Friday, March 27, 2015

referring to week 81, the most invalubale poet (15)

 Today, we are cheerfully looking at those poets who blog and support, and inspire us at the same time so that our participants write more profound poetry, thus the most invaluable poet of poetry rally week 81 is Ghosterb, ghosterb and enjoy his poem today, smiles, hope all is well with y'all!

Tonight I Write About You

Tonight, I write about you
And a love so true, I hope it never ends
Whispered endearments and remembered smiles
Tonight, I write about you
I’m a better man because of you
To you, my love, I’ll always be true
Tonight, I write about you
And a love so true I hope it never ends
By Ghoster B
(This poem form is called a modern triolet)


Sheryl David Tanya Page Raun said...

a powerful poetry form,
with astonishing voice and beauty,

a perfect choice for all to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

lots of smiles.

Alison Sandberg Jason Pritchard Clinton said...


lovely poem there.

Kate Neal Virginia Ann Hargis said...

powerful poem.


Maggie Patti Barbara Frankford-Shapirol said...


thanks for the powerful inspirations.

Angenette Karen Gregory Olivara Beredjick said...

sweet and powerful.

Iremonger Marty JacoBus Quinlan Pickens said...

sometimes, being sweet and loving is good for all.

ordinary words, extraordinary sentiments.

Linda Eugenia Denise Brin Korbetis said...


Larry Hasty Wendy Stanley Wojcicki said...

excellent choice.

Benji Barratt Clark Twohill Sullivan said...


Pat-Mather Brown Gordon-ceton said...

powerful thoughts.