Sunday, February 5, 2012

Participant Talent Show Week 11: Write It by Robin

Today, we are going to visit a special blog, the title of it is “Write It”, when you get there, you will notice that, her blog template is very unique, extraordinary, or outstanding, her blog itself has a perfectly attractive SHAPE, her poetry fall into the empty space with wide range of topics, strong emotions, and powerful love, which makes her blog a foreign and most impressive enjoyment for all of us.

I fall short of words to describe how talented and how creative this poetesss is, but right now, it is your turn to make the click, visit her to satisfy your curiosity….
Way to go, Robin Elizabeth, keep up the excellence!
Go to Write It blog via the link below and have fun today, Happy Sunday!

I picked one of the poems there to share, enjoy!

Inside by Robin
My pulse quickens.
I hear your words.
How do I respond?
I don’t have the answers.
I don’t know what you expect.
Of my writings, you’re not fond.
Emotions displayed in extreme condition.
Overly exaggerated to make a point,
Bitterness and emptiness are only a thought.
Contemplating life in the sense of what to write,
Half of these feelings aren’t even my own…
So these are the truths you have bought?
I see the pain in other people.
I feel it as my own.
How do I explain what I do not understand?
Every word I think to use,
Every sentence falls apart,
Collapsing like castles in the sand.
Can you understand that I am alright?
Can you see me how I am?
Instead of relying on part fiction to tell you…
This is who I am in the sense of writing.
Expressing everyone’s emotions I see.
That doesn’t make everything written true…


Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

love reading you, Robin,

keep it up.

Taylor Boomer said...

great job, robin, glad to see you shine.

Talent Hunter said...

You have done a great job that was lovely..

Next Star said...

You have done a great job thanks for sharing..