Sunday, September 4, 2011

Inspiration of the week

Welcome to the new post at The Poetry Palace-"Inspiration of the week". With so many talented poets and amazing poems, every other Sunday we will feature a random poem that has made an impression! I am Blaga and it's a pleasure to be with you!

In her "About" section, she says: " I was inspired by the simplicity of nature and humble surroundings. I'm not a writer of fiction, everything you read from me has come from somewhere real. If I can bring the reader along, take them back, rekindle a memory or just make them feel something, then my mission is accomplished. I simply enjoy painting pictures with words."

The poem I've chosen today it's a beautiful canvas made out of sweet words! It is in perfect unison with the summer leaving soon and I found the combination of words, image and emotions in Kellie's post appealing, catching the attention immediately and keeping your eyes on it for more than just a moment of time.

Enjoy a little piece of "Magic in the Backyard".

Autumn's Apology
by Kellie Elmore

she tried to sneak in
through the misty morning

but her chilly hands gave her away
when she laid them on my skin

while I was sleeping

I waited all summer for you

I got up to close the window

and saw her

she was spinning in the yard

and painting the leaves on my tree’s

sorry I was late

Magic in the Backyard™
©Kellie Elmore

If you wish to read more, visit Kellie at her blog- Magic in the backyard.

Stay tuned for Thursday Rally Poetry week 51: Sept 8-14, in linkz will be up on sept. 7, 2011, 10:00 am.

Happy Sunday!


The Cello Strings said...

what a delight, blaga.

love magic in the backyard.

The Poetry Palace said...

love this,

you have made a lovely choice...


dilsha said...

keep write

Short Poems said...

What a marvellous piece, blaga!

Anonymous said...


What a generous/productive/thoughtful action -- to pick a really good poem from the blogosphere and post. Will definitely subsciber. This is a beautiful poem and really an original tribute to autumn.