Saturday, January 31, 2015

referring week 79, the most invaluable poet (13): Mr. Blaque Soul

Hello, how do you do today?

when it comes to the most invaluable poet award, we fall short since there are hundreds of poets who connect demonstrating amazing talents in their common sense and poetic thoughts.

well, yet, we have one for you, let's read Mr. Blaque Soul's poetry....have a sweet and hot evening...

Sensual Partners

The night starts with a smile Because of the future to come Eyes start to race the courses of bodies Drawing a illustration in the thoughts This is a night that will not be forgotten Vision connects for a particular idea Emotionally combining one act Having a few beverages to ease the nervousness Whispering sweet ear-gasms

Butterfly kisses touch the skin
Giving the awareness of pleasure
As the scorching breathe escapes the mouth
Glazing the outer layer
Creating hills on once a flat surface
Slight trembles dance in the tummy
Building the anxiousness of this moment
Finding that fantasy to embrace
That this is the night of willing contributors

Agreements has been drafted mentally The flashes of this dance is beginning Ascending this mountain of ecstasy Where arches are created from nothingness And mourns are expressed for attention Raising the confidence of accomplishment Dazed by the completion of motion That transformed the two into a single With heavy exhaling and thrusting

Body fluids escape the pores
When displaying an instilled boldness
Of physical exercise of figures
Closing your readers accepting the notion
Reaching closer to that twinkling
Pushing for that explosion of effort
From those gardens of desire
Within the sweet cherry of life
Recycling this information during climax