Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Belated 4th Birthday To Thursday Poets Rally at Hyde Park...New York London Paris Chicago..Etc.


The following is a sample of poetry rally run by Jingle about 4 years ago ...

An Update On Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 2 (Jan 21-27, 2010)

Welcome, Poets and Poetry Fans:

I wanted to thank YOU for the responses to Thursday Poet’s Rally Week 2.

To be able to be eligible for week 2 participants, you must:

#1: Post a poem on Thursday, January 21, 2010 in YOUR OWN BLOG.
#2:  If you are a week 1 participant, make sure you have already commented on 12 fresh Blogs before you  become active on week 2. (Without fulfilling requirement of week 1, you can not request as a participant in week 2, I have to be fair to those who do working hard to send out encouragement and cool notes to other poets via commenting.)
#3: If you are not a week 1 participant, but you are a poet and want to join in, please feel free to join us by commenting on this post.
#4: I love comments, please feel free to comment and let me know what you think. I value your ideas very much. Thank YOU in advance.
#5: Please  visit both participants and fresh poets from the following links, you may discover new blogging poetry friends or simply enjoy reading their special poems for Thursday Poets’ Rally week 2. They love comments and dedicated to advocate poetry, poetry reading & writing, and new poets promotion a great deal.
No obligation to be come a member. You can join in any week by commenting.  Once confirm that you want to be IN, then you have to be serious, I trust your WORDS and wish you best of luck on blogging, writing and  reading. Cheers, ;)

Week 2 Participants:

William Manson
My Walking Path
58 INCHES, Jessie Carty:
The CottageGirl:
Shiteki Na Usagi, Haiku Blog: (first poem) (job done, ready for week 3, ;) :))
Bonjour Poetry:
You are never alone: (ready for week 3, hooray, ;) ;) )
Let’s talk about anything:
The Girl In Me: (job done for week 2, ready for week 3, ;) :))
Pat: (her third poem)
A poem named “Jingle” by Pat: (her 2nd poem)
JP Beaty: poem)
Jamie Thorne: (Hurray,  Jamie has done her visits to 12 blogs today, ;) ;))
Beth the Doubtfulpoet:
Utopian Fragments:
Moondustwriter’s blog:
waystationone: (brian miller has done his job, ready to rock for week 3, ;) ;))
Special Thanks to KJ Who Is Gifted in poetry and wrote a poem for Jingle:
KJ’s Blog:
Special thanks go to William a poet who comment for Jingle every single day:
William’s Public Poetry:
Jingle’s Poem for Thursday Poets Rally:

Twelve (12)  fresh poets to explore in week 2:

Bonjour Poetry
Area of delayed decay
broken satellites wondering
Realitylivingnkc’s blog
Michael’s deep thoughts
Kseverny’s Blog
Letters from Trieste
Raw Substance
Keymus Blog

For more information about Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 2, please visit:
For information about Thursday Poets’ Rally Week 1, please visit:


Hyde Park Poetry said...

a reflection, thanks for reading.

Maggie Attino-Frankford Shapirol said...

awesome Jingle and profound Rally memories.

please keep us updated.

Pat-Mather Brown Gordon-ceton said...

Glad to look back and trying to redo what you did.

Jingle is a true trail blazer.

Amelia Gugles Sharon-Stein Wilson said...

love free verses, they enable us to feel free and write for our inner mind flow.

Helen Michelle Alan Obama said...

I wonder where those poets are right now, do they wish to join us today if we run, please feel free to write a comment if you are a follower of this blog and love thursday poetry rally

marit said...

I love/miss Thursday poetry rally!!

Hyde Park Poetry said...