Saturday, January 14, 2017

Notes to Followers, Poets at Large, and Poets Who Recall Us, a 7 year anniversary for poetry rally for poets

Happy Birthday is easy to say
than doing
poetry writing is easy typing
than influcing
when we start poets rally 7 years ago
we are timid birds
seeking shelter and protection
and we are fearful baby
who cries for lyrics and attention
with thousands of poets agreeing
we have at least 5, 000 followers at facebook
and up to 1, 000 followers from twitter
and we enjoy all the poem brewing

Thanks to Thursday Poets Rally officers
and folks at large for the open mind
and for the romantic veres
that motivate us, greetings to
Bruce, Chris G, Leo, Sis, Greenspeck, Blaque,
Ibok, Fiveloaf, Kavita, Olivia, Blaga, Jamie, Wordwand,
Bill Cook, Steve Martin, Rough Water John, Wolfrosebud,
C-rose, Robin, Riika Infinity, Dave Bowie, Ava Cherry, Mick Jagger,
Jingle, Shail, Danforth, Sam, Bended Spoon, Sea Bell, REbecca, Indie
Iris, Joe, Brin, Curt, Tom, Larry, Chris, Alison, Hargis, Hans, Michael

happy 7ths birthday
we encourage you to continue promote creativity
and knowing our book ceos such as Jeff Bezos, Bob Young, Tine Fey, Amanda,
Penny Liu, Frankel Zhang, Katie Woodward, Ryan Senning, Josh Parth, Chimese Davis,
Barack Obama, George Bush, Mary Wood, Doanld Trump. Lawrence Yep,
Amy Tan, Pearl Busk, An Na, A Yi, Alison Wong, Venetian Peng, Sheng Wu
poetry road, c rose, bodhirose, jay walking moon, loomis, abbey wood, amelia

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Benjamin Kingery Loomis Roy Moore said...

we always enjoy reading your words,
in poetic and positive sense.

keep posting.

Asim Kumar Paul said...

I love to read poems published here.
I want to read more poetry and poetics here.


Asim Kumar paul,

Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

amazing post.
nothing is more important than promoting poetry, free verse.

PremI said...

Oh 7 years anniversary! I have been a frequent visitor in your journey. You have been doing awesome. Keep posting. Will love to visit again & again...

Monika said...

Really Nice

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