Monday, April 30, 2012

Participants Talent Show Week 16: A-Z April 2011 Challenge By Sammie L. Carter or Sam 373

A-Z April 2011 Challenge


Alpha includes us all                                                                                               
Beginning to realize
Circle of life
Dawn of a newer day
Eternity is forever
False security
Global Warning
Heaven is nigh thee
Is not an enigma
Jesus is the
Key that unlocks the understanding that
Life is the parameter of all that is
Mother Dearest
Nursery of my soul
Opened wide to birth a son
Pleading with G-D daily for help still, my daddy died
Quest of life is to know my Father
Requiem of love just as certain
Sanctified effort of the blessed
Universal comprehension
Value uncertain
Water of life wash away my pain
X is a sign of completeness hoped to gain while
Z, might represent the end of this conversation.

A-Z Every Day is a Life Long Challenge


Grace Shawn Henry said...

Talents are various in our community,
Thus, This piece demonstrates talent
of sam 373..when he does A-Z challenge in 2011...


The Poetry Palace said...

amazing choice.