Friday, November 9, 2012

MIP The Most Invaluable Poet of Week 10: Aya Wilson At Jingle

This Week, we share talents and inspiring poet Aya Wilson at Jingle,  the blog is well plotted with themes and her writing is always charming and deep.

The sky is awake and quiet,
Festive like poetry,
The sea is salty, navy blue,
Kim and Theode, only two
come to everyone’s view,
No trees or seagulls for miles,
But stillness in the air,
hot, wet, and watchful,
Fish hides under water,
Quivering on fathomless depth of blue,
Kim is sad,
She swallows hard,
Hoping for the change of the mood,
Life has given her headaches,
She decides to go away,
blindly, she moves forward,
without carrying her cell phone,
without knowing the next destination,
It’s late August,
She becomes thirsty and hungry soon,
dark thoughts keep her going,
also make her shiver with fears,
maybe when she sees trees, houses,
she will find love or comfort,
even ways or solutions to happiness.


Monica Owenyap Evans said...

a beautiful pick, Sarah!

Iris Sergey Murphy said...

that's outstanding pick.

Rebecca Victoria Clinton said...


Glad to see this.


Sarah AmEricAn Bush said...

a lovely choice,

jingle wordpress blog is very powerful and fundamental.

Riika Shawn Henry said...

glad to see it.

Aya Wilson blogs are cool with knowledge, wisdom, and fun.

Madeline Meiltongji Jackson said...

Jingle blog is cool.

Timonthy Jacobshen Wood said...

sweet pick.