Saturday, March 3, 2012

Inspiration of the Week 13

Welcome to The poetry Palace and "Inspiration of the week". There are so much talent within the blogsphere and this week I have visited a blog that I am sure will inspire the others talented poets. I am Chimnese and it's a pleasure to be with you.

Writers and Novelists

Birth :
Words flow through a hand
writings its own mind by a pen
A new page written every time
as a new day dawns.
I flow with every move
of that invisible fingers
Open the index that points to
the sweet twist in my chapter
Wherein I have asked you
to join me to unfold new pages
So that we can reproduce
a sequel in the coming days ahead.
Among the ups and downs ,
I had my best writings
to be reproduced into editions
for generations to come.
I still ...
I still live through them
So never repent
even if hear someone says that
My Chapters have been closed.

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Have a lovely and creative Sunday!