Sunday, December 25, 2011

Participants Talent Show Week 8: Steven Federle

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Hello, Poetic Birds:

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Today, at our participant talent show, we are presenting a new talent, yet an old poetry hand who has been gracing our place recently, with deep and glittering poetry in our place.

The star of the week is Steven Federle,  here is his shape poetry showcase, enjoy:

                                                                     Steven Federle          

Grey mist

rises and falls
enfolding parched hills
easing autumn’s harsh pain
saturating the spreading valley
with gathering rain

and forgiveness.

To read his original piece, please visit his blog below:

Thanks for reading,
It has been an outstanding year of 2011, having more than one thousand poets coming and going, adding power and credits to our well established community.

Please feel free to visit our star poet today here:

Have A Lovely Holiday!


Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

keep it up, Steven.

you rocked on this one.
well done.


Morning said...

what a fun piece.


love this.

Natalie said...

awesome poetry talent and sweet smiles.

way to go.