Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thursday Poets Rally Participant Talent Show Week 17 on Kim Nelson

Happy mother's Day To Moms Who Support Poetry Writing
and World Peace Month of May at Jingle Poetry Platforms...
You Rock!

"Sketchbook Creation ~ The Tree of Life"
(by Kim Nelson)

The Notion
Of The Great Creation…
Do you think that existence began this way?
With God making sketches in books?
Did She sit up above, in a heav’nly café,slef
And plan out uniqueness’s? Nooks?
Were patterns determined or did they emerge
As She played with ideas flowing fast?
Did it all come together, in an energy surge?
And were we, in Her likeness, really last?
Or did she plan us first, then conjure the rest
So that we would adore and obey?
Then wait ‘til the universe looked its best
Before opening Eden to play?
And in the end
It was good.
I wonder,
Was it all
For our
Or Hers?
And does it even matter?

Thank you, Kim, for this beautiful poem... it's absolutely amazing!!