Monday, February 6, 2012

The Window To The World on Life of A Poet: Chimnese

 Can you tell us about yourself?

My name's Chimnese I love books since I was very young. love art and philosophy I've become so interesting in the human emotions and what drives us. I have  a godson that is the pride and joy of my life, I'm family orientated. My hobbies would be running and long walks on the beach.

Which country do you live in now? What’s your profession? be general, no need to specify your location...

I am originally from South Africa. I am an accounts clerk for  a Property Management Company.

We’re happy that you have been part of Poets Rally as a participant, what has driven you to where you are in this particular community? 

My drive is to reach  a wider audience to read my poetry or any of my short stories. When I joined this community I knew that it would help in the long run to get feedback. But mostly I have also earned the respect of my fellow poets. We all want to be noticed and I am glad at Poets Rally we are  a multitude of talent that stretched from the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean.

How long have you been blogging? Do you think being part of a poetry community contributes to your creative writing?

I started my blog in 2009. Being  a part of  a poetry community did help me a lot and contributed to my knowledge I've picked up along the way.

Why poetry? Do you write fiction too?

I've been writing poetry since late September 2009, but my first writing was fiction. I now write in both spheres. My blog relates to both sides of my writing. Poetry has become one of my favorite seeing as I can write what's inside of me in  a few words and give  a straight answer to what is going on.

Please share 3 to 5 blog links you enjoy reading most, give 1 or 2 sentences to tell why you love their creative process.

1. Daydreamertoo
2. Rhyme without Reason
3.Charles Mashburn
4.Morning or Taylor Boomer

Personally these are my favorites because I find their work amazing,but also there's depth and truth in the verses they write.

How do you know when a poem is done? your own experiences need to be shared here...

If the ending sums up the entire poem. And I know this works. Cos I can feel it and I know my readers would applaud it.

How do you decide when a poem is "good"? Do you redo your own poems after they’re posted? it could be poem someone else written..

Before my second editing I post it on my website. Just as raw as the words and sometimes readers would leave their views on some editing points.
I am not afraid of people criticizing my work. It can only help me to better myself.
Do you think music and poetry are related? Why?

I think it does because poetry has rhythm, it has feeling,it captures the readers mind. It leave them breathless, just like  a good song with lyrics that express everything you feel in one song. It touches the core, it captures your heart and leave you wanting to listen to it over and over. Like poem its flow.

What issues are closed to your heart? Women’s rights, child abuses, etc.…name one…

I'd say both issues, as well as human gender equality.

What’s your other hobbies besides writing? Do you have pets? Give us a picture if you own a pet.

I have no pets, but I do enjoy running.
Please list your blog links below, share 1 or 2 poems that represents best of your poetry talent

The Wait

We waited for this day to have come

For so long, but we never thought

This is how it would end.

The two of us meeting for the very first time.

We spoke so much about it,

Yet there you are, standing, your face

Looking panicked,

She  won't come, she must have seen me.

And walked off.

I see you looking around you.

You can’t see me standing there out of eyesight.

Deep down in the pit of my stomach,

It’s whirling and turning.

I myself was looking forward to this day.

But in my case I wasn’t hoping for you,

But for her to come through those sliding doors

At the airport,

Its another person’s face I wanted to see,

It was another person my face wanted to light up.

As painful as this must be,

I wish I had the nerve.




But my legs didn’t want to

Forever & Almost

There's a song in my soul,
There's words being printed in the shape of my heart,
In the corner of my mind I know
That if this melody starts to get
Composed and restructured in the shape of what I know our love could be.
Its like forever and almost.
We had the forever,
But the almost came and took you away,
As words developed from the lyrics written upon my heart,
I'll tell you this I'll wait patiently,
Just come by and drop in,
Then I'll know you still care about me.
That its not forever and almost,
That its forever and always.



The Orange Tree said...


Glad to post your interview,

sorry for the messy part.

Philippa Drake said...

Your poems are beautifully simple and poignant.

Asim Kumar Paul said...

I like this poem, lovely

Daydreamertoo said...

Thank you so much for the mention Chimnese, I am touched.
I love coming to read your blog too, to see how you are shaping your thoughts, emotions and your surroundings into your words. Congratulations on being featured here and, keep writing. I'm so happy to have met you.

Taylor Boomer said...

Thanks for commenting, poets.

have a fun day ahead.

Anonymous said...

awesome.... :)