Saturday, October 27, 2012

Inspiration of the Week 26: Marcie Automatic Constantin

 Today, we feature a blog called

The Reflection of Relationship by Marcie Automatic Constantin

Just, just stay a while longer,
I have to saunter through life
with no silent worries,
I understand that I must not only consider
the exterior of a relationship,
but also peer the inner parts,
unfold your rich, colorful, and sensuous
beauty, and a constant echo
of silhouette and lilting tunes will add
lights to the eyes of the artists' mind.
It's a treat to watch sunset
before smelling aromas of knowledge
near a bookstore.
I trust you to drive,
not looking at your flaws
on gas pedals at all,
as a result, you keep painting my days
colorful, joy hangs like tresses
of a willow tree, Fall aches to see chill in me,
yet feels disappointed repeatedly!

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