Friday, January 18, 2013

Inspiration of the Week 28: WHISPERS: The Wanderer...By Shashi and on Peace Seeking by Malia butterfly Page


Some of my Free Form Haiku


Lotus has flowered
Now all it waits for
Is to fall out of existence

Love is like the paint brush
Bringing all happiness
Into being

The reality of love
Sunrise burst out

The wanderer

In the search of meaning
Of life
Some times, one floats all alone
Carried by flow of sensual river
Wanderer tries to hold on to
Twigs of
Memories, thoughts feelings and experiences
That comes along

Yet, flowing too becomes meaningless
In search of meaning
Without knowing, what it means
But still with the inherent push of senses
Of mind
Of living
Of river’s flow
Wanderer floats on and on…

Looking back some times
Sometimes, longing
To cling to the shores
That seems so peaceful and calm
In remaining where they are
Still in touch
Still attached with the flow
Yet not going anywhere
How easy it seems to stay
Where you are

Caught between two mirrors
Of life and living
                                                               Wanderer reflects infinitely


No war please 

Of raging angers and restless
war crafts, of swords of words
thrown in between,
some poets orchestra
their music violently
turning a peaceful region
My gel pen pauses
and refuses to agree with
some evil targeted hearts.
I must remain my initial
position and promote peace!


Hyde Park Poetry said...

Happy Thursday,

Sandy Olleigh Mantiny said...

peace please.

by the way, love the lotus flower.

Nataeven FairyAn Fallin said...

what powerful poets here,

way to go.

Philippa Drake said...

Beautiful poem and lovely pics. I just love the lotus flower.

Janet Wall State said...

we all love peace.

Justin Penter Wood said...


Angela chelsea Joseph said...

peace is a trend no one would reject.

only foolish people promote war,
stop the violent intention, and build a world of peace, love, and mutual respect relation.

Aya Gugles Wilson said...

beautiful one.