Saturday, December 26, 2015

Joy To The World, We Wish You Merry Christmas and A Very Perry Meow Yaye!

future unknown,
lots of wonder along,
music sings,
past memory in arts obtain
six word Saturday,
six word Friday,
Black and White Wednesday,
poetry rally Thursday...
poetry comes in without cost,
words go wild with furry hair,
as years, century flash by
history, monuments, and creative works spread wide
Joe Byant walks away for freedom break,
Rough Water John sails about with doubt,
Larry King speaks of pure crash in between,
Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Cisco, Facebook, they all grin
Free verse always is our first choice,
Tanka, Haiku, Lyrics, and Humor compete,
So long, Devon Sheraton, and Burns Flat,
See you soon, Madeline, Susan, Peter, Eric, and Franklin
Happy Writing,
Merry Christmas,
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Eleaine Sarah Thomas Jobs Bush said...

a note to you,
happy new year!

Kate Neal Virginia Ann Hargis said...

good luck.

Linda said...

I hope the new year continues to be a creative time! Happy holidays!

Nancy Chan said...

May joy continues to fill and dwell in your heart! Blessed Sunday!

annell said...

I enjoyed your New Year's wish! And a Merry Christmas to you!

Rajesh said...

Wish you Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Maggie Patti Barbara Frankford-Walton said...

happy sixth year annivesary.

Eleaine Sarah Thomas Jobs Bush said...


Benjamin Kingery Loomis Roy Moore said...

amazing one.

kaykuala said...

Rather late in the day, But still wishing you the best for the ensuing year!


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