Saturday, October 13, 2012

MIP The Most Invaluable Poet of The Week 8


Happy Belated Birthday, (July 13, 2012)  : )

Bened Spoon is active supporter for at least two years in our community, she writes fantastic poetry, and has talent inspiring all of us to continue writing, and sharing…

Here is one of her poems posted in her blog recently…

Oh yes, I am not a good girl
I whipped someone with my words
I crushed myself with my thoughts
I fought out of pride
I allowed myself beaten
I wished for someone else’s death
I wished for my own death
Oh yes, I am not a good girl
I cannot stop hating passionately
I cannot control my evil thoughts
I cannot move on from bitter past
I cannot have freedom from guilt
I cannot be a good girl on my own
Unless I am dependent on good God!

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