Sunday, January 22, 2012

Participants Talent Show Week 10

Hello, Promising Poets:

Today, our shape poetry talent show winner goes to Kodjo Deynoo  

Kodjo Deynoo who blogs at Kodjo Deynoo Poetry,

This piece has rich and beautiful imagery, excellent shape ….

To read his detailed post below if you wish:

Sitting alone listening to the silence ;
You see me, mirror says, I messed my life up  
and found me in the process, rebirth, new me  
and the critics, stand back with amazement,  
write off, like I was, never made  
to amount to much, much I  
do, much I did, brought  
tears in rain wash,  
many men, cursed  
to, see 
of me,  
talk of me,  
like I was the  
end game, see me done,  
see me done now, write off,  
good riddance, they took my file, and 
burnt it,  faders, ashes, to  be made of 
me. Being through hell and back, I paid the 
price , phoenix, me that, now I step, foot steps left 
in ashes, watch germination, shooting stars penetrate through, the ozone, 
layer, to make an entry, with burns on 
the back of the doubters, doubt this, new 
era and I say no sorry,  nada, 
regrets nada, this is life lessons 
and it made me stronger 
made me stranger, green 
lantern and to 
the observers 


The Poetry Palace said...

excellent pick.


The Morning Dew said...

love the shape.

well done verse.

crazy videos said...

Really amazing thanks for sharing..

Anonymous said...

Wow! Excellent writing.