Monday, June 18, 2012

The Window To The World: Week 19 Poetic Reflection: A Special Feature...Thanks!

Those Trees Particular by Sheng The Wu...

Sunday night,
Fearful Flight.
Cell phone rings,
Silent screams.
An olive in the sandwich stops the pain,
After drought acorns fall in the autumn rain.
Lily and lotus, weak by nature,
Widow and maple, weak by heart.
under the shade of birch tree,
Chestnuts pound their fists all day.
Cloak the firs’ amber wound with tar brushes,
Veil the beech's fury under splintered crushes.
If the trees are mindless,
you are a stranger,
If you know the trees well with fondness,
you must be home.

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June 19-July 4, 2012, Summer Vacation Around the world..

Thursday Poets Rally Week 70, July 5-July 11, The Linkz will be up on July 4, 10am...


Grace Shawn Henry said...

Happy Rest of June...

See you in July at poets rally week 70.

Grace Shawn Henry said...

amazing post.

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amazing, keep it up.