Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Most Invaluable Poet Award Week 6 on Dishilicious

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The Price on January 11, 2012 by Dishilicious believing in Miracles!!!

As I walked through the valley of life
Of smooth roads and beautiful sights
Flowers bloomed, birds sang
What could go wrong, in this perfect life!!

Slowly,  I took the steps
On this road, I was living my dream
I lost count of the blessings that meant
And then I saw the most beautiful thing

A rose that was as black as blood
A rose that was as white as snow
How could this be, fascinated I was
All I wanted was to get close to it as I could

The warnings were clear; I wasn’t supposed to pluck it
Forbidden to get close, forbidden to smell it
But how could I resist, such a beautiful thing
What could go wrong, I was living my dream

I just wanted to get close to the most perfect rose
To enjoy its scent, feel its petals - so real
Slowly,  I changed my path
To get close to the rose, beneath the stars

I touched the rose, as smooth as ever
And felt the stings, pain like never
Thorns that were so poisonous and sharp
Were covering it from all parts

My lips turned blue, as I kissed the rose
Its petals, filled with poison so vicious
Its scent was no better, it ran through my lungs
As I silently screamed, what have I done??

I fell on my knees, I couldn’t go on
I felt my last breath struggling for hope
Deceived by the most beautiful rose
I was trapped forever among the thorns!!!