Friday, September 14, 2012

Inspiration of the Week 23 on Shoelessboywonder, One of The Longest Time Poetry Rally supporter!

Gold by shoelessboywonder  September 20, 2011

This is a story about a girl who found gold
Though their time together wouldn’t last
The gold shinned bright happy to be held
Not knowing it would be outcast

The girl had not seen much of the world
So, off she would wonder once in awhile
Searching for all that she could find
The gold would wait and dust would compile

One day the gold fell, becoming damaged and dirty
The little girl started to care less and less
Till she decided it wasn’t pretty anymore
Leaving it outside to fully regress

The gold was so sad that it had been left
That it shinned less and less
As the days turn to years
It had forgotten her caress

The girl began to grow and find other things
Jewels, fools gold, rocks, sliver, and coal
Though nothing did shine like her gold
And she began to miss the gold deep down in her soul

So off she went in search of it
Searching high and low
Though she couldn’t seem to find the gold
Giving up she sat down then saw a faint glow

The gold had been beaten and covered in mud
Just a faint bit of it could still be seen
Slowly she picked it up and slowly cleaned it off
The gold tried to shine thinking this must be a dream

A smile appeared on her face having found what she had left
Though the gold didn’t quite shine like it used to at first
She held it every day and kept clean its ugly dents
Then one day his shine was fully reimbursed

They remained together till her fading years
It shined so bright so that she could always see
Every story has its end, Late one night she did pass
Holding onto her gold, and its shine did fade with she.


Nataeven FairyAn Fallin said...

a perfect choice.

The Poetry Palace said...

appreciated his efforts in the rally for three years or beyond.

keep it up, shoelessboywonders!

james atel said...

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shoelessboywonder said...

Thank you for the honor, Sorry I have not been around for all of the rallies as troubled times keep me busy, I do try to find the time to write. Always feel free to come by and see, what I do, what it is to be me. I write what I know, try to put on a show, For you never know when, inspiration will grow.