Monday, January 9, 2012

Participants Talent Show Week 9

Hello, today, our participants talent show goes to Zoe, a new talent who blogs and supports us powerfully, hope that you enjoy her shape poem…

Visit Zoe's poetry blog  here:

To read her original post, visit here:


Hesitantly, hold a precious moment frozen
in time, softly cupped by frigid hands
Hoping today, time’s sands will shift.
But eventually, slight tremors 
cascading in alarm
make tenuous
the grasp


urgently as
the fragility of the
moment spirals out of
cringing apologetic fingers
sailing admirably on its final flight
irrevocably smashing on the implacable floor.

Some folk's hands are just too jittery
to trust with the good stuff.


Taylor Boomer said...

powerful writing.

The Poetry Palace said...

Glad to have this poet highlighted, she is quite a talented soul.