Saturday, March 31, 2012

Inspiration of the week 15

Welcome to The poetry Palace and "Inspiration of the week". There are so much talent within the blogsphere and this week I have visited a blog that I am sure will inspire the others talented poets. I am Chimnese and it's a pleasure to be with you.



She hurried out the door
Ignoring the speed limits
She had the pedal to the floor
Trying to close the distance
between them
She tried to calm down
She tried to just breath
She started talking out loud
She didn’t care, no one could see
her debate
“Why would you go again?
What good could possibly come?
Do you really want something to begin?
Last time you left in a run.
Why more?”
Then there was the other side
The laughter, the song
“They say love is blind
How could this be wrong
for me?”
She drove to fast
Not sure where she was
Still fighting with her past
And all the things that he does
to her.
Her heart raced
As she got closer to him
She sped up her pace
Her fears were starting to win
her mind.
“What if he is already in a bad mood?
What if I say something wrong?
What am I going to do?
His hold on me is so strong
what do I do?”
“Hopefully he will be happy,
Hopefully he will show he cares,
Hopefully he won’t be mad at me,
For just walking up his stairs,
we’ll see.”
As she reached his home
She didn’t know what to think
She mostly felt alone
She felt she would just sink
into nothing.
The trepidation was heavy
She was almost in tears
Her feelings, she had a bevy
She had to face her fears
She slowly walked to his door
Nothing has changed though it’s been awhile
She is not sure if she can stand any more
She suddenly see’s him and starts to smile
she breaths.

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