicious,
they ask asian face to excell, fame, rich, and then pass American gene back to states

Laura shall have never worried,
Sharon must have no doubts on Africa intelligence

as a matter of fact,
I choose Justin Drew Bieber, Taylor Mallette Swift to support

when we tour Please Touch Museum from Philadelphia, PA,
we have fun sitting, in bubbles of imagination

when we visit London, England,
we see Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton grin near Buckingham Palace

see John Harvard and Julie Cohen today,
promote Fu Zhixiong and Tu Jun from Putian, Fujian Provence

a few raw english speakers demand for differ language, here, we print

John Harvard (张艺谋) // Julie Cohen (陈婷),
World famous movie makers from Wuxi city, Jiangsu Provence

Justin Drew Bieber ( 吴家鸿) and Taylor Mallette Swift (艳季)
some song writers and mute people researchers from Michigan state

John Dewey ( (冯德全) and Everett Franklin Lindquist (宁静马景涛)
phonic developers such as Harry Greene, Ernest Horn, Maude McBroom, Herbert Spitzer followers

J is for Jeannette Wilson (吴佳妮) and Joseph Lance ( 佟大为)
Hong Kong favorite actors and actresses

J is for Jolie Pitt and Jimmy Johns,
J is for Jim Thorpe and Jim Burns,

J is for Jonathan Biden and Jill Tracy Biden,
J is for Jaco Williamson and Janet Francisco

recall John Chambers (金城武) and Lindsay Chambers ( 黄圣依),
they do Cisco, Brooke, Toms, Pali, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Alibaba, and Mixco well

we feel awesome about Philip Hanlon (傅志雄) and Giebas Hanlon (涂珺),
we jump for joy for the golden tie between Xie Xiaodong and Zhang Zhongbing

Chris Raun, Chris Wang, Chris Shrock said...

abc wednesday, notify notable men for our weekly thing, poetry rally week 83
Chris Wang, Chris Shrock, Chris Raun

signs, signals, traffic lights,
they represent our thoughts

France thinks of Paris,
Germany thinks of Frankford

Chianna thinks of Kaifeng,
Judy thinks of Wavely

L is for Lorena Mayorga,
L is for Lawrence Richardson

J is for Julio Ottino,
J is for Judy Blume

F is for Frank Wang
F is for Fan Gong

N is for Emina Shakya
N is for Niko Hammer

some eyes focus on our vegetable patch,
they frown because they are out of the fence and

we let them in,
we put them up

Joe Kingery
Sue Dick

Frank Wang
Mary Fallin

Jim Halligan
Benny Evans

Paossm Officers deserve a mention from our project
Joe Kingery

Vice President
Jim Hill

Gina Roy

Isabel De Aos

Junior Parent Representatives:
Sue Dick

David Knowles
Wendi Knowles

Amy Loper

Cori Loomis

Niem Luu

Designee of OSSM President:
Dr. Christopher Shrock

Liping Ma
Belinda Slavick

Scott Westfahl
Salli Williams

Chad Alicocks said...

poetry rally week 83, roses are red
Chad Alicocks

roses are red
grade sheet is black and white
orange juice is orange
quartz mountain summer arts is bright

from Uwe Gordon, to Trent Swanson,
from Frank Wang, to John Field,
students work hard
parents and teachers are smart

everyone wants to be outstanding, not all get on the wheel for running,
Glad to see Emily Wang, Tina Wu, Tuzo Wmarubba, Willa Xie join ossm,
with higher level of education and creditials,
Faculty, students, staff, Paossm, they rock

A faculty speaks of accurate language,
they have concern on Ben Loper, Kate Avery, Carter Loomis, T. Joe Kingery,
they want to give credits to Emily Cain, Gabrielle Nguyen, Mitchell Maxwell, and Tom Wu
but we have to trust the teachers there,

my figures are raw
my eyes are open
today is sunny
I wish to be the rainbow

do you know the knowledge of Farideh Samadzadeh?
do you know the programing of Amy Roberson?
Ruibo Li, Joe Skeen, Jamie Skeen, Bill Underwood, and Dan Vossen understand well
all plants grow

Ossm is productive and notable high school,
just because they select the most challenged students from everywhere,
we have enormous population there,
say, Lori Webster, Shelby Wesnidge, Brian Chance, Kelly Chaves, David Kighuradze

the hogan family is stated,
so does John Clinton, Dan Little, Jessica Walker, Shayne Johnston,
the senator Bernice Shedrick is framed,
that is why we feel good about Dorothy Dodd, Joseph Skeen, Monique Baxter, Charles Dillard

Biology is difficult subject,
we respect faculty such as Ann Dell, Mark Li, Amy Roberson, Brent Richards,
data structure, computer language analysis, western civilizations...
we are glad to include Johanna Lee, Xifan Liu, Lynn Morgan, Debra Cook, Suzanne Donnolo

one two three,
say cheese to Rebecca Morris, Susan Greenwood, Chris Shrock, Jan Post,
a b c,
glad to greet Pam Felactu, Gary Salwierak, Cynthia Brown, Nathan Wood

Ann Hiatt and Kimberly Cooper said...

poetry rally week 83, the perfect inquiry on all aspects of mountain view, California, Hyde Park Poetry Palace
Ann Hiatt and Kimberly Cooper

i bet some folks enjoy writing,
writing on walls, to shake off their emotional burden

i know this person from google,
who writes Eric Schmidt, along with Jared Cohen,

I also know this Jonathan Rosenberg, who publishes
under Li Hongzhang, including Alan Eagle, Larry Page, and Benji Brin

it is a long time process to turn an empty space into a campus
where Wendy, Beryl, Alison, Sophie, Emily, Marianno, and Anthony

some terms read interesting,
Patrick Pichette, CFO, 2008, that counts as funny position

what happens then when you step up, make a decision,
when I continue my research, i discover Udi Manber, Adi Alon

pick a few more,
we learn from Charles Darwin, Robert Noyce, Jeff Huber, and Vint Cerf

we find that technology company involves lots of others,
Motorola, At & T, Verizon, Urs Holzle, Yahoo, Amazon, Apple, Facebook

Andy Grove enjoys being part of nooglers,
Paul Buchheit, Sam Stein, Alan Robinson, John Patterson, Susan Wojcicki, rise

it is like playing in an orchestra,
the group of players are empowered to uniform their voices

a record on a small portion of how google works,
which sets them apart from others,

thanks to lots of search engine inventors,
Guy Prier, Kelsey Henry, Carmeisa Downey, Jim Kaat, Diego Flaquer, and Dave Smith

Francis Tuttle technology,
Bob Kicks become well known by adding Diana Baldwin to Edmond Sun

justabitofpeace said...

A Sign would be good

Which way to go
for an open playing field.
Stop expecting anything whole.
Go with an instinct,
can you get a pot of gold?
Yield, like a field
all planted in gold
for a return
of a defect
I thought it had been told.

Christopher Kerry Scott Sophie Johnson said...

poetry rally week 83, the powerful nutrition in our digest system: tomato, broccoli, and green beans
Christopher Kerry Scott Sophie Johnson

green earth and clean energy
thomas pickens and al gore

tomato is one rare fruit
the soup is sweet and sour, if you cook as a vegie

boiled broccoli is benefit number one
because fiber is one thing we always choose to dine

green beans,
long or short, they all work

eating well is good habit
feeling well is nice option

when it comes to nutrition,
I always have wide variation

name more, we find Cucumber, Tofu, Dried Plums, and Prunes to adore
think more, we Believe that Sherry's Drug, Alan's Pharmacy, Page Church can be soul welling

red is hot,
tomatoes are not bad yet odd

green is benign
a tree is tough but it provides shades

Matt Jerry OffenSend Kivatinos Nusimow said...

poetry rally week 83, my street signs
John Seely Brown










Butt Hole

Hall of Fame


Downtown Abbey

Strings camps
Figure prints

Blue Moon
Smooth Stonybrook

John & Mary
Farm & Monroe

Alison Sandberg Jason Pritchard Clinton said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, vegetable patch, kayaking,
Alison Sandberg Jason Pritchard Clinton

new balance means going outdoor, smiling
nutrition means fresh air, diets, exercises,
notes help, banjo alley inspires us
kayak canoeing is good, carl blackwell

fitbit measurement implies long walks, relaxing
education refers to schools, homework, A+
vacation easy, drive slow, research wide,
days inn, knight inn, all interesting

free verse, lyrics, haiku, all function
applied math, pure math, analysis, graphing
computer science, statistics, soil and plants
Bee, Candi, Raun, Penn, Southworth, Hargis

Chelsea Leming Joseph Bernice Halligan said...

jumping ropes around new jersey,nj, scranton, pa, cross chicago, il
Chelsea Leming Joseph Bernice Halligan

mary wood
scranton, pa

lorriaine book
whiteney constantino

joseph biden
hanah constantin


jason konstantinidis
hanah montana

scott bender
chan kang

bucyrus, oh
totowa, nj

micah constantino
robbert dijkgraaf

robert constantin
liz lempert

angelo ferrante
hames cahill

fitzrandolph road,
wilkie lane

william courtright
pierra constantin

allison constantin
nocolas constantin

susan konstantinidis
an constantin

andrew constantin
aaron constantin

mary oneal
stellato james

renee constantin
janet constantin

steven peake
susan zolovick

jennifer konstantinidis
thomas carey

chaogui zhang
qing wei

buffy constantin
shane constantin

barbara craig
joan craig

stephan wilson
joe romney

Rivka Win and Jian Wu said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition or free verse (number two)
Rivka Win and Jian Wu

the sky cries hard
she feels like a broken arrow

far from Spage Yee home,
we find Qingwei Yao stir strong fire on her stove

a guy from Lafayette, IN speaks,
he calls Hua Yong, Hansheng Pan, and Xi Sun names

folks hearing him may disagree,
despite that the sky continues pouring her sober tears

the road is wet,
my car wheels roll with sad splashes

future unknown
life becomes sane

by dawn,
some notice the orange cue from the vanishing sun ray

wild geese waddle in silence,
Qing Wu, Jenny Wu, Patrick Flynn, Flavio Rocha, and Yi liu clutch their fists

rain, rain, rain,
it sheds thousands of years of sorrow

confused drivers,
yaya’s cafe takes visitors from Penn Yan village

new york city glances
the wall street journey halts

Benji Barratt Clark Twohill Sullivan said...

the piano key board theory
Steven Peake and Benji Barratt Clark Twohill Sullivan

first thing first
piano comes to my chest

key board,
yamaha brand

anne munley
dhanapati adhikari

craig johnson
tom kent

sarah yeust
corey foote

lauren thorrne roote
kathrine fisne

carol laboranti
anthony pusateri

zaixin lu
kayla troast

rivka win
janice flynn

guoxua zhang
guo zhang

kaiguo zhang
yan zhang

qiga jiang
hua young

joshua young
qiguo jing

spage yee
li wang

xianhong sun
patrick flynn

peter conatsntin
mary oneal

sundai pichai
Elaine chambers

wet weather sucks

hope to see the sunshine
but i refuse to leak my data

taylor swift and edward snowden said...

short story slam week 42, amy tan and oakland, her clans
Taylor Swift and Edward Snowden

strong woman
never agree to give in or give up

growing up between Jinmei Wu, shanghai
and Ming Guan, San Francisco, amy tan learns

Chinese, English,
ghosts, rumors, fair tales, newspapers, multi arts

Amy loves America until
she steps in Nanjing soil, by political and family background reasoning

until today, Amy falls in between,
has her novels published, more than seven

books, her fiction, her love, her ovation,
it is a very interesting thing

her relatives are worthy some mention,
Eric Corner, Kenneth Kolleda, Jesse Suareztan, Sherrie Kolleda

diligence, wit,
romance, await

Victor Tan, Antonina Kinghorn,
Mary Tan, Kwok Chan

Ben Francisco
Cynthia Francisco

Barbara Alspach
Matt Alspach

Luis Falcon, Ronald Jones,
Craig Jones, Yue Tan

Mike Tan, Natalie Tan,
Yee Low, J. G. Tilloston

Elizabeth Tan, Yandra Tan,
Tan Anderson, Gloria Vanderbilt

Anderson Cooper, Cao Zhu,
Dao Tan, Kee Chik,

Amy Low, Seng Tan,
Mun Chik, Munlip Chik

Olivia Miyamoto, Gloria Chang,
Mei Yang, Yuetngor Poon,

Ming Guan, Amy Tan,
William Guarison, Amelia Wu

caught in between
my teeth feel the pain

blown by east wind
my hair goes tanglewood and sad

abbey wood, thomas wood,
joseph wu, Jeannette wilson

lots of words
over spilling emotion near stockyard from Dallas

Maggie Patti Barbara Frankford-Walton said...

poetry rally week 83, number two on world wide web network, one world, lots of members
Carol Laboranti and Maggie Patti Barbara Frankford-Walton

not sure what's ahead
i drive my car, my feet on gas paddle

not to break easily,
but to relax, sightseeing

i wonder how many planets in this universe,
and how many places on this green earth????

differential equation,
linear algebra

vector calculus
group theory

abstract math,
applied fluid

Taylor Swift inspires
Gilbertine Bieber advises

Blair Swift, Pam Swift,
Gilbert Bieber, Diann Mullen

Peter Segal, Peter Sherwood,
Ted Cruz, Nick Jeley

Ted Mullen, Max Bieber,
Cynthia Quinn, Michael Quinn

Charles Page, Suo Feng,
Zen Shijie, Wu Hongping

Anne Arundel Hamilton, Sharon Segal,
Nicholas Rocco, Esco Long

Lonnie Snowden, donald Martin,
constance Bieber, Booz Allen Hamilton

Jessica Snowden, Kunia Camp,
Lindsay Mills, Laura Poitras

Glenn Greenwald, Wayne Wood,
Ballard Wood, Wu Aime

Chelsea Manning, Julian Assange
John Harvard, Norman Minow

Josephine Baskins, Amber Fira,
Betty Ryder, Robert Guyette

Thomas Gombos, Mary Fallin,
Megan Barry, Max Barry

Paco Reboller, William Swift
Sarah Swift, Julie Tonsil

Jim Rudisill, Jami Swift,
Kathleen Swift, Molly Swift

Sam Walton, Walt Disney,
Audi Murphy, Nick murphy

Leonard Swift, Dennis Vandevelde
Barack Obama, Michelle Robinson

Tammy Swift, Phelps Swift,
James Swift, James Pickens

Austin Mitchell, Connie Mitchell,
Joe Mitchell, Zhou Huiju

world peace
nutrition fits

green, juicy, fruitful acts
never expect the world to rain money on you unless you have an employer

Prem Laszlo Shrock Riesbeck Ottino said...

poetry rally week 83, entry number two, on Pichai, Gilbert, Avery, Emde, Ivarra, Cao, Thacker, Rockwell, Brin, Schmidt, Page, and Rials
posted by Anjall Pichai and Winnie Rials

poetry rally week 83, entry number two, on Pichai, Gilbert, Avery, Emde, Ivarra, Cao, Wood,
Wilson, Ella, Beredjick, Schapiro, Pippen, Thacker, Rockwell, Brin, Schmidt, Page, and Rials

Joyce Gilbet's tears

snow storms
Carroll Rials' scars

Jackie Avery's play toys

Anjali Pichai's passion

Dim Sum dishes
Srinivasan Pichai's rare treats

Gilbert Emde, Mark Emde, Caleb Emde, Gilbert Evora, Whitney Emde, Khana Cao....

Refugio Robles' nightmares

Jolbert Ivarra's engagement ring

golden necklace
Beniam Mucha's favorite jewelry

pearls buck
Jiya's old grandma's pen name

number theory
Bethany Fomby's love for abstract education

William Jaco's keystone dam

applied analysis
Peter Constantin's Chicago Bull pride

Billy Gilbert, Bettye Gilbert, Bettye Herlocker, Khan Cao, Wendy Schmidt, Beryl Rosenberg

Lawrence Page's breakthrough

jerry yang's positive energy

Wilma Avery's walking cane

free verse
Denise Garza's new thought

Harvard square
Drew Faust's opera house

John Evans' version on Thomas Edison and Issac Newton

new york times
Saymi Evora's reliable read

cello string
sheng wu's superb strength and amelia wilson's violin string

firefox uploads
ask Tomas, Scott, Monte, Max, Samba, Winnie, Ann, Calvin, Ashley, Yvonne, Courtney, and Sundar

aris kobertis said...

recall my old friends who come from Oregon state, now, then, previously, after...poetry rally week 83
Aris Kobertis

ditch work
needle art

kids kingdom

carolyn dietrich
ascott raffles

albert arends
carol johnson

I don't remember anyone who ignores mie
but keep an record on those who used to care

Emily Wilson
1-2 Dongzhimen south street,
Dongcheng Qu, City of Beijing,
Peking, P. R. China 100007

Zach Lewis-Hill
1041 koko head avenue
honolulu, Hawaii, 96816

Neel Rao
105 University Place
Stillwater, Ok 74078

Chris Raune
233 Residence Drive
Marysville, OH 43040

Yuewan (Baylee) Peng
102 north larmar blvd
Austin, Texas, 78075

Abbey Wood
1022 Grand Ave, apt 6h
Diamond Bar, CA 91765

Ji Yan (Carolina Yeah)
3922 Allison Drive
Sugar Hill, GA 30515

Jennifer Bona
483 Maryposa Drive
Austin, TX 78704

Amelia Wu (Wilma Ryans)
307 East Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60601

Jiahong Wu (Morton Owunse)
642 West Hillsdale Blvd
San Mateo, CA 94403

Tom Lee Wu (Scottie Owunse)
104 Einstein Drive
Princeton, NJ 08542

Netra Khanal and Januka Khanal
5508 Cornell road
university of Chicago
Chicago, IL 60625

Amelia Ella Owunse
7830 Tuscany Woods drive
Tampa, FL 33647

Dilli Dahal and Gidget Smith
5200 Kenwood Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Sheng Wu (Alberto Wilshire)
1252 Weiland Lane
Kent, WA 98030

Rachel Gloria Mayer Walsh Schapiro said...

poetry rally week 83, services, that counts indeed help us
Hyde Park Poetry
Rachel Gloria Mayer Walsh Rorschach

Fence repair agency,
absolutely needed
Mac is fast, kind,
Tilman Fence welding is timely,
etc, we name all those out there
Oakley Fence company
Roger Whitaker
Stillwater Milling
Gene Taylor Perry
Craig, Western Mechanical Garage door
Patriot Mechanical, Inc.
Air Control, Inc.
Oklahoma Strings, Inc. Bethany,
Simon's Towing & Recovery
AAA towing
State Farm care insurance
Larry Gosney
Honda, Barry Sanders
Toyota, Janzen, Yaris,
L. K. wilson co by Ray
Ray Smith
Cooper's Locksmith
Gurgens Weir by Winfrey
Jackie Weinaug
Railroad Yard Pipe Service
4 your comfort heating
Accurate plumbing
Advantage plumbing
Captain Rooter
Tim at TNT Lawn & Landscape
ABc appliance
McFarlin plumbing
Rescue Right plumbing
WinNelson company
Bill Knight at Ford car
Sheerar Museum
Cockrell Eyecare Center
Monty Snowden

Nancy Beebe Goolsby Tramel Perry said...

poetry rally week 83, tylrnol, motrin to fix fever of children, reading, writing, and open mind to mend your world view
by Kevin Darby and Cheri Wilcox

Goggle glass,
that is for swimming

Correction center,
that prevents crime from increasing

Tylenol, Motrin medince,
that are for children with high fever

doctor, nurse, and mathematician
which are made to mind younger population

as for growth, birth, fitness,
we must embrace all of those

when you read this, you shall feel the urge
to sense satisfaction, risen

from Linda Litzinger, Byron Darby, Kimberly Loar,
Austin, Chicago, Houston, Princeton, they do things to mend

Sarah Pae, Anne Hong, Mary Ann Flynn, Michelle Obama,
ladies work hard to serve

Jessica Montalvo, Christopher Seeker, Sherry Neyman, Jim Bergamo,
those love Oakwood women, including Carolina Yeah

Devin Garaza, Ginger Tuitter, Alice, J. Clarissa Gutierrez, Jennifer Chamber,
what beautiful group for teeth medicine

We search up high,
we look down below

we find more physicians, or doctors, to believe in,
say, David Chun, Dr. Bumpers, Mellisa Long, Holly, Mary Beth Harrison, smiling

Brenda Chao, Rebecca Teng, Melanie Collins, and Laura Meritt
Saint David, Park Bend Drive, Pipers Field Drive, Bastrop, Texas, 78602

breath easy

find your way
find a lee way

Hyde Park Poetry number 1

John Alpein and Andrew Zimmer said...

watermelon, apples, and Mr. G, Village, Coop foods (poetry rally week 83 entry number 2)
Osco Drugs and Woolworth with Ralph Feigin and Ji Yan

subway near hyde park

bee cave
ox rises in 1997, december weather

guadalupe street
austin state hospital has lots of loud patients

pippers field drive
a way to get around to renaissance women's center

you know who?
do you do yahoo?

you know what?
don't forget Martha Stewart!

we talk about Tara Mills, Jiahong Wu, Jean Bona,
we think of Amanda Armond, Misty Danielson, and Malia Obama

past, experiences,
current, eyewitness view

Brittany Key may have some say,
We do mind Wendy McGinty-Gamble, Mariann Nielsen, Brittany Swift

a doctor treats a small boy,
that is Tyrek Young, Timothy Lam, Zach Lewis, Tom Wu, and

lots of health department services there,
Brown School Rehab center is one of those

Saint James Episcopal Church, they honor GoShen, Louisa, Essex,
Lenoir, Farmington, Port Charlotte, Wilmington, Ann Darr, Nathan Brown

we notice that many people are nice, they include Arzelar Wise, Zac Copley, Nancy Greenwood,
Theodore Agnew, Bryan Wise, Fred Wise, Nina Wise, Down Copley, John Federle, Marcie Federle

from Chicago to Beijing,
from Princeton to Austin, Cesar Olivero, Michelle White, William Setchel, Rick Perry listen

Lucinda Goce Bristol Tamhane Sahakian said...

poetry rally week 83, yard bullet postings, from morton prance house, and wigmore law club, from Thomas morsch
Patrick Quinn, Patrick Suo, Patrick Stein, Patrick Swayze

Harvard university law school,
mark zuckerberg enjoys it all

Massachusetts Institute of technology,
the notable things at east coast Boston

Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and Android from Google,
social media tools compete with Sony, Dell, Cisco, At & T, and T-Mobile

thinking of those who orchestra Boston undergraduate education mills,
we raise our eye brows and rain praise to Francis Doyle, Martha Minow, and Drew Gilpin Faust

a list of hard working allies are very helpful,
They could be August Dao, Herman Bhupal, Emily Jaimerena, and Bryant Yang

cross the road, Yenching fish impresses,
by Chelsea Wydham hotel, Hazelwood coffee helps

if you are a friendly visitor, you might enjoy Henri Garrison-Desany, Emily Zoffer,
Becca Ramos, William Fitzsimmons, Rakesh Khurana, and Drew Gilpin Faust

sweet teacher He Jiaying, He Zhangmei, Yan Silin, and Peng Hounian,
they enable small pupils grow and increase confidence via Bie Ma Ma, Wang Xinzhou

forgive Chen Jiaqing, Liu Zhongnian, Bie Yuejin, Yan Taoli, and Yang Zhiyuan,
we continue our journey toward Marywood, Tampa, Annapolis, and Cambridge

Santa Fe and Santa Clause, inviting Santa Matilda, and Prince Joseph in

well, then, we focus on Halie Olson, Larry Olson, Michael Richard, Alice Hu,
Preeti Srinivasan, Jane Golovchenko, Charles William Eliot, A. Lawrence Lewell

hopefully for Abbey Wood, Amelia Wu, Tina Wu, Mira Singer, and Braxton Noble,
we promote Nathan Marsh Pusey, Sheila Thimba, Joan Rouse, Lynn Fitzgerald, Holworthy Hall

never mind my thunder storm last night,
we feel good to see sunshine today

listen, Neil Rudenstine, Adrienne Jackson, Vanessa Osgood, Rakesh Khurana,
improve, Fogg Museum, Derek Curtis Bok, Goffe House, Peyntree house, Harry Elkins Widener

i live at Idaho
i think of Kentucky

I go to school at Seattle
I attend graduate school at Chicago

I dream of Senta Wang, Chuanxian Peng's fairtale woman,
I refuse to speak to that Joshua Patten, Marshall Patten, and Alissa Guan

again, my eyes fall hard on Lawrence Summers, Radcliffe College,
I begin to scan Ann Radcliffe Trust, Harvard Yard, Agassiz House,

the Rochester and John F. Kennedy center is awesome,
I relax, and print Radcliffe Yard, Cabot House, Stephanie /Khurana, and Martha Minow

i hear Joel Stein often,
I don't worry about Laszlo Stein, Ann Blair, Charles Rosenberg, and Eric Wood

Jay Maxwell Nixon said...

poetry rally week 83, number 2 entry: math, science, technology, and poetry, joyce gilbert, sundar pichai, daifang zhu and hongwin sun, Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan
by Dillon Hollingsworth

mexican language,
suzanne martinez

david schmidly is friendly to brad henry,
janet schmidly is honored by first breath in the morning by larry gosney

google company
ceos rise such as Sundar Pichai

joyce gilbert feels the urge to speak,
her courage trigs global energy balance around her husband, lately

daifang zhu, hongwin sun,
the same as Larry Page and Lucinda Southworrth

look at Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan,
they shine like Vina Lee and Anna Chan, Fengjiao Lin and Jackie Chan

more stories?
here are some Mexican clips

El 14 de febrero o “día de los enamorados” se celebra hoy en casi todo el mundo. Aunque es una celebración tradicional de países anglosajones, se ha ido implantando en otros países a lo largo del siglo XX con el objetivo de conmemorar el amor y el cariño que se ha de tener, no solo a la pareja, sino también a los amigos, aunque esta última faceta sea menos conocida que la primera.
Independientemente de que este mensaje inicial del día de San Valentín se haya desvirtuado hasta ser considerado para muchos como una “fiesta comercial”, queremos aprovechar para conocer los “san valentines” de los CEOs TIC más conocidos. Sus caras son mucho menos populares que las de sus parejas pero hemos querido saber qué aspecto tiene la media naranja de Meg Whitman (HP), Virginia Rometty (IBM), Marissa Meyer (Yahoo), Larry Page (Google), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), John Chambers (Cisco), Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Michael Dell (Dell) y Larry Ellison (Oracle), Charlotte Birkenstock (Birkenstock), sheryl Sandberg (google), Zach Brogue (yahoo), Jeff Bezos y Mackenzie Bezos (amazon), Michael Dell y Susan Dell(Dell),

Nicholas Barry Zeppos Napolitano Constantin said...

p is for pepsi, parrots, panama, panda, and post office
daniel page and matt pae

P is for pentagon pets
P is for payne county sheerifes

P is for pepsi, Palex and Blair the pair of parrots
P is for post office with AJ Blackwell near it

P is for Panama,
P is for Pakistan

P is for Paris
p is for panda

p is for passengers
p is for pizza hut

p is for prefect poets at hyde park poetry palace
p is for park palace apartment

p is for pencil sharpers
p is for paypal and payless shoes

p is for pain relievers
p is for pages of handsome free verse

p is for poets, poems, pants, paintings
p is for Peggy Carter, Peggy McGurie,

P is for Peacock, peanuts, peaches, pears, Page-Brickers, and Pichai family
P is for Peter Pan, Peter Phillips, Phonix, Pho's, Princeton, Puppets, Prudential

Drew Doyle Storm Snyder Minow said...

poetry rally week 83, my memory art with afternoon shadows, and sunday whirligig
Rena Brothers and Judy Wang

Afternoon shadows,
cooling filters

when Gwendolyn Brooks rhymes with late crate,
Toi Derricotte focuses on people's weakness

bursting bean stalks,
flesh and knock in wine grapes

a thought could be worthy some salt,
pricking nightingales sing to astronaut

broken arrow
arrowhead park and reasor food shop

we stop by Kum & Go,
we involve with business that can Buy and sell

Scott Hiney AND Derek Peterson features,
Kathleen Wong (Lau), Molly Shi Boren, Eric Striker, and Ruth Simmons stories.

Hannah Allam and Nathan Haslam Wood said...

poetry rally week 83, free verse, and memory art
Hannah Allam and Nathan Haslam Wood

Old Navy
T J Max
they are clothing stores

pricking logs
deserted forests
they are relatives in the wild

knocking doors
ascending babes,
sad news stop a boy from dreaming

bursting sprouts
crying nightingales
a wine cup helps some lost visitors

raged temples
raw salts
never judge fate by red flesh and green face

old navy
t j max
JcPenny, Jill, Freshen’s, Villa’s pizza, Aunt Anne’s, and Cici’s pizza rocks

Christopher Kerry Scott Sophie Johnson said...

Karen Mapp and Luke Miratrix

America's Navy,
A Global force for good

Lawrence Jackson
a relative to Michael Jackson

Boles, OGE,
CREC, electronically and musicianly

Missouri, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama,
Mississippi, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Massachusetts

a knock on your door
a burst inside your crunched jaw

pricking on cooling woods
never let grape wine spoil your faith of temples

trust yourself, babes,
ascending downward and touch the flesh of earth

easy breath, delightful rests,
nightingales will refresh your spirits

pond, lake, river, sea, ocean,
brook, stream, ditch, wells, and reservoirs

Sichuan, Chengdu, Basins are famous
Plateau of Tibert, or Xi Zhang Gao Yuan, well taken in textbooks of world history

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, wellness, free verse, and education in higher ground
Kenneth Gillingham and Eric Taylor

First of All,
I worship music, orchestra, and cello string
and that is when I think of Yo Yo Ma, Sarah Chang, and Elizabeth White

I believe in Healthy Diets, Physical Education, and Outdoor Adventures

In Addition,
A fitting mindset, relaxing, traveling, reading, and knowing are good

Now, when I think of population of age 22 or older,
Faith, family tradition, hobby lobby, crafting, art, computer programming come to mind

so, when our children could not agree to settle with their Jobs,
they shift their attention to credentials that evoke questions

why? how? impossible?
So, yes, and everything is firm, legislate, and possible!

otherwise, come in,
do it yourself, prove yourself ....improving yourself is important

Doctor of Philosophy, a degree with highest merit,
Not everyone opts for it

But, the school house from Yale University is full,
You, i mean, You shall trust your talent, and achieve it All!

learn from Peter Constantin, Drew Gilpin Faust, Joseph Singer, Judith Singer,
Monica Higgins, Jennifer Hochschild, Michele Lamont, Gary Urton, and Richard Frank

Julie Cohen and Carson Misner said...

poetry rally week 83, quartz mountain arts
Julie Cohen and Carson Misner

1995 was a challenging year for the Institute. A devastating fire destroyed the Quartz Mountain Lodge, the library, and some of the student artwork housed in the lodge. The tragic fire was nonetheless an opportunity to rebuild Quartz Mountain State Park to suit the Institute’s programs. The Summer Institute returned to a new and improved Quartz Mountain in June of 2001. The rebuilt facility includes a 700-seat performance hall, a state-of-the-art darkroom, and the Beverly Badger Memorial Library. The Quartz Mountain Arts and Conference Center is now owned and operated by the State Regents for Higher Education.
Today, the Oklahoma Arts Institute continues to recruit the nation’s top artists to teach the programs. Actors Jane Alexander and Richard Thomas, Pulitzer Prize winner N. Scott Momaday, Grammy Award winner Leona Mitchell, dancers Maria and Marjorie Tallchief, Academy Award winning director Ross Kauffman, and visual artists Fritz Scholder, Robert Zakanitch, and Richard Avedon have all taught at Quartz Mountain. Alumni of Arts Institute programs, such as Megan Mullally and Tim Blake Nelson, enjoy successful careers in the arts, while alumni who stay closer to home enrich the cultural landscape of Oklahoma and the region.

It seems like Emily Claude has fun,
Julie Cohen has the Job well done,
Carson Misner joins them anew,
Mary Fallin decides to do the arts and dine

It takes ages to redo the map,
the hotel from Altus, Elk city, and Vernon are cool,
Jackson county folks sit well,
Meredith Blecha, Dennis McClurg, Eric Garcia, and Jason Grife, wow.

the weather is fair
the sun is gentle
the air is perfect
the music sings jolly

Benjamin Kingery Loomis Roy Moore said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition means well rounded daily grinds and fair judgements upon surroundings
Hobart Benson, Joseph Singer, and Martha Minow

have gone fishing today,
have done homework last night

Murphy USA,
Walmart at Perkins Road

Oncue Express 7, Sangre Road,
Chinatown Supermarket, NW 27th street

Quinos #1465, Stiles,
Frontier Lanes, North Washington, Carson,

Braum's, Sixth Street, or SH 51,
Sunway, David Mooneyhan

Cowboy Travel Plaza, Orlando,
Daylight Donuts Perkins Road, Emily

Seretean Center, Musical Concert, Bryan Adams,
Seven-Eleven, North Meridian, Karen Kent

TAJ Cuisine of India, Shantha,
Edmond Sun news, Bryant Road, Rylan

Jersey Mike's Subs 23004,
1630 NW 23rd Street, Derek, Eric, Tom, Rachel, Bao, Nguyen, Henry

Shepherd Mall, Hp and Wang Jin,
Xiao Jing and Han Picong, Ju Ning and Peng Yao, John Robert Meyer and Wang Yu

Iremonger Lindsay JacoBus Quinlan Pickens said...

Mark Twink,
Shell Creek and Drum-wright Fuel

Black and White Wednesday by Adrianne,
Sunday's Whirligig by Nikos Kazantzakis

Piercing and startling nightingales
Wise Owls perches neat aging wood logs

knocking at the door to Saint Louis Art Museum,
a burst of ascending waves tickles my nose

Salt and Oil,
Cooking and Cooling, they provide ups and downs

Flesh in between,
Good Housekeeping magazine shows case wine cups and grapes of Green

Grinning among Quartz Mountain,
we tip toe near San Francisco, Saint Louis, Boston, Berkeley, Hanover, and New York

Stephen, Winchester, Charlestown, Honolulu, Hobart, Lone Wolf,
Edgewood, Brooklyn, Montgomery, Clayton, Forsyth, Young, Bezos, Google

You, well derserving
You, making stunning decisions for all young promising students

The family of You, Wrighton, Zuo, Leftover, Riverside, Jiangxi, Shenyang,, Yosimite,
fun talents risen from Beijing University, a math fabulous

Wu, Washington University,
Wu, Wrighton Universal and Remarkable Obama

Eulalia Wrighton, Julia Wrighton, Jame Wrighton all assure Jiangsheng You clans,
Elisha Wrighton, Thomas Wrighton, Patrice Wrighton, they adore William Henry Danforth

Florida State University, California Institute of Technology,
William Greenleaf Eliot, Craig D. Schnuck, George Washington

In 1995, Stephen left MIT to become chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis. The new position required him to give up an active research career.[10]

Mark is among the highest paid university heads in US, making $738,000, in 2007.
Wrighton was mentioned as a Harvard University's presidency for his brightonintelligence

James McKelvey, Anna Patterson, Arnold Donald, and Robert Bennken said...

short story slam week 43, poetry rally week 83, nutrition and competition in technology, that makes you fit and feel great
Hilary Clinton and Carolina Sebastian Walker Inhofe Martinez

short story slam week 43, poetry rally week 83, nutrition
and competition in technology, that makes you fit and feel great

This is about Washington University engineering,
Top ten among us nation

Julia, Ananya, Zhaoyi, Deko, Nick, Saron, James, Alex, Abbey, Ari, Thomas,
Anna, Robert, Arnold, Mark, Laszlo, Benji, Meet, Wavely, Chris, Willa, Tom

Secure Cyberspace,
Patrick Crowley for Observable Networks, a wow from Sheng and Amelia

Larry Page, Sundar Pichai, Eric Schmidt, Jeff Bezos, Bob Young, they opt for search enginees

Engineer better medicines
Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert, a sweet angel and a solid insert on Biomedical Engineering

Daniel Giammar,
the power for quality water and control of corrosion of lead pipes

Lan Yang,
professor of electrical engineering, award winning scientist from Arts an Science of WashU

Chris Sims and David Karandish,
Answers intern for 2015, warming up with Jack Dorsey at Twitter co-founder side

Andrew Brimer and Abigail Cohen,
winners of discovery competition, co-founders of Sparo Labs

Philip Bayly,
working as reverse-engineer and meeting tough challenges via his Brain-cell projects

when it comes to advanced personalized learning,
we think of Caitlin Kelleher, that is for educational psychology and political science

Virtual reality and Forest Park research,
Yasutaka Furukawa is on his way to project better environmental science,

Tom Wu, Amelia Wilson, Chris Wang, Nick Murphy, James Wrighton, Alex Zhu,
budding expert to modern photography, cello strings, and computer screen setups

Eleaine Sarah Thomas Jobs Bush said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, music, quartz mountain, and lone wolf via Hyde Park Poetry
Laura Joffe Numeroff

Academic Excellence,
David Boren, Molly Shi Boren, Linda Neal, Barbara Perkins

Oncue Express, North Washington Street,
Friendly food, VP Racing fuel, OKC

Super Cao Nguyen, North Military Avenue,
Beakers Cafe, Health Science Center Food Court, Carlisa and Shene, OU

David Boren's Student Union,
Morty Schapiro's Northwestern Nu Loyal, Davis Street, Sherman Ave, Church Street

William-Sherwin Paints, Spectrum Paints,
Chuck's Paints, Benjamin Moore, Larry Gosney, Tim Passmore, Sarah Broyles, Curt Sharp

Jill clothing, Ann Taylor, Yankee Candle, Penn Square Mall,
Barnes & Noble, Half and Half Books, Amazon, Lulu, Create Space

Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute, Cello, Film, Poetry, Dancing, Band, Robert Kerr,
Julie Cohen, Emily Claude, Ann Blair, Larry Page, Chuanhui Peng, Jiahong Wu

The Avett Brothers, Chesapeake, Allison Weintraub,
La Baguette, Warren Theatre, Meatball House, Papa John's pizza, the Wright Brothers

Michelle Obama,
a scan of her legacy from Deborah Willis, Emily Bernard, Jana Ryan, Joe Romney,

Oprah Magazine,
Sasha Obama, Malia Obama, Craig Robinson, Wilma Vaught, Gayla Foster, Reece foster,

Jill Tracy Biden and Julia Wright said...

short story slam week 43, poetry rally week 83, musical, library, and traveling
Maranda Samantha Stefanie Mooneyman Foster

amazing grace, white house

Wichita public library
Branch Hours and Locations
Alford, Meridian
Angelou, East 21st street
Comotara, North rock Road
Evergreen, North Arkansas
Linwood Park, South Kansas
rockwell, East 9th Street
Westlink, Bekemeyer, Baylee Peng, Samantha Murphy,
W. W. Norton & Company, New York, London
Providence, Rhode Island,
Clair Huxtable, Air Force Brigadler General Wilma Vaught,
Robin Givhan, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson,
Princeton University,
University of California, Berkeley,
Cornell University, New York City,
Washington University at Saint Louis,
Harvard University, Cambridge
University of Oklahoma, Norman,
University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond,
Oklahoma State University, Tulsa,
Vanderbilt University, Nashiville,
Northwestern University, Evanston,
Yale University, New Heaven
Brown University, Provenience,
University of Chicago, Chicago,
University of Texas at Austin, Austin,
Rice University, Houston,
Carmen Phillips, Frederick County, Maryland,
Standford University, San FRancisco
El Paso University, El Paso,
University of Florida, Gainsville,
Bancroft Elementary School,
Westwood Elementary School,
Richmond Elementary School,
Will Roger Elementary School,
Bryker Woods Elementary School,
Rao Chang Middle School,
Sarah Brown, Gordon Brown, Joe Biden, john Kerry

Fechangku Chen said...

In the desert to the east are two excellent reserves: the Azraq Wetland Reserve and the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve, both of which have eco-lodgcs or campsites nearby. Managed by the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) (see Conservation, page 11), Air Jordan Shoes,the Azraq Wetland Reserve is one of the best places in Jordan to see migrating, breeding and wintering birds, including the country’s national bird, the delicately grey and pink coloured Sinai rosefinch (Carpodacus synoicus). You may also catch sight of the Temminks horned lark (Eremophila bilopha), the trumpet finch (Rhodopechys githaginea) or in winter the mighty Bonelli s eagle (Aquila fasciatus) soaring overhead.

Lying in the heart of the semi-arid desert landscape, the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve is a few kilometres southwest of the Azraq Wetland Reserve. Covering an area of 22km2, Cheap Jordans,it was founded with the specific purpose of breeding species of animal that were extinct in the local region and those that were endangered. On a visit look out for the magnificent Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx), a white antelope that was all but extinct in the 1970s and only survived because of a small protected herd in the US from which a new world breeding and reintroduction programme originated. Today, the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve works with zoos in other countries on a variety of breeding programmes.

'I he Mujib Nature Reserve is further south and is a dramatic place of contrasting terrains. To the north and south of the reserve are mountain ranges, which in places reach a height of around 900m (2,952ft). Ihe reserve hugs the mountainside before falling sharply along the Wadi Mujib gorge with its impossibly sheer rock faces, new jordans,to the Dead Sea. At -420m (-1,378ft) below sea level in part, the reserve is the lowest on earth. It has canyons, rivers and natural pools that prove a magnet for adventurous hikers and abseilers.

Emily Trajcevski Mangelsdorf Christensen Cohen: said...

Anne Ezzell Peters, Emily Claudé, and Julie Cohen

Since I have come
Sadness Unions
Since You Misunderstand
Say “Cheese”, that is grand to Schapiro Pippen, Simone Enchon

So so poetry does thrive
salt lake mirrors salt creek
San Diego has superb sea world ocean science
Sandstorm blurs my Sunday scents

Stephen Wrighton keeps open eyes on Stephan Wilson,
Stephen Strachan keeps books rolling
Sandi Riggs meets Stephen Mack,
Sophia Bollag posts for Sally Arsher

Solo, piano,
Suzanne Bettman settles with Shrock, Chris
Sarah Pritchard enables Jennifer Mullman spots
Scarlet Fitzgerald, David Fitzgerald sits at Bartville, scanning San Francisco Sarah Palin story.

Sasha Jenna Gust McCormick Robertson: said...

v is for Victoria and Victory, short story slam week 43, poetry rally week 83
Timothy Passmore and Sasha Jenna Gust McCormick Robertson

Verse is poetry,
Victoria is elegance
Victor is a man
Victory is Winning
Vote for Vannesa Bush,
Vaughn is French
Vines from grape plants crawl
Vanns from the wall sells shoes
Vincent and Vetetian meet Chuck
Vus means Woofs
Massachvsetts relates to Massachusetts
Vanderbilt is great
Gloria Vanderbilt recalls Anderson Cooper
Virginia Tech heals from hateful events
Virtual arts
Visible words
Victory Venetian

Mary Bruce Leopold Holm Reed said...
30 poems in 30 days Day 23: Ekphrastic poem
Write a poem inspired by an artist, well, I am inspired by many…here is one of my takes:
written by Lexi Jiao Wu
posted Lisa Bao, Mary Bruce Leopold Holm Reed and Eric Meng

History’s Memory by Lexi Jiao Wu
Evil pushed the red button,
Boats break the puzzled waters,
Senses retrieved by realizations,
April enabled the missing clowns
Elevation for p[ainting a mindful image,
Spider webs of the intended tricks,
Orifice showing the deceivers’ pain,
Milk cans for recycling into water bottles,
Duck foot-trails toward drowning,
Diamond of unrelated wisdom,
Eagles see through underground follies,
Plots on itself shrink in circles,
Greed motivates the darkened minds.

Mao Amin and Li Min said...

It is a story about Jina Yung,
Who gives a go to Shen Yun
and at times, recall her time at Beijing,
so, Julia Martin comes in,
keep trying to speak to Mark Wrighton, on Washington University,
A George Washington feverish spot,
I never expect it to happen, that staff there has handsome ties
Julia Martin, wife to Eric Meng, honored by Jianguo Fandian hotel,
a wife and a mother to two, Matt Meng, Marissa Meng,
the past experience on Electricity company revivies
We are reminded about Qiming Li, Bing Li, Nianyu Wang,
Mingzhou Wang, Dongkui zhang, Guizhi Zhang, Wei shifu,
Tian Juxian, Yan Feng, Xu Jianying, Zhen Baoxia, Chen He, peer Song,
including college graduates Zhang Hong, Yu He, Tian Shiji,Yan Ji,
we used to joke about Cai Guoqing, Gong Li, Zhang Yimo, Guan Moye,
the political weather at the time of 1990-1993 is tense
Deng Xiaoping, Hu Jintao, Li Peng, Zhu Lin, Wen Jiaobao, Mao Amin, Weiwei, Ni Ping, Fu minxia, Wu Minxia,
so , after 24 years, memories remain
some ladies from office of Accounting, or office of Bursar,
such as Zhao, Zhang, Wang Yanzhen, He Zi, Ma Ran,
Gratitude sends to Mrs. Wei, Ma Shiping, Ma Yun, Jack Ma,
Gong Xiao, Wu Jinlong, Yan YongShun, Yan Yongtao, Zhang Zhongbing,
Xie xiaodong, Tan Xiaoyan, Zhao Chunfeng, Zhao Xin, Ji Shengxiong,
Tu Jun, Li Donghua, Lu Xiaohua, Meng Ying, Han Hongjun, Zhang Lei, Feng qun E, Wang Qi, Suo Feng, Yan Qun, Gao Hongjian, and Yan Yongcui

Kora-Leah Faust Meet Wilson said...

westwood elementary, bryker woods poets and prose writers
Kora-Leah Faust Meet Wilson

poets bear verses
school produces scholars

when i read posts
I get to know their plants of lawrence Congdon

Bessy Fan, Sherri Kim, Lee Fan, Rachel Schapiro,
Charles Fan, Karina Fisher, Diane Goettel, Benji Wojin,

Kit Frick, Raivenne-Lations, wabi Sabi, Cees Photography,
Leaf and Twig, Mihee-Kim Kort, Petitemagique, Poetry by Pamela

Elan Murdrow, Read between the Minds, Sharmishtha Basu,
Kevenna Rao, CBS New york, CBS Boston, Dunstan Carter

michaels Lair, Ryan Boren, Musehollow, Rel, Jerry REcco,
ZoralinQ, Phantom Gourmet, Meenas Poems, Terry Francona

Robinson Cano, Christian Vazquez, beeseeker, geezer girl,
Miriams Well, Shawn bird, Kevin Bird, Kevin Barretts, mezzojan

Pages from my mind shows case grace,
Jesse Novels, Cristian mihai, Toinets Projects, Kenneth Justice,

Yoga Mom, Biblioklept, Ocdbloggergirls, Marrian Zenawi, Fatima,
Fajita, martin Luther king, James, Judith, Anita, Liz Venable, Lucy,

Thomas turner, Salim Waliyah, Lisa jenny, Brahim Samirai, Rose Dickson,
Basim Fahim, Zanna Abdulwahab, Joseph Nura, Syrian Zayak, Twyla turner

Christabel Evelyn, many people write
Anna Yates, Blair Nye, Will McCord, Sarah Moore, Alana Alexander

neil Leff-Wilson, Alexis Royal, Hannah Colby, shenan McFeeley, Julia Martin,
Sierra Tothero, Justin Croft, Alex Lopez, Ivan Scott, Ben Arar, Drew Luecke,

Bryker Woods poetry connects to Saint Louis

Harry Minton, imani Dabney, Emily Mixon, Mirtam Worde, Tim Robinson,
Alyssa Phillips, Maddie Porter, Sheng Wu, toys R’Us, Amelia Wilson,

Jay Wise, Julia Watson, Bryanne Cooke, Corinna Archer, Blair Mitchell, James Wrighton, Mark Wright,
Connie Liu, Casey Theriot, Brad Williams, Jill calaway, Stephen You, Tom Wu

Gierra Perez, Joshua Hays, Larry Page, Lucinda Southworth, Trenton Goodwin,
Sophie Brame, Megan Jones, Jason cox, Shenan Novak, Owen Hunter, Zoe Berg,

too many talents
I shift my focus and say a few sweet things to J. J. Brown, Jiangsheng You, Xiaofeng Zhu

Abbey Michael Boyle Blount Fallin said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, balance, colege education, and faculty inputs by Hyde Park Poetry
Abbey Michael Boyle Blount Fallin

outstanding technology
exceptional expertise

many people gather at Saint Louis
Remark the excellence on computer and information technology

we shed spotlight on a few faculty there,
rain praise to Jianguo Meng's relatives, and rusty blair's law makers

Say, we are impressed by Mary Fallin, Christian Fallin,
we are interested in Jay Nixon, Frank Wang, Chris Shrock, and Mark Wrighton knowledge base

let's roll down the paper,
allow Amelia Wilson and Edward Page nephew get in Washingotn University at Saint Louis,

Harvard University does include Thomas and James,
Craig Schnuk, Julia Wrighton, Sadie Wrighton, and Rodnet Wrighton feel great then

Back on Michelle Sims, Melinda Harper, and Julia Martin page,
many people still seek strength

Roch Guerin, Kevin Cowell, Zachary Feinstein, and Trevor Bilhorn speak,
so repressive and pleased by Kim Coleman, Yixin Chen, Ryan Chakrabarty, Tom Browdy

a college is important to Shene, Tomas, Trent, Braxton, Neel, and Chris,
a permission is vital when mindsets adapt peace

Phillip Gould, Shauna Dollison, Kenyon Feliciia, Jessica Runiewicz, Myrna Harbison sit,
Janelle Fletcher, Slicia Smeltzer, Maureen Galkowski, Ramesh Agarwal, and Wow

so many intelligence,
so powerful science projects

Nancy Kobus, Chris Kroeger, Ron Laue, Anupriya Agrawal, and Kunal Agrawal come,
Mike Altepeter, Cynthia Goessling, Mark Anastasio, Natalie Goodwin-Frank, they support

look further,
look deeper,

we find Martin Arthur, Steven George, Byron Austin, Richard Axelbaum, Carl Baggett,
we promote Kathy Flores, Johnnie Foster, Steve Bannes, Jessica Barber, and Laura Barker


here comes Rose Baxter, Phillip Bayly, Nick Benassi, and Cathy Freesmeier,
followed are Jocelyn Dehart, Megan Flake, Jerome Cox, Jerry Craig, and Jianmin Cui

the rectangle box is simple,
the wit in it is heavy

you have to admit the wisdom from more proferssors,
they are Mark Wrighton, Ron Cytron, William Darby, Ellen Boyne, Ed Borbely, Amanda Carr

at last, we add Aaron Bobick, Ryan Chakrabarty, Hong Wu Liang, Chenyang Lu, Nancy Lyons
Denise Zona, fuzhong Zhang, Weixiong Zhang, Silvia Zhang, Frank Yin, Vince Ruppert,

we stop here, saying hello to Jack Zaloudek, Sharon Matlock, Elaine Murray, Gena Reed,
Arye Nehorai, Gwen Nguyen, Jennnifer Wisdom, Joseph Jody O'Sullivan, Kristen Otto

Thomas Walker and Sara Windhorst said...

T is for Timothy Passmore, and Tom Cruise
by Nicholas Barry Wrighton Napolitano Constantin
and by Thomas Walker and Sara Windhorst

T is for Timothy Passmore, and Tom Cruise
T is for Theresa Burke, Thomas Pickens, James Pickens

t is for Tulsa,
t is for Tom Bradley at Los Angeles

t is for Trevor Bilhorn, Tom Browdy, Tara Crites, townhall friend Jim Flynn,
t is for Tammy Pickens, Tammy Haney, Thomas Harmon, Tobin Harris,

t is for Tao Ju, Tao Li, Tao Zhu, Tao Peng, Tao Zhou,
t is for Tarama Kampwerth, Theresa Kenyon, Trent Passmore, T-Mobile

t is for Ting Lee, Tianxiang Li, Tim McHugh, Tae-Seok Moon,
t is for Larry Taber, Tang Yinjie, Tj Max, TJ Tarn, Teasdale Karen, Thimsen Elijah,

t is for Thoroughman Kurt, Tiley Christine, Totten Jill,
t is for Jay Turner, Jonathan Turner, Jack Turner, June Turner, Mark Turner, Megan Turner, Jun Tu

Oracle Equipments said...

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Stephan Peter Carl Victor Hudson said...

short story slam week 43: Bluebell Books Twitter Club!
Stephan Peter Carl Victor Hudson

Enid, Douglas Frantz looks fine,
Maryville, Larry's work shop does well

For some reason, Sundar Pichai wishes to be Jiahong Kong,
Joyce Gilbert tries to function as Wilson Wu

The City Sentinel posts,
Patrick McGuigan edits articles from Darla Sheldan, Lee Vincent, and Joe Stan

Elected officials always look deep,
Ed Shadid, Kay Floyd, Jason Nelson, David Holt, George Young, and Richard Morrissette

they all remember James Lankford, Brad Henry, and George Night,
Board of Regents do make promotion gestures

Say, Lou Watkins and Calvin Anthony feel great,
Trudy Milner, Joe Hall, Jason Ramsey, and Doug Burns become famous

Rick David, Rick Perry, Jim Reese, Andy Lester, and Tucker Link have products,
Daniel Gilbert, Brenda Jones, Parthena Owens, Chad Dusty, Samuel Magrill...have string players

Carl Rath style,
Kate Pritchett format

Peng Mei E, Peng Liyuan, Peng Danping, they support Upenn, and Sperry business,
Xi Jinping, Xi Mingze, Tara Robinson, Laigha Layton, Alden Hargis, Dan Little, they focus on academics

Texas Christian University,
Piano contests and Sheng Wu efforts

University of San Antonio,
Shixiong Song, Amelia Wu, Qionghua Wu, Xiao Sun, Jing Wang, Huijiao Hu, Jinyuan He enroll

Never doubt the ability and credential of Amit Gosh, Anthony Kable, Ning Ju, Jiahong Wu,
Never try to say No to Peter Constantin, Jiangsheng You, Terrence Tao, and Thomas Hou

Kate Neal Virginia Ann Hargis said...

short story, week 43, signs of stuff, monday mellow yellow sirens, and adventure from poetry rally week 83
Rick Davis and Jason Ramsey

Adventure awaits
Clothes and toys go into donation box

Hints of Spring,
My Memory Art features Calvin Anthony, Joe Hall, Rick David for Spring Sing Fling

Autumn Street,
Signs of love is carried in her white silky purse

Sunday Whirl, Six for Wednesday,
Friday My Town Shoot Out, It is Thursday Tina Fay

Monday Mellow Yellow,
Lou Watkins, Trudy Milner, Melissa Weiss, Mary Holt, and Don Holladay paint a swallow

Magpie Bridge,
Clark Huey, Steven James, John Koons, and Mary Frates walk great

Still Water, Baylor University,
Wrecking emotion is mended by Fragment promotion

Relaxing morning,
Soft wind blows

my nose is clear
my spirit is full of cheer

leaving behind Burns Flat,
we arrive Beverly Hills to visit Tucker Link, Andy Lester, Jim Reese, Doug Burns,

Ramsey street,
the fire sub replaces Quizinos, next to State Farm

Duck Street,
Salty Vietnam man cooks Kim's Pho Noodles

closing my eyes,
I land on West Virginia Capital building and reside near Number 5 Fire Station

Michelle Megan Alan-Menino Obama said...

ABc Wednesday, P is for Payne County, ruby Tuesday, sign og joy, Show my face, six words, and Hyde park poetry, week 83, my way of balance in diet, creative acts
David Payne and Andy Lester

Poetry, Post Office, and Payne County
the way of balance, nutrition, wellness

burn Ban, parade plan, strong motion
no screaming, no nudeness, no trasspassing

to stay calm, to win approval,
we isolate, we encourage, we research

earthquakes hurt, massive weapons cause sadness
say "peace" , remain independent and relax

Obama health care, enroll and dare,
Bush and Cheney Education, Free consulation

no Child left behind, Austin and Washington,
Osai, Art Exhibits, Mary Block Remington

Joy Reed Belt, Dana Lorenson volunteer,
Mark Barcus, Don Sickles, both donate

Sally Bennett, Sheryl Benbrook, Brad Zerger,
Mari Medley, James Epperson, they altus

Come on, Jeff Wilmes, Al Zapanta,
Let Loose, Cole Frates, Suzanne McAuley,

it is time to read others
it is time to redo verse

Jason Ramsey, Doug Burns do care,
AB Thomas, Rick Davis do secure.

Curtney Bloomberg Ferguson Blasio Yaros said...

short story slam week 43, poetry rally week 83
Curtney Bloomberg Ferguson Blasio Yaros and Emily Farris

Baseball and Basket Ball,
Thomas Hatch, Devin Wilber, and James Andrews throw and relax

Henneberry Properties,
Iran, America, Hong Kong, Macau, Wuxi, Wuhan, Jiaozuo, Luoyang, and Guangzhou connect

Maxine's Custom Frames
Qingsheng Wang, Jack Ma, and Qingming Yang crave freedom flames

The Avett Brothers,
Jeenny Gilliland, Bill Path, Stan Teague, Mark Pitcher, and Amy Wong give research awards

we are confused
when we try to see things in opposite views

we feel the power of Panama City
when we project our wit in Solar Energy, agree with Al Gore, and Bob Dole

Phi Kappa Phi lays out profound names,
Crystal Laura Matt, Carly Schueler, Lindsey Rae Pease, and Andria Evyn Whipple jump in frames

got milk?
I can not believe it is butter

Butter, or Huang You,
which is good for rice grits meal and mashed potatoes

my in-law checks in me,
that is why i promote Baylee Peng, Trevor Wilson, Samba Beredjick, Lisa Seay, and Preston Ramsey

Mark Zuckerburg, Jonathan Rosenberg, Mira Singer, Rusty Mineno, and Lee Bird
Kayley Smith, Chad Penn, Bill Henry Raun, Steve Wood, and Denise Weaver...a new horizon

Julio Ottino and Wei Chen said...

poetry rally week 83, nutrition, northwestern, and McCormick school of Engineering
Julio Ottino and Wei Chen

my mouth is watering
i need to eat

how about some soup?
i choose Miso, ot Tofu

Wonton soup is refreshing,
Hot and Sour Soup is satisfying

Egg drop soup is plain,
Carrots, Broccoli soup seem full of nutrition

Raman noodle is cool,
Dim Sum and Fried Dumplings are fine

Soup of the day is Seaweed, Onion, and Shrimp stuffed buns,
never forget about Shao Mai from Shenyang, and Changchun

Pat-Mather Brown Gordon-ceton said...

Sunday's Whirligig, Three Word Wednesday, My memory art, Friday my town shoot out, poetry rally week 83
Charlotte Birkenstock and Pat-Mather Brown Gordon-ceton

Tantrum, Tear, and Tender
Northwestern University Wildcats are braver

Pritzker School of Law
Wing Liu, Larry Henschen, Gloria Kim, and Mark Clark have technology downpour

Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music,
where Robert Hasty, Mark Parker, Jing Dong, Jie Gu, and Neal Blair fine tune cartoon

If you ask who is Jiangsheng You, Jianguo Meng, Yuejin Bie, Bing Ma,
we say, they are Richard Freeman, Janice Mejia, Luis Amaral, and Alvin Bayliss

never mind,
I type plain childhood memory brand

dazzling sunset
father Justin Carr has firm principles in education agenda

blocking walls, black light,
twittering stars throw fists at menacing and spiking fir tree branches

Microsoft window 10, Bill and Melinda Gates, Teri Odom,
Dell laptop, Michael Dell, and Todd Murphey, Chad Perry

McCormick engineering, Ford Motor Company,
Daniel Apley, Neda Bagheri, Cheng Sun, Yun Wang, Ermin Wei, and Jill Wilson work

Maybe north brooke and Citgo fuel are not enough,
we hear Wigma and Matthew plot a business at Mario, IL

here comes Tom Wu, Abbey Wood, Aime Wu, Jackie Chan,
here shows up Morton Schapiro, Stacia Campbell, Yan Chen, Jian Cao

faculty enjoys GoJo, Auto Matic, Tork, Stoko products,
staff minds Shepard Hall, Walker Residential, and Scott Hall

at the end of Spring,
we reprogram our brain and listen to nature

we say good things about Ryan Field, and Norris University Center,
thanks go to David Morton, Jan Achenbach, Horace Yuen, Ken Gentry, Emma De Costa

George Wells prefers to be isolated,
not knowing that Robert McCormick, Julio Ottino, Carol Berry, Wesley Burghardt who disagree

we love purple, we love green, we love blue,
Lake Michigan shore shall be sweet to most Northwestern men

Suhas S G said...

Yes, I agree to have my poem published by your this June, 2016

The Song of the Raging Sea
by The Enchanted River

Only the tumult of a raging sea,
rocking our boats to places it needn’t be,
who dares whisper a few good words and conciliate?
For mighty is her resolve, and feeble her invaders.


Beating against our aged wooden hulls,
her stories she forces us listen,
of conquerors who’ve tried quelling her ire
and soldiers who wished not to partake.
Songs of past surface under the raging storm,
as she cries louder into the setting sun,
and our vessels are but dumb dots,
lost in a mighty gale, drifting away with no desire.
The heavens gather, to listen to her fables,
that which needs be told to every sailor passing.
She sings, in a majestic low soprano,
that the men have made merry in her midst,
carrying goods of war and crime,
that her song is the only redemption, she roars
in a frightening contralto.


The old few those who’ve listened with care,
warned us of her ire before we sailed away.
Like seasons weathering old rocks to dust, their lore,
distant and washed away,
little did the forgotten wisdom give us hand,
our wet faces, now bereft of any realization,
piecing the parts only to fail.
In the frantic cadence of her waves,
in her wild cosmic dance,
in the fearful tremors of her ballad,
we solemnly pray for the tale to twist our way,
to the young and true, she’ll say,
listen again, listen again!
That your understanding of this divine tale,
of man and his destiny shall see the light of day.


In a desperate bid for a final confluence,
we merged a raft from parts of the now wrecked hull.
She is the canvas for our dreams,
in her we float free like in our mothers’ wombs,
her story too ambitious to comprehend, we let go,
and like a violin soundtrack to God’s elegy,
her rage turns to deep sorrow.
The last voice of this universe,
like the distant hymns of a hindu sage,
she sings the song of the raging sea.

Roxanne Burns George Arrington-Hans said...

short story slam week 43, poetry rally week 83, the tie between Wuhan Tie Siyuan, and Paris duck pond
Roxanne Burns George Arrington-Hans and Carl Victor Page

Peng Mei E and Yang Qing Ming,
hometown biscuit, fried pan cakes, oily, yummy

Shuai Dasi and Shuai Jialiang,
father and son, a chef cook, and a first class scholar

Shuai Jin E and Kimberly Henry,
A good girl and a charming unicon, they are sister alike

Guo Jiaochun and Peng Chunzhi,
a Yuekou girl, a woman of grace, bringing in neighborly friendship

Cai Jiuxiang and Hou Jiuzhi,
the spouses of Hu Songzhi and Yang Guoping, they are cousins

Peng Fusheng and Sun Honglan,
one is airport staff, one is Basket Market owner to Amy's cafe, both sing music of Nashville

He Jiaying and Jiu Quansen,
A Harvard College president and a Beijing Normal University mathematician, they good

Wu Aimei and Hong Jin,
one from Guangzhou, one from Xiamen, two birds of Mucun Guan and Tao Yuan

Xu Jianying and Mengya Weiersine
A Ma Yingjiu relative and a Stephen Wrighton and Elisha You friend

Yang Yu Er and Kong Hongbing,
the young and the faithful, they remind us of Yang Guoping (Xihu) and Peng Pingzhi (widow)

Peng Zhongqiang and Yan Ju Er,
both preserving recycle materials and their spirits circle around Yuan He, Wang Chang, and Yu Fan

Sheng Wu and Peng Chuanwa,
a nephew, an aunt, the bond extends to Lucien Sharyl, Thomas Pickens, and William Adams

Anjali Pichai and Kathleen wilson,
a first lady and a german woman, both are elegant to Gloria Page, Zhu Qun E, and Priscilla Chan

Dai Yonghui and Bie Chang E,
tall, outgoing, brave, great mother to their sons, they inspire Zhu Taozhi, Wu Huilan, and Peng Cai E

Ray Smith, Steve Wood, Chris Shrock, Xifan Liu, Sue Dick, Larry Gosney, Scott Leming,
very beautiful addition to our Duck Pond experience and to Thomas Wu and Eric Wood

Chase Carter, Pam Davis, Rick Davis, Michelle Charles, Jim Gunn, Gina Noble,
Financial group and locale citizenship leadership staff, they do carry great mind

Amelia Flynn Noble Stein-Wilson said...

from Bank America to Bank of China, from Tie Siyuan to Houck Agency of Washington

information is the key,
let our sixth sense lead our way

Beijing Information Science & Technology University
Liu Gonghui ((柳贡慧) the president looks at Wang Xiaochun (王晓纯)

Peking University
Lin Jianhua (林建华)tops Zhu shanlu (朱善璐), matching Jiang Zaiqiu, He Yibing, Yu Xiuming

Beijing Wuzi University
Beijing Materials University, memory art for Wang Jianqiong, Yu Lanfeng, Yan Ji, Meng Shenglan

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology,
The place for clothing design, passionate research,

Liu Yuan Feng, Liu Gonghui, Qiao Jianyong, Cui Xiliang, Dong Qi, Ning Bin, Peng Long, college chancellors from Nanjing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Changsa

Hu Haiyan, Qiu Young, Li Jincheng, Lei Shengqiang, Liu Wei, You jiangsheng,
Wang Xiaochun,Peng Chuanxian, Wang Min, Zhao Guangfa, Chen Yinxian, they win votes

Zhou Zhiliang, Wang Yuzhe, Xu Mingxin, Qin Shuanquan, Li Changjin,
Dale Brendel, Beau Simmons, Jill Hunt, Tim Ahrens, David Bitton, they edit our brain cells

Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology (北京石油化工学院), Beijing Film Academy (北京电影学院),

the wings of dreams in performing arts, see Yan Bingyan, Zhao Ji, Yang Mi, Zhao Wei,
the story continues, we type Zhao Liying, Huang Feng, Zhang Ziyi, Zhou Huimin, Lin Qingxia,

Capital Normal University (首都师范大学), Gong Huili, Guo Wenli, Peng Liyuan, Xi Jinping, Gong Huili (宫辉力)

Drew Faust, Martha Minow, David Schmidly, Burns Hargis, Stephan Wilson, Pam Fry, Bob Cooper, Robert Zimmer, Mark Wrighton, David Boren, Mary Fallin, Brad Henry, Pat Quinn, Sam Raune, Jerry Brown,
George Bush, Rick Perry, Jim Gunn, Tom Menino, Jay Nixon,
perfect for Rusty Stein and Bristol Palin to obtain college

Baylee Zach Layton Flecher Pichette said...

short story slam week 43, poetry rally week 83
Terry Berryman and Judy Wang

Someone needs help from Thomas, OK,
that is when Cynthia Brown and Ruibo Li come to discuss Norway.

a small child is reminded to know facts,
hard facts always hurt

Although No one wishes to complain Dan Little,
a wild bird perches, singing a blue tone

she believes that Fan Fuchou is wise,
Vanderbilt University grits its teeth to surprise

many powerful figures exam the water level,
they refuse to lower their heads to Iraq war lords

It is time to fine tune my cello,
I sing praise to Rao Mingrong, wang Daxue, Yao Ming, Amy Shrock, Aaron Huizenga

conductor is Dan Larson, and Christy Fine,
orchestra players as Marcella Schrick, Emily Schrick, nick Schreck, Kevin Haas, Julie Haas

a text memo jumps in,
sweet hello rushes

Ashley Shyrack, Ashley Shryack,Stuart Schrick, Edward Glenn Haas, Harriet Frey, April Shrock
family roots stretches, wave to Davie Lewis Shrock, Amy Marie Shrock, Theresa Strock, Michael Shrock

Rocks shine near San Francisco bay,
Christopher Robin befriends with Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore, Rabbit, Golfer, and Winnie

Stillwater, Oklahoma City, Zhonghe, Rao Chang, Qi Qiao, Dai Hang, Jiang Chang, Zhang Gang, Xian Tao,
Elizabeth Shrock bears children, they are cool to Kenneth Richardson, Shelly Norman, christo Schreck

Bernice Shedrick and stacy Sullivan are profund women,
they discover Angela Jolie, Kari Brothers, Lynn Haas, Tyler Haas, Wayne Haas, John Haas, Ronald Haas, Megan Sergent

a student from college algebra class has elderly mother, he indeed makes up and achieves
that is the honor of Jennifer Ferguson, Becca Givens, Sam fox, Galand Haas, Sara Haas, Lauren Haas

Nathan Haslam Wood said...

cohens, the palm tree from henry, constantin, and cox
Eli Young and Calf Fry

some pain relievers are wanted
because a confused post cause lots of headaches

I assume good folks are country music hall of fame museum,
singers such as Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Brittany Spears, are smart

I assume Arts and Arts camps are grand,
they nurture a child’s mindset and natural confidence

confidence brings in energy,
a friendly gesture sends a stranger to merry-go-round

for some reason, Santa Clause is gift addicted,
Gary Soto, Jimmy Carter, Nathan Brown, Ann Darr, Maya Angelou, Mother Goose are verse versa rhyming experts

from Ninth grade to twelve grade
Sean Yen, AmELIA Wilson, Eric Wu, Wenjia Xu, Alan Yen, LiSA Storm, Diane Chen, Sandy Wright, Sheng Wu, Benjamin Lanners, Sarah Constantin, Hannah Constantin,

Quartz Mountain resort, Tina Wu, Aaron Fine, Laura Deng, Jessica Yen, Tom Wu join the fun,
Julie Cohen, Ariel Cohen, Louise Cohen, Nancy Hill, Kyle Cooper, RosaliE Weiss, Weiss Chaim, and Ruthann Christie dine

most of the folks write freedom poetry,
many others join as relatives and family members for concert purpose

So we see Sheryl Epstein, Valentin Simonenko, Arthur Socolof, alfred Cohen, Mira Cohen,
Alexander Cohen, Youssef Cohen, Abraham Cohen, Linda Hill, James Linda, Martha Collins, Larry Cooper

and we co-own experiences with Allison Grynberg, David Bonanzinga, James horner, Annalisa Mancini,
George Lawrence, Charles Mandel, Joan Lane, Nitin pillai, Zoila Monrroy, Diane Cohen, and John Cohen,

Emily’s voice is sweet,
so does Timothy Long, john Clinton, Eric Garcia, Jason Grife

Matt Jerry OffenSend Kivatinos Nusimow said...

poetry rally week 83, some yig /yag from YMCA and their creativity
Matt Wisdom and Todd Earp

Homes from Thomas are green
UC Davis from California state is pale

the water at Pacific Ocean is blue,
brick mailbox from Stan Barton is hazel red

during 2007 to 2010, Stillwater High School and Junior high look great,
state Conferences and lawful arguments appear nice

when we dig out the handbook by Brad Henry,
we have so much fun recording some law makers

Taylor Roberts, Norman High School senior 2010,
Kaitlyn Bush, Elisha Harris, Steven Mandt, Moore High School computer administartive

Taner Davis, Savannah Melton, Skye Shackleford, Alex Schoeneman, they video tape staff,
Logann Wilson, Jennifer Nunez, Jzma Hajiyani, Leslie O'Connor, they from Capital Hill, Southmoore

Morgan Struther, Kaci Shanahan, Aravind Ravi, Tyler Marin, Thongkham Peky, they news edit,
Jaleisa Grayson, Cara-Lou Johnson, Brooke Davis, Stephanie Phan, they write positive notes

Jessie High, Charissa Plank, Jordan Stine, Kyra Alekwara, what a burger visitors,
Andy Crawford, Jen Owens, Connie Fawcett, Owen Watts, Jay Adams, they handle criminal cases

John Benson and William Benson do fine at Altus,
Jim Wilcoxen, Julie Smith, Ralph Shortey, Stevephanie Schmidt, Patrick Day, Texas cowboys

our room is crowded,
we decide to quit and rest for a while,



things grow coat
when a sheep does admire a goat

Rachel Gloria Mayer Walsh Schapiro said...

poetry rally week 83, short story slam week 43, the balance of politics and regular household
Chris Weir and Lori Swanton

Maryland, Mary Kay,
Ashley Olson and Mary Kate Olson adventures

Lady Gaga, Judicial Officer Kate Adams, Lester Asamoah,
Youth Governor Cale Curtin, Andrew Middleton, Megan Crow,

Montana state, Helena city,
Helena Montana sings music to Abbey Wood and Ethan Rex,

Houston Space Center, Texas Ranch,
Becca Young, Pete Storm, Curtis Ham, Holly Bray, Henry Kulick occupy house of representatives

Tyler McKinney, Michael West, Matt Cooper, Sheng Wu, Chris Lamb, they discuss Delhi case,
Wendell Krebs, Blake Pruitt, Forrest Rogers, Pam Chamblee, and Karen Green, they advise

Despite Emily Claude and Amber Ayers partnership,
Tyler Martin, Curtis Hann, Rachel Reed, Eddie Pledger, Rick Davis, and Vernoon Hooks, wise

you may wonder,
what is this name list all about?

I do think about it,
it is a group of student officer who opt to organize court room meetings so that they grow up ready

ready for problem solving,
ready for peace making

Caleb Davis is a thing,
so does Tom Lee, and Braxton Noble

Christina Fallin is a thing,
so does Sage Russell, Ryne Smith, Tom Lee Wu

James Wrighton is a thing,
we agree that Sabrin Abu Seir, Amanda Wood, Glen Quintana, Kayla Davis, and Aaron Sharp also cool

Caras-Lou Johnson and Madisen Cary said...

short story slam and sunday whirl wordles under brad henry, burns hargis, john bartley, babrack obama, joe biden
Caras-Lou Johnson and Madisen Cary

starting from Anne Ezzell Peters,
we record music at Lone Wolf, with Zhang Chunqiao, Julie Cohen, Emily Claude in it

beginning August, 2016,
Lucinda Southworth, Susan Wojcincki, Beryl Schmidt, and Anne Wojcicki renew driver's liscense

leaving behind old memory,
the yearning moment for silken fire is tense

seashells remain white washed,
egglands use cell phone device to lighten up thoughts exchanges

Grace Hans and Engler Hans sit, feeling boundless wisdom,
joining in Douglas Aichele, Cathryn Castle, Patricia Lee, Alicia Ottino, Alissa Schapiro

Libby Wuller and Jordan Stine will house a summer party,
Kyle Wallace, Dalton Jones, Ann Hargis, Ann Halligan, and Janet Schmidly have fun moving around

printing Leah Henry, Baylee Henry, Laynie Henry as lady of the grace,
we smile, we walk, and we dine at Aspen coffee

Olive Garden is sweet with Italian bread sticks and fresh salads,
Texas Road house and Jimmy's Eggs serve omelets and yummy pancakes

food is good,
soul food is a must

looking at our back,
we find Bill Conger, Connie Fawcett, James Waldo, Amanda Shankle-Knowlton in sherwood

we are grateful for Joseph Singer and Charles Rosenberg, including Larry Page,
we put our hope on David Boren, Barbara Perkins, Doug Perkins, Debbe Leftwich, Joe Dorman

jumping for joy for this summer's rests,
we sit, write, and pin a ribbon on Kim Henry, Mary Fallin, Todd Lamb, Melinda Johnson, Andrew Grimes

Lucinda Goce Bristol Tamhane Sahakian said...

new york, austin, Fredericksburg, los angeles, new haven, wasilla, colorado springs, cheyenne, henderson, princeton, and albuqueque
Jing Wu and Yuewan Peng

short story slam week 43
poetry rally week 83

for some reason,
Liz Lempert promises some book lovers

Liz's words count as a backbone,
that is why we intend to list some of our friendly zones

first, we praise new york city, central park, time square, public libraries,
we know that Bill William Raun, Chris Raun, Ann Blair, Joel Stein, and Anthony Marx rock

secondly, we shift our eyes to Austin, Texas, and Fort Worth, Texas
we relate to Lyndon Johnson presidential library, with Mark Updegrove, Theresa Burke

Simpson Library at University of Mary Washington is cool,
Fredericksburg, VA sings soft love to Christie Glancy, Lisa Glancy, Laura Bush

University of Southern California is great on Trousdate Parkway,
Los Angeles, Hollywood, yeah! Catherine Quinlan, Brad Pitt, Megan Thiefing...Lucy Mays

Yale University has 4 Bristol Street address,
New Haven city shines through light via Susan Gibbson, Dannel Marlloy, Terry McAuliffer

how about Alaska and Wasilla city?
i could not feel awesome unless i make peace with Sarah Palin, Sheeran Marie Palin, Todd Palin

next, we get to know Jerry Yang, Jerry Bona, and Jerry Brown,
do greet Bill Walker, Bert Cottle, John Hickenlooper, Gary Herbert, Thomas Boone Pickens

Madeline Pickens is strong,
her voice is good for Seth Long,

Robin bird flies west bound,
her eyes fixes on Lynn Proctor, who resides Colorado Springs, near Cheyenne Mountain

Laura Block works at Laramie County Library,
her pick of books carries Wyoming song, remember Matt Mead, Francis Warren, Jim Geringer

So many folks take action on creativity and book promotion,
nutrition rises higher ground due to your devotion

so, we add more energy,
mention David Offensend, Mary Lee Kennedy, Ann Thornton, Anne Coriston, Jeff Poth,

thanks go to George Mihaltso, Ken Weise, Louise Shea, Jennifer Zashow, Matt Moffett,
Coleman Mayes Michelle, Jason Gay, Hong Tran, Florence Henderson, John Lindsay

at last, I sit at the lunge drinking Long Jin tea,
thinking of Stephen Schwarzman, Lindsay Miller-Escarfuller, Richard Berry, Julia Wright

George Warren Brown school of social library at Wu Saint Louis is fine,
Forsyth, Hoyt, Brookings, Firestone Memorial Library, Washington Road, Princeton, Fine Hall

Nicholas Barry Wrighton Napolitano Constantin said...

z is for zoeima poetry from Henry and Roger society at Harvard Square Emma Winter Wade Pages
Anthony Marx

z is for zoeima poetry
z is for zuo bielin

z is for zeppers
z is for zeppos

z is for zachary
z is for zestful mood

z is for zhou ningning,
z is for zhu daihong

z is for zhang yongming
z is for zhen bao xia

z is for zoo keepers
z is for Zen, Shuan, Mei or Truth, Kindness, and Beauty

Larry Hasty Wendy Stanley Wojcicki said...

poetry rally week 83, the list of roosters outside my window
Hyde Park Poetry
Benny Wu and William Kim

April rush,
May Flowers

Kenneth Elliott,
Zeben Ashton styles

Jay Watson,
Maria Buckley horn blower

Jake Hufney,
Eric Polack backing up energy

Ryan Bunch,
Peabody College of Education from Newark

Scarlet Knights for Rutgers University,
Wild cats for Northwestern University

Vandy mail service
Penn Street, Ingram Scholarship

Camden, NJ campus
New Brunswick, NJ addmission

Owen Graduate School of Management
Gabor Karsai, Michael King, Rothschild Evans music

Nervana Earbuds, George Siemens,
Raymond Schmidt, Khayriyyah Chandler math analysis

Roberta Schmidt, Dough Schmidt,
Eric Schmidt, Robert Wood Johnson asistance

Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Edward Bloustein school of Planning and Public Policy

Mason Gross School of the Arts
Bill Cook, Rikka Infinity, Kylie Dick, Guam Yang, Chongchi Zhang, Kaijie Zhong

Morton Celeste Nicholas Eagle Singer said...

posting, the catching up team work and fine thoughts, poetry rally week 83, short story slam week 43
Tom Lee Wu and Belinda Mao

Eggplant and Gong Bao chicken
my favorite Beijing dish

Beef noodle and Dutch egg drops
my special one from Vietnam

Papa John's pizza and Long John Silver hush browns
my childhood love

Chinese Language School of Lansing,
My friends call me Dandan Wu, my parents call me Chunfeng Kong

Dallas Zoo, Princeton Cross Road preschool,
I am a lion king, who dresses up grin, and shine

Chang Cheng Language Chinese School,
Austin, I know Jing Li, Eaphy Mao, Oliver Li, Shirley Duan, Susan Dou

Skyline Elementary School,
I get to know Chria Raun, Braxton Noble, Belinda Mao, Sabrina Schroeder, Jennifer Rylan

Back at Silicon Valley Middle School,
I make friends with Neel Rao, Trenton Passmore, Jiaxin Tan, William Kim, and Guan Yang

Despite that my brother is Frank Lu, my Cousin is Steve Tu,
I enjoy my sister Tommy Peng, and my friend Sheng Wu

a friend called Xiaojun Huang and Huaqin Wu speak,
they send me to a music camp with Theresa Kirby, Kathleen Guarino, and Dan Little

Angenette Karen Gregory Olivara Beredjick said...

poetry rally week 83, short story slam week 43, the new balance of love and walking spots
Jay Watson, Anisha Patel, and Zeben Ashton

Free Verse,
my good friend

my first step to Sunnet relavent

my fond memory to music

Zhenhua Mao, Wei Chen, Youngtae Kim, Susheng Tan, my childhood teachers

Sports Coaches
they could be Weiping Li, Jiahong Wu, Kai Dou, Yumin zhang, Yuqing Yang, Xincheng Xie

Spanish and Chinese as second language
my instructor could be Mark Li, Ruibo Li, Jinquan Wu, Aihua Su, Qiang Su, Dongmei Huang

later, i study piano, cello,
I enjoy Scott Jackson, Amy Storm, Xueai Zhang, Xiaoli Liu, Aihua Xie, Xia Wu, Qin Zhong

before high school,
I travel all over the states, I study computer science

and i learn from Xiaoyi Gong, Yin Guo, Ji Yan, Jennifer Kim, Chunying Liang, Frank Wang
and i get to know professors such as Mark Wrighton, Frank Askin, Paul Lisicky, Richard Ebright

now, i am ready for some fun,
I dine on New York liberty, and I wish for Nashville musicals

I write down Jose Barros-Neto, Jane Scanlon, Wolmer Vasconcelos, William Hoyt, Sue Dick,
Peter Landweber, Mayka Benitez, Shadi Tahvildar-Zadeh, Stephen Miller, and Scott Cramer

so many talents,
so much encouragement

so, I smile,
I bless Simon Thomas, Jerroid Tunnell, Robert Lee Wilson, Bo Yang, Kellyann Guidice

before I grow old, and become silly,
I keep hope for Abbey Wood, Alex Page, Greg Trevor, Charles Dick, Ruth Rikke, Tim Dick

maybe Daniel Little is cool himself, maybe Linda Neal is shy from Jiujiang side,
my gratitude goes beyond my words, thanks to all

Ashley Mendez, Paul Little, Debra Little, John Little, Dustin Stallsworth, Betty Little,
Jessica Little, Earl Taft, Xiaochun Rong, Jian Song, Donna Little, WAvely Wang, Linlin Wu

at last, I still hunt for a smile,
I call Marsha Little, Courtney Little, Anders Bush, Robert Barchi, Abbas Bahri, Joachim Messing,

Cindy Gary Murray Tomblin Bullock said...

short story slam week 43, poetry rally week 83
Grace Lu and Abbey Yin, Belinda Mao, Candi Boone, Ben Zhao, Kellie Dick

news letters,
weekly bases
Ponca city, Crescent, West Moore,
Moore, Norman, Hobart, Elk City,
Faraz Khan, Jackie Pham, Daniel Chambers,
Dalton Palmer, Rynel Luo, Grace Lu,
Ken Hansen, Robert Noyce, Abe Wu,
Ron Morris, Amelia Zhen, Josepg Gao,
Grace Youn, Kobby Wiafe, Amy Zou,
Jospeh Ahn, Kenneth Lease, Julie Zhu,
Ben Zhao, Nichole Flett, Matt Blaylock,
Nate Woo, Candi Boone, Bing Chen,

Ball room dancers,
Birthday cake gatherings,
Frank Wang, Lee Denney, Emily Dial, Farren Springer,
Rebecca Morris, Pecos McDonald, Sona Nuguri,
Kelly Chaves, Laura Taylor, Misia Paszkowiak,
Edna Manning, Gary Fuller, Connie Fuller, George Nigh,
Abel Zacharia, Yaseen Shurbaji, Paul Ryan, Dan Little,
Sneha Patel, Xifan Liu, Nicole Molina, Lakota Sauceda,
Mitt Romney, Jackie Oh, Annie Dong, Xiaohua Lu,
Qun Yan, Angela Zhu, Jessica Yeh, Berkeley Knowles,

Peer leaders,
Year Book Editors,
Samantha Chappell, Carol Bennett, Jully Lee, Ella Wu,
Amanda Pan, Daniel Cheong, Josephine Hriscu,
Sarath Sunkar, Daniel Yao, Allen Chen, Ian Kennedy,
Albert Cai, John Nguyen, Emily Wang, Serta Wang,
Ariel Adams, Lori Webster, Monique Baxter, Kellie Dick,
Jason Benge, Wendi Knowles, David Knowles, Tom Wu

Washington post lists
Parents Weekly
Philip Hwang, Gary Salwierak, Shandel Chang, Richard Yang,
Dalton Stewart, Alex Azpeitia, Fazhur Rahman, Maxwell Thelma,
Abbey Wood, Kevin Harris, Brian Dick, Molly Haddox, Cynthia Brown,
Amber Tatro, Marye Jones, Jordan Kuipers, Nick Murphy, Mitchell Maxwell,
Bailey Underwood, Violet Victoria, Charles Page, Christina Yuan
Chi Chi Omeke, Stormy Jo Perry, shelby Rogers, Victoria Pickens,

College Representatives
Yale visit angenda
Vanderbilt University, Ferrell Armstrong, Molie Moples, Lydia Howart
DePauw University, Nathan Kober, Brad Durschiag, Suzanne Donollo,
Washington University at Saint Louis, Parker Brogdon, Julia Martin, Mark Stephen Wrighton
Sweet Briar College, Rhodes College, Trinity University, Kerri Bond, Dan Schrader,
Tulane University, University of Chicago, Laura Meagher, Emily Ann Benoit, robert Zimmer
Baylor University, Rutgers University New Jersey, Rebecca Radney, Peter Osgood,
Knox Xollege, Emory University, Brown University, Sarah Conangelo, Joe Reiff, Louis Trujillo

we don't worry about standford University,
We don't wine about Columbia University,
we pay attention to students such as Preeti Mohan, Morty Schapiro, Drew Faust, Burns Hargis,
hello, and god luck to
Erica Arriaga-Gomez, Remington Brooks, Tomorrow Denton, Amanda Zhang,
John Friend, Dalton Gilpatrick, Jerry Ni, Cooper Sills, Wayne Lin, Colby Moore,
Caron Song, Yen Wang, April Yang, Aaron Pi, David Walters, Austin Fehr
Chris Shrock, Garrett Coats, Thuc-Nghi Truong, Sarah Zink, Ari Wood, Divya Velury,
Seth Bryant, Mazie Earl, Avinash Deshmukh, Edward Bird, Gracie Mitchell

Cindy Murray said...

my decision on peace by Cindy Murray

a decision is made
when the condition is serve,
no peace
when people hurt each other for greed,
no peace
when the world confuse and shift gears too often,
no peace
when the line is broken and the heart is bleeding,
no peace
when numbers catch eyes and kindness is nonsense.

abbey blount said...

alex black by abbey blount

i lay my eyes on Domestix
bath tissue and torn open the wrapper
so that rolls of sheets of expressions
sit on a wooden holder, ready to
devote themselves to anyone who
happen to pee on the Trivas stool,
an ugly view,
a beautiful Domestix Charmline.

Layne Gerald Wade Cutts Hansen said...

Hans Zimmer VS Kristina Fisher by Gloria Page

Christina Rossetti,
Billy Collins,
No solo fame, no solo entry,
No solo government, no solo poetry,
No solo voice echoing through sinful den,
No choice but pen pusher pen.
Hans Zimmer,
Kristina Fisher,
their faith burns high, their strength run low,
their confidence overcomes shame and guilt,
their desire bursts out to the sea,
their decision yet one of those green pea.
Edmond North High,
Thomas and Danforth intersection,
The Jazz band plays rainforest,
The OYO team has cello solo,
The OYP and OYW stamp north pole Penguin shade,
the Jason Edward Grife concert rocks Oklahoma.

Iremonger Lindsay JacoBus Quinlan Pickens said...

grape theory
Kobby Wiafe and Iremonger Lindsay JacoBus Quinlan Pickens

soft and bittersweet,
grapes grow on vines, purple or green,
a bunch for nutri-crunch.
better than acorns,
juicy meat provides paradise feel,
grapes are our queen.
more gentle than marbles,
less persistent than pineapples,
grapes produce brain power.

lucinda southworth said...

nutrition poem by lucinda southworth

But then your goal
will help fill your bowl.
If you don't wish to be dormant
and need some performance
add other foods to promote
for me its milk and oats!

Rabinson Waves said...

Rabinson Waves and Maggie Patti Barbara Frankford-Walton

I have walked half a century,
Searching for truth,
and the path is full of heights.

sun burnt neck,
dizzy eyes,
my camera sharp, my legs strong.

the woods push like currents
and i grow weak,
and cold, and begin to look down at the shore.

the tunnel is narrow,
the bushes show their spiky teeth,
i keep moving my feet.

March air, Robinson waves,
A mother hen leads eight small chicks,
a photo of them smiles at
Sunset Beach, a magical love.

My Memory Art said...

short story slam week 35, Sunday whirl by Alissa Meredith Jill Osborn Schapiro

Love spreads
when extreme emotion goes fluff
and the distance shortens

Sweet memory in lure
no fears to increase one's brain schemes
let the flood of hunger erease

her back is laced with blond long hair
her eye brows is shaped s
holiday favor is colored with vicious choice

Love Is Not Sex, But Attractions

Iba Ioserashvili Rafael Onyanga-Omara said...

from Brush Muntain, Catawba, to Kingston, Hunt County of Texas, we remember family of Leon Murphy
Gregory Abbott and George Bush

foot notes

last call

indian pancakes
the tom yum noodle is delicious

banana island
a quiet place for a lost soul

Audie Leon Murphy
the hero of 1950s, the milestone of world war II

Raymond murphy, Thomas Murphy, Pamela Murphy,
Terry Wayne Moore, Virginia Murphy, Elena Murphy,

row by row,
all come in to seashore

hear the cotoyo call,
we smile at the humor of some magpie near Pima, Arizona, and Arlington, Texas

name more,
we see Teresa Murphy, Trevordia Murphy, Matilda Morgan, Wanda Hendrix, Chet Atkins

the spirits circulate
Guy Mitchell, Scott Turner, Bob Wills, Crystal Murphy, David Spec McClure, Sarah Murphy

now, we go deep to see Mildred Murphy, Wanda Bass, Eddie Murphy, Edward Murphy,
a song writer, an actor, Woody Guthrie shine along Jeff Coody, Marian Cooksey, Dan Fisher

amazing grace sinks in,
as Coyle birds fly and grin

good things shall rise, Pat Guthrie, Sally Kern, Berniece Guthrie, Ben Loring,
Kim David, Ruth Scott, Debra Guthrie, Howard Guthrie, Daryl Guthrie, Eddie guthrie

Okay, Legislators and house representatives,
beautiful postings for Juliet Lewis, Priscilla Andrews, Jacob Zuellig, Ralph Guthrie, Tom Guthrie

Paris does give love to those, especially when you name yourself William Guthrie, Emanuel Rahm,
Mike Schulz, Mark Allen, Jack Fry, Brian Bingman, Ron Sharp, Charles Wyrick, Ervin Yen

how about Wayne Shaw, John Ford, Marty Quinn, Jeffrey Hickmen,
why we shall respect Lee Denney, Gary Banz, Scott Biggs, Mike Brown, Lisa Billy?

we shall relax, let all of you promote yourself, upstairs,
thanks to David Brumbaugh, John Bennett, Janet Schmidly, Alden Burn Hargis, Mary Fallin

Lisa Tracy, Larry Alexander, and Carmen Soto said...

My Memory Art, Sunday's Whirligig, The Sunday whirl, World Peace Tour Year 5....
Caleb Brown, Toby fisher, and Jill Caldwell

Charlie Brown,
the major creation from Charles Schulz
which is cute, funny, and full of yellowish peanuts

Woodstock city, Royal Town,
Frank Wood, Katie Leon, and Rae Winches meet William Brown
the cell and the eggs join the moment of light, fire, and grace

force comes in by wood, water, gold, fire, soil, or roses,
rain forests think of marvelous sound and shadowy blinds,
green bean sprouts stretch their teeth from beneath the wetlands

words of boundless skin offsend,
falling day makes my mood silken,
Fenway magic near Foxwoods and quail Spring mall throws a ball at a lost audience

Jingle Poetry at Olive Garden do peace,
War is opposite party that crushes and clutches by seat belts
yearning lawn, Arlys Quinn, Ann Lincoln, and Adam Biden restless at Dawn

Six Flags, Lego Land, Disney World,
today I write and tomorrow I drive to see Christina Mulvanes

Catie Mead Williams Handcock Robinson said...

the mixed emotion from Panama city friends and relatives, Hope O'Dell, William Knonwith, Matt Tracey, Joe Biden, and Hisinen Obama
Rae Winches, Jerry Winchester,and Harvey White

Three Word Wednesday
Jay Carlsbad, Michael Smulick, Fan Yu, and Jude Tolar
3W Week No. 478 Unselfish, Winding, Amoral

Unselfish means open mind and out going,
Winding path leads us to new york sightseeing,
how about a dish ordered at Qdoba or Chipotle?

Drinking a bottle of coca Cola,
get calm with Minute orange juice,
signs of love means a glance toward Quebec, Canada

Leftwich, Rightsmith, Gordon, Wentz, Moyes, White,
my pulse, my Jing Mai, my blood stream, my Dong Mai

Vernon, Clarksville, Slay, Dell, Azulay, and Louissint,
waves roll layer by layer via Phyliss Dell, Bruce Rauner, Seth Marler, Barbara Rudh

DEborah Quinn may wonder,
why sheila Simon, Francis Slay, Elizabeth Tisdahl, and Rahm Emanuel relax,
and why Jim Piper, Toby Fisher, michael Dellanfelo, Gail Peterson, and Gali Azulay win

Toby Fisher, Shimbashi Izakaya, Rahm Emanuel said...

Friday prompts, the way we see is the method we enjoy poetry
Tom Carson, Adam Biden, Marcartney Louissaint, Peggy Darlene Aaby

Why Jill Walton running for president with the Quinter party?
Peace Love Embrace can change the World,

Drink Coca Cola, Instead of 7-Up,
Let Youtube TV drama tells you a story

Freedom, Google, Hope, Faith, Wisdom,
Quotes of the sage inspire you to surplus and surprise

when He turns his short pants into cans of flowing dream cells,
He impresses his girl friends and together they have perfect plans

ABCs, 123s, Easy Mark Bookmarks,
Todd Holm, Anne Holm, Gregory Holm, Karen Baker, Sheila Why, they rock

Quinn, Queen, Quietness, Quincy, Quotes,
Quartz Mountain and Summer Arts bring in Julie Cohen, and Emily Claude

Jeannie Rivko, Jeme Souviens, Joseph Priestley, Jude Tolar, David May,
Pat Chaney, Chaney Gordy, Ken Whitecotton, Ken Hansen, Lew Wentz

people use chopsticks,
I use spoon and folks

Mathis Schultz, Layton Gordon, Shannon Osborne, Demi Moore, Janice Clark,
Jay Carlsbad, Matthew Robertson, John Handcock, Frank Wood, Diane Vincent

strangers expect
street vendors scream

Robert Fascio, Sheryl White, Fern Ferguson, May Marcy, Nine West, Jojo Moyes,
Finer Mintz, IIya Kamiesky, Howard Jones, Donna Slater, Peter Quinter, shelly Quinn

Illinois, Morton Schapiro speaks,
Missouri, Mark Stephen Wrighton falls silent

Sandy Quinn, Keith Leftwich, Greg Tracy said...

Black and White Wednesday, Sunday's Whirligig, the Sunday Whirl, Jingle Poetry at Olive Garden, Year 5, and poetry inquiry
Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis

Ponca City Oil spill,
Belinda Mao, Anna Dell, Daniel Dell, Elizabeth Tisdahl sweeten my heart

shanghai television series,
Tao Liu, Xin Jiang, Fan Shengmei, Guan Mucun, Dawei Jiang, Qi Dong perform

Wilson education, Yanding relation,
Olivia Kong, Harry Mathis, Byron Wear, Chad Quinn, John Witt, Amelia Alvarado,

sound of marvelous rain,
music from yearning fire silken

light, thunder, skin, muscle,
blood and water bring in moment of grace

eggplants, tomatoes, green beans, and salads,
boundless falling thoughts send snow peas into flowery garden

name blinds,
fame shadows

Larry Alexander and Donald Caldwell join in Green party,
Sarah Palin, Cindy McCain, jill Jacob, Kathleen Wu, Abbey Guan, and Eric Piper

Jian Cao and Wei Chen are firm about Undergraduate degree for Sheng Wu,
Julio Mario Ottino and Alicia Loeffler Trijilo confirm Rachel Evans special

Oklahoma state University outstanding student, Amelia Wilson, Angela Dell, Emily Wang,
Standford University Masters candidates, Bob Darcy, James Wrighton, Tom Wu, Neel Rao

Deborah Quinn, Juan Vargas, and Karin Kapp choose to stay out,
Edward Page, Lucinda Page, and Erin Bennett walk in unison

i hear wise owl call
i type in Rice University, Zhongshan University, Shantou University,

it is may,
time to celebrate mother's day for Jim Piper, and Frank Xie,

it is April Fool,
time to send a teasing notes to Stephan Wilson, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, and Sundar Pichai

Alissa Meredith Jill Osborn Schapiro said...

short story sdlam week 43, making peace and no wars
Jill tracy biden, michelle obama, and alissa schapiro

panama city
shantou and sanya

paris and north putnam high school
rockwell and joplin books

evanston, matilda wu, amelia wu, and emily wu,
granddaughter to jiahong and miele,

lazy weekend
busy voice from kent, washington

old navy
newton princeton

tj max

oyo, ncho, all state, quartz summer arts, horizon, ossm,
jason grife, christy fine, gayla foster, meredith blecha wells, john clinton, scott jackson, frank wang

2016 graduation at state capital lawn,
mary fallin, sam rauner, pat quinn, morty schapiro, larry page, aime wood, miele yan, peterson shuai

t-mobile, 1+ from google cyanogen,
smart phones, sum sung and papa johns, john chambers and chuck robbins, sperry, hp, levono, toshiba

conductors, string musicians,
timothy long, shaemon fuston, kristin geist, jessicas stephens, mark osborn, gena alexander

long march, short camps,
bob cooper, matt mailman, gene moon, john schime, dawn thraikill, sarah neely, molly baugh, eric garcia

Amy Shen, Larry Page, Eric Wood said...

short story slam week 43, jp at olive garden, year 5 on world peace
Stephan Peter Carl Victor Hudson

law makers,
barck obama, joe biden, and joseph singer
harvard scholars
ann blair, francis doyle, martha minow, drew faust

quartz summer arts and music
molly wizenberg, matt marr, john arnold, julie yu, timothy long, eine kleine
san francisco and hanover with uc at Berkeley and Hanover,
Paul Sunde, Phil Hanlon, Randall Thomson, Douglas Christiansen, and Nicholas Zeppos

Searle Center Teaching, Google,
Seattle, Pike Place Market,
Carol Bennett, Jordan Schneider, Julie Cohen, Emily Claude, and Shana Gibelyou,
Robert Kerr, Casey Roland, Victoria Rylan, Gregory Light, Jim Halligan, Cory Williams

Bryker woods elementary school,
Westwood elementary school,
Richmond elementary school,
Stillwater Junior High, Oklahoma school of math and science

ACT, SAT, AP tests,
Sandy Garrett, Jason Grife, Deanna smith, Nicholas Dirks, Julia Martin, Judith Remington
vanderbilt university, nashville, tennessee, kirkland hall,
dartmouth college, hancover, new hampshire, lone wolf, california, masachusetts

maybe yes,
maybe no, Texas Christian University is nice,
the piano contests at Ponca city, Fort Worth, San Marcas, and Austin seem good,
thanks to Fay Thomas, Dennis McClurg, Scott Jackson, Uwe Gordon, Frank Wang

Curtney Bloomberg Ferguson Blasio Yaros said...

converse and marquis, nike and payless, all shoes fit for comfort walking from famous footwear (pR83) (ssl43)
Curtney Bloomberg Ferguson Blasio Yaros

banana island, jiro chilang ramen noodle,
braums, walmart, shell, aldi, jetana, shantha, tiffiny,
converse, chuck taylor, marquis mills converse,
boston, jim calhoun, charles chuck taylor,
birkenstock, charlotte birkenstock, johann adam birkenstock,
chaco, mark paigen, david beckham, rockford,
michigan, mark parker, fun zhixiong, tu jun, lu xiaohua,
rick blackshaw, blake kruger, amelia wilson, abbey wood,
chris shrock, sperry top-sider, paul sperry, merrell,
clark matis, randy merrell, john schweizer, wayne niemi,
nike, bill boweman, phil knight, bill knight, william riley,
jim david, robert Demartini, Asics, kiyomi wada motoi oyama,
pura vida, la jolla, california, keen, rory fuerst, portland, oregon,
allan brettman, francine brevetti, glenn rifkin, todd murphy,
julie atherton, wendy culverwell, vans, paul van doren,
serge d'ella, donavon frankenreiter, chris sharma, randy leavitt,
pat morrison, mike cammalleri, ben mulroney, tanya kim,
petra nemcova, grace lu, connie liu, nick murphy, senta wang,
nathan yu, allen chen, frank wang, xifan liu, marlon telxeira,
payless shoes, thrifty payless, san walton, greg penner,
douglas mcmillon, walton family, jcpeney, old navy, biglots,
chick-fil-a, t-mobile, murphy usa, norman, okc, cox communication,
fox tv, news 9 okc, dell pc, apple pc, o'colly, barbara perkins,
linda neal, david boren, gina noble, mary fallin, jill, j-crew,
oyo, quartz mountain, u of a, lawrence kansas university,
dan larson, eric garcia, sarah Neely, great wall, nazih zuhdi, jennifer,
johnny rockets, caribou coffee, ronnie anderson, morgan,
oklahoma history museum, britton road, 1-eleven, gopuram,
crest food, cici's pizza, chen's buffet, ceoung's pho noodle,

Layne Gerald Wade Cutts Hansen said...

fly under the wings of Corie Melaugh, Peter Markes, Karina Fisher, Molly Shi Boren, Mary Fallin, and Chris Shrock
Layne Gerald Wade Cutts Hansen

seniors from ossm feel good about dinners before may 28,
seniors from oyo, oyp, oyw have firm beliefs on music and college spirts,
string camps,
academic progress

we know those who opt to go to cool places,
we know that Julie Cohen, Emily Claude, Anne Peters do care,
we know that Gina Noble, Dennis McClurg, Gayla Foster, and Ruibo Lu do dare,
when we sit, pray, we seek peace, and grace

from those who decide to play music,
from oklahoma city wanda bass music school,
to quartz mountain summer arts institute,
many of you feel empowered by your grand echo

do you know who is Nguyen Tu?
do you know who is Grace Lu?
do get to know Clayton Chai, Lily Lee, Giang Vo, Zachary Tin, Allison Tien,
do remember Catie Thai, Karina Feng, Theo Cohen, Bailey Bell, Anna Deng,

we may never see Christina Li, Grace Lu, Amanda Pan, Tina Wu in person,
but we do relate, and promote their peers such as Angela Zhu, William Lin,
we do value Simon Ma, Laura Deng, David Lee, Tom Lee Wu, Cole Woods,
and we have fun with Madelynn Huff, Amanda Kinnamon, Jade Magluyan,

think of 2016, may gradaution,
look forward toward fall, 2016 freshman opening,
we know we must include Max Barry, James Wrighton, Tina Wu, Tuzo Mwarumba,
Joel Ball, Simon Brown, Nathaniel Bullock, Jaden Frye, Olivia Heath, Sadie Sieck

great,let's continue,
let's mention Elizabeth Myles, David Lee, Benjamin Lanners, Rebekah Stafford,
Elizabeth Bunting, Rachel Evans, Gene Moon, Luke McGuire, Sammy Yates, Rebecca Sharp,
Catherine Brown, Shelby Hedges, David Lyon, Justin Blue, Richie Abakah, Carly Viars

at last, we still think of our friends,
think of Amanda Owens, Sarah Tuttle, Skylar Woolington, Seth Marler, Samantha Jiwa Murphy,
Jacob Gonzalez, Holls Taylor, Kera Wallis, Meg Reasner, Abigail Hardage, Lexie Green
Kaithlyn Slade, Relley Hedrick, Cole Eichelberger, Austin Hogue, Emily Selman, Jessica Wilcox,

we print Jacob Gorman, Quinn McCrary, Tyler Williams, Cole Woods,
Caleb Boyer, Sarah Gilkerson, Trevan Lovelace, Tanner Morgan, Keely Brown,
Megan Green, Kayla Batson, Preston Gilpatrick, Davion Juarez, Dallas Leidy, Alex Rolling,
Augustine Smith, Madison Franks, Arielle Overton, Aurica Rising, Stephanie Krichena,

Malia Craig Tagg Lawrence Page said...

the voice from paul sunde, and philip hanlon, dartmouth college
maggie hassan and lucinda goce

a strange place,
a novel college

if not with tom and abey's appilcation,
ji and jiahong won't know dartmouth and hanover

if not with some parental advise and care from Heaven,
amelia and sheng won't agree to pay attention

if not with google and yahoo,
larry page, eric schmidt, marissa mayer, and jerry yang won't be posted by goce and sahakian

the day is clean, green, and sunny,
paul sunde decides to ask for details of a student so that he takes thomas, knowing kevin well

dartmouth college,
a fresh voice to hear

upon knowing that sam must fill out the form in person, by himself, and carries good attitude,
ruibo li, cynthia brown, rebecca Morris, frank wang, eric wood, and philip hanlon anticipate

from stillwater, to okc,
from san francisco, to hanover, birds of wings strength, smiles bloom

a crescent girl, ari wood, aime wood, all knowing,
mark sunde, anita sunde, margaret sunde, marilyn hanlon, robert hanlon, and james hanlon

the emotion goes soft
when ou medical aircraft lifts our mood up to the skyline high near new hampshire state

Pamela Ken Drummond Chuck Robbins said...

sacramento, hanover, seattle, nashville, evanston, new york, muir woods, and saint louis
Pamela Ken Drummond Chuck Robbins and Wei Chen

sacramento, hanover, seattle, nashville, evanston,
new york, muir woods, tulsa, and saint louis

newport sits quiet,
because she thinks of Dartmouth and Paul Sunde of smart guy

sacramento and seattle sit wise
due to their distant beauty and kind words

Hanover and Hanlon have been close relative terms
when we connect Maggie, Phil, Paul, Mitt, Barack, Jerry, Sundar, William, Harry, Elizabeth

Evanston and Nashville, both remain watchful about new yorker and yankees,
I do enjoy touring Muir Woods, Saint Louis Arch, Johnny Cash music, and Bruce Barry troops

Hassan, Sunde, Hanlon, Cao, Chen, Tien, Zhu, Wilson, Yin, Yan, Cai, Xi, Xie, Zhao,
Wu, Lu, Li, He, Zhang, Huang, Zhou, Meng, Tu, Wang, Peng, Kong, Xu, Lang, Yao,

the waves between Pacific and Arctic ocean bay balance,
we sail left, right, and up and down, over or cross

how wonderful to see Florida keys in random dots,
how beautiful to watch sunset near Cambridge and hop from Boston to Houston

a pale smile,
a pace university and john hopkins note do work wonders

University of southern California stays strong,
Dartmouth college, Washington university at Saint Louis, and University of Illinois are friendly

we will and we can, thanks to Northwestern University, Vanderbilt University,
Cornell University, Texas Christian University, University of California at Berkeley, or UT at Austin

Dartmouth, Hanover, Anjali Pichai, Gloria Page, Nicholas Dirks, and Sundar Pichai,
Mountain View, Morty Schapiro, Julio Ottino, Stacy Sullivan, Carl Victor Page

Iba Ioserashvili Rafael Onyanga-Omara said...

a short note on Frank Rand, Mark Dalton, Douglas Christiansen, Bill Haslam, Tubby Smith, and Gloria Vanderbilt
Cao Zhu, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Jennifer Loperz

a short note on Frank Rand, Mark Dalton, Douglas Christiansen, Bill Haslam,
Tubby Smith, and Gloria Vanderbilt, plus Chris Raun, Neel Rao, Trenton Passmore

maybe Douglas Christiansen is right,
we can not afford to fight

a fight leads to anger,
a disagreement causes everyone frayed emotion

when we shift our eyes from Hanover, to Silicon Valley, or Fort Worth,
from Houston, Rice University, to Nashville, Vanderbilt University, we have joy

we rain good words toward Bryce Drew, Mark Wu, Mark Dalton, Nicholas Zeppos,
Lydia Horwart, Mark Wrighton, Comelius Vanderbilt, Bishop Holland McTyeire,

go, Frank Rand, Bill Haslam, Tubby Smith, Jim Strickland, Greg Abbott,
relax, Stephan Wilson, Abby Shachar, Raymond Brown, Victor Boschini, Besty Price,

some students have doubts,
while others do not

do get on the purple bus,
tour with Honglan Sun, Shaohua Rao, Ai Qun Li, Ai E Wu, Bing Ma, Ai E Dai

we say good things to Will Roger, Kendall Murphy, Ryan Kim, Jiyu Gao, Ming Gao,
thanks a lot, we do love Nashville, Shihe Liu, Min Wang, Hounian Peng, Yunqing Fan,

Sheryl Josephine Page Raun Chambers said...

combined promots, we seek trust and faithfulness from school faculty and staff
Sheryl Josephine Page Raun Chambers

In a nutshell
IVY college Cornell rises

Friday Funnies,
Weekend Crashes

Dentists from Gentle Dental work hard
a few services are posted to Stekerwart

shoreline, smiles,
long distance call, questions

Hunter R. Rawlings, shawn felton, Erin Rodriguez, Richard Onyejuruwa, Chelsea Hann, Kervin Pillot, Katrina Stein, Tyler Twilley, Judi Byers, Kyle Downey, Brian Lee, Mariah McNamara

folks look for frame of freeedom,
while statue of liberty stands firm

Chelsea Hann, Kervin Pillot, said...

short story slam week 44, poetry rally week 83, and jp @olive garden with world peace forum year 5
Wojin Kimberly Eric Jack Schmidly

I look forward to advancing key initiatives launched by the late President Elizabeth Garrett, and to working with our faculty, staff, students, and alumni to enhance Cornell's diverse strengths across the humanities, arts, and social sciences; natural science and technology; and multiple professional fields.

Andrew M. Cuomo, Michael Kotlikoff, Hunter R. Rawlings III, Tsai Ing Wen, many questions
passed to our future generations, stay strong

bewildered birds fling,
cunning angels bless beyond the worst events

peace sows love
peace mows dinosaurs

wrestling, waxing, touching, hoping, and walking,
they constitute part of grow and decay,

a solar energy project from panama is cool,
a close look at a police officer's bullet board is serious

we dance on waves of Queen,
we dine at Five Guys near New York Time Square

new york times has headline about 2016 Cornell University advocacy changes,
Washington post has a article on Bill de Blasio, Andrew Cuomo, Leigh MacKerchar

way to go,
let's recall Princeton University fine hall, and Upenn business school

William J. Allison
D. Christine Christensen
Michael J. Christenseni
Richard Stewart
Bart Winslow, Jr.

Amelia Flynn Noble Stein-Wilson said...

short story slam week 44 and Bluebell Books Twitter Club!
Jeannette Joullian sias and Toni Pickens

i hear it,
Thomas Boone Pickens promotes Tom Lee, to Norman

I read it,
Elementary teaching award goes to Randy Utt, James Dennis primary school

I agree with it,
Secondary teaching award is given to Frank Cooper, Charles Page high school

I confirm it,
Community college teaching award flies to William Caire, UCO

how about research university level teaching?
it says Garey Fox, with Skyline school lady Andrew Rains winning administration award

keynote speakers, Akhil Reed Amar, Diane Reece, Randy Baker, Audrey Schmitz,
David Sabatini, Terry Davidson, David McCullough, Henry Zarrow, Walter Heimerich,

i research it,
may 22, 2010, may 22, 2016, six years of relational experiences, under Amelia Wilson and Molly Shi

Dan Little cares,
so does David Boren and Linda Neal

Julie Cohen minds,
so does Brad Henry and Mary Fallin

Cory William and Lee Denney are cheered,
so do Mark Tauther, Winnie Tauther, and Luycien Tauther

Hans Helmerich and Torchmark Corporation,
Mark McAndrew, Jan McClaren, Patrick Maziere, Howard Barnett, Bob Burke, Marian Opala, lo

Lauren Green conducts music,
Scott Jackson, Sheng Wu, Kyle Shaw, Daniel Fijalka, Bryan Young, Audie Woodard play violin

DeAnn Davis, Leah Barby, Bobby Christensen, Jeff Greenie, Michael Joseph, wow,
Stephen James, Sherrel Jones, Don Holladay, Ken Fergeson, John Seward, they are kind

wayne king and chris saxon said...

short story slam week 44, world peace year 5, and poetry rally week 83
Madeline Terry Camille Nat Brownback and Sherri Kim

fort worth zoo, dallas science museum
hong kong university, guangzhou canton tower
hollywood, los angeles,
fisher's whralfe, san francisco
google, birkenstock, mountain view,
aka will roger, cathay pacific air force,
south korea, inchoen, soeul,
taipei, taichung, tunghai university,
jingyi university, taiwan guili university,
timi zhuo, lichi lin, ivan yuan, isbella yuan, and juanming yuan

new castle, hideo sawada, wang guiqiang, guan moye, sue dick,
wiley post airport, masakazu arimon, southwest, gary kelly, david boren,
rollin king, herb kelleher, megan theifing, elena muphy, month of march scholar of ossm,
united airline, oscar munoz, john f. kennedy, richard anderson, julie cohen,
charlotte douglas, robin hayes, mingying he, bing han, bing chen,
yuhan zhao, dehua wang, peter constantin, xiao jing, xuewen hu,
david neeleman, jetblue, alan noell, dale alspach, robert meyers,
william jaco, anthony kable, douglas aichele, david wright, patricia jordan,

kay ryan, paul ryan, kay baker, pam brown, hongyu wang, sue parsons,
pam fry, peter sherwood, us airways, delta air lines, british air, alaska, lufthansa,
air canada, carsten spohr, munich airport, spirit air, frontier airlines, barry biffle,
iberia, adolfo suarez, paris orly airport, birgin america, richard branson,
los angeles, terry jones, grand house, mr. pho's, emily wang, ying liu,
jovette dew, carol bennett, chris shrock, samantha chapell, kellie dick,
jake benge, laura taylor, grant westfahl, angela zhu, berkley knowles,
jessica slacick, gary fuller, connie fuller, paul and jane ryan, kurt bachmann,
david kighuradze, faraz khan, joe skeen, tom wu, mark li, ruibo li, jully lee,

omea, okmea all state, ok jazz hall of fame, michael raiber, kim jones, sophie schmidt,
quincy lawson, megan wallace, grace lu, nguyen tu, julie welch, keri bell, benji wojin,
tyler pace, mason wiese, billy manson, eddie cabbage, ava roberts, tara miller,
tara robinson, leigha layton, robert black, sharon robertson, morton ownes, saint princeton,
mimi schapiro, glecia enrich, matt alspach, philip noell, sophia bollag, alissa schapiro,
scott pippen, schapiro pippen, rachel schapiro, matt schapiro, christina fallin,
donghua li, rylee rolling, alexandra rolling, taylor swift, chris wang, austin mitchell
vikki zhao, ruby lin, scott leming, larry gosney, benjie scheler, tiger woods, tagg romney
alex claussen, emilee morris, rebecca morris, ted thao, molly spencer, alison schmidt

Marissa Biden Sergey Christina Murphy said...

short story slam week 44, poetry rally week 83, world peace year 5
Marissa Biden Sergey Christina Murphy

some guys stop by,
passing a note to Ivan Dai,
remain loyal to jehovah,
jim norick arena-state park
333 gordon cooper blvd
a place to vote, watch games, and say go.

health science is cool,
so does Austin Mitchell and Lee Fan,
although Brian Dick, Brian Schmidly, and Brian Lange do well,
some indeed worry about SNB bank,
Jessie Lone Clarkson Gilkey writes "OU Chant",
Robert Bird Library, David L. Boren Student Union, Wow

Valerie Truong, Anne Pereira, Kelvin Droegemeier, Jason Sanders,
Eric Howard, howard Johnson, Dawn Prusalor, Franklin Hays,
Beverley Greenwood-Van Meerveld, Amanda Stock, Evan Floyd,
Karriem Allah, Qian Chen, Mei Du, Jian-xing Ma, Krysten Farjo,
William Taylor, Yong Chen, Daniel Carr, Derek Royer, Mark Lang,
Pragya Rampuria, Madhu Parkunan, Michelle Callegan, Susan Hassed,
Sara Vesely, Doris Benbrook, Camille Gunderson, Mohamad Cherry,

Jessica Anderson, Drew Cratsenberg, Sarah Montgomery, Dianne Samad,
Gary O'Mealey, Emily Kurdzo, Naresh Bhandarl, Scott Plafker, Molly Boren,
Dean Dawson, Basir Mushtag, Nan Zhang, Rodger McEver, Guangpu Li,
Matthew Caleb Marlin, Rebba Boswell-Casteel, Joseph Basinger,France Cordova,
Casey Classen, Dava Newman, Jacqueline Woodson, Mary Carter, Wyatte Jeltz,
Sarah Bramlett, Victoria Christofi, Carlos Rodriguez, Kate Stanton, Clarke Stroud,

Jaimin Patel, Tyler Paul, michael Takahata,
Mustang, David Boren Hall,
Residence hall, Headington Hall,
Walker tower, Ou Daily,
Norman, Mia Pons, Ted Cruz,
Austin Taylor, Anna Mayer,

Gregg Garn, Joseph Siano, Dana Brannam,
Kyle Harper, Mary Smith, Page Jones,
Derek Peterson, Chelsea Davis, Marie Nguyen,
Joe Mussatto, Andrew Clark, Supriya Sridhar,
Siandhara Bonnet, Mia Chism, Jessica Barber,
Timothy Hart, Randall Coyne, Susan Pierce, Ellis Pierce

late august
jumping frogs
staff and faculty speak,
we vote Zelina Estrada, Tanya Mustin, Kathrine Cooley,
Teresa Corcoran, Joseph Schmidt, Michelle Olson, Jocelyn Barton,
Lauren Dunlevy, Siddika Mulchan, Eileen Parker, Jim Weller,
Ali Thomas, Bill George, Heath Huffman, Taylor Tafarella,

Nancy Beebe Goolsby Tramel Perry said...

Monday Mellow Yellows, Friday My Town Shoot Out, Ruby Tuesday Too, The Sunday Whirl, Show My Face, Three Word Wednesday, sss44, pr83
Mauricio Cattanco, Joe Gatto, Moelle Yang

Monday Mellow Yellows, Friday My Town Shoot Out, Ruby Tuesday Too,
The Sunday Whirl, Show My Face, Three Word Wednesday, sss44, pr83

Ruby Tuesday too
dazzled by daylight

not much fears to carry out
babble, cherish, damned, and lighten up

Heather Jackson hung less tight,
Mazhar Usman wishes to burn whiten

flowers and cloth pin, Parker Jackson,
Yuri Uchida, Ramon Torres remain virgin

last night, a blue fish enters
Yuan Shuai river has chamber taken

less clear screen, more formula written,
Nancy Horan, Gary Cowham, Sherrie Cowham

Ok Mozart art, Randy Thompton grins,
Naoki Uchida, Lynn Berrong, Megan Yoshida, amen

Amazing thing, green sheen, blank fence,
Gale Berrong, Senteni Achodo, Kenji Hamada

now and then, past and present,
Sherry Cowham, Cheri Kame, Lois Kame

S. M. Kumm, Maria Torres, Virginia Torres,
James Dumke, Natalie Guercio, Timothy Pacheco

more or less, high or low,
Monday Lutkin Hall speaks tough language

Jeffrey Nuttle, Apryl Jackson, Silvia Garcia,
Frances Garcia, Sherry Kim, Scott Kallbarczyk

Susan Constantin, Peter Constantin, Zhang Yan,
Corrine Jackson, Yanet Guaman, Linh Nyguyen

walter rusin and mihaela ignatova said...

math, science, technology, and poetry writing
Morton Celeste Nicholas Eagle Singer

Coldwater Creek, Mary Warrent
Nobel Prizes, Sweden, Norway, Alfred Nobel

Caroline Andriotta Ahlsell, Keysha, Thomas,
Jennifer, Daniel, Betty, Karolina Nobel, University of British Columbia

Justin Trudeau, Eddie Peng, Immanuel Nobel, Ludvig Nobel,
Robert Nobel, Emil Oskor Nobel, Martha Piper, Kenneth Ma,

Rice University, David Leebron,
UT at Austin, Jerry Bona, Sylvester Turner, Houston Space Center

Robert Hardt, Frank Jones, Alexander Kiselev, John Polking,
Vu Hoang, Betul Orcan, Chunli Bai, Robert Pego, Changhui Tan

Sun Yat-Sen University, Jinan University,
Shantou University, Chinese Academy of Science

Lenya Ryzhik, Vlavimir Sverak, Yao Yao, Michael Wolf,
Robert Hassett, Shelly Harvey, Kenan Fnce, Pierre-Emmanuel Jabin

brown fashion
pink blossom

lady Suo, lady Wilson,
Lady Zuo, Lady Dickerson

Kate Neal Virginia Ann Hargis said...

side information, and close look at Loyola University, Rice University, and Capital Normal University, including ok state university
Robert Zimmer, and Kristin Smith

capital normal university, beijing normal university,
Michelle Obama, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama, and Barack Obama

Zhongguo Renmin University, China People's college,
Peng Liyuan, Xi Jinping, Hu Jintao, Yang Chiji, Xi Mingze, Jiang Zemin

Tulane University, Tong Wu, Qu Zhuolin, Zhao Kun, Mae Hyman, Dong Wook
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lady evening,
my mind goes loose

national science foundation
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Herbert Rick Ajit Colgate Buffet said...

a fine write on a fine prompt short story slam week 44, and poetry rally week 83
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farm house, farm animals sleep
dawn yawn, a yawn is a silent scream for coffee

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empty and raw space,
fields of filthy homes stocked with backyard lumbers

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