Sunday, June 17, 2012

Participants Talent Show Week 19: on Average Poet Whose Talent Is Beyond Average ;)

Happy Father's Day!  

Today, we represent a poet who writes with energy and talent, he calls himself Average Poet,  yet he is not, if you read his words...have fun! Bless Fathers in your families!


The raindrops will mutter
they’ll splatter and sputter
spiraling down to the grasp of the gutter,

the wind whispers weakly
and babbles obliquely
until it’s a memory mewling so meekly—

a storm can be static
or a feisty fanatic
assumptions should never become automatic

as fronts are effective
at being deflective
for people both passive and over-protective.

PS: see his original blog post here: :)


Morgan Sherman said...

Great one.

Morton Sherman said...

Happy Day.

rch said...

Wow thanks a lot, I often feel my words dissipate like mist after they leave my brain, it's nice to know some people actually read them.

Thanks to you and the team for your tireless efforts, I don't know how you keep going but this mediocre muse appreciates it more than you know, happy dad day to all eligible.