Friday, October 26, 2012

MIP The Most Invaluable Poet of the Week 9: Emmanuel Ibok

Ibok is a young and promising poet who has been supporting the rally for more than three years, he has nimble senses and quick take on poetry, he is a good friend to many peer poets...please read his blog and have fun making new friend...

The Heat By Emmanuel Ibok

You know that height
where bottom is on the cloud
with legs swung down loosely,
as the cloud glides smoothly
across the sky.
Face lost from the brain constructing,
modelling and configuring.
Life, Dreams, Vision, Love, Hope
…still it won’t stop.
The body becomes a funnel
through which the mind download upgrades
to edify the Soul.
The height, you know?

Read Lordemmanuel's Blog below: