Sunday, February 1, 2015

referring to week 79, inspiration of the week (30): Allyson Jude

there are lots of beautiful poems and promising poets out there, yet, in this community, we focus on poets who support our participants and showcase talents, positive energy and potential leadership to represent, thanks to Allyson Jude, who writes beautifully about relationship and life:

please read her today at  allyson , cheers!

So Fast

Posted: February 6, 2014 in koi

Why can’t you tell me what’s on your mind,
I was only hoping you’d give me a reason to
Hold or let go of you, what should I do
When I don’t even have a ground to hold on to
Why can’t you just say anything?
I never turned silent on you,
I just wanted you to say you love me too
Do I need a miracle for this to come true?
Coz I am holding my breath while you walk away
Remember when I told you I just want you to stay?
I’m trying to convince myself that this isn’t happening
Why can’t you just tell me I was something?
And what we had was beyond fantasy,
I’m trying to perceive what went wrong
Did my restrained two-cents ended our song
It ended so fast, no, it’s just not meant to be.
If this feeling’s all wrong,
Then tell me why it’s so strong
If I’m purely insane, then give me the reason why,
Why I’m just so helpless by the way you smile
I’m trying to recall everything from the beginning
Why can’t you just admit we were something?
Or did I just created us at the back of my head
I’m trying to perceive what went wrong
Did I signal the ending of our song?
It was so fast, now there’s nothing left to mend.
At least somehow I know I’m right,
You’re all I’ll be thinking of tonight.



Hyde Park Poetry said...

have fun, allyson poet.

welcome in any time when we are open for poets rally.

Maggie Patti Barbara Frankford-Shapirol said...

cute imagery there,

Lucinda Goce Bristol Tamhane Sahakian said...

lovely piece.

Layne Gerald Wade Cutts Hansen said...


Susan Rafael Otter Jolie Nixon said...

cute imagery from allyson.

Sheryl David Tanya Page Raun said...

amazing poet.

Anne Emerson Sharp Block Bloomberg said...

a crystal poem.

Nancy Beebe Goolsby Tramel Perry said...


Madeline Terry Camille Nat Brownback said...

she is talented.

allyson jude said...

Thank you!

This piece was actually re-arranged and became a song. Here's the link:

Happy listening!