Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thursday Poets Rally Week 66 (April 19-25, 2012)

Greetings, Welcome to Thursday Poets Rally Week 66.

Thursdays Poets’ Rally Week 66 (April 19-April 25, 2012)

Please read and answer the following questions before participating Poets Rally Week 66:

#1: Is your poem for Poets Rally week 66 original? Please say YES or NO.

#2: By linking your poetry in, you are automatically a participant, which implies that you allow Poets Rally officials, including Aya Wilson, Mia, Leo, Jamie Dedes, Ladynimue, Uma, Riika, Blaga, and Victoria or participants unlimited access to your blog posts during the week, and you will NOT complain about how often people have visited or commented for your work. Do you agree? Please give a clear YES or NO.

#3: To be counted as active poet next time, you must meet the requirements:

1): Return favors to those who have commented for you,
2): visit and comment for 18 poets that are NEW to you either from participants list . You have 7 days to make a minimum 18 comments, take your time! Are you going to fulfill requirements with your best knowledge? Please say YES or No.

#4: If you are nominated for The Perfect Poet Award, are you going to accept the award, following the rules to post a poem and nominate another previous participant? Please say YES or NO. To avoid frustration, Aya wilson awards those who said YES…

#5: As a participant, you are representing Thursday Poets Rally, no personal biases, no negative comment, or email gossips are encouraged or tolerated. You are expected to follow the rules, focus on public commenting and encouragement, you do your own contribution, and respect decisions made by fellow poets or Poets Rally officials…Are you willing to work on building a positive, encouraging, and respectful poetry community by being modest, cool, and professional? YES or No, Please respond.


Please answer all 5 questions, First time participants can simply scroll down to visit participants from this list to meet requirement……… with this agreement, we are clear about our duty and complaints or potential issues are avoided…

Week 64  The perfect Poet Award Winner list can be found at
The linkz will remain open for an entire week, take your time, do make at least 18 comments to your peers and LEAVE A COMMENT under this post to let us know after you are done.  ;)


  1. Hello,

    since I am absent in commenting, I feel like out of the box recently,

    sorry for being late.

    welcome in, Happy Rally.

  2. Hi guys! I hope you are all well. K.

  3. I will do my very best to get around and comment, but I have been rather out of it lately... So with that little caveat it's yes to all questions!

  4. Hello.
    I've been absent from here for a while since I have my hands full doing the A-Z Challenge & NaPoWriMo. Thanks a lot for the Wk64 Perfect Poet Award. Unfortunately, I don't think I can accept it because I didn't complete my 18 blog readings. Hopefully, I can do better this week
    Have fun everyone!

    The Violet Maiden

  5. Just finished visiting more than 18 blogs. Didnt notice it's 1:00AM here from where I'm writing. :D Happy Rally everyone!

  6. 1.) yes
    2.) yes
    3.) yes
    4.) yes
    5.) yes

  7. I enjoyed reading all new poets ... but as usual, I will continue reading some of my old favorites as well! Thank you for hosting ~~

  8. Yes to all 5. Happy rally, everyone!

  9. Hello poets!
    Seems a little scant those who have commented here, compared to the number in. I will say yes to all five, as usual.
    Happy Rally! Elaine

  10. Looks like the instructions at the top of this week's rally page do not specify to post a comment here, in order to answer the 5 agreement questions-- only to comment to say when we are done reading and commenting.

  11. So happy to be here this week. Looking forward to reading so many of these that I missed along the way!

  12. Thanks to all admina and poets for another great Poetry Party/Rally!
    Done with my 18 reads and comments.

  13. Hello.
    I've visited & read more than 18+. Thanks.

    The Violet Maiden