Monday, March 31, 2014

A Walk On Nutrition Factors and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 78): Join Us Today To Pave A Healthy Habbit

Good Morning, Poets, Bloggers, Friends, Supporters, and Creative Writers:

It has been a while since we run our poets rally last time, I regret that we won’t run regularly, yet, there is exciting news, I decide to do a special prompt with theme on NUTRITION factors, those of you who are interested in can spend time researching and writing on our theme, and submit your work via provided Inlinkz below.

You have about 4 weeks to work out your entry, the submission is from today to April 30th, 2014, which means you have enough time to make your effort, this helps you improve your creative writing skills by writing for a theme, the topic could be anything related to nutrition.
In case you have trouble writing for our theme but still wish to submit your poetry, you can choose sharing a free verse and a poem related to creation, relation, education, location, and occupation, etc.

The offer is open to the public, Two entries Per blog link please, One for our theme, another is free verse, random poetry or haiku, you are encouraged to fine tune your entry and meet the requirement before submitting, our officials will format your work into a book form, we expect about 100-300 entries, we will publish your talent of poetry as a book, it is independent publishing and NON-Profit, which means that  we won’t charge you but won’t pay you either, the bookstore or online booksellers might earn a profit, but they will never pay our officials or you. And the finished book selling link will be provided to you by end of June , 2014, have fun, good luck!

Instruction to your submissions:

Make sure to:

#1: read and follow instruction, make sure you know what you are doing.

#2: once you have written a free verse or a poem on our theme (no more than 30 lines each poem, copy and paste it to your blog, post it, then submit to our special offer prompt,

#3: upon your submission, make a comment under the post, saying:

Hello, poetry rally officials, I agree to have my work published in your Walk Around Nutrition Factors and Free Verse More Project, along with

Title of your entry,
Name in which you wish to appear in the book,
Blog link,
Poem content,

#4: read and comment for other entries to get inspired, no obligations on this one!

A sample poem on nutrition:

No Free Food and Shelter

Birds have free food and nest
Foxes hve free food and holes
Alas, men have no
Free food no free house.


Pat-Mather Brown Gordon-ceton said...

I'm somewhat timid to do this, but this shall give you an opportunity to write more poems, and work out more healthy projects...

have fun.

all welcome.

Pat-Mather Brown Gordon-ceton said...

hi, i agree to submit my poem as submitted,

Fayetteville Sentiments
Pat-Mather Brown Gordon-ceton

As snow miserably fades,
Zig-zag roads at Fayetteville show their teeth,
Pink peach tree sprouts glow,
Radishes in the vegetable garden grow.
Spring hits high,
While the sun and the moon play seek-and-hide,
What to eat,
How to nurture and control weight,
lots of wonders go afloat,
Glad to have thin jacket replacing thick coat,
Almost time to plot 2014 summer music camp,
The thought of orchestra adds sunshine to my soul's swamp.
Mount. Sequoyah, Local Shopping mall,
What nutritious ways to live longer, and poem more...

Memphis Solena Mihaltses Henneberry said...

Hi, glad to be here, i wish to have my poem published as submitted below:

Lansing Memphis Solena Mihaltses Henneberry

Imagine the summer of Lansing,
when trees wear pure green,
and sky is blue and clean:
White clouds hang high,
Wild geese sail far and wide,
Dry mood, evergreen Woods,
Swimming pool, gardening tools,
School free days,
Lazy hot bays;
Watermelon, cube and figure sizes,
Card games, majong prizes,
Dozens of snapshots on tomato and eggplants,
Not to forget about t-shirts and short pants,
I don't mind a spicy dish of red pepper with soy beans Jiang
as the mixture of hunger and anxiety begin to be worn...
what's next?
Text messages on cell phone?
Fruitful promises and freshly picked sugar cone?

Malia Butterfly Detroit Page said...

i wish to publish my work via your blog link as the format below:

Sochi: Figure Skating Malia Butterfly Detroit Page

Crowds, stadiums, ice-skating clothes,
Slogans, cheerleaders, judges, and ice,
Month-long waiting and practice,
The stress forces one out of breath;
Almost too nervous to compete,
But life without it wouldn't be so neat;
Music on, favorite song,
International peers, time to skate along,
Figure 8, concentrate,
Twists and jumps, key to higher grade,
No falls and no faults,
Enthusiastic applauds,
A medal on neck,
Pride spread,
Sports and nutrition relate,
Voucher for diet, a fit way to succeed.

Skylar Hayley Bollag Romney said...

thanks, I agree to have my work published here:

Norman’s May Skylar Hayley Bollag Romney

When I think of Norman,
My brain pops up with the images of Mary Fallin, Julie Cohen,
David and Molly Boren,
Plus Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History...
A town south of Oklahoma City and city Moore,
Norman has abundant attractions to explore.
Norman public schools are beautiful,
Advanced high school students from OSSM come to OU to enroll,
Sweet thanksgiving party with mathematical fellows,
Many thanks go to Huaqing Wu, Julia, Tao(Alan) and Meijun Zhu,
Recall the education excellence banquet at OKC cox convention center,
Incentives for high school graduates turn friendlier,
AP scholars, national merit finalists,
Football championships, broom sticks,
Norman's May is fulfilling,
Norman's May is as elegant as the poetry of Emily Dickerson.

Steven Federle said...

Hello, poetry rally officials, I agree to have my work published in your Walk Around Nutrition Factors and Free Verse More Project

"Larry's Produce"
Steven Federle
Content: Farmer's Market

Anonymous said...

By "poem content," do you mean you want the poem text included in the comment, as some others have done above?

Hyde Park Poetry said...

i mean the poem, along with your blog link, poem title, and posting name.

Asim Kumar Paul said...

Little clouds hover in
Morning sunlight in the sky,
April on the trip,
On health purpose, wide journey
Begins with fruit, food and water.

Vishwas Anand said...

Hello, poetry rally officials, I agree to have my work published in your Walk Around Nutrition Factors and Free Verse More Project

Title of your entry: Shadowed Whispers
Name in which you wish to appear in the book: Vishwas Anand
Blog link:
Poem content

Paroxysms of empathy are flying thick and fast with a click,\
Procuring a soul of beauty; blinded by the menacingly caustic world,
She unflinchingly clutches the split-frame as a precarious stick,
Cloaked in strings of eluding Hope; a bulwark against Life’s wrath unfurled.

Her eyes behold danger; ‘tis cast with a steely acceptance,
Embittered, her mistrust and hatred are ailing her: the Observer.
The tidings thus far have mangled her to a state of incurable repentance,
But each time she tides over to her Destiny: the Preserver.

Curved shadows of Doubt punctuatingly cut across her being,
Ah, searing through her flesh, she’s buried in barren affliction,
Plagued by the neglect, reconciled and so inured to seeing,
She resigns to her penurious fate, regressing into tribulation.

Stardom is a curious mystery that she shuns as false,
Riding on the guiles and wiles of the world that are far from few,
She gallops and totters reining in her uninhibited waltz,
Wincing past storms of Disaster, fleetingly bidding them adieu.

Nature remains impartial to her, hushing up her dreams,
As she laboriously feeds off her courage, unburdening it in torrents,
To steer through ev’ry malady, in earth’s fury of schemes,
While she’s stricken by the deadly ‘Climate of Life’ that Malawi warrants.

Her left hand engulfs and shields her resolutely clasped right,
The rest of her body is vanish’d into oblivion; she’d ne’er grasp,
As each passing day she fights off death with an agonizing fright,
Alas, her tacit whispers of Hope have endured many a tumultuous rasp.

Catie Williams-Handcock Robinson said...

hello, I wish to join your project here and publish my poem as shown below:

Mountain View on Google and Yahoo Catie Williams-Hancock Robinson

First yahoo,
Then google,
First wild and empty,
Then mild and full of authority,
Mountain view symbolizes technology,
Information, and scientific biology,
Companies such as Apple, Motorola, DrChRoNo,
Microsoft, Mat-lab programing, Lady Marlo,
Seasonal techcrunch representations,
plus Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer,
Computer engineering major on rise,
Explosive start-ups for tech enterprise,
Not many can do the trick,
A major breakthrough beyond Saint Patrick,

First yahoo,
Then google,
First Jerry Yang,
Then Larry Page,
Eric Schmidt Rocks,
Marissa Mayer turns new chapters' page,
Christmas socks dangle near the chimney,
Holiday songs jingle along the mood of each family,
Happy April Fool,
Don't promote obesity at your school.

Go visit Mountain View,
Let your dark guts go on brew.

Larry Hasty Holder Stanleywood said...

agree to share my work as below:

Pyong Yang At North Korea Larry Hasty Holder Stanley-Wood

when I was little,
I've already heard about north korea war
and capital city Pyong Yang too,
It seems that Pyong Yang (some say pingrong)
is the forecast to mainland China cross Yalu river,
there was always tensions among
America, China, Taiwan, South and North Korea,
Political battles rage on,
Food sanctions around nuclear weapon development control...

Side choosing,
Party variations matter
until a math faculty from south Korea becomes a friend to my family,
Slowly, I begin to embrace both south and north,
As time passes, I know Inch-eon and Seoul are cool:
Love Sam-San (Nanshan) Tower,
The subway transit system with ticket card recycling is witty,
I know in tradition Pyong Yang remains conservative,
I hope that everyone opens up and catches USA to appear attractive.

Roxanne George Hakkaruba Englerwood said...

yes, i want to publish my work as shown below here, thanks.

Trenton At New Jersey Roxanne George Hakkaruba Englerwood

Trenton is a city at New Jersey,
Just like city Elizabeth there,
It reminds me a boy named Trenton,
A childhood baseball and basketball peer,
The time spent on his youth football game is dear.
I do honor Trenton,
The same as to Tiger Woods and Bill Clinton.

Birthday party at OKC,
Fishing trip at Kansas,
Movies from Hastings,
Gym and Pizza time at Kids Kingdom,
What a treat to know his family name
and Trenton deserves New Jersey Hall of fame,
Whenever I visit Peter Constantin and Princeton University,
I am reminded the place called Trenton, a celebrity.

Bless Manhanthan, Timothy, Jeanne, Trenton, Tim Passmore,
Pratic, DP Jin Wei, Craig, Tom at Marywood and Dunmore,
New Jersey, Newark, New Brunswick, Scranton, Cranston, Trenton,
Chaogui, Thomas Kent, Dhanapati Adhikari, Everhart, Princeton,
Grand places,
Solid tie,
Different races,
What big apple pie!

Christopher Edington Scott Wood said...

lovely one, i'm in.

Seattle Imagery Christopher Edington Scott Wood

Washington state,
West coast plate,
Fair weather,
Fixed season temperature,
Michael Young,
Hyatt Hotel,
Petting zoo,
Red Cliff,
Green Valley,
Blue waves,
Mountain and forests stand shoulder to shoulder,
Fruits and vegetables come from Colorado or Boulder,
Seattle has everything we need,
Seattle minds others such as Evanston, a retreat.
A promising education and creation to locate,
Seattle is admirably great.

Washington state,
West coast plate,
Elegant imagery,
Breathtaking scenery,
Paris perfume,
Rome camera and zoom,
El Paso taco,
I don't mean to be hostile...
Julio Ottino,
Morton Schapiro,
Barack Obama,
Joe, Jill, Ali, Mara, and Sara,
You've got to love Seattle,
A fresh place to settle.

ankush samant said...

Title of your entry: Run run run
Name in which you wish to appear in the book: Ankush
Blog link:
Poem content:
Run, run, run,
Stop having fun,
It's time for you to read, learn and grow,
You shouldn't waste the time,
In this competition!

Run, run, run,
Stop beating the drum,
It's time for you to earn,
Make something big,
Don't stop, until you have won!

Run, run, run
The Journey has just begun,
It's time for you to be the responsible,
Take on the reins,
Have a family with a daughter and a son!

Run, run, run,
You are not yet done,
The world's watchin' you,
You gotta show,
How to sweat it out in the sun!

ankush samant said...

Hello, poetry rally officials, I agree to have my work published in your Walk Around Nutrition Factors and Free Verse More Project, along with

Title of your entry: One Day
Name in which you wish to appear in the book: Ankush
Blog link:
Poem content:
You will never learn!
How will you earn?
Who will feed you?
What work can you do?

I will learn one day,
No matter what you say!
I have the desire,
That will light my fire!

You will never learn!
You will just burn!
This world is ruthless,
To anyone who is a mess!

I will learn one day,
Let me have my play!
Let me run on a different turf,
Let me bodysurf!

You will never learn!
You will keep falling in this urn!
It's nothing but a bottomless pit,
Maybe you will hit the shit!

I will learn one day,
And you will praise my way!
I might fall in shit,
But, I will still make some art in that pit!

Amelia Gugles Sharon-Stein Wilson said...

here is mine, thanks.

Boston In Focus Amelia Gugles Sharon-Stein Wilson

Some people believe that I'm mean or bossy?
Am I that grumpy and fussy?

Boss is someone who is in charge of one's job,
Stone is a sort of rock that can be either soft or hard,
Thus, we have a good reason to think of Boston
with siblings such as Borock, Barock, Barack, Meanrock, MiShe, Mian, or Noodles,
Crazy thoughts, correct?
Just kidding!

Let's get serious,
Boston is capital city to state Massachusetts,
It's position appears at east coast of upper north of USA,
Next to New Hampshire.

Marty Walsh, Jacoby Ellsbury, Thomas Menino, and Deval Patrick rise,
Tao Li, William P. Leahy, and Robert A. Brown do quality works,
Sifang Zhang, Moxie Homes, Dominiks may reside there too,
Boston University Law Review is world famous,
Boston Red Sox and Yo Bus are strong and true,
Please pray for Boston marathon victims and feel divine!

Helen Michelle Alan Obama said...

Happy belated april fool,

agree to share.

Seaweed -The Food Knight Helen Michelle Alan Obama

Dark skinned after dried,
Rather richly textured,
Seaweed is one authentic treat:
Sushi wrapped in seaweed is an art,
Fried pork meatballs in seaweed soup heals one's heart.

You don't spy seaweed at restaurants,
You won't feel the hunger for seaweed
unless it is provided to you by friends,
Yet, everyone shall sample seaweed
as a dish, it helps with our stomach for needed digestion.

If tomato is the princess food,
Fuji apples shall be the brain-booming prince;
If watermelon is the queen of fruits,
Bananas shall be the teeth-protecting king,
and seaweed is a black and joyful food knight addition.

Christy Jason-Pritchard Clinton said...

greetings, a fun call, agree to share.

Chicago's History and Hall of Fame Christy Jason-Pritchard Clinton

Read it aloud,
Chicago sounds like She-Come-Go (Ta-Lai-Qu),
However, an expert has already translated Chicago into Zhi-Jia-Ge,
What roller coaster ride!

In general, the name of a location is subjectively given
by a person in power or an authority to honor
certain individuals or organizations that are convincingly outstanding,
Thus, we know that is is picked for a good reason,
and we respect the name of Chicago itself.

The Great Fire by Jim Murphy on Chicago is award-winning,
Chicago definitely comes back with empowered spirits
after the fire 200 years ago: Hyde Park, Chicago Zoo,
Lincoln Park Zoo, Buckingham Fountain, John Hancock Center,
plus Museum of arts and Science, Shed Aquarium and so on
attract world wide travelers, universities such as University of Chicago,
Northwestern University, University of Illinois are elegant in science and technology.

As a matter of fact,
University of Chicago magazine, Northwestern Magazine, McCormick Magazine
bring in intellectual cabinet in high tech and research to locale community,
Many Nobel prizes winners are graduates or professionals from these institutions,
Barack Obama is one of them.
Bless Xiaojun Huang, Jiahong Wu, Peter Constantin, and Patricia Young.

Kora-Leah Finchol Wilson said...

Hi, I am excited to publish my work here:

Let’s Minneapolis-Saint Paul and Utah Orlando More… Kora-Leah Finchol Wilson

Tom and I always enjoy vacations,
The way Justin and Sheng do.
Vacations are one of the best ways
to facilitate physical and mental nutrition
and fine tune one's body shape.

When Tom and I stop by Minneapolis-Saint Paul
international airport this January 2nd,
It happens to be Justin's 46th birthday.
How great! I’ve emailed him right after
Tom connects his Sagercomputer to internet.

Sheng, Tom and I truly love the sight seeings
at Seoul Chung Ang university, Tai Chung Dunghai University,
Providence University, Taipei National Concert Hall,
Taiwan Academia Sinica, New York City Time Square and Central Park,
Utah Arches National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park...

America has awesome attractions,
Detroit, Scranton, Philadelphia, Princeton,
Salt Lake City, Orlando, Memphis, Evanston,
The flight of concord F5 from Atlanta to Incheon is comfortable,
Tulsa airport and Hilton Garden Inn are remarkable.

Emotional and seasonal mindset is key to one's health,
Let's move about lots and exercise daily to preserve youth.

Marrisa Sergey Christian Murphy said...

awesome project idea, I am joining in.

Beyond and Around city Boise of Idaho State Marissa Sergey Christian Murphy

I used to read a novel
with the story setting at Idaho,
Boise as the capital is a myth to me though,
As a budding city,
I believe that it is original and pretty.
There are mountains and valleys about,
There are wagons and horses,
Boise implies Boyang=Beyond,
Since Boi=Boy, which says Nan Hai or Male Child,
And Se is part of sea, the ocean that is far and wide.
Going to Boise is standing out,
Obtain what's available, no doubt.
A home near woods and orchards,
with fence and green grass refresh the air,
open space is always a dreamy grace
to know and trace,
I wish to woo Boise!

Sarah Thomas Binegar Bush said...


Oxalis's Choice: Pink Mouse, Grey Mouse Sarah Thomas Binegar Bush

When I think of pink mouse,
I refer to red potatoes,
Strictly speaking, it's really yam,
In Chinese we call it HongShu, yum.

When I image grey mouse,
I mean it as a computer mouse
with shapes and sizes
the same as yams.

So, we may call a computer mouse
a white yam,
We definitely visualize a pink food yam
a red yam.

Yams, rice,
Yarns, mice,
Similar sound,
Different objects in purpose and price.

Mimi Brad Sheng Pallin Henry said...

wonderful, i agree to share.

I Love Fat Cat Mimi Brad Sheng Palin Henry

Loose Long hair,
Black and white in colorless chair,
The cat that is fat
demands my pat.

His eyes are round,
His paws are folded on ground,
His sense is sharp,
His attitude is profound.

Is the cat a friend?
Or a kitten that refuses to pretend?
Cats are acceptable pets,
a gentle touch is what he intends.

Beeler cat, Yamin cat,
Lambert cat, Pager cat,
Cunningham cat, Caruba cat,
Jakola cat, Cirulli Campbell cat,
Sahs, Kerr, Robertson, or Mears Cat.

Slim cat, fat cat,
Old cat, young cat,
Baby cat, adult cat,
He cat, she cat,
My favorite cat is the one that's fat.

Kimberly Erica Jack Schmidly said...

Conyer's Crafting Nutrition Kimberly Erica Jack Schmidly

Concrete and wondrous,
Creative and considerate,
We shee Conyers a merry place
with police sheriff keeping watchful eyes.
Atlanta, Conyers, Brandon, Florence, glittering showcase.

Simple knots crafting,
EZ mark bookmarks Inc.,
Assemble companies fulfill P. O. Boxes,
Yankee, Schapiro, Bollag, Holm production are fascinating.

Kay, Teri, Blake, Marc, Jackson, Hargis, Johnson, Walsh,
Ryan, Marcus, Hans, Barlow, Herzig, Hager, Henneberry, and Bush,
Georgia technology university thrives
While Rockdale Payne county stretches,
Conyers=Constantin+Tony Awards+John Robert Myers+Zachary Mayer+NYU+Lakers

Stephany Peter Mantini Hudson said...

amazing, wish to share my work here.

Wasilla Stephany Peter Mantini Hudson

An instant hit as a place,
I don't doubt Wasilla's grace.
Wasilla, Was-il-la, Wa-sill-a,
The letters construct past, present, future, including refreshed elements.

Sherri, Todd, Sarah, Bristol, Scott, and All Gore,
Tom, Jerry, Paul, Sheila, Rachel, and Mimi Rushmore,
Each and every talent spreads
under Alaska's wide and far roads.
Washy, wishy, silly, illinois, phillip, william, and yajin romance the Moon lake.

The great wall of China, Wal-mart, Barns & Noble superstore,
Washington D. C. Monuments and UW at Washington State,
The Wall Street Journal, Wa Ha Ha Products,
Ashley furniture and April fool holiday,
Plus New York An Evelyn Hill Inc. at Ellis immigration museum,
It's a thrill to be fed so much Wasilla nutrition.

Alissa Meredith Osborn Schapiro said...

amazing prompt, good luck. my entry to be published.

Manhathan At New York City
Alissa Meredith Osborn Schapiro

Do you know Randall Lane and Steve Forbes at Forbes Magazine?
How about Andy Serwer, Adam moss, Jiahong Wool, Kristina O'Neill, David Boren,
or Andrew Morris, Marcelo Rochabrun, Chunyan Lu at Pace University?
Are you aware of Clarence Barron, Henry Jarvis Raymond, and Jim Kimmuel?
Have you ever met Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jill Abramson, Dean Baquet, Michele McNally?
Someday, you certainly will know John Deddes, Richar Berke, Andrew Rosenthal.

There are lots of powerful magazines or newspapers in the U. S.,
Tom Jolly and James Reynolds might not agree with one another,
Yet, it is essential for you to know how they do business for success,
Nash Holdings, Katharine Weymouth, Martin Barron, John Wolfson...
Each and every one of them has unbeatable voices
in featuring, reporting, photographing, and editing...

I do have access to Barrons, New York Times, Fortune, Forbes, Princeton Review,
New Yorker, Washington Post, Tulsa World, Money, McCormick, and Red Book...
and Women's Day, Metro Family, Daily O'Colly, Stillwater Newspress do impress.
In this country, we must admit New York city's leading role
in media resources, please give a big go to famous people such as Emma Watson,
Zhang Xu, Juanita Wallance, Mararet Tsai, Alice Zhang, Megan Turner, and Lawrence Yep.

Manhathan is an exciting branch to New York City,
Central park, Broadway Avery Fisher Hall, Cargenie Hall,
Dunkin Donuts, Five Guys, Burger King, Subway, CVS store are helpful.
Do visit Madison Square Garden, Time Square, Statue of Liberty,
and Starbucks Coffee adds fancy to Brooklyn Bridge's mind-blowing beauty.

Kimberly Erica Jack Schmidly said...

agree to conditions mentioned above.

Slopes of Italy (A Tribe) Kimberly Erica Jack Schmidly

Sunny slopes of Italy,
Olive trees, orange leaves,
Quietness of home and family,
Faith, wisdom, and beliefs.
Openness of the ocean,
Quirky parts of the location,
Profound ecstasy,
Confidential privacy,
Florence and Rome palace,
Popes and world famous religion elegance,
Sweet, yellowish curls,
Cars, trucks, supermarkets,
Arts, poetry, peony, and space rockets.

Anonymous said...

yep, i wish to publish my work with your project.

Swim Scranton Around Marcie Barack Ramsey Constantin

Nestled inside Pennsylvania state,
A hometown to Hillary Rodham Diane Clinton,
Scranton has almost everything one wants:
Marywood university student center and nursery program,
Food court that is unique in buffet style,
Museums open doors to curious visitors,
Tom Hesser, Brad Benson, John Shedd business bloom,
Gas stops of Sunoco, Hess, Mobile, Shell, Exxon, and Lora lurk the place,
Caught YA looking?
A humorous road sign!
McCormick school and art museum at Princeton university,
Maria Hall, Pick Staiger, Venues Alexandra, Morse Recital concert Hall,
Sonesta, Double Tree at Hilton, Homewood Suite, Hampton INN roll,
Dot's Cafe, Shanghai Food Park, Ajimei Noodle, YA YA Chow Mian,
Chez Alice, Shen Yun Arts, Tom Factory, Hyatt and Ramada Inn, plus
City Elizabeth, Thomas Edison, Longhorn Burgers, Panera and Crowne Plaza,
too many locations to throw away bad emotions,
Massimo's, Bobby Shafat, Jemma Chae, Jeffrey Milla, Shepley Bulfinch,
Frederick Fisher, Sherman Smith, Henry Bellmon, Perterson Hall and projects,
I hope I can remember their names and devotions,
City Scranton stands next to Dunmore,
City Scranton leads to history and properties,
City Scranton sparks wisdom and opportunity.

Sheridan David Tanya-Page Raun said...

i wish to add my work here:

Sheridan David Tanya-Page Raun

The road is messy, empty,
Silence creeps in with a haunting
touch inside me.

The air is pale and dry,
The sensuousness of dusk converging
to mirror my oneness with the campsite.

At this heels of such timid day,
Bears a slice of hope,
love, and red roses,
cleansing the muddy yesterday,
Injecting a newness to mind, body, and spirit.

Today will be more peaceful,
Maybe an order will come
to end this ongoing war.

Maybe as glow of stars hits,
My contentment will greet,
Pray for a better day tomorrow,
Bottles of beers,
A Letter from girlfriend Maria,
with firework alike cheers...

Rachel Mayer Walsh Schapiro said...

interesting one.

agree to publish my work in a book of your project.

Princeton In Imaginative Review Rachel Mayer Walsh Schapiro

Pu-Lin-Si-Dun (Princeton),
Well know small town,
An evergreen name to be sung,
Frank, Suzann, Leming, Shedrick, Lexi, Ann, Shawn, Peter, Bradley,
Kimberly, Robert, Taylor, Liz, John, Bill, Anthony, Jason, Kathleen,
Plus Lisa, Elena, Chelsea, Lori, Meredith, Gayla, Amelia, Stephan;
Nutty tomboys and handsome gentlemen.

Palm square, hulfish road, Lempert George walkway and Tom Albert library,
Chris and Shirley make sure most of us feel honored and merry,
Art museum, Asian food park, and Princeton Garden movie theatre,
golf fields such as Royce Brook, Cherry Valley, Jasna Polana, Hopewell Valley,
Mercer county golf add fabulous delight to Princeton township and dining feature,
Sincere transportation service from Hilton hotel branch named Double Tree,
We also love the service provided at Princeton Junction station, easy,
An Ambragie food production and Somalia relation are under way.

Back at Newark-New York Liberty international airport,
Park Plus EZ car rental offers convenient passport
so that we drive about route #1, route #95, feeling free,
Morty Rowlingstone, Myanmar apartments,
Shannon Constantin, Hasty Alain Chamber music enjoyments,
Don't forget Jimmy's Eggs near Sleep INN,

Jacobin Henry Denise Korbetis said...

greetings, i wish to publish my work in your project.

A Ride On Pratt's Rocket-ship
Jacobin Henry Denise Korbetis

Mary Kate Stanley is bored,
She decides to take a trip to outer world,
By saying "Mona Lisa",
Her imaginary boat begins to shake under a sudden storm radar,
By mentioning "French Fry",
Her clothes instantly go clean and dry,
By thinking of "Peterson Calosi",
She finds herself in a wagon next to Hawaii's Botkin Hunting Sherwoods,
By forgetting her Way home,
She lands on Mars with Samoan's favorite Hollywood stars,
By praying for "Shen Yun" performing art,
She coincides with God SumYang's turning wheels and becomes a nut,
Billions of light years pass,
Pratt's rocket-ship grows many decaying dots,
Through ups and downs in emotional paradise,
Stanley's body and soul upgrade and harden,
Eventually, she says "Boomer Sooner", absolutely,
Her rocketship resumes and descends
by a reindeer and lands at Manowa's Yorky Valley.

Sheila Todd Hallelujah Moon said...

hi, here is my entry for publishing my poem at your book.

Austin Inside/Cross Texas Sheila Todd Hallelujah Moon

Theresa Burke is a proud mom now,
so do Deborah, Jenna, Cynthia, and Hongqiu,
I do recall old pals from UT at Austin, Texas,
Hongjin, Yulin, Yingcong, Zijuan, Alice, Qingbo, Yuri, Yuan,
Jiahui, Chenqi, Chenxi, Vikky, Jay, Cathy, Lichi, and Isabelle,
Sweet and frank past,
Memories refuse to fade.

Looking back again,
renewed friendship upgrades and obtains,
Abby, Tara, Amanda, Richard, Sofina, Tifany, Blake, Patrick,
Thomas, Sheng, Sophia, Annabel, Jeanne, Tyler, Sabrina, Mick,
it seems like their opinions won't agree to quit.

A mail from Katy city is great,
A hello from university of Miami sounds like birds' tweet,
Denise, Jennifer, Lauren, Bobby, Julia, Emily, Blasio, Luis, Doherty, Kaitlyn,
Uwe, Anne, Gabriele, Roger, Joseph, Forbes, James, Cuomo, and Madeline,
Heroes and heroines rock and roll
While high school dance party begin to withdraw.

Sid Hudson, Ken, Jane Perlez, Mark Landler, Fallin, Henry, Bartley, and Bill Citty soar,
hope that Audie, Leon, mish, Barbara, Magrete, Laura, Blecha, Cornett, Bree do fine,
and David, Molly, Les Risser, Christian, Prem, Goce, Yannis, and Deanna Voss shine.
Think of Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Marcos, Los Angele, Corpus Christi and San Jose,
We raise our concern for fitness, nutrition, education, and relation as awareness.

Matt OffenSend Kivatinos Nusimow said...

how nice, agree to share.

OCU, OU, OSU, and OYO: Music, Sports, and Books, Solutions to Life's Obersity Matt OffenSend Kivatinos Nusimow

75 miles drive to oyo program at OCU, OKC,
where groups of orchestra students do their musical plays,
An desired instrument for each one,
Beautiful campus, Hallmark and Good Will stores.

Tropic of Orange is a book by Karen Tei Yamashita,
Life on Mars is written by Tracy K. Smith,
Bad Things Happen has Harry Dolan as its author,
Sherryl Woods is weaved by Angel Mine,
The Revenge or Samuel Stokes By Penelope Lively...

Chicken soup for the soul at work is one of the new york times
Bestselling series books, the writers are world famous:
Alex Haley, Beverly Sills, Dave Thomas, Scott Adams, Tim Clauss, Tom Chappell,
Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Maida Rogerson, Liz Camden, Roy Smith, Martin Rutte,
reading a book is a walking length of a mile, one of the healthy habits.

Watching college football and basketball games is also divine,
Remember Robert, Krista, Tippett, Hale, Marks, Travis, Glenn, Sherman, Curt, Ford, Mike,
Don't gossip about Butch, Burns, Pierre, Holder, Gundy, Bob, Rod, Gary, Russ, or Moore,
Morning coffee, noon nap, afternoon tea, and night time reading or music,
Everything shall be brewed and stirred well like the solid musical stand.

Mondays are musical time,
Tuesdays are young democratic time,
Wednesdays are piano key board time,
Thursdays are Cello lesson time,
Fridays are read to soulful feed time,
Saturdays are friendship and game time,
Sundays are church and prayers time...

Madeline Anthony Herzig Jackson said...

well done prompt, I'm joining in:

Scanning Occupations at the Home of Fish and Rice Madeline Anthony Herzig Jackson

Next to the Han river,
At the village of fish and rice,
Inside nutshell of Jiangchang Town, Tianmen county, Hubei province,
Many occupations take place
while Mo Yan wins 2012 Nobel literature prize,
and Park Geun Hye visits Bejing, Russia, and acts wise.

Lee Jae Hoon is happy to be a seoul police,
Heo Young Saeng and Kim Dong Wook are also chef agency to locale residents,
Rosedole Patten used to be a fisherman,
Tomas Mboyan don't regret being a skillful tailor,
Pilot Gilpen loves being a horseman,
Wilson Odiawu determines to be a fortune teller.

What about He? what about She?
What about you, what about me?
Well, anything you and I do is award winning,
Please don't hesitate to move on and find your favorite company.
Let Larry Shell continue to be an oil man,
Let Peter Odinga be trained to be an accountant.

Accept that Soditoy Wooster as an editor,
Jackie Raun as an school instructor,
Uma Hussein a chef cook assistant,
Railan Nyanza a carpenter,
Not to forget about Bernard Safrown, an ironman,
Jomosy Kenyatta a brick layer too.

Here let's add a few more:
Library science does fancy Elmer Kirk and Shenol Scheinman,
Diablo Valley and Silicon Stanley feel better to join them then...
Share peanuts, corns, soy beans, wheat flours, plain rice, and cotton,
a bowl of well cooked rice along with fresh fish dish
and spicy peppers and eggplants shall be sweet meal teaser.

Maggie Attino-Frankford Shapirol said...

amazing prompt, thanks.

Biking Around, On or Off Line! Maggie Attino-Frankford Shapirol

As a juvenile, I like bike riding,
it is similar to food diet or sight seeing;
Janet Noella is my cousin,
Wanda Bassia sets me training;
Two wheels, bicycle magic,
Getting the duet-cycle going and going,
Learning how to hop on is a challenge,
Mastering how to take off takes practice.

Epcot Disney Barron shares his new bike,
Montaro Burns Francisco goes on strike,
Frank Nixon flies a kite,
Harry Manshen Myers buys a bottle of spirit,
"A panda on the bike,"
Matty Roger Port grins wide,
"A monkey is watching beside,"
Pamela Odelay cannot help laughing from Red riverside.

Yuanbril Ochieng spots my bike online,
Jennifer Shanan decides to have the same bike fun;
Sasha Okala follows me around,
Jarvis Christian joins me to riders' fair ground,
Morris Pickens bring in snacks,
Kimberly Spoeneman Molen is relieved that no flat tires, no direct wrecks.

Listening to Warren Caroline Smith radio,
I let Philander Terzer Buffet seal my day.

Nancy Monica Perazil Federle said...

hi, agree to share my work and publish my entry with you.

Atlanta (Ya-Tai-Lan-Da) and Atlantic Ocean (Daxi Yang) Nancy Monica Perazil Federle

Below sky high mountains,
Above Florida coast,
Atlanta is Georgia's focus:
Enormous blue land-side,
Business and technology run worldwide.

Meanwhile, Atlantic ocean is also grand in fascination,
A 2nd largest ocean among Pacific, Arctic, Atlantic, and India ocean,
Atlantic ocean touches Europe, Africa, South America, and North America
as Pacific ocean connects California coast to East China sea, Shanghai, Xiamen.
70% of the earth is covered by water, a huge commotion.

We praise North pole and Arctic ocean on north,.
We honor India ocean down by India, Somalia, and Australia;
We romance with Russia, Alaska, and Washington state on the west,
We spoil Florida keys and Maryland along Virginia, Rode Island on the east.

Atlanta as a capital city is both decent and exciting,
Olympic games used to take place here,
The will to advance social media and technology makes it ever-changing,
Georgia tech university adds power and fame to its landscape and atmosphere.

Remember many of these officials at Atlanta and Georgia:
George Sonny Perdue, Casey Cagle, Mark Taylor, Roy Barnes, Shana Rutz Gibelyou,
William Marsh, Scott Evans, Lorenzo Langford, Randy Mills, Don Guardian, Nathan Deal, Joe Frank Harris, Jason Carter, Karen Baker, Carl Sanders, Jimmy Carter, Zell Miller, Todd Holm, Sheila Why, Barack Dunham, George bud Peterson, Nikki Tomlin Wu, Yan Li

Janet Buffet Robert Levatich said...

agree to share.

Silicon Valley: A Non-Stop Jumping Icon Janet Buffet Robert Levatich

Next to a pink lotus flower,
A frog sits on a green lily pad,
Schools of fish swim under,
Stealing some looks at the frog.

a frog, an icon,
Its name is well known:
Frog, Qingwa, Tianji, Paradise Chicken, Field Rooster or Hen,
That's quite a yami confession.

People who live at San Jose, or Silicon Valley are frogs,
They control advancement of modern tech and blogs,
Family values, Hollywood glory, they fullfill the space of Mountain View,
San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Los Angles, Seattle, and Beverley Hills.

Segrey Brin and Edwin Lee are as big as Larry Page,
Susan Schmidt and Steve Jobs won't stop promoting Apple products;
Far far away, Up in Lempert Alfred Heaven,
Angels and fairies speak the name of Tesla Samchez, Chunk and Kasim Reed, and Todd Patten.

There is legacy of many a person,
Carlos Campos, Sam Zell, Jesse Jackson, Anne Torres, Glenn Murphy, Matt Ter Molen,
plus numerous business names and media sources:
Los Angles times, Chicago Tribunne, Suntech, Devon, Atwoods, Lockes, Sears,
Dillards, JcPenny, Old Navy, Google, Yahoo, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook...

Silicon Valley is one hot place,
Silicon valley has a frog's grace.
Fernholz, Simonyi, Chaniotis, Crone, Cosmo, Chris, She, Cora, Niblock, Monaghan,
Geary, Bowersock, Hisiuya, Bynum, Wang, Marissa, Tuzo, Chan, Zhao, Han, Yang,
Constable, Jong, Habicht, Lavin, Paret, Harris, Jerry, Royal, Odum, Shell, Lazarus,
It's always a delight to list these and enjoy inventive discovery along.

Cynthia Moffett Schofer Piety said...

it is hard to write nutrition poetry, natural choices, but got one on a location.

agree to publish my work with you.

Helena Metaphors Cynthia Moffett Schofer Piety

Helena and Montana,
Holm, Harris, Sharafi, Hamilakis, Tully, Heit, Constantin, Sears, Skylar,
Brook, Sabra, Sheffield, Lam, Zhang, Peng, Henry, Arcelay, Wang, Relyea,
Lenski, Cooper, Grife, Golden, Spencer, Fallin, Roebuck, Holdings, Libya,
Images of IAS (Princeton) hop and sing for sister city Florida.

Helen Keller is an inspiration,
Elena Murphy and Jim Murphy are transformation,
Sophia Bollag paves new paths,
Camille Jakola braves royal oaths..
John Christian Ward-Perkins sets higher standards.

Helena Bombierim, Cally Beredjick, Brad Hamm, Jill Herzig, a dream,
Mora Foster, Alan Chen, David Wright, Sandy Flecher deserve fame.
Alberto, Ibarguen, Noha, Olivia, Enrico, Jamie, Cosse admire Montana,
Wigderson, Grayson, Hartmann, Pelayo, Yanqiu Baldwin chase Yo Yo Ma.
Don't forget tim Berners-Lee, John Lavine, Ken Selby, and Susan Komen.

An elephant and a mouse,
A donkey and a horse,
All of them wonder about music notes and concert boxes
as Alex Justin Russel handles long torn brown soxes.

Hess elects English a native tongue,
Ellis picks Jessica Simpson's pop song;
Leon resents Africa's dry grass land,
Enna sells home-made lemon juice.

Helena in Montana,
A star,
A comet,
or a yummy banana.

Penelope Maclver Cutts Putin said...

greetings, Happy Monday.

i am joining in and wish to get published with you.

Jackson and Mississippi Penelope Maclver Cutts Putin

Beside the Mississippi river,
Surrounded by Little Rock, Baton Rouge,
Montgomery, Nashville, and Cheyenne;
Stands an unique capital city called Jackson,
which reminds me of impressive figures
such as Phil Jackson, Tito Jackson, Marlon, Jackie, Jermaine and Scott Jackson.

Not far at Lutkin Fisk music hall,
En Ma and An Ya fine tune their violin strings,
a concert will take place on Mozart, Bach, Domino Frankman's
compositions and mountain view of sand springs,
Life is such a special occasion
when Piano and Percussion cooperate to sing.

Outside Mississippi state map,
Other lords and lands go green:
Stories and fairy tales fly out of grasp
of authoritative writers like rockets:
their names hang tall in Heaven
while walls of books stock to be read and seen.

Diane Sykes, Lynn Sweet, Jane Skinner, Anatole Shub, B. J. Demond, Jill Biden, Caitlin Rother,
Barry Peterson, Jodi Cohen, Michelle Kosinski, Matt Villano, Sam Walton, Michael Miner,
James Knight, Reece, Douglas, and Tom Foster, Camille Beredjick, Rylan Carney, John Clinton,
Uwe Gordon, Jan Phillips, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama, Dan Camey, Sarah Constantin,
Please accept fame and pass it to more people named Jackson.

Beyond Jackson and Mississippi river,
stands lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario,
Respect USA, Russia, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, Japan, Panama, and China,
Take vacations to Yellowstone National Park, Wrangell-Saint Elias Park, and Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, California, Wisconsin, and Florida.

Jessica Theodoragoss Block Bloomberg said...

haha, here is my contribution:

Lone Wolf and The Depth of Summer Arts Jessica Theodoragoss Block Bloomberg

A lone wolf is a wolf in solitude (a Lang of Jimo or Gudu),
It is a valley highlighting Oklahoma Quartz mountain and lake Altus Lugent,
where annual summer art camp on acting, ballet, chorus, creative writing, drawing,
film video, modern dance, orchestra, and photography takes place,
Officials under Julie Cohen, Emily Clinton, Shana Rutz Gibelyou, and Jennifer Flecher
select outstanding faculty nationwide.

When we support Arts and Music, we value efforts made by foundations and donors,
It is those who put their artistic dream into action making a youthful artist's dream coming true.
energy at lone wolf spark fires while students spend two weeks create art work,
Many other camps from Alaska, California, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Alabama offer
additional spirits to love wolf initiatives...Look at mount. McKmley, St. Elias, Foraker,
Bona, Blackburn, Whiteney, Elbert, Himalaya...they lower their heads to agree.

A lone wolf is a loner that can be grey or pale,
a wolf's howl is loud to its prey,
when we listen to chorus or orchestra music sound,
we are made to believe that a music artist's talent is profound.

Invite Susan Page, Jack Green, Elizabeth Burns, David Mooneyhan, Molly Boren, David Boardman,
Kevin Blackstone, Scott Bergen, Brad Pitt, Angela Jolie, John Lavine, Joe Biden, Hank klibanoff,
Lois Wille, Morty and Mimi Schapiro, Julio Antonio Mella, Jerry Brown, Michael Isikoff, Roxana Saberi, Joshua Green, Jeff Jarviss, Frank Wang, Mish /Barack Robinson, Peter Marks, Meredith Blecha, Amy Storm, Mary Fallin, Kimberly Henry, Ann and Burns Hargis, Christian Fallin, Let waves of tall tales, song bites, dancing steps, and inventive drawing be seen and heard.

Please worship oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, forests, deserts that nurture our life's health,
Chihuahuan, Sonoran, Mojave, Colorado, Painted desert are major forces under hook,
Here I also pen down Mississippi-Missouri-Red Rock river, Mississippi river, Missouri river, Yukon river, Rio. Grande River, Arkansas river, Colorado river, and Ohio-Allegheny river,
Snakes of water and matches of tree shadows are roots to Lone Wolf and its healthy growth.

Carolina Salady Walker Inhofe said...

haha, I wish to publish my poem with ya.

Lychee As Lizzy or Lizhi Carolina Salady Walker Inhofe

Best eaten fresh and raw,
Lychee is a rare
but super healing fruit to us all.

Hometown to province Guangdong and Fujian,
A proud member to soapberry family,
Lychee dominates Queen Elizabeth's menu for its unique quality.

Pink, sharp and hard shell,
Delicate meat with floral and fragrant smell,
Lychee fruit is one mighty factor to keep us merry and well.

Sheridan David Tanya-Page Raun said...

agree to publish my work here:

Persimmon As Shizi Sheridan David Tanya-Page Raun

Edible and Orange-Yellowish,
a persimmon fruit has high glucose content
and medicinal or chemical purpose.

Persimmon trees bloom in white or pale,
The baby fruit of a persimmon tree looks green then orange,
Its skin is shiny, smooth, and sunlit sheen.

A Hongsi or Hachiya persimmon is astringent,
A Maru or Sheng persimmon carries nuevo leon scent,
and a Soshu, Fuyu or Jiro persimmon is non-astringent.

Kate Virginia Barefoot Hargis said...

happy Tuesday, here is my entry to get published.

Chestnut: A Chesten Nut Kate Virginia Barefoot Hargis

A branch family member of Fagaceae,
Native to temperate regions of Northern Hemisphere,
Chestnuts (Lizi) are edible and fulfilling nuts.

Some call chestnut chesten nut,
Other call chestnut Sardian nut,
It has home at China, Bolivia, Greece, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Spain.

As a sister nut to Walnut and Almond,
Chestnut is rich in calories and starch,
Which gives us a very good chance to promote chestnut for nutrition reason.

Goce Bristol Tamhane Sahakian said...

agree to share.

nutrition poem Goce Bristol Tamhane Sahakian

But then your goal
will help fill your bowl.
If you don't wish to be dormant
and need some performance
add other foods to promote
for me its milk and oats!

Iremonger JacoBus Quinlan Pickens said...

agree. will give permission to publish my work.

Little Rock On Chelsea and Hillary Iremonger JacoBus Quinlan Pickens

I grow closer to Arkansas's capital city Little Rock
When I think of Chelsea, Hillary, and Bill Clinton.
A few trips to Little Rock and its attractions,
I fancy little rocky mountains, waterfalls, and national parks.

World famous and historical city of Little Rock,
We know that Donald Reynolds Science Center is an awesome discovery,
William Clinton museum and Little Rock Zoo are cool to unlock,
Don't forget stopping by Fort Smith waterfall, caves, and lake fort smith park.

We appreciate Chelsea Clinton and Hillary Clinton's contribution in education,
Mom, Dad, and Child, a family of three,
They indeed make history
and entertain Washington via well fought victory.

Little Rock is Clinton family's milestone,
Both ups and downs constitute a powerful song,
So, play golf, restrict development of Nuclear weapons,
Praise Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, Kennedy, Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Lincoln,
Nixon, Adams, Madison, Jackson, ...and wish everyone good luck.

Roessel Morton Nicholas Thornton said...

Agree to publish my work here

26 Alphabets In V Shape
Roessel Morton Nicholas Thornton

Allison Zemin
Bradley Yamaha
Cynthia Xanoell
Dillard Wisdom
Elias Viance
Franklin Utah
Gary Tokyo
Hillary Somalia
Isabelle Roselly
Jill Quebec
Kate Paterson
Linda Owen
Mary-Ann Nancy

Sabringo Chelsea Leming Joseph said...

Agree to publish my work with you.

Oslo In Norway
Sabringo Chelsea Leming Joseph

By mistake, I take Oslo as Olso,
So I write down this:

I do love Olive Garden,
The Italian restaurant,
although Chili’s, Texas Roadhouse, and Moon's Gate are good,
I cannot go that often.

Yes, i appreciate Obamas and Wilsons,
I know I couldn't pay back much,
Yet, I do my best to find reasons
to Remain distant and randomly sing some loving songs.

Olso reminds me of Olive Garden,
Olso leads me to places such as Oslo in Norway,
El Paso, Olive, Molie, Also, Wal-mart, Wilson, Solo,
Italian names roast, soft like marshmallows.

Near the Kaci Sonja Jagland flower garden,
Alva and Vetle dream of Rome, Florence, Mars, and Milan,
I rewrite my title as Oslo, not Olso,
And let life's fantasy converge
to hang at Oslo's edge.

Mary Bruce Leopold Holmwood said...

agree to share and publish my work with no payment and no charge.

A Naypyidaw Imagery
Mary Bruce Leopold Holmwood

Natalie Sunflower is cool,
So does Jay Payne and Tim Wu,
Days change and pages turn,
April Fool will welcome May season
as gardeners are ready for
their spring radish gardening tool.

Not planning for graduate school,
Ginger Bollage and Vino Leemish relaxe and rest,
A field trip is scheduled to Naypyidaw zoo,
Ginger and her friends cannot wait to sample new
food items and feel at best.

Gym time, dorm time, reading time,
Washington, Chicago, Nashville, Egypt, and Incheon,
Coffee time, lunch time, friendship and music time,
Natalie, Jay, Tim, Ginger, Vino dine on lots of nutrition
factors and determine to see things beyond.

Karen Elizabeth Julio BakerWhy said...

hi, here is my entry for your project in publishing ..

Moving My Eyes From Here To There (Locations) Karen Elizabeth Julio BakerWhy

Coral Gables
Dial Soup
Geometric Analysis
Kathmanda (Katy)
Panama City
Quebec Capital
Rouge, Baton
Xang’s X-ray
Zero Pepsi Cola

Abigail Charles Blount Fallin said...

hi, here is mine to be published.

Kowloon As Jiulong, Nagoya As Mingguwu, and Mozilla More
Abigail Charles Blount Fallin

El Paso
Mozilla Firefox
Qi Qin
United Kingdom
Yangsheng Wu

Sasha Jenna MoCormick Robertson said...

hello, glad to share my work with you.

Denver The Danfu Flow
Sasha Jenna McCormick Robertson

Whenever I feel anxious,
I count to ten;
Whenever I feel ignored,
I write poetry and go redden...

Almost everyone uses pens to write,
Yet, not all become published authors,
Public libraries at Boulder are right,
None has to depend on Denver
to forecast worthy writers.

I know Denver prints bills,
It has been remaining modest and sound,
Money is not everything in Jonathan Weisman's Wills,
Ask Steve Bell and Justin Wood
to grow oranges next to Charles Li's home front.

It's easy to envy one's opponents,
It's hard to avoid snakes at Colorado camping tents;
with open-minded knowledge,
We can safeguard our boarders
and defend our freedom of expressions
in religion, speech, publishing and reasonable vacations.

Denver honors dens, pens, hens, roosters, and English,
Denver verifies our identity via one's talent,
That's why I connect names
of Roger Barstow, Peter Applebome, Jennifer Lopez, Audie Leon Murphy,
George Martin, David Spett, Wendy Leopolel, Tina Ropeik, Steven Spooner,
Laura Washington, Zedong Mao, Jinping Xi, Min Yao, Xiaoping Deng,
Nicole Wallance, Howard Tyner, Judy Blime, Judy Baar Topinka,
Cody Scott, Mary Fallin, Pamela Archer, Scott Jackson to
Jingle Nozelar Yanqui's Hall of Fame....

Mish TechCrunch Segal Foster said...

hehe, smiles, I agree to publish my poem with you.

Toronto (Duo-Lun-Duo)
Mish TechCrunch Segal Foster

Imagine that: a duck pond, halls for performing arts,
A Honda or Mazda car dealer, an ant farm,
A rose or eggplant garden in the backyard,
Poetry by Emily Dickenson, Bill Collins, Kay Ryan, and Robert Frost.

Tender French corn, Paris cotton woods,
Berlin tomato sauce, Tokyo hamburgers,
Moscow Wilson peppers, Italian tango dance beats odds,
Vote for Romania, Topeka, Rome, San Diego, Sydney, Dallas,
London, Plano, Catawba, San Marcs, Shenyang, and Austin shoppers.

Today, Toronto is promising agency,
Tomorrow, Toronto is a victory in sight of the Lord,
Pen down Layton, Victoria, Norton, Robinson, Bob, Booguloo, and Moore,
Remember Harvard, Northwestern, Young, Toyota, Jackson, Middleton,
Tommy, Ontino, Edward, Schapiro, Evens, Jaco, Wright, and Standford.

It's good to connect polka dots in a learning book
and get in touch with people such as Lifu Wu, Stanley Ann Dunham, Lee Yong-goo,
Enge Wang, Robson Walton, Zhongqiang Peng, George Dayton, Richard Schulze,
Dixie Wanda Hendrix, Pamela Fry, James Shannon Murphy, Terrance Michael Murphy,
William Dillard, Houping Peng, Gordon Bowker, Min Wang, Zev Siegi, Allisa Schapiro,
Alfred Bernhard Nobel, Chentong Qiu, Barack Obama Jr., Ed and Dana Sowards,
plus Yanqiu Wang, Joseph Biden, Jintao Hu, Bill Gates, and Ignazio Marino!

Emily Trajcevski Mangelsdorf Cohen said...

agree to publish with you.

Ginger Root Soup and Love Roses
Emily Trajcevski Mangelsdorf Cohen

Almost everyone catches cold
during winter seasons,
Coughing is one major symptom.
The sound of coughing sound
impacts the mood of a family, two lovers.

Back at Beijing city,
When I had stuffed nose and bad breath,
My hubby cooked ginger soup for me,
the hot taste is revealing,
and the speed of healing is impressive
and as a result, we have grown a tradition
of drinking ginger root soup or tea, daily.

Ginger root, fresh and full of powerful energy,
The root is used for cooking assistance in general,
Yet, when it is applied for medical purpose,
It becomes a gem as bacteria/germ killer.

Love is sweet like rose
when it comes at the perfect pace,
I love ginger roots,
the way I cherish love and rose.

Laynie Barbara Gosney Blecha said...

agree to share and publish my work under the statement you mentioned, thanks.

Willow Creek Experiences
Laynie Barbara Gosney Blecha

Not so sure of things,
I step into Locke Lowe Store,
Finding the perfect light bulbs, wonderful.

Rac is a furniture store,
It carries sofa, TV, beds, dining tables and chairs,
I see name brands of Toshiba, Ashley, Kenmore...

Sears is another place to explore,
Too bad that they've moved to Main street,
No way to scan their stockings, unfortunate.

Dollar general is absolutely fine,
Photo frames, DVDs, bath tissues, soaps,
Dial-Nutri-Jackie-Scott-Colgate brand, all look grand.

Thrilled to have my garage light bulbs replaced,
"Play sandbags" and "Dasani Water Bottles" are good,
The result of putting all trash out leads to a cheery mood.

Grand Village's roasted duck meat,
Plain rice plus Jiang vegetables to reheat,
A suitable leftover plate for Tom's sake.

Today is Tuesday,
Tom spends almost two hours at Young Democrats office,
He is asked to pass a flyer to Aspen Coffee and feels great.

The trip to Stillwater High School is not long,
So very proud to speak to Sheng on the telephone,
and i do wish to pay close attention to the box of lost and found.

Prem Laszlo Riesbeck Ottino said...

hi, agree to publish my work with you.

Evanston and Nu
Prem Laszlo Riesbeck Ottino

Northern and Midwest,
Wet and Modest,
Evanston is tall,
Nu adds strength to summer's Fall.
Go, Northwestern University,
Stay Cheerful, Evanston community,
Continue the lead on technology,
Be friend with Chicago O'Hare, and other experts in physics, chemistry, music, and biology...

Morris Alma Raine’s Honor Roll From A to Z

Adam Goodman Zachary Lewis-Hills
Brenna Argall Yun Wang
Clifford Noble Xiaoyan
Davis Darren Wayne Greene
Elizabeth Tisdahl Vishu Patel
Frank Walsh Uwe Gorden
Goce Trajcevski Thrasos Pappas
Haoqi Zhang Seng-Tiong Ho
Iain Nunez Russelm Joseph
Jones Kenneth Queen Elizabeth II
Ken Forbes Peter Scheuermann
Liz Gerber Owen Canfield
Michael Honig | Nozelar Curtis

Roxanne George Hakkaruba Englerwood said...

hello, agree to publish my poem with you.

Drag Khartoum To Seaface Roxanne George Hakkaruba Englerwood

A Han group member,
Arsher Petree keeps wondering about things,
By attending college and graduate school,
She knows bar graph, charts, curves, theories, lemmas, proposals,
as well as pesticide, FBI, pentagon, dress code, Russian, Korean, and field studies.

Khartoum in Sudan does connect to Arsher's experiences,
Many women from Sudan are proud of Khartoum and its culture,
and they have published books reflecting some of Arsher's beliefs.
Khartoum higher institutions are major factory to better educated Sudan writers.

Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America form five major continents,
Khartoum citizens are known by their hall of fame honor roll
and by their attitude toward those living outside Sudan.
Group intelligence and its wisdom glitter like twinkling stars.

Scan and zoom on some of those individuals who are big enough to show their faces,
we find that they do tickle us by the way their names are spelled:
Aleah Holt, Tena Hunter, David Djie, Laura Khalil, Jill Hunt, Joseph Alvarez, Jim Halligan,
Ronald Wand, Kaifu Li, Leila Aboulela, Xiaojia Shen, Dai Xu, Amin Maalouf, Lola Han,
Linjun Ping, Jim Khalili, Shengxin Xiong, Terry Alford, Yalin Xu, Xin Zhao, Mary Fallin,
Renzhong Xu, Omer Al-Bashir, Zeidan, Kate Middleton, Nagwa Elamin, Marissa Mayer...

Christopher Eddington Scott Wood said...

hi, my second entry, thanks.

Haiku 1-2-3 Christopher Eddington Scott Wood

Lemme see Peru,
Sandwiches, salads, and cheese,
Never meant to tease.

Peru and Cuba,
Good things like ma and pa,
How about some Pizza?

Lopez, Pamela, or Brazil,
A lady seeks ways to feel,
Try out Mexico.

Russia, Hungry,
None shall make you so angry,
Go ask Hillary.

To write I will try,
To entertain I shall fly,
To laugh I must slide.

Larry Hasty Holder Stanleywood said...

hello, my last and second entry, thanks.

Confidence on Americans Larry Hasty Holder Stanleywood

She has bills to pay,
He has secrets to keep, say,
Be aware, and stay.

Things happen, reason?
When rules expire, lawyers cry,
Adjust to survive.

A country of excellence?!
We need confidence.

Mexico is cool,
Brazil, Cuba, and Peru,
They could inspire you.

Are you hungry?
Do you invest in Georgia?
No war for Russia.

Books, notes, or money,
Romance is sweet like honey,
Roses are charming.

Strangers are friendly,
Fresh flowers are lovely,
Why not live freely!

Amelia Googles Sharon-Stein Wilson said...

hi, agree to publish my second entry, thanks.

See Beyond Human Limits Please
Amelia Googles Sharon-Stein Wilson

Zhen Peng
Yaping Li
Xian Tong
William Kath
Vernon Florence
Utom Sheehan
Tai Wu
Sean Reynolds
Rahm Emanuel
Qingming Yang
Prem Kumar
Oliver Cossairt
Nicole Grayson
Liz Lempert
Kornel Ehmann
James Fujimoto
Isabelle Hopkins
Horacio Espinosa
Gokhan Memik
Frascati Joe
Ellen Sisley
Douglas Downey
Chang Liu
Bruce Wessels
Alan Sahakian

Geese sail high,
Cotton clouds decorate the navy blue sky,
Keep asking why?
Why shall we not invade others’ space?
Why shall we wear other persons’ shoes?
Why shall we honor those who support us?
Why shall we preserve family and search for inner peace…

26 names ring down the roll,
Each of them sparks some wisdom in us,
Sing a song of freedom and peace,
Let the sun outshine the shadow of the evil spirits.

Helen michelle Alan Obama said...

hi, my other entry for publishing.

Name Tag A To Z Two Times By NoPorkToday Times
Helen Michelle Alan Obama

Molly Shi Boren | Nancy Cox
Liz Roth Odilia Dank
Kendra Fergeson Princeton University
Jerome Westheimer Qinhai Province
Ivy League Colleges Robert Hagerstrand
H. E. Rainbolt Sarah Hearn
George Speed Tony Gonzalez
Facebook(Mark) USC &UPenn
Eugene Enrico Vivian Nida
Don Holladay Warren Jensen
Charles Oppenheim Xibei (Nu)
Beau Leland Yale Bowl Stadium
Alissa Millar Zutter, Hank De


Anne Eisfeller Zapanta Al
Ben Long Yugoslavia
Connie Imboden Xiantao School
Daris Word Hale Wes Woolard
Elizabeth Tomorsky-Knott Virginia Sircy
Fenton Kevin Uw (Seattle, WA)
Gina Buntz Tomasz Golka
Harper Lauren Sherri Weiler
Iowa Cohan Regina Saisi
Jose Rodriguez Qinghuang Island
Karel Butz Purrington Ed
Larry Guy Ostriker Alicia
Michael Murray | Nancy Goodwin

Two sets of names slide down the lines,
None has to hide or be afraid of traffic fines,
Music strings vibrate,
Howl of inner thoughts dance,
It is simply a matter of luck on one’s fate,
Feel the drumbeats and spread love to people in distance.

Maggie Attino-Frankford Shapirol said...

hi, agree to share my other entry, a fruit called pome.

Pome As LigWuo Fruit Maggie Attino-Frankford Shapirol

A sub-tribe malinae of family Rosaceae,
Pome is an accessory fruit composed of one or more carpels
that are wrapped by accessory tissues such as fruit cortex,
hypanthium, torus, etc. (by wikipedia).

Also, according to research by Esau, Jonathan Pereira, Fred Kilmel, Joseph Carson, Alfred Swaine Taylor, George Owen Rees, and Hickey King, Pome fruits have hard inner cores, juicy crunch meat, and share rooms with apples, pears, hawthorn, toyon, quince, rowan, and white beans.

Sample Pome fruits can be: apples (figs, olives, malus domestica),
pears (genus, pyrus, Alcinous), the content of poem seems whiter and shape
oval alike as the result of a rosaceae branch...poem fruits are good for our brain
development and can be considered as wit food and can be found all over USA.

Special thanks to those who contribute to poem fruit studies,
Potter Erikson, Tami Evans, Smedmark Jica, Morgan Kerr, Robertson Arsenalt,
Julie Bright, Moore Shinoso, Malin Town, Dickinson Campell, and Norse Greek.

Pat-Mather Brown Gordon-ceton said...

Thanks to all for supporting.

agree to have my other one in ...

Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia Boeing 777-200Er Incident
Pat Mather Brown Gordon-Ceton

March 8, 2014,
Kuala Lumpur or Ji Long Po airport,
Boeing 777-200 Er, 227 passengers,
Destination of Beijing International Airport, China
A good start on boarding, taxing, and taking off...
but the plane goes missing a few hours later...all of a sudden.

Malaysia Airline CEO won't question anything
unless, then wow, a powerful case is in,
No signs of the airplane on computer screen,
People's head goes blank, wondering...
Headache to Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Will Dunham, Sonya Hepinstall,Tim Hepher,
John Goglia, Najib Razak, Renata Lucchi, Luigi Maraldi, Kim Kyung-Hoon, Sarah Nor,
Christian Kozel, Elaine Wood, Dean Yates, Vung Tau, and friends or family members...
Philippine reporters, as well as authorities from Port Blair, Hanoi, Singapore,
USA navy and FBI, New York, Perth, Rome, Paris, London, China, Australia, Vienna, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, and Hong Kong are involved.

Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia instantly win fame
at the cost of those 239 lost lives, after weeks of hunting
from air, sea, and landscapes...Sad accident, heart-breaking
relatives and off-springs to those who have boarded the aircraft
yet never thought they would be gone...Unfortunate! Prayers!

Sarah Thomas Binegar Bush said...

agree to have my second entry published.

Tripoli, or Tarabulus, Duliboya, Telaibaji,
Sarah Thomas Binegar Bush

Libya is well known,
Tripoli is catching up,
Write down Tripoli, Tarabulus, Duliboya, Telaibaji,
We know that words do duplicate themselves along like a crown:


Tripoli reminds me of cherries,
Tripoli implies growth, decay, wounds, policy, mathematics,
Tripoli contains tadpoles, frogs, eels, maturity, policeman, politics,
and Tripoli is a symbol to libya
and the center to its technology and healthy science.

Again, when you visit Tripoli,
You'd better do it on Wednesday, particularly
in the month of March,
and be sure to be polite
so that Mona Lisa stays in touch
to safeguard your freedom, in the US and worldwide.

Be aware, Thorbjom Jagland, Thomas Bach, and Kaci Kullmann Five enjoy
offering fame to lots of folks, and they may find Tripoli being
as interesting as Oslo or the powerful Olympic games.

Mimi Brad Sheng Pallin Henry said...

Happy Sunday.
My second entry, agree to share and publish.

Baghdad (Bageda, Paketar, Barguefa) Mimi Brad Sheng Palin Henry

An international tour is on 10am sharp,
Sarah-Ann Lynch, Ezzadin Haji, and Hind Aldoski
have their turn to guide visitors:
The streets are still messy here,

Beyond all, first they have to show Gesotora Kang, Barno Stadium-
Football stars and fans' battle ground;
Then, they walk toward Mayy Aljisad, Haya Aljamish, and All Goreo dorms,
Although the city bus makes it easy to shuffle,
They still feel out of breath at many places,
When they dine at Louis Berger Dust Barrow Hall,
They have salad, soups, pizza, fried rice, Julio Owen chou mian,...

Passing Maji Hamiroe Ontomo Avenue,
The group boarded a boat,
they will have to see Jerry Sherwood Museum, and shop at Shwuno Gift shop,
post cards, monuments, T-shirts, tic-toc handbags, maps,
lots of stuff to look at...

After the tour, it's almost 2pm, and
Colega Soreen recommends that the following people will be honored
by participants, they must write a fictional story about the person
whose name is assigned to them...and their names are:

Jack Mo Yoo, Mark Feierstein, Ari Hishyar Sedeg Hassan, Faris Malik, umm Qasr,
Mark Faster, Sarah Harding, Jason Cox, Mahmound Ahmadinejad, Bonnie Hess,
Sherry Fox, Bill Johnstone, Hoel Schimek, Ann Lacy, Mark Turner, Baylee Henry,
Craig Kent, Caleb Dicke, Lisa Bloom, Brian Wecht, Reva Wolf, Jimmy Johns, Yuri Han,
Moon-kie Jung, Leah Henry, Jennifer Flecha, Scott Jackson, Michael Jordan, Sherri Kim,
Bob Young, Todd Holm, Christian Fallin, Chris Raun, Cynthia Francisco, Mingze Xi.

Christy Jason-Pritchard Clinton said...

hi, agree to share and publish my work here:

Places, People, and Stars
Christy Jason Pritchard Clinton

Annapolis | Zealand (New)
Concord Xiamen City
Delhi Wilmington
Evanston Victory (Shengli)
Fort Worth United Airline
Georgia Tampa
Hanoi Seoul
Indianapolis Raleigh (Bob)
Jefferson City Qiqihar City
Kuwait City Penn Yan Village
Lisbon Oxford
Montreal | North Bay


Alex Clark Freedman | Zhu Lin
Barbara Bush Yangtze River
Catherine Brown Xu Jianying
Danica Patrick Wilson Amelia
Emily Ayshford Vuchic Boris
Freddie Paul United States of America
Guy Peterson Tom Lee Wu
Hannah Chung Sheng Wu
Indie Rebecca Rachel Schapiro
Ji Yan Qu Huarong
Kyle Delaney Phillip Messersmith
Larry Page Olive Blecha-Wells
Mike Duncan | Nathan Freeman


Twinkle twinkle, evening star,
Beautifully decorating the space above,
Cars run, come and go,
Not many know how much you wish to forgive your foe,
Nightmares can bring tears to your face,
Only stars can spot your emotion and give your strength,
A star, a wish,
A prayer, a release.

Marissa Sergey Christian Murphy said...

hi, agree to share my second poem...a food item.

Tomato, A Pan Que or Xi Hong Shi Princess Food
Merissa Sergey Christian Murphy

Body height vine trees,
Green hairy leaves,
Tomato woods are godly Kiddoos.

Solid and greenish at young,
a tomato is born ambitious and strong,
and the whole thing looks perfectly round.

Hard and raw for a week long,
Summer sunlight makes it hang on and on,
The color shifts to bright red when the time is upon.

From a tiny tomato seed,
To a leafy tomato tree rooted in dirt,
The Sun, the Moon, and the air have woven their magic wand
by giving birth to a food fantasy.

Some call tomato Pan Que,
Others call tomato Xi Hong Shi,
But it is tomato's nutrition factors
that sets its outstanding quality, no doubt.
Tomatoes are a princess fruit vegetable for all fit family.

Tomato ketchup,
Tomato Salsa,
Tomato Slices Salad,
Tomato eggdrop soup,
Tomato truly delights us all for being unique western crimson.

Rachel Mayer Walsh Schapiro said...

Hi, thanks for the chance to shine. agree to share and publish my work in your project.

Hong Kong (Xiang Gang): A Plum Habor
Rachel Mayer Walsh Schapiro

Having been through War time pain,
In July of 1997, Hong Kong and mainland China join in,
The policy remains open:
One nation, two systems,
One president, differing treatments.

Hong Kong is a name expressed in Chinese Cantonese,
Cantonese is spoken by people from Hong Kong, Guangdong, Fujian, Guangxi,
and its dialogue is very different from Chinese official language...
Chinese official language is Mandarin (Putong Hua =Han Yu=Guo Yu=Hua Yu),
Thus, mostly, Chinese media and citizens from North (Beijing, Hebei, Jilin, Liaolin, Helongjiang)
speak of Hong Kong as Xiang Gang, which implies a plum harbor.

Under the leadership of Zemin Jiang (1997-), Jintao Hu, and Jinping Xi (2013-),
Economic trades and communications between Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese
grow, but under firm control: citizens from mainland China can only stay in Hong Kong
for a week or two with a permit, they always need to update their visa
whenever they need to visit Hong Kong.

In the past, Hong Kong, along with Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea
is called 4 little Asia Dragons..the reason for such fame is because
these places have impressive economic growth rate in comparison to other places.
The Chinese University of Hong Kong,
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,
University of Hong Kong are some of the higher educational bases
that attract attention of mainland Chinese students and folks with interests.

Do visit Hong Kong today,
it is a mix of British, Japanese, Taiwanese,
and Transitional Chinese culture and education.

Malia Butterfly Detroit Page said...

agree to share.

Assumptions Do Hurt Malia Butterfly Detroit Page

Conyers, Atlanta,
Post office, UPS, bookmarks,
Crafting from Utah.

Icy roads, lots of cars,
a challenge to avoid absence,
Tom enjoys Sheng Wool.

Assumptions do hurt,
Competitions do have sweat,
Swing life like a bat.

Not sure about how,
Sasha, Mish, Barack, and Boo,
Sweet companies now.

See the sunshine roll,
Expel the discouraging snowball,
Do it, regardless your vow.

Keep water running,
Olay, Crest, Head & Shoulder shampoo,
Safeguard soap for Boo.

Skylar Hayley Bollag Romney said...

agree to publish my entry here, smiles.

The Cowboy Way Skylar Hayley Bollag Romney

Hot wings, KFC,
Spicy, juicy, and fancy,
A warm dinner treat.

Two high school boys,
Two hours spent at Hastings working,
what good devotion.

Yellow buses run,
Safety first, rain or shine,
Mitt Joe can't wine.

Fox radio 23,
Business, interviews, talks,
Nothing comes out free.

Cowboy driving cars,
Secure lessons and road tips,
Neat ways to go on trips.

Memphis Solena Mihaltses Henneberry said...

hello, nice one, agree to share my second one with ya.

New York Times Hall of Fame In Xia Dynasty
Memphis Solena Mihaltses Henneberry

Allen Taflove Abraham Haddad
Bartosz Grzybowski Boone Thomas Pickens
Chris Riesbeck Cody Scott
Dongning Guo David Nelson
Eric Schimdt Elena Murphy
Fallin Mary Findle Robert
Gini Fox Guiqiang Chen
Hersam Mark Henschen Larry
Isaiah Bailey Ivain Ajithe Moreno
Jian Cao John Evans
Koray Aydin Keith Holihan
Lewis Bruce Liyuan Peng
Mimi Schapiro Morty Owen Schapiro
Nunnelee Anne Nee Alex
Ottino Julio M. Otto Mark
Pat Quinn Paul Ryan
Qiming Li Quinton Myers
Randy Berry Richard Eddington
Stephen Davis Silverman Merrill
Tim Campbell Tumblin John
Urso Lauren Unmuth Katherine
Vivian Stowell Veroniea Stowell
Walter Herbst Weinberg Matt
Xiansheng Peng Xiaolin Li
Yo Yo Ma Yoona Ha
Zhou Hai Zenner Sheldon

Family, friends, and children,
Love, life, both earth and heaven,
History is self-written.

Do count on yourself,
Independence is for goodness’s sake,
Respect the seven proud elf.

Give Shinzo Abe and wife a go,
Let John Hancock and Jiazhe Zhang steal some of the show.

Catie Williams-Handcock Robinson said...

amazing one. I will have my other piece shared with your project.

Salt Lake City: The Snowbird Angel of Utah
Catie Williams-Hancock Robinson

Populated by white, black, Asian, Hispanics, Samoans, or Tongans,
Founded by Pioneers such as Brigham Young, Issac Morley, George Washington Bradley,
Salt lake city is the most celebrated capital of Utah state,
It is well known for its snow mountain skiing adventure,
It is a gem for all to enjoy.

Salt lake City (Yanhu or Xihu Shi) is rich in many attractions, here are some of them that get
David Gardner, Edgar Thompson, Robert Noyce, Robert Hasty, Mike Brown, David Entwistle,
and Julia Roberts' attention:

Rose Park
Utah State Capital,
Union Pacific Deport,
Panoramic of Temple Square,
Festival of Color,
First Presbyterian Church,
Wasatch Front,
University of Utah,
Zion National Park,
Pelicate Arch,
Salt Lake,
Salt Palace,
Sugar House,
Arches National Park,
Gateway District,
Energy Solution Arena,
Smith Ballpark,
Murphy's Bar and Grill,
Snowbird Mountain Resort,
Utah's Hogle Zoo,
Box Elder Museum,
Hill Aerospace Museum,
Mark Miller Toyota Car Dealer,
Subaru Midtown Car Dealer,
Jerry Seinor Car Dealer...

Stephany Peter Mantini Hudson said...

hello, nice one, agree to share and publish my work here:

Providence (Pu-Luo-Wei-Teng-Si): Hash Brown Treat In A Nutshell
Stephany Peter Mantini Hudson

Neighbor to Connecticut and Massachusetts,
One of the New England state in the US,
Rhode Island hosts Providence proudly at Northeast coast,
and we consider Providence a hash brown treat as home to Brown University.

Under the nutshell of waterway and green landscapes,
Guests shall enjoy lots of luxury beautiful cheery blossom
and open-minded residents at Providence (Pu-Luo-Wei-Teng-Si),
Yakov Sinal, Valerie Smith, David Lee, and Bohua Zhan won't mind exploring it this April.

Caserta Pizzeria, Looff Carousel, Roger Williams Park Zoo, Dunkin Donuts Center,
Wright's Dairy Farm/Bakery, Waterfire Providence, Bank of America skating center,
T's restaurant in Cranston, Providence Children's museum welcome those with children,
and Sheng shall be grateful for James David Henneberry's friendly face at such a place.

Emma Watson has some experiences at Providence as student to Brown University,
glad that Lincoln chafee, Angel Taveras, Christina Hull Paxson, Ruth Simmons, James Manning, Cecilia Rouse, Alejandoo Zaera-Polo, Spyros Alexakis, Peng Wu,Vincent Poor, Pablo Debenedetti, Zhiwei Yun, George Boxer, Peter Constantin, Martin Bendersky, Tom Zhang, Allison Miller,
David Dobkin, Sid Hudson, and Christopher Eisgruber share something in common as a human.

Providence is a hash brown treat in a nutshell,
Because politicians, policeman, scholars, and artists spent enough time pondering:
Why and how their performance and attitude toward others matter to the young,
What they shall do to improve people's understanding of lawful relations, and positive
feedbacks, we know Providence (Brown University) supports Northwestern University!

And we again honor some outstanding faculty here: Burns Hargis, Richard Levin, Alan Noel,
Peter Salovey, Drew Gilpin Faust, John Hennesey, Max Nikias, William Powers Jr, Dave Wright,
David W. Leebron, Julio Onttino, Morton Schapiro, Robert J. Zimmer, Mary Sue Coleman, Bruce Benson, Scott Cowen, David Boren, Robert Henry, Aaron Pollack, Shrenik Shah, Sanjeev Kulkarni, Jianji Wang, Jiantang Yang, Dong Qi, Xincheng Liu, Zhongli Ding, Meng Wang, Paul Yang, Tao Li, Shou-wu Zhang, Pengfei Guan, Josh Greene, Barack Obama, Jiaqiong Wang, Zamyad Fan....

Alissa Meredith Osborn Schapiro said...

agree to share...

Complex Relation Alissa Meredith Osborn Schapiro

Do count on yourself,
for the sake of independence,
respect the proud self.

Mad cows, loud noises,
Messy incidents influences,
Shut out the poisons.

Complex relation,
Distant or close reaction,
It matters something.

Wishes or desires,
when kids are part of the dough,
We must pray withhold.

Fox news radio show,
Politics, traffic, updates,
Phone calls, all honest so.

Anonymous said...

lovely idea. I am submitting my 2nd one. agree to conditions to be published.

New Haven (Meou Hei-Wen): A Deeply Rooted Apple Fruit Marcie Barack Ramsey Constantin

Located at Northeast region of USA known as New England,
New Haven (Meou Hei-Wen) is boarded by Rhode Island and Massachusetts
on North. New York and Long Island on the south side.

New Haven is well known because it is home to famous university Yale,
Students and faculty all carry high pride for being part of such a fabulous community,
Many astonishing attraction can be found in the green-land of New Haven:

Long wharf Theatre,
Shubert Theatre,
Peabody Morris House,
Fort Hale Park,
Modern Apizza Pizza,
Bank of America,
Yale University,
University of New Haven,
Radio Shack,
Frank Pepe Pizza,
Wooster Street,
Yan Lab,
Little Italy,
Marco Polo,

I'm sure Yale university enjoys lots of curriculum and organizations promoted by Yale locate residents and university associations.. people from all over the world shall not ignore the need of the following significant figures:

Toni Harp, Timothy Woodbridge, Dannel Malloy, Nancy Wyman, Chris Murphy, Samuel Amdrew,
James Noyes, Larry Page, Richard Blumentha, Peter Salovey, Joseph Webb, Jill Biden, Joseph Biden,
Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Israel Chaumy, Michelle Obama, Abraham Pierson, Samuel Mather, James Pierport, Thomas Buckingham, Noadiah Russel, Lindsay Lowe, Francis Chan, Jay Leno,
Kathleen Applegate, Michael Phelps. David Gabai, Mimi Schapiro, Mary Fallin, Jingle Yan, Ann Hargis...

Good Luck to all
and to New Haven citizens!

Jacobin Henry Denise Korbetis said...

hi, giving my best efforts in putting some good names in file, thanks.

The Cinema Society Honor Roll At Nguinn Age by Mima Cody Rao
Jacobin Denise Henry Korbetis

Alphonsa Barton Zia Yusuf
Ben Stiller Yasmin Namini
Christopher Eisgruber Xiphold Alspach
Dana Murphy Walter Mitty
Eddie Murphy Vacca Emma Ugadia Bitojil
Glaad Media Awards Tracy Morgan
Harry Hamlin Sarah Constantin
Ibok Loafivra Ross Nguyen
Jerry Wolf Quinlin Stiller
Kristen Wiig Patrence Douglas
Laura Collins-Hughes Orsono Camille
Matthew Broderick || Neve Campbell


McAleer Daniel || Noelle Bradley
Lori Marshall Oppold Amanda
Kristian Hammond Philip Elliotts
Johnny LeBron Qinxia Lam
Ina Yamin Razeghi Manijeh
Henry Bellmon Selim Shahriar
George Walker Bush Taylor Duncan
Fred Siegel Ukens Don
Erin Wiese Vaden Burns Hargis
Debbie Jackson Walter Murphy
Chi-Haur Wu Xiaoping Deng
Barack Obama Youn Andrew
Aggelos Katsaggelos ziva Branstetter

Sheila Todd Hallelujah Moon said...

agree to have my haiku published.

Soweto, Elmo, A Mix To Enjoy!
Sheila Todd Hallelujah Moon

Men, women, broadcasts,
Professional and upbeat,
Fun radio @ Tulsa.

Mother and children,
Gifts and sunshine from Heaven,
Good for tough husband.

Assumptions occur often,
Please don’t take it out aloud,
Pay POETRY attention.

Biography, Barack,
Banyan tree, Saturday stack,
What Billy-Hill Fact.

Kimathi avenue,
Remark of Chicago past,
Mau-mau rebellion.

New Stanley hotels,
Germany, Japan, England,
A mix to enjoy.

Soweto, Elmo,
Lord Delaware Motels,
True joy to our souls.

Matt OffenSend Kivatinos Nusimow said...

lovely one. cheers. agree to share.

Tapes, Pens, Papers, Life Is A Sweet Rose
Matt OffenSend Kivatinos Nusimow

Poems, tales, novels,
Visual paths to fulfillments,
None can do without.

Tapes, pens, papers,
Tools to connect or compose,
Life is a sweet rose.

Boomer lake walks,
Cold water plus sound waves,
Lots of sunny talks.

Wandering ducklings,
Flying geese, all at ease,
Love that inner peace.

Adults, teens, and kids,
Each carries unique talents,
Let's be good friends.

Alego, Fotex, Tampons,
Heads and Shoulders shampoo,
Park plus crest scopes.

Madeline Anthony Herzig Jackson said...

good Friday, thanks for the chance. here is my second entry:

Montpetler Vegetables and Nuts
Madeline Anthony Herzig Jackson

Lots of food items are nutritious,
Walnut, peanut, chestnut, pecan, almond, apricot,
Ginkgo, Carambola, Kumguat, Green Beans, Shaddock,
Gage, plum, guava, kiwi fruit, blueberry, and coconut...

A fig is a flowerless (Wu Hua) fruit,
A sugarcane is fruitless (Wu Guo) sweet bat,
Mongo and Longan are long Mang Yang fit,
Olive, Cantaloup, Honeydew, Oranges, Leek, mushroom, none has fat.

Don't ignore some other food and nuts,
Study and add them to your shopping list,
That implies green peas, soy beans, napa cabbage, lettuce,
Bell pepper, cucumber, caraway, Juares, ficus tikaua, haw,
plus tangerine, loquat, taro, radish, tulips, garlic mist.

Above all, I love Montpetler treats,
I'm sure folks won't mind feasts
that have guests
such as these:

Paul Sandle, Mitt Romney, Siva Govinda Samy, William Marks, Anshumann Daga, Andrea Shalal,
Yantoultra Ngui, Al-zaquan Amer Hamzah, Stuart Grudgings, Phil Jackson, Scott Pippen,
Sam Johnston, Christy Fine, Bob Cooper, Jason Grief, John Clinton, Otis Shearer, Megan Black,
Carrie Peck, Alex Richardson, Trent Swanson, Uwe Gordon, Mark Bendeich, Melania Trump,
Robert Myers, William Bus Jaco, Arthur Hays Sulzbercer, James Wilkie, Jill Abramson,
Tom Bodkin, Susan Chira, Matt Purdy, Owen Sheehan, Sergey Brin, Julie Wright, Claire Walsh,
George Alexandra Louis William, Viola Manson, Tanya Raun, Larry Page, Chad Penn...

Nancy Monica Perazil Federle said...

hi, thanks for the opportunity, I agree to publish my second work:

Metaphors on Life
Nancy Monica Perazil Federle

Life is a stage,
Some shows are full of rage,
Others carry authentic grace.

Life is a story,
Some are told in glory,
Others are full of fury.

Life is a game,
Losing it doesn't mean shame,
Yet winning it may result in fame.

Life is a rope,
You learn it with hope,
and outsmart iit, in opera of soap.

Life is a book,
Some read it in depth,
While others judge it by guess.

Life is a child,
Sometimes you go wild,
Other times you play and feel mild.

Life is a telephone,
Dial a number to hear the tone,
And silence it to be alone.

Life is a school,
One may never harvest any wool,
But one attends it to obtain surviving tool.

Life is a journey,
Going far costs a lot of money,
Staying put does no harm.

Janet Buffet Robert Levatich said...

amazing, here is my other entry for publishing.

Shaanxi (Shensi): A Yellow River Fever At Han Dynasty
Janet Buffet Robert Levatich

I know Liping Suo and city of Baoji,
I also know Li Zhang and the province of Shaanxi,
Chairman Mao and the long March indeed upgrade Shaanxi,
Blood and Chinese civil war have occurred at Shaanxi and its counterpart region
such as Yulin, Yan'an, Tongchuan, Baoji, Xianyang, Xi'an, Hangzhong, Ankang...

The Yellow river is the second largest river in China,
Following the Long River or the Yangtze River,
and Xiangtan, Kaihui Yang, Anqin Mao, Anying Mao, Xinyu Mao, Min Li
are framed upon Loess Plateau and North China Plain.

The bases for the Han Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Liao Dynasty, and Yuan Dynasty,
Under the name of Sanmenxia, Shaanxi is famous for North Silk Road,
which bridges the gap between China and North America in trades and goods.

Take a look at Wushao Lin Pass, Wuwei, Kashgar, Parthia, Shaanxi Yaotong earth shelter,
plus Jiangsu, Jiangxi Soviet, Yan'an Revolutionary base, we do hang these people up to
highlight wisdom of Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Washington D. C., and China:

Jinping Xi, Jintao Hu, Zemin Jiang, Xiaoping Deng, Zetung Mao, Peng Li, Enlai Zhou,
Hongxian Liang, Robert Church, Morton Schapiro, Barack Obama, Michele Obama,
Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Mimi Schapiro, Yongqin Liu, Haiqin Hu,
Mingze Xi, Kimberly Henry, Mary Fallin, Dong Jun, Shangguan Jiqing, Jie Cui, Chun Ni,
Xibin Song, Xilai Bo, Zhenggao Chen, Min Wang, Rulin Wang, Bayanolu, zhangting Yuan,
Liyuan Peng, Ming Cai, Sanyuan Wang, Jian Cao, Weiping Liu, Tianxin Zhang, Lenrong Li,
Brad Henry, Jiheng Li, Guangrong Qin, Qin Qi, Hongjian Gao, Jiahong Wu, Dawei Teng,
Yan Gao, Xiaojun Huang. Qingbao Huang, Yu Yuan, Peter Constantin, Lanfeng Yu....

Cynthia Moffett Schofer Piety said...

lots stuff here, I am sharing mine;

Bangladesh: A Charming Butterfly with Angle Wings
Cynthia Moffett Schofer Piety

Alan Noell Ziyi Zhang
Benny Evans Yan Chen
Christopher Isherwood Xiaodong Xie
David Wright Weiping Li
Engler Hans Vijay Mayank
Fanghua Lin Union Washington
Gang Tian Terrance Tao
Holm Todd Seda Memik
Illinois Yuan Robert Myers
Jackie Chan Quansen Jiu
Kimberly Henry Peter Constantin
Leon Sasson Oloroso Helen
Matt Schapiro || Nishit Mehta


Ming-Yang Kao || Nick Villion
Lindsey Lively Operah Annabel
Kayla Hendricks Penningroth Dylan
Johnson Shawn Quartz Patricia
Iraq Sasha Maria Robert Chang
Hartline Jason Stokes Clement
Gail Holland Tanner Balley
Fama Longano Ukraine Putin
Elizabeth Kerr Voigt Kurt
David Beard Weinberg Judith Marjorie
Chris Day Xiping Peng
Bernice Bede Osol Yu Alan
Amir Rahimi (Morteza) Zoe Harris

Penelope Maclver Cutts Putin said...

hi, submitting my 2nd entry for publishing.

Beautiful Sydney: A Healthy Nut To Alex and Ani
Penelope Malver Cutts Putin

It's spring time AT North America,
Texas Blue Bonnet bursts with purple sheen,
Tigers, lions, elephants, donkeys activize the wild in south Africa,
The greenish tree leaves silently sing.

Far, far away at Sydney of Australia,
The day is at Summer's end,
Yellow leaves, big fat pumpkins,
Nights are cold, autumn begins.

Sydney's music theatre is well known,
Kangaroo, Ostrich, butterflies, and brown bears fancy the zoo,
homes wear brown gown
as Jenna Mayer, Meet Joe, Sharon Robertson, Robert Lawrence Black, Mary Fallin, Jay Chan,
Tara Robinson, Maria Robinson, Molly Pickens, Anne Greenwood, Leigha Dough Layton
learn some Asian karaoke Kung Fu.

At times, Sydney residents do image San Jose, Chuck Reed, and Moscow,
they wish to romance with Yukon, El Reno, El Paso, Houston, Baltmore, and Topeka,
Although the seasons there run backward
and they don't feel different from living at Juneau or Wisilla of Alaska.

Syndey is a city with depth,
The mayor, the legislators, and the media are wise,
Promote Arthur Ochs Sulzbercer, Liz Lempert, Sarah Pritchard, and Anthony Benten,
Be hosts to people from Dayton, Atoka, Dallas, Fort Worth, Perkins, OKlahoma City...

Study World history,
Visit Iowa, Idaho, Florida, Georgia, Maine, New York, New Mexico, Drifwood, Oregon,
Communicate with Frankford, Alissa, Rachel, Mary, Tara, Mish, Jill, Mimi, and Laynie,
Pay attention to Ada, Lexington, Cheyenne, Charleston, Evanston, Beijing, and Tryon.

Goce Bristol Tamhane Sahakian said...

agree, here is mine:

Los Angeles: A Freshly Picked Rose At California Garden
Goce Bristol Tamhane Sahakian

Los Angeles (Luo-San-Ji, Ro-Sen-Gi) is home to people from 140 countries speaking 224 languages, Famous communities include Chinatown, Historic Filipinotown, Koreatown, Little Amenia, Thai Town, Little Ethiopia, Tehrangeles, Little Tokyo, Japan Town, I'm sure Mike Olstad, Kimberly Smith, Victoria Slotto, Shamishtha Basu, Mr. Blaque, Peach Pit Propaganda, ManicDDaily, The Danforth anchor, Raivenne-Lations, She Kept a Parrot, Heartspell, Cublyanqui, Tauther435, Gigaom, TechCrunch Staff, Leo, Bended Spoon, Dongho Chae, Ann Caine, Shail Black, Kellee Brown, Tack Racoons, Wordcoaster, Shawn Lowe Bird, Life Wu, Abby, Cryfish, Linda Jaco, Madeline Pickens, Lucius S. Lowe , Anne and Kate Raun, Sally Asher, Sonny Penn wish to visit Los Angeles, and enjoy some of
the following attractions to stay fit and happier:

Dolby Thestre, Fox PLaza, Adi Dasi and Eric Garcetti, Doger Stadium,
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels,
Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles Times Headquarters,
Santa Ana, Steve Alford, T Boone Pickens, David and Jane Schmidly, Carl Buchan,
USC, Caltech, UCLA, El Camino College,
Santa Monica College, Loyola Marymount College,
Park Plaza, Pice House, Starwood (Westin) Motel,
Sunset Marquis Hotel, Vibe Hotel, Jianguo Fandian Beijing,
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza, Fairfield INN 7 Suite,
La Quinta Inn & Suite Inglewood, Comfort Inn & Suite
Lowe's, Sear's, Walmart, Target, Payless Shoes, Old Navy,
Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Marriott Courtyard Los Angeles,
Jitlada, Jingle Ball Concerts, Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey,
Alan Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Courtyard Novato Marin Sonoma,
Novotel Hotel, Jim Rome Show (The Jungle),
Ambassador Hotel, Andaz West Hollywood, Cecil Hotel,
The Beverly Hills Hotel, Boyle Hotel-Cummings Block,
Century Plaza Hotel, Chateau Marmont Hotel, Dunbar Hotel,
Double Tree By Hilton, Fremont Hotel, Glen-Holly Hotel,
Monte Vista Hotel, The Sheraton West Hotel, Motel Super 8...

Cities larger than Los Angeles around the world (Wikipedia):

Vincent Thomas Bridge, Mexico City, Santiago, Sao Paulo,
New York City, Bogota, Lima, Rio de Janeiro...

Kate Virginia Barefoot Hargis said...

hi, sending mine today for an addition.

New York Times: Dragonfly Wings
Kate Virginia Barefoot Hargis

New York times is special, they open doors to freelance writers and journalists,
freedom of expression and leading media reports make the newspaper profound.

Pay attention to these besides the dragonfly wings: Casey Affleck, Gabourey Sidibe, Paz de la Huerta,Chase Sapphire, Bob Anthony, Adolph Ochs, Orvil Dryfoos, Dean Baquet, Julia Cohen, Janet Elder, Lawrence Ingrassia, Rebecca Corbett, Ian Fisher, Michele McNally, Enya Jingly, Andrew Rosenthal, Trish Hall, Terry Tang, Mark Thomapson, Michael Golden, Michael Nutter, Sid Hudson, She Writes, Michael Young, James Follo, Kenneth Richieri, Roland Caputo, Meredith Kopit Levien,Tom Lee, Marc Frons, Willliam Bardeen, Thomas Carley,Terry Hayes, Anthony Benten, Laurena Emhoff, Diane Brayton, Afonso Fleury, Maria Tereza Fleury, Jesus Christ, Cristo Redentor, Suri Cruise, Tom and Ray (car talk hosts):

Amy Hempel Zhiyuan (Jerry) Yang
Bret Danilowicz Yuval Levin
Charles Barnes Xiongfei Fu
David Schmidly Weirong Shen
Edward Emerson Vickie Leta
Frank Phillip United Nation
Gary Shutt Tiffany Holmes
Hargis Ann Burns Sophia Bollag and Sheila Why
Irving Lavin Rodney Carrington
John Marmaduke Qingbo Huang and Jin Hong
Kelly Corrigan Patchen Markell
Lisa Kogan Ochs Sulzberger Jr. and Jobamas
Martha Beck Neil Moldenhauer
Newton Pew Joseph Megan Fellman
Olson Jessica Lau Joshua
Pisano Phil Karl Albrecht
Quald Jiamei Keith Juer Moscow Yan
Ray Henry Ian P. Wei
Sam Marmaduke Helen Chooljian
Theo Albrecht Gabriel Peal
Unruh Jacob Flayner Cary
Victor Tom Pickens Evan Handler
Wendy Camp David James Henneberry
Xiude Heping Gongji Shuai Chuanqian Xian Peng
Yeti Cooler Bob Robert Young
Zahna Medly Audie Leon Murphy

Sheridan said...

agree to publish my work as shown:

Charleston: A Hot (Popular) Ketchup At West Carolina and West Virginia
Sheridan David Tanya-Page Raun

The chocolate factory movie is fun,
The Manhathan road map is well done,
The statue of Liberty of Freedom Nushen, plus
The Ellis immigration museum is winsome platform.

Australia has winter at the month of June,
Minnesota has Fall at the month of October,
Juilliard School of music and Hotel June,
that means Kennith Jackson and Tiger Woods...

We consider Charleston at West Carolina a super star,
Charleston at West Virginia a handsome Diamond,
Don't underestimate Bill de Blasio and Washington Post writers,
Don't assume that New Yoker and New York Times belittle Charleston
as Houston, San Diego, Silicon Valley, San Jose, Evanston notice Edmond.

Let's celebrate these names in bottles of ketchup (Tomato Sauce):

William Courtright, Earl Ray Tomblin, Danny Jones, Nikke Haley, Malia Obama, Sasha Obama,
Pat McCrory, Mike Rawlings, Deb-Anne Smith, Mimi Schapiro, Jill Herzag, Tom Corbett,
Sheng Woo, Jerry Brown, Robert Boyce, Chuck Reed, Pat Quinn, Rick Perry, David and Shida
Henneberry, Michael Henneberry, Angel Teveras, Steve Job, Lee Leffingwell, Andrew Cuomo,
Betsy Price, Jim Smith, Chelsea Clinton, Barbara Park, Marc Brown, Amy Tan, Megan Turner,
Glenn McConnel, Joe Riley, Myrtle Charleston, Christopher Lewis, Chris Raun, Bret Nida, Jack Turner, Steve Bullock, Matt Mead, Christian Fallin, Mitch Landrieu, Mick Cornett, Bob Farrel Black,
Peter Marks, Sharon Machabee, Ginger Farley, Tara Miller, Todd Palin, Darla Shelden, Denise Warren, Mo Farah, Mark Hosenball, Tony Huang, Justin Penter Wood, Yan Zhang, Pham Hien.

Charleston has many powerful tours:

Power Alley Grill Mary Snow West Side Elementary School,
Craik Patton House Fort Sumter, Drayton Hall, Middleton Place,
South Carolina Aquarium, Magnolia Plantation and Garden,
Two Hour custom charter Boat Dophin Watch, Light house, and Shelling Tour
Charleston Ghost and Graveyard Tours Folly Beaches, Alex and Ani, The Pink House,
Kiawah Island Golf Resort, Fazio's, Kirby and Lane At Aaron Snow Photography,
Color Vibe at West Virginia, Old Slave Mart Museum,
Splash Island Water Park, Frankie's Fun Park, The Charleston Museum, Gibbes Museum of Art...

Carolina Salady Walker Inhofe said...

agree to publish my work:

Majority Demostic Food At USA (Personal Choices)
Carolina Salady Walker Inhofe

The sky is blue,
The apple is green,
The orange is sweet,
The lettuce salad is fit.

I eat Raisin Bran cereal for breakfast at times,
I watch Jackie Chan movie and Italian movie too,
I choose fresh pork ribs, bamboo roots, and dried wuxiang tofu for dinner...

life is easier
when I rain praises on both sun and moon, both light and shadow,
and I do walk around to adsorb fresh air to revive my energy.

please respect me for my option of daily products:

Subway, KFC chicken, Jiffy Lube, Dunkin Donuts, Maxwell coffee, Lego Land, Six Flags,
Panasonic, Sony, Joey's Pizza, Sanyo, Sumsung, BankFirst, Sager PC, Dell, Toshiba, HP,
Canon camera, Barns & Noble, Image running machine, Shell gas, Tom Tom Coffee shop,
Starbucks, Aspen Coffee, Frank Pepe pizza, Sonic, Kodak, Fuji, Gala apples, Wendys, Morton Salt,
Peter Coffee, Charlie's chicken, Chicken Fil-A, T-Mobile, Hallmark stationary, Jack-in-the-Box,

Fox news, CNN, NBC, ABC tv, Lady American Mattress, Papa John, Arby's, McDonald, Dominos,
Long John Silver, Mazio's, Staples, Walmart, Aldi Food Market, Locke's, Lowe, Hometown food,
Westlake Hardware, Honda, Ford, Buick, Chevrolet cars, Wilson truck, Hastings, Jan Frank,
Mazada, Toyota,, Tonka toys, Mr. G's food, Phillip66, Famous Footwear, Kum & Go, Lora, Jo-Ann, Mobile gas, Exon, Sunoco, Lexus, Jeep, Noha Wylie, Burger king, Braums, Petco,

Murphy USA, Ozarka, Cici's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Bay West, Casinos, H. E. B., Ihop, rocketmail,
ymail by yahoo, Apple Bee, FeDex, Firestone, Love Gas, Convenient J gas station, Barclay,
Citi, Pantene shampoo, Colgate total tooth paste, Chase credit card, Google mail, hotmail,
Baidu, Youtube, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, 7-up, Sprit, Mountain Dew, Master Credit card,
Visa, Passport, Post office, UPS, Walgreen, CVS, Young Democrats, Mr. Pho's, Grand House,

Grand Village, Jackson Academy, William Food, Lido,, Willow Kleenex, Yams,
T. J. Max, Shepherd Mall, Dillard, Lanchou La Mian, JcPenny, Old Navy, Jimmy Johns, Dodge, Lay's chip, Yamaha, Juicy Gum, Hobby Lobby, Edinburg Zoo, Maytag, Conoco, Stillwater Public Library, Boomer Lake, Lake Michigan, Hyde Park, Lake Carl Black, Safeguard, dial, Dove, Dollar Tree, Family dollar, Mathews-brothers, wordpress, AAron Furniture, Mozilla,,

Jessica Theodoragoss Block Bloomberg said...

agree to publish my work:

Memphis: A Moon Fayette Si Jessica Theodoragoss Block Bloomberg

Giant pandas are pets to Memphis zoo keepers,
The visit to Pink Palace Family museum is fruitful move,
Sheng has fun with Dr. Seuss features,
Tom, Carlosi and I love grizzly bears, and diving dophins.

Hands on experience exhibits seem always interesting,
we won't miss Hotel super 8 and Red Roof Inn,
We won't be bored at Butterfly house and golden fish at Nature Garden,
Memphis Saint Jude Children's research Hospital under Marlo Thomas is fulfilling.

We value Amanda Huang, Tiffany, Richard, and their parents, grand parents,
We bless Frank Huang, Xiaojun Huang, Steve Xie, Joyce Wong at New Jersey,
We admire Vanderbilt University at Nashiville,
We pay attention to Jerry Bona, Danping Peng, Xianghong Gong and their families
at Memphis, San Francisco, Madison, Chicago, and Austin...

Memphis (Meng Fei Si, Moon Fayette Xi) is remarkable,
Yingcong Tan, Lixin Gong, Zhikang Tan, Zach Lewis-Hill, Tyrek Young are unbeatable,
Greetings to Theresa, Deborah, Megan, Vikki, Venassa, Jay, Cathy, Kathleen, Jiahui at Texas,
Let Mingze, Camille, Jeanne, Mimi, Alissa, Rachel, Sandy, Amy, lisa, Jilin, Sofia, Malia, Sasha,
Meredith, Gayla, Tanya, Tonya, Jing, Leslie, Mellisa, Pamela, Elizabeth, Mish, Janet enjoy Seattle.

Thumbs up to Larrys, Scotts, Bills, Williams, Michaels, Davids, Julias, Julios, Mortons, Mishes,
Byants, Ryans, Pauls, Ricks, Jis, Chris, Marys, Rosemarys, Joes, Arts, Justins, Christophers, Chads,
Brads, Bradleys, Burns, Taras, Anns, Annes, Annies, Amandas, Elsas, Helens, Thomas, Toms, Shells, Marissas, Coras, Leahs, Kims, Mimis, Lauras, Sams, Mins, Adams, Matts, Alans, Davids, Erics...

Iremonger JacoBus Quinlan Pickens said...

agree to publish my honor list with you. a shape poetry.

Northwestern University and Urope:Humming bird on A Willow Branch
Iremonger JacoBus Quinlan Pickens

Mccormick School of Engineering, Norris Technology Center, The Daily Northwestern, Shepard Hall Residential College Board, Nu Deering Library, Henry and Leigh Bienen School of Music, Frank Almond, Karen Basrak, Elizabeth Cifani, Robert Hanford, Hans Jørgen Jensen, Blair Milton, Charles Pikler, Andrew Raciti, Gerardo Ribeiro, Almita Vamos, Roland Vamos, Anne Waller, Lee Hyla, Christopher Alan Mercer, Hans Thomalla, Jay Alan Yim, Stephen Alltop, Emily Ellsworth, Daniel Farris, Robert Hasty, Donald Nally, Timothy Robblee, Mallory Thompson, Victor Yampolsky, Frank Almond, Larry Olsen, Karen Basrak, Elizabeth Cifani, Shean Tomblin, Toni-Marie Montgomery, Masha Robinson…

Atlanta || Avi
Bamako Bryan Ward-Perkins
Columbia Charles simonyi
Dublin Dan Sheffield
England Erwin Panofsky
Francis Pope II Fayetteville
Great Wall of China Gerry Lantance
Hartfort Heinrich Von Staden
Iran Isherwood Christopher
Jiahong Wu Jorge Buschy
Kiona Cravatt Karah Thompson
Lincoln City Luisa Fernhdz
Matt Johnston Morton White
Northwestern University Noel Lenski
Oklahoma City Olympia
Providence (Brown University) Philadelphia Penn Museum
Qu Yuan Quan (Dogs/Puppies)
Richmond Robbert Dijkgraaf
Silicon Valley Sophia Bollag
Tulsa (Taolsha) Tyler Drabek
UPS store Urope (Europe)
Vienna Viola Billy Manson
Willie the Wildcat Wuxi
Xu Zhou Xin Wan
Yufan Chun Yonglin Jiang
Zell Miller || Zhanggang Town

Susan Noel Wright Jolie said...

agree to publish my work here:

A Drafting Day (Mood, Movie, Food, or Friends)
Susan Noel Wright Jolie

Honeydew, Fuji apples, watermelon, tomatoes, and bananas, ripen season,
Homemade rice noodle chicken dish, fried rice, green bean with chili sauce, all good,
Thomas' day is planned at OSSM humanity society,
I assume I shell watch a movie at AMC to drift the day away.

Golden gate lunch, hot and sour soup,
Kum & Go orange juice, Lowe's flower pots,
Sushi house fortune cookies, Texas roadhouse peanuts, Belk, Dove soap,
I won't ignore Palmola, Walls, Alex Nobbs, Matt Simons, Atwoods, Gentle Dental, lots and lots

Mind blowing commercials, the movie eventually arrives, "Draft Day", a winner,
Nu wildcats, Seattle Seahawks, Ohio Cleverland Browns,
Norman Sooners, Jacksonville Jaguars, OSU cowboys, Pistol Pete,
Ed Murray, Frank Jackson, Norman McNickle, John Kasich, Emily Browning, Alvin Brown.

Big screen film, the music is high,
Chris, Joe, Sonny, Kevin, Brian, Tom, Amy, Alice, Linda, Anthony, Cole, Alan, Prem, Nutter, Gil,
Jennifer, Logan, Ellen, Ivan, Sophie, Pat, Kate, Rachel, Matty, Quincy, Sam, Rajiv, Dave, Zoe, Al,
Sheldon, Tracy, Jade, Ran, Hojin, Lisa, Mike, Christian, Patrick, Max, Travis, Kaci, Jinol, Dana,
Carol, Kim, Sherri, Yuri, Lee, Jeanne, Crystal, Jiri, Doree, Baton, Hazel, Charley, Sherrie, Shelli, ..
Spirits and arguments on Football games soar.

Death, birth, marriage, divorce,
North, South, West, East, Midtown,
Ray, Ani, Aaron, Jim, Alex, John, Jerry, Rick, Vince, Mimi, Julio, Joseph, Mark, Kyle, Sean, Shawn,
Dayton, Mish, Bob, Suzanne, Eric, George, Tara, Wade, Brad, Uwe, Denise, Lisa, Ralph, Frank,
Walt, Morty, Jenna, Barbara, Laura, Mingze, Liyuan, Mary, Malia, Sasha, Amanda, Mathis, Hua, Tuzo, Chad, Chris, Matt, Peter, Amelia, Cat, Jill, James, Derek, Scott, Alissa, Rachel, Austin, Justin, Mia, A fulfilling end, unexpected new friends found via New York Fandango Phone Icon.

Pamela Kennedy Connie Bona said...

agree to publish.

Moscow or Mo Si Kew Pamela Kennedy Connie Bona

Sounds similar to Mexico (Moxige),
Containing differing content,
Moscow lives near Northern Pole,
and is a city in Russia belonging to European continent.

Although a neighbor to China and Mongolia,
Citizens at Moscow speak Russian language,
Moscow has the third largest metro following Tokyo and Seoul,
and the majority billionaire residents own homes there [Forbes (2013), Wikipedia].

Take a look at Moslva River and Bogdan Khmelnitsky bridge,
Respect Sergey Sobyanin, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Eric Schmidt, Susan Wojcicki, Craig Silverstein,
Pat attention to Vladimir Mikhailovich Platonov, Jackie Owen, Andy Bechtolsheim, Vinod Khosia,
And enjoy Domodedovo, Vnukovo, and Sheremetyevo Airport.

Don't ignore some more powerful people from the west:
Kleinor Perkins, Caufield Byers, Morgan Stanley, J. P. Morgan, Warren Buffet, Barack Obama,
Michael Arrington, Keith Teare, Eric Eldon, Alexia Tsotsis, Michael Nusimow, Daniel Kivatinos,
Katelyn Gleason, Paul Graham, Kate Middleton, George Alexandra, Bill Gross, Queen Elizabeth,
Jinping Xi, Matt William, Blake Irving, Tim Morse, Ross Levinsohn, Yuri Milner, Matt Cutts,
Dave Sifry, Lars Hinrichs, David Filo, Jerry Yang, Arkady Volozh, Yun Jack Ma, Jonathan Lu,
Shihe Liu, Ying Liu, Chuanzhen Peng, Min Wang, Chuanxian Peng, Simei Yan, Hounian Peng, Huateng Ma, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Brad Henry, Mary Fallin, Morton Schapiro, Julio Onttino,...

Lots of airlines from Russia and around to know:

Southwest, Nordwind, Nordavia, Aeroflot, Alitalia, Delta, United, Malaysia, American, Rossiya,
Japan, Korean, China, Taiwan, Virgin, Frontier, Continental, Eve, Frankford..

Other Attractions of Moscow seem appealing to visitors:

Ostankino Technical Center, Radio Maximum, Silver Rain,
Bauman Moscow State Technical University,
Moscow Patriotic War monument, World Trade Center in Moscow,
Seven Sisters in Kudrinskaya Square, Square of Europe, Tverskaya Street,
Luzhniki Stadium, Bolshoi Theatre, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts,
All-Russia Exhibition Center, Ostankino Palace, Ascension Church,
Novodevichy Convent, Tsaritsyno Park, Hotel Maxima, Shukhov Tower,
Radisson Royal Hotel,Saint Basil's Eathedra Church

Pamela Kennedy Connie Bona said...

amazing chance, here is my second one.:

Brad Henry, Jiaozuo, Guyana, and Taipei: The Mixed Nuts
Pamela Kennedy Connie Bona

Aden || Zhejiang Province
Brad Henry Yaounde
Chad Xia Dynasty
Dacca Wallis and Futuna
Egypt Pyra Vila
Fakaofo Utu (Matu)
Guyana Turkey
Hungary Sao Tome and Principe
Italy Riyadh
Jordan Quito
Kabul Paramaribo
Laynie Henry Ouagadougou
Malia Obama || Nukualofa

Athens || Zach Wise
Brasilia Yang Chenlin
Canberra Xinjiapo (Singapore)
Dover Warsaw
Elmo Sid Vientiane
Fort-de-France Ulan Bator
Grand Turk Taipei
Honolulu Santiago
Indonesia Roseau
Jiaozuo Qi Qin
Kigall Peking (Beijing, Yanjing)
Lima Oscar movie Awards
Mexico City || Nashville

Baylee Zach Layton Flecha said...

agree to publish my work here:

Al Wordpress: Wording All My Way Out
Baylee Zach Layton Flecher

Wording All My Way Out (Fiction)

relates to Alabama
where a native is called.

Alalia, Jialio,
Adjective, vague, mute,
what an YA language.

Alamode Alameda,
the path to peace and love,
one shall not betray.

When hearing alarming bell,
Act by looking and corresponding,
Heaven and Hell are just seconds away.

Used to know a patient
who was albino, seriously,
a killing sickness for the unfortunate.

Laynie Barbara Gosney Blecha said...

lovely idea, agree to publish my work or roll of grace here:

Musical Socials of OYO, OMEA, All State, NCHO, OMTA, Horizon OSU Chamber
Laynie Barbara Gosney Blecha

From Westwood, Sanger Ridge, SMS, SHJH, SHS, Denise McClurg, Scoot Jackson, Gayla Foster,
To Laura Talbolt, Eric Garcia, Mark Osborn, Christy Fine, Jessica Stephens, Meredith Blecha-Wells;
From Wuhan, to Peking, Chicago, Princeton, Austin, Stillwater, Norman, London, New York, OKC, Tulsa, San Francisco, Fayetteville, Evanston, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, Kansas City, Lawrence, Lawton, Altus, Shawnee, Chickasa, Guthrie, Perry,Lone Wolf, Houston, Seattle, Shanghai, Seoul, Music notes fly hig.

Wuzi University, Peking University, U of Chicago, U of Texas at Austin,Institute for Advanced Studies, Northwestern University, USC, VU, OSU, OU, KU, U of Arkansas, Standford University, UPenn, Brown University, Harvard University, Yale University, Princeton University, Chung Ang University, Marywood University, Peter, Xiaoping, Brad, Kimberly, Julia, Bill, Hillary, Chelsea, George, Laura, Robert, John, Frank, Jiahong, Ji, Sheng, Tom, Sarah, Michelle, Barack, Malia, Sasha, Matt, Alissa, Rachel, Mimi, Owen, Suzann, Eastern education mingles with western education.

New York Carnegie Hall, SH Booster Club, Guy Franser Harrison Academy, OYO, OSAI, NCHO, OMEA All State, OTMA, OSU Horizon Chamber Music camp, Mozart Summer Music Camp, Oklahoma Education for Excellence, Stillwater Community Blue Festival, Nu Bienen School of Music Chamber Music Concert, Sheerar Museum of Stillwater, Sam Noble Museum of Natural History, Stillwater junior High Talent Show, Oklahoma School of Science and Math, YMCA,
Oklahoma Youth and Government, SHS Robotic Club, SHS Beta Club, SHS student Council,

The learning and growing never end, and we give thanks to those who provide us
mental, physical, musical, political, and educational nutrition: Always, you rock!

Joseph Schwantner, Roger Myers, George Speed, Wayne Bovenschen, Marsha Chapman, Pi-Ju Chiang, Heather & Thomas Lanners, Lisa Storm, Hannah Chang, Julia Zhu, Christina Li, David Lee, Robert Hasty, Sherry Kim, Yuri Uchida, Lee Fan, Sheng Wu, Tom Wu, Wenjia Xu, Evan Tonsing, Amelia Wilson, Tomasz Golka, Christian Knapp, Skylar Chang, Megan Crow, Benjamin Lanners, Bree Ahern, John Schimek, Elema Onge, Mia Myah, Alli Nuttall, Rachel Hull, Tina Wu, Chris Morgan, John Clinton, Julie Cohen,

Emily Clinton, Jennifer Fletcher, Robert Black, Sharon Robertson, Bob Cooper, David and Molly Boren,
Jason Grife, Alen Yen, Sean Yen, Larry Page, J. D. Henneberry, Diane Chen,Somaya Boston, Yo Yo Ma, Mahlon Haleck, Walter Kelly, Sandy Wright, Julie Wright, Elizabeth White, Sifan Zhang, Austin Mitchel, Annie Duggan, Douglas Foster, Dionon Fuston, Shaemon Fuston, Gene Moon, Luis Millan, Gabriel Gordon, Sarah Neely, Matthew Mailman, Peter Marks, Dawn Thraikill, Gena Alexander, Kathleen Wilson,

Amy Storm, Kristin Geist, Mary Fallin, Patricia Young, Karina Kezbers, Joel Levine, Doug Droste, Anita Archer, Stan Barton, Julio Onttino, Barbara Perkins, Robert Gardner, Lisa Campbell, Jack Delaney, Robert Carnochan, J. K. Rowling, Marrion Coffee, Joey Martin, Justin Granholm, Sophia Bollag, Amy Allibon, Steve Wiest, Karen Baker, Sheila Why, Todd Holm, Susan Constantin, Frank Wang, Qiangjiao Kong, Josh Gorton, Liz Myles, Stacy Campbell, Anna Quinton, Jerry Brown, Pat Qinn, Patricia Lee,

Emily Trajcevski Mangelsdorf Cohen said...

agree to publish my ideas of nutrition on science or subjects.

Mathematical, Physical, Musical Ingredients on Nutriton
Emily Trajcevski Mangelsdorf Cohen

Wild geese, Fireworks,
US air force, coast guards, marines, army, navy, pilots, drones,
Nature, life, War, Peace, and Love.

Quansen Jiu, Fanghua Lin, Gang Tian, Jinyun Chen, Chongsheng Cao, Chentong Qiu,
Navier-Stokes, Fourier Transformation, Picard Theory, Banach Space,Peter Constantin,
Tianmen, Jiangchang, Hubei, Changchun, Beijing, Wuhan, Chicago, Rome, Princeton, New Delhi, Paris, Shenyang, Guiyang, Lanzhou, Shijiazhuang, Putian, Jiujiang, Austin...

Sobolev embeddings and inequalities, Lorentz spaces, Duality Theorem,
Reiteration theorem, Besov spaces, Littlewood-Paley decomposition,
Taiwan University, Tunghai University, National Central University,
Providence University (Jingyi XueYuan), Capital Normal, Beijing Normal University,
Juanming (Jim) Yuan, Jiahong Wu, Guiqiang Chen, Jim Cogdell, Xiaojun Huang, Alan Adolphson, Chris Francisco, Changxin Miao,

Taoli, Weiping Li, Anthony Kable, Robert Myers, David Wright, Lisa Mantini,
Doug Aichele, John Wolfe, Kathleen Applegate, Alan Noell, Dale Alspach,
Calculus I, II, III, Modern Analysis, Normal Families, Riemann Zeta Function,
Entire Function, Simply Periodic function, Doubly Periodic Function,
plus the Weierstras theory, Dirichlet's problem, Taylor's Theorem or Taylor's series, General Topology, Algebraic Topology, David Dummit, Richard Foote.

Morton Schapiro, Julio Onttino, Matt Cutts, Lawrence Page, Jerry Yang, Sasha Roiz, Patty Grunion, Fengying Yan, Qun Wu, Dequan Feng, Huiqin Yuan, Shengsu Li, Kuizhi Yu, Hongji Yang, Boone Pickens, Robert Boyce, Goce Marshall, Kimberly Henry, Joe Eddington, Computer science, materials management engineering, Medicine, computational mathematics, law, string music, Chinese opera, Matlab, Economics, Biology, physics, chemistry, English, Spanish, Accounting,
A merry-go-round ride.

Math is tough,
Math is fun,
Life is hard,
Pray to the Sun.

Mish TechCrunch Segal Foster said...

agree, thanks.
Xuan Wu Men in Beijing
Mish TechCrunch Segal Foster

Xuan Wu Men, or Xuan Wu Gate (Door),
A subway or underground railway stop
at Beijing Xichang District,
Mentioned By someone whose home sits near,
deserves fame as Ying Meng and family know it.

It costs Two Chinese Yuan
to buy a ticket and it will be valid
for rides
from one's starting point,
to any available station.

Subway has a Chinese name "Di Tie",
Subway in Peking dominates as one of the major transportation,
There are a dozen lines functioning,
People also use buses, bikes, taxi, personal cars,
as well as number 11 tool: the feet.

Xuan Wu Men residents can go to famous and distant destinations,
Liangxiang University, Summer Palace, Beijing zoo, Jianguo Fandian,
Shijin mountain, Chaoyang Men, Tongxian, Guangbo XueYuan, Wuzi XueYuan,
Tiantan Park, Peking University East or West Gate, Tian An Men...

Neighbor to Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing Huagong University,
Xuan Wu Men has some well-known districts close by:
Dongcheng District, Haidian District, Fengtai District, Fangshan District...

Beijing is large, the world is complex, thoughts and philosophy differ, there are some people who have gone "extreme" on politics, literature, culture, and also win fame, and as time passes,
we see that humans connect by the nature of hope and relativity, the way
when western world is daytime, while eastern world is nighttime.

Xuan Wu Men is a good name given by a wise individual.

Kora-Leah Finchol Wilson said...

agree to share my poem. believe, achieve, and smile.

London Albert Hall, Oxygen, Alexin, You Decide your Life Kora-Leah Finchol Wilson

Everyone has an album,
one’s history is recorded inside,
Revive life and smile wide.
London Albert hall and tower bridge,
places for concerts and air that’s fresh,
London double bus entertains us all.
Alcohol is known as a substance,
But when it comes to alcoholics,
We have a different take on its meaning.
Alexia is the loss of ability to read,
Alexin might help somehow,
So a fit body is essential to happiness.
Walk for an hour to connect to nature daily,
Regular exercises alfresco is beneficial,
Trees, birds, morning fresh air, oxygen help.

Sasha Jenna McCormick Robertson said...

agree to share and publish :

Honda Lake Jackson, Magic Kingdom Monorail, Golden Raspberry Movie Awards Sasha Jenna McCormick Robertson

Mixed nuts, Sara Lee and Oatnut bread, Minute orange juice, Turkish creationist Adnan Oktar,
Maxwell coffee, Shakespeare novels, Honda Lake Jackson, Ryan Boren at Automatic Inc.,
Sonia Rose, Maryann Brandon show, Disney Jingle Jungle Cruise, Toni Schneider at Bitcoins,
Buddy Dyer Regalado, Tomas Pedro fans, Basic 4 Cereal, Matt Mullenweg, Alexa Internet, Ping-O-Matic, Todd Lamb, Joseph Fallin, Boxing Guo, Caihou Xu, Gaoli Zhang, Qiong Wu, Ann Arbor, Tom Taylor, Eric Xu, David Schmidly, Bill Joy,

Endless Love movie, PompeII, Peabody and Sherman, American, Italy, and Walt Disney,
Lake Buena Vista, Magic Kingdom Monorail, Nova Southern University Orlando, Florida,
Bronx, Twin Dragons, Jackie Chan, Zuming (Jay) Fang, Hong Kong, Seattle, Conyers, San Jose, Washington, Summit Entertainment movie production, Paris, Canada, Kenya, Hawaii, Germany, Chicago, Chesapeake, Ford, New York Long Island, Cox, Franco at Colorado,

Movie composers, producers, stars, fans, plus Constantin film studio,
Academy, Golden Globe, Young Artist, Golden Raspberry, and American movie awards inspire:
Tom Cruise, Rob Minkoff, Lake Bell, Pamela Abby, Jennifer Lopez, Allison Janney, Domenic Sarno, Sherman Peterson, Peabody Henry, Isaac Newton, Wear Chuan, Viny Chase, Rick Scott, Yang Wang, Wei Deng, University of Florida Gators, University of Southern Florida Bulls, Florida Atlantic and Full Sail University,

Los Angeles Times, Sabay News, New York Times, Chicago Sun Times, The Daily O'colly, The Daily Pennsylvanian, Tulsa World, Metro Family, McCormick, Northwestern, People, Times, Stillwater Nespress, OKC zoo and Brick-town, Ty Burrel, Lioneld Jordan, Jack Marlell, Emest Istook, Amanda Keller, Yongzhu Song, and Sam Lai, Ted Kay, Craig Wright, Frank Keating, James Lankford, Jack Mildren, Jari Askins, Tim Wuen , and Pam Brown.

Folks who take time to encourage us shall be listed so:
Michael Hunter, Max Charles, Marc Brown, Bemie Machen, Anna Enger, Wade Christensen, Megan Smith, Curtis Davis, Joseph Glover, Oxford Cable, Matthew withers, Julie Frost, Kim Olsen,
David Karp, Larry Brilliant, See places such as Fayette County, Travis County, Butts County, Todd County, Payne County, Harris County, and Rockdale County.

Recall fireworks and icy roads above and near lake Michigan,
cherish fishing experience with Bo Deng, Trenton Passmore, Chase, Ivan, O'Neil, Jorge, Chris, Respect tech startup owners such as Clive Wilkinson, Steve Ballmer, Liz Figueroa, Gideon Yu, Look at family photo album and recall time spent at San Diego zoo, Dallas Science Museum, Lake Jackson, and Wuchang Lake Dong Hu.

Mary Bruce Leopold Holmwood said...

agree to publish my work with you.

Dong Dan Jie and Tong Ren Tang Tea Bags
Mary Bruce Leopold Holmwood

Parallel to Xi Dan, Xiu Shui, and Wangfujing Street,
Perpendicular (Vertical) to Qian Men, East and West Chang An Street,
Dong Dan Jie is one of the most celebrated business street at downtown Peking,
It is walking distance to Forbiden City, Zhongnan Hai, Northern Sea Park, Jing Mountain, and Tian An Men square.

Wangfujing Jie means Family Wang's Manson,
Dong Dan Jie means East Side or East Single Street,
Xi Dan Jie implies West Side or West Single Street,
Qian Men Jie refers to Front Gate Street, Wade Door Street,
and Chairman Zedong Mao Memorial is inside the Tian An Men square.

Bookstores, Shopping malls, Grocery, Coffee and Tea shops stand shoulder to shoulder,
Beijing citizens fancy about Fashion on Food, wine Bar, pop music, Clothing, Lit., and Jewelry...
Say: High heeled boots and pure wool sweaters used to be hot,
Golden or Diamond rings are essential to some youth and marriage.

Wanda Group cinema and shopping mall is excellent,
Quan Ju De Kao Ya (Roasted Duck) is authentic Beijing luxury,
McDonald, KFC chicken, Pizza Hut, Subway adds light to local resident,
Digital cameras, Mozart music CDs, English-Chinese dictionary and books provide western culture and thrill to people such as Zijuan, Jian, Hua, Hui, Hongjian, Tina, Bingyan, Cora, Alissa, Mat, Sonny, Tomie, and Mary.

U. S. embassy is at the end of Xiushui (or Beautiful Water) Street,
Stationary and clothing there are more suitable for American visitors,
Students from Peking University and Tsing (Qing) Hua University are more likely to study aboard, n comparison to students graduated from Wuzi university, Meitan University, Shifan University, Qixiang Univerisity...
To be able to succeed in coming to USA, one has to study TOEFL and GRE for at least two years and get permission (a visa and a passport) by visiting the U. S. Embassy and Beijing Gong An Ju.

Beijing apples, banas, pears, watermelons, and cucumbers are eaten fresh,
Stuffed buns, fried dumplings, soy bean milk, Nestle coffee demonstrate some favorite tastes,
Tongren Tang teas such as Jasmine, Tie Guanying, Wulong, Longjin are feverish,
Beers or wines such as Yanjing, Qingtao, Beijing, Changbai, Maotai indeed win fame oversea.

Dong Dan Street is well developed,
Fancy hotels and Beijing taxi service crowd the street,
Visit Beijing and see an opera at National opera House today,
Let contrasting culture, language, music, and spirit spark the talent inside you.

Baylee Zach Layton Flecher said...

agree to share. thanks.

Penn Square Mall and Little Italian Peproni Pizza
Baylee Zach Layton Flecher

April 21, 2014, Oklahoma City, Maryposa Lane,
North Express High Way, Penn Square Mall,
Shamrock Gas Stop, May Avenue, Meridian Road,
New York life, Noah-D movie at AMC.

OCU, 23rd Street, Classen and Military Boulevard,
OSSm, OU, UCO, OSU, UT, super Cao Nguyen, Bill and Melinda Gates,
Michael Hunter, David Lee, Josh Schawartz, Kirby Birch,
Nusimow Kivatinos, Jennifer Lopez, Audie Leon Murphy, Brad Pitt, Angie Jolie.

Godiva, Food Court, iSino, Snack Bar, Macy's, Zales, Paciugo ice creams,Soho Zhongshan Plaza,
Banana Republic, Sunglass Hut, Deviance, Mattress Firm, Mattress King,
Champs, Sephora, Hess, Pandora, Johnny Depp, Swarovski, Shine Plaza, Nexus One,
Helzberg Diamond, Marlon Wayans, Fossil, Gabriel Iglesias, Linus-based, Admob,

Gordon's Necklace, Cold Water Creek, Anthony David Salon, GeoEYE, Yaozhong Guang Chang,
Sleep Number by Selecting Comfort, Master Cuts, Jaime Pressly, DeepMind Technologies,
Essence Atkins, Oculus, Heaven is for real, Bears, Rio 23D, QuickOffice,
Zest, Puma, Duma, Sperry Shoes, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Toms One for One, Mobfox,

Captain America, A Haunted House, Wet Seal, Justice, Motorola Mobility, Ericsson,
Body Central, Gameshop, finish Line, A Pea In the Pod, Norad Tracks Santa,
Rachel Roy, Bobbie Tammy, Anita Le, Tommy Hilfiger, Oceana, Android, Blue Tooth,
Bella, Terra, Verizon cell phone, Gymboree, Pamela Archer, Terrance Murphy, Aol,

Ann Taylor, Eddie Bauer, Oakley, Olivia + Joy, Agnilux, Aardvard, Calico Company,
Le Vian, Calvin Klein, Spencers Gifts, Xboxone, Sun Tech, Devon, SuddenLink,
Nokia Lumia, Asus VivoTab Notes 8, HP Omni10, Sun Micro System, Microsoft Power Point,
Sheila Marochand, Kaitlin Brown, ASustin Lasslen, Sandra Page, Skype, Haiqin Hu, Cache,

Owen Schapiro, J. Jill, Lucca, Soma, Aldo, Royal Spa, Ty Accupressure, Jerry Brown,
Taco Mayo, Taco Bell, J. Crew, Levi, AT & T, Chickasaw, Williams-Sonoma, Auntie Anne's Pretzels,
Jim Avery, Brookstone, Jason White, Kobe Bryant, Baby Gap,PacSun, Keyhole Inc.,
Zumiez, Mr. Ooleys, Kathleen Wilson, J. K. Rowling, Amy Tan, Kay Ryan, Bill Collins, John Green

Delicious Italian Peperoni pizza,
That’s how I end my sight-seeing and feel the strength to play my favorite Guitar.

Roessel Morton Nicholas Thornton said...

agree to share mine ...thanks.

Jack Fancy, Jill Herzig, and Pat Quinn Alike Notes
Roessel Morton Nicholas Thornton

Peter Constantin, Jerry Bona, David Dummit, Ning Ju, Yanqiu Wang, Engler Hans,
University of Berkeley at San Francisco, University of Vermont, University of Chicago,
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Math Time, Notice, National Science Foundation,
Advanced mix with standard, remember H. E. Bible, Qinxue Wang, and Ken Gann.

Cynthia Francisco and Magor Asgari might not agree, but media and efforts count,
Pay attention to Oceansans, Malloy Inc., Times Roman, Primes, Polynomials, Integers,
Fractions, Ima Hogg's Texas concert and Sonato Notes, The Campus newspaper,
Galois Theory, module Theory, Groups, subgroups, Homomorphism, Isomorphism..

Not all people enjoy concrete subject, so we shall visit stores outdoor, Tilly's, Coach, Nine West,
Vera Bradley, Sarku Japan, Ghost Armor, Helzberg Diamonds, Pepperoni Grill, J's Hallmark,
Microsoft, Quick Repair, L's Occitane, Mei Li Travel Agency, Brow Art, Anita Lee,
Backstop, Cajun Cafe, Lolli and Pops, Teavana, Dell Venue 8 Pro, Regina Roberts, All Pets,

We use products every second, either at home or at work,
Thus, realize them and make them shine: big and Mini Jambox, Men's Wearhouse,
Boaldin Eye Care, Johnson-Johnson Reach Mint Waxed Floss, Sweden Cheese,
Know about Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Susan Wojciski, Robin Li, Yansheng Bai, chad Hurley,
Backrub Googol, Indian Dance and OSU Culture night, Lady Gaga and French Fries.

Poets write poetry, but poetry involves life, mood, food, career, and places...thus, keep it up,
Bijaylaxmi, Steve Federle, Catie Williams-Hancock Robinson, Lovely Annie, Amanda, Leo,
Jamie Dedes, Uma, Infamous, Jilian, Life in verse, Robin, Jocobshen, Terri, Ava, Kavita, Aleza,
Bill Cook, Rikka Infinitty, Someone Is Special, Wordwand, William Manson, Viola, Lord Ibok

Computer engineering and programing is vital today for those who strive to stay on top in tech,
Georgia University of Technology, Virginia Tech, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
McCormick School of engineering at NU, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania,
First class engineers and students are all over the US,
Ask Julia Watson, Ani Ajithe, Erik Zorn, Noah Star, Rafael Henriquez, Anna Kottenstette,
Sofia Sami, Noah Kane, Kevin Harris, Sarah Brock, Sheng Wu, Alex van Atta, Petros Karahalios..

Sabringo Chelsea Leming Joseph said...

a math poem for you, glad to share.

Differential Equation (ODE/PDE) and NY Cornell Malott Hall
Sabringo Chelsea Leming Joseph

Differential Equation,
Weifeng Fangcheng in tiny box,
what marvelous invention.

Asgari at Malott Hall,
A complex number analysis faculty in extra effort,
Math is wonderful after all.

Pennington VS Washington,
Jonathan A Cox VS Shawn Young,
I'd bet Julie Luiz Adrian won't frown.

Terry L. Watt VS Susan A. Ashford,
Tough figures such as Eileen Durand Faulkenberry,
Send Terry L. Watt to University of Oxford.

Study about Jiahong Wu, Ryan C. Scott,
Xiaodong Yan's math analysis plot,
I wonder why someone fuss a lot.

Hotels, Airports, Travelers,
Dots spread to linear algebra,
A theory or lemma goes very far.

Groups and representations,
Abstract and Geometric math for Sondy, Mano, and Lisa,
Who won't admire Magical Kingdom at Florida.

United and Delta, North to South,
American passion is tasty in mouth,
A break in spring is rewarding experience.

GPS, Maps, Cash, and Clothes,
Everyone wants to relax and unwind,
Information age, Open-minded joy to find.

Karen Elizabeth Julio BakerWhy said...

agree to publish my work.

Japan, Kenya, Oman, Korea, Jamaica, Take Both Queso and Salsa Karen Elizabeth Julio Bakerwhy

Agaha Albania
Barbados Bahamas
Cabinda Cape Verde
Djiboutl Denmark
Ethiopia East Timor
Fiji Finland
Ghana Germany
Honduras Haiti
Ireland Iceland
Japan Jamaica
Kenya Korea
Lusenbourg Los Angeles
Malta Mada gascar
Nauru Nigeria
Oman Oyama
Papua New Gulnea Puerto Rico
Qatar Qingtao City
Rwanda Reunion
Switzerland South Africa
Togo Tonga
Uruguay Upper Volta
Venezuela Vijay of Mayank
Western Sahara Western Samoa
Xie Aihua Xie Dan
Yugoslavia Yemen
Zimbabwe Zelberger of Noam

New countries to know,
Freshman and seniors, both ready to come and go,
Common senses, different tone,
Focus on yourself, your personal growth,
Be as bright as Caitlin Kelley, and Moty Rong,
Enjoy the game of Tic-Toc-Toe.

Abigail Charles Blount Fallin said...

yes, here is my second piece:

Zhong Guan Chun and Robert McCormick School at NU: Alternates to Silicon Valley
Abigail Charles Blount Fallin

Back in 1992, or 1989, a trail blazer,
Lenovo (Lian Xiang) is born and well known for its modern technology characterization,
and for its connection to Peking University, and Beijing University of Science and Technology,
in particular, for the contribution made by graduates majoring in chemical engineering,
computational mathematics, materials management engineering, and computer engineering...

Zhong Guan Chun (Zhong Guan Cun) is an electronic city,
a tech village home to Lenovo and OTHER COMPUTER SOFTWARE AND hardware,
Maggie Well Donnolo always enjoys riding Peking city bus #312, from Jianguo Men,
Jinji Xueyuan, Ren Ming University, passing Zhong Guan Chun, arriving Peking University
East, West, or South gate, carrying spirits of Yun Canal and Tongxian mood to her boy friend
Avalon May Hoganut, who attends Peking University,
where the campus is next to Yuan Ming Yuan park.

Beijing, Seattle, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chicago, Dalian, Harbin, Perry, Shenyang,
Madison, Princeton, Rome, San Marcos, Austin, San Antonio, Yale, Stillwater...
Efforts of many years converge,
A young man, Marley Park Hoganut, attending McCormick School of Engineering,
stretches time from 1993 to 2014, from East to West,
sheltering thought provoking imagery with his friends at Nu, at Ryan Field.

Mo Yan, Jiangsheng You, Dawei Teng, Toshe Wang, Elizabeth Bumiller, Charles Whitaker,
Yo Yo Ma, Marissa Mayer, Jerry Yang, Larry Page, Robin Li, Henry Schofield, Amy Allibon,
who would link London, Berlin, Fangshan, to Zhong Guan Tech village, and Silicon Valley?
The guy who plays Cello at NY Carnegie Hall in 2009 still chews on the meats
he gets from Quartz Mountain, Bienen School of Music, and Chicago Symphony Orchestra,
He will remember Mountain View, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Denver, Lawrence, Norman,
and his photos at Manhathan, Providence, Tokyo, Atlanta, Seoul, Little Rock, Memphis,
New Mexico, Wichita, Houston, Dallas, Panama, Washington D. C. speak a story of fantasy.

Zoom in on the fabulous institution called Northwestern University,
We add some more light to our honorable people around the world:

Morton Schapiro, Julio Ottino, Stacia Campbell, Beth Whitehouse, Joe Biden, Barack Obama,
Steve Twomey, Sidney Sheldon, Tom Philp, Susan Page, John Musker, Gary Marshall, Jill Peng,
Walter Kerr, Bob Greene, Stephen Hunter, Rance Crain, Saul Bellow, Larry Gosney, John Anderson, Jimmy Stapp, Matt Holliday, Tyler Helen, Sierra Swartz, Scott Leming, Bob Lanotte, Kaylee Hogan, Jiahong Wu, Lila Pepsi, Rath Farham, Robert Black, Ewu gordon, Suzzanne Donnolo, Frank Wang, Mwarumba Ottan, Njoki Bismorch, William Pao, Donghua Li, Michele Obama, Mingzi Wu, Yu Moon, Jurgen Habermas, Doha Crown Schmidt, Ann Lurie, Paul Farmer, Erin White, Erin White, Jinge Xi, Sara Bloomfield, Sarah Blount, Richard Muti, Stevie Wonder, Jehane Nouhaim, Frederick Hemlce, Myrlie Evers-Williams, Tucker May, Wiliam Osborn, Kellie Elmore, Krista Neal, Lauren Amaya, Alan Schapiro, Brad Henry, Pat Quinn, Jerry Brown, Mary Fallin, Burns Hargis, Liz Liu, Lifu Wu...

Prem Laszlo Riesbeck Ottino said...

amazing one, have mine up for publishing:

Read A Book A Day, Let Your Imagination Blow Your Way! (Shape and Poetry)
Prem Laszlo Riesbeck Ottino

Adam Moss || Zemin jiang
Bill Clinton Ying Liu
Chris Hine Xiaodong Sun
David Boren Wen-ching Sung
Ellen Worsdall Vadim Backman
Frank Shu Underwood Kobe
George Jones Tom Jolly
Hao Huang Shengsu Li
Iseri Mert Randall Lane
Jill Abramson Qixian Nu (7th Maiden Fairy)
Kuizhi Yu Piljin Yi
Lee Yong-goo Ostman Sarah
Martin Barron || Nash Holdings

Ana Paula Maciel || Zhicheng Jiang
Brandon Stukey Yun Ma
Charles Warlow Xiulian (Sue) Huang (Wong)
Doane Seth Wen Jiang
Elyse Bale Villano Matt
Fumei Bai Uer Kaixi
Greg Torode Tong Ye
Hu Yaobang Shu (Xu) Yaqi
Ivan Yuan Rampton Roberta
Jiazhe Zhang Qing Dong
Kumar Roy Sanjib Phil Stewart
Lan Yang O’Neil Kristina
Max Baucus || Niliksi Koswanage

D. J. Machale, Paulo Coelho,
Smart writers, creative soul,
Jodi Picoult, Ark Angel,
Juvenile Readers’ Friend to tend,
K. A. Applegate, Douglas Adams,
No more questions or doubts.
Read a book a day,
Let imagination blow you away.

Bijaylaxmi said...

Hello Poetry Rally, I wish to make my poem get published.

Poem Title- A Bowl of Porridge

Millions of Sun rays' harvest is my bowl of porridge.
It has been prepared with the precious milk from earth's bosom.
Someone prepares it for me before my eyes are open.
and I am presented with my bowl of porridge with the rising Sun.

I am grateful; I am grateful that in secret
someone mixes into it a special honey.
It's just inexplicable, how the sweet smell
fills up the air and my ever passionate nostrils.

With a mouth full of the porridge,
every cell of my body wakes up to the brink.
My rivers flow boisterously, mountains glow in green.
Oceans swell up and the birds chirrup plashingly.

Ahh.. I have a vast open sky this morning..
It's so bright and clean!
As my heart beats on a wonderful rhythm,
flowers of flesh have begun dancing.

I am grateful, I am grateful that my porridge
has emptied me up;
I am as empty as a bowl to be filled..

blog link-

Name- Bijaylaxmi Sarangi
New Delhi, India

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