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Thursday Rally - Poetry Collection Week 41

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The Poet’s Rally
Makes a Thursday much brighter
For all who share it
It has sure inspired me
To give more, be more


When we are so close
When your hand holds mine
I feel I am where I should be
I want to stay just like that

But time has no mercy
It runs away from us
When I realise that maybe
It’s the last time I see you, I cry

Perhaps in some other dimension
Maybe in some other universe
We’ll stay forever together
In each other’s arms

So when I look at the place where we were standing
Where we were dancing far from apart
I smile and hope that ‘maybe’
Turns out to be ‘in fact’


Mister Mizzle of the brume
to save my soul from certain doom,
I count to three, shake my fist
away with you, back into mist!


Dust is in the sun-beams losing float
then wind-dancing.
Don’t shut the blinds, your skin is still
in the light slivers.

There’s a fear here,
of microscopes and telescopes
put to bare eyes not
finding much to make something.
Thoughts still grope for dreams
put into jars
named as stories
then shelved
where memories
lose themselves amongst labels.


The way the dream catcher sleeps,
a dusting of old books could not compare;
sweet perfume that flies on the breeze
spreads its seeds then vanishes into thin air
leaving me restless in the old age of night.

The sheets – a soft divide which hides
a single hand daring not to be alone, grabbing
the hands of another incarnate soul dreaming
of clocks which tick time then take it away
darkness rising battling with the creeping sun
birds singing a morning song sweetly.

See the beautiful dreams, he said and I -
I watched them flutter across the ages,
through the open window and settle within my head


A little part of chat resulted in a fiction
A little part of chat resulted in a spectacle
they are life’s intricacies
that every relation started becoming into stange

A night surrounded by intense darkness
A night surrounded by intense silence
they are life’s intricacies
that every mistake become a punishment

some one got displeased that way
some one got angry that way
they are life’s intricacies
n so still pleasing by any means

certain stories of intense silence
certain delusions of being beloved
they are life’s intricacies
that every tale reached its conclusions

some oaths were broken
some promises were broken
they are life’s intricacies
those promises were never formed anyways

some incidents left tears in eyes
some events left miseries in heart
they are life’s intricacies
still remains a smiling face

some dreams ere shattered
some dreams were lost
they are life’s intricacies
instead slept every night

Rarely was able to smile freely
rarely was able to cry freely
they are life’s intricacies
still bewildering celebrating every occacsion

this life is a blessing
and death is a definite ending
they are life’s intricacies


People of different faces,
Taking roles everywhere.
People all over the places,
Deep in line with what their heart cares.

There’s a sun that shines,
There’s the moon in the night to reflect.
Stars up in the sky all times,
Like a dispensable accessory; hat.

The days and nights,
In rain or shine.
Colours of rainbow; how often do we see might?
Colours = meaning of life that shines.

Many (too many) tried in vain to find life’s meaning
Seeking and searching,
With great desire to find its meaning
Embarking on (the many) journeys that will only go down in history

Meaning of Life,
(In fact), one need not find
It is never out there
(But what) one brings into his/her life

Meaning of Life; it is the joy and peace,
It is the beauty one’s heart sees
Time to stop searching,
(And) to end those seeking

It is what presents in one’s life,
(And) what we bring into life
That colours shaped and made,
The Meaning of Life…


filled with your absence
the house and I wait
both knowing it is everywhere

in the living room it is blocking the telly
and in the bathroom mirror
it is your face not being there
that I see

at night I can hear
your absence soundlessly sneaking up the stairs
claiming the bed
and it won’t stay on your half
grabbing all blankets

your absence is becoming a frequent guest now
demanding attention
keeping me busy
filling the house
till you come back


Make your last rise stomach,
For thou will not breathe more precious air!
Oh, and hath thy nose!
Take your last scent,
For you will not smell once more!


You know
How much it means
Just your presence in life
Bestows a hope, that seems afar
In doubts
In doubts
Silent echoes
Worry my fickle heart
Unnecessary thoughts that pry
Past life
Of hurt and pain
Of many memories
Seem never to heal without love
In heart
Your love
Calms the heartbeat
Gifts forgotten love to
Entice temptation to forget
Deep scars
Three words
“I still believe”
Gives me hope, to live on
A love to cherish, to kiss in
You know
Silent echoes
Of many memories
Entice temptation to forget


Alone together,
For worse or for better,
No need to know your past,
No worrying about your look,
Let the cold fire blast
so that written words hook,
Miserable happiness will enlighten the darkness,

Alone together,
That’s joyful terror,
Alone together,
No other phrase to say it fairer,
Alone together,
No way to surpass the wether.


Oxymorons are Fun
When opposites attracts
She came with an awful gift
Turning my sour life upside down
That delicious monster's
Dismantled pack
Exposed off my shirt
once stain cleaned
Decorated surprisingly
With cute muddy hand of hers
She smiled thoughtfully
Dad's naughty angel!
A lovely war
"Dirt's still creates
Skillful Masterpiece"
Let alone imagination exist!
Oxymorons are Fun
When opposites attracts


I’m scared

Those words, so
against my lips,
I can barely write them
How can I mumble them
to you
with downcast eyes
hugging my knees as
I’m wrapped in a blanket.

How can I tell you
those images, faint,
undefined as of yet
fluttering about my mind
on the edge of dreams
(Of you and i
a home
our home)

I can barely pen the thought,
without wrapping it safely
in parenthesis

How can I tell you,
I’m scared,
I can’t do this on my own?

Donne made it look so easy.

Come live with me
and be my love.


They loved each other
and they loved so well!

Yesterday, the raindrops fluttered shyly
and kissed the waiting ground.

The deep magenta dome of the sky
was carrying the hidden Sun in its bosom;

the moss green leaf quivered like a bride
as the errant breeze caressed its cheeks.

The morning, as pretty as the melody
of an unsung poem, craved to be one
with the mysterious songs of nature,
being soaked in its velvet soft layers.

I frantically longed to be a part of them too,
for all I wanted was, to be called as beloved
on this Earth.

But alas!
By then, I had already swallowed your sorrow
and consumed your loneliness.
They had trickled down within me,
slow yet smooth, droplet by droplet,
making a malignant lump in my heart!

And now the wound oozes out puss
scorching and scalding
every other pore.


All it takes…
..a little patience.
Got none. Tantrum for one.
Past time, tired of the line.
Nothing pleaded, nothing earned.
Patience in furnace to burn.
Turn-tap foot, check watch, refresh, refresh, refresh.


Watched a still born night
fade in silence, suspended,
over plastic world.


When the bank was dry and
cake cracked from the
over-baking sun,
the musky smell of open muscles
and other otter spoil
went missing,
quickly replaced
by a powdered wind
of air-dried reeds
and browned cypress.
Then came the rain,
driven by tropical wind
that flooded the
tightly closed
bone fingers.
And the water rose,
filling the dry
marsh  bowl
and racing out
upon an asphalt river.
Searching for room,
in a basin over-run
with the roots of cypress
knee-deep in liquid,
the crusted banks
returned to a
mud pie bake
and once again
the otter’s buffet.
Beauty behind the beholder – Heather
A bouncing companion
Free from his leash
Frozen in time
With a farewell note
Copied beneath
And an inky signature
To end it all

Paused in the moment
She picked up the only
Splash of color to be seen
Overwhelming the senses
With sweet sensation
Words of wisdom
Float beneath
In elegant script

In sync with their purpose
They stick together until fate
Tears them apart
Demanding them to uphold
The memories
We’re compelled to show off

They lay patiently
Hugging each other close
Unaware of
(Or perhaps without care for)
The little hitchiker
On one’s back

Rejected to the rear
Despite her multicolor appearance
Her sharp personality
Her stars no longer shine
She is disregarded
And soon forgotten

Silver links of life
Turn copper and start
To crumble away
From age
And pain

And soon enough
She’ll be pushed back
Further yet
When her hosts
Are summoned
And once the brief second
Of recogniton is over
She is thrown down
Once again
But this time
Without hope

To cling onto


I have been given angels
in a physical form.
They help me through life.
All their hearts, so loving and warm.
First are my darling parents.
I’m so pleased to say I love them so.
They are my strength when I’m weak.
Next let’s talk about my siblings, ready…steady…go.
Sam and Shira are their names.
They always keep me on my toes.
They make life interesting and fun.
I’m so glad to have you as my sis and bro.
My grandparents aren’t typical.
They are a total joy and crazy.
Life would not be the same without them.
One things for sure, they not lazy.
My friends are a true reflection
of how relationships should be.
So here is a poem to all my treasures.
You all my angels and mean so much to me.


something like a romance
novel -

like those yellowed
volumes that line
my aunt's study

somehow like
those scotch-taped paperbacks,

that break
and slowly crease
with each reading,
the patterns

it's the patterns
that age us all - does this
make sense? because
this might be
the only way for me
to say it, to write
of dime novels
worn thin


Two fifty,
flashed the green board
fixed at an awkward angle
beside a pleasant moonlit stream.

Two hundred,
said a fellow passenger before
getting down at a kiosk, stinking
of ammonia under a pungent yellow tint.

A hundred and fifty,
mumbled the yawning conductor,
While the ride crossed a nothingness
of a sugarcane farm. Some eyes ogled.

A bored welcome board appeared
And said Left which the pilot took
Quite trivially, for the expert he was.

Shouted a probability
Developing urgently inside a tensed mind,
Afraid of facing the wrath of blaring sounds.

And the journey suddenly stopped,
Mum… A subtle silence.
The fear screamed in a dead voice
‘There! Your heaven, Death.’


sulphurous vapors
were peeling the brilliance
of that crystal apple,
purposefully placed on
the edge of that schist,
licking its glossy surface
like some poisonous snake tongues…
she looked at the apple
nodding her head -
she had no intention at all
of breaking her teeth this time
while aiming for the proverbial bite
just for the sake of the story…
and maybe she would have remained
loyal to that thought,
if one ray of sunlight
exploring the depths of the fruit
hadn’t suddenly revealed its own depths,
making her wonder
just how tasty a rainbow could be?!…


he truant pen
all smudged with ink, of writing and unwriting
barely visible dots of the scratched alphabet
of another day, when the ink was new
and spirits lifted and foretold
of the cries of summer swings and flies and butterflies
etched in the beaded perspiration
of blotting papers and jargons
the pen down, for another tomorrow
another pen down
she wrote another poetry
of another chimera, restless and forlorn


Sit in thus
It is nothing
It is all
Sit in thus
Until you fall
Into the stillness
Of your mind
Find the silence
Feel the world
In gentle guidance
Keep your mind
Just on thus
And nothing more
For here you find
Your inner door


if fait
are predetermined,
does that
putting an effort forth
is pretty much worthless,
if i go
all the way
is someone else
short serviced,
and if there’s
one spot at the top
is it 1st come 1st serve while the other is diverted?


Damn you, Fred Rogers
for telling me I was special
You really had me going there for a while
and the whole time
you were telling everybody in the country
that they were special, too
while the Asian kids were kicking our asses
in math and science
because they knew that they were not special
and they had to work hard
because there were thousands of others
ready to take their place should they fuck up

Now the neighborhood is in shambles
and we are left standing in the unemployment line
wearing our button-up sweaters


Into the gentle folds of earth
I laid down my troubles
And felt their release
Into soil, rock and grass
Into worms and all of God’s infinite microscopic creatures
Who beneath made their abode
Haven for my tears
Streaming down cheeks formed of clay
Into earth’s primordial clay
Couching my body
Better than any man-made bed
Soaring overhead a red-tailed hawk
Connecting heaven and earth
Stopper of time
Seeing life from a different perspective


I love you
And I know that it’s wrong
But listen up
Cause you’ve got to know that I’m strong
Oh please believe
Me when i say that it’s true
I can
Still be friends with you
I know
I’ll be friends with you

There were times
When I got so upset
Cause you were
Out kissing every guy that you met
But even though my jealousy still comes through
I can
Still be friends with you
I know
I’ll be friends with you

I’ve got to really try
And not lie
About these things I feel for u
But I can still be friends with you
I know
I’ll be friends with you

It’s your choice
You can do as you please
I’m not gonna
Get down and beg on my knees
But please remember
Cause I swear that it’s true
I can still be friends with you
I know
I’ll be friends with you.


When the moment comes I die
My breath will leave me with a sigh
Ahh, at last I’ll be at rest
All trials and burdens will be in the past
I’ll be alone when I am gone–
Alike the same as when I came
This shell will be tired and withered worn
And I’ll be at peace and welcome home
The transition will be a painless one
A light will appear to guide me on
I will not fret
I will not cry
Just sing me a sweet lullaby
I’m moving from one room to another
Closing one door and opening a window
Out the window I will fly
A whisper of light merged with all there is
Some day to return to birth again


Take me back
To your light
Set me free
From this tainted life
Of pain
My soul is aching
From carrying this eternal cross
Of guilt
Wash my ever bleeding wounds
With an angel’s tears
Baptise me
In your sea of love
Let me again
Be Pristine


Words of wisdom may be lost on you
they were in my young and tender years
but later in life some will ring true
so I'll whisper them in your ears

If at first you dont succeed,
don't think of it as failing
we all learn through trial and error
we mostly call it growing

Love may leave you broken hearted
but dont let it leave you jadded
some one will help you mend again
and that hurt will one day be faded

Keep family and friends close in life
and you'll never be truly alone
while sowing your young and tender oats
remember you can always come home

Moments in life will give you
added reasons for gratitude
those are the ones you may find
will brighten your attitude

Encourage the growth in others
and it will come back to you
Try to live outside the box
do things you wouldn't normally do

Listen to that voice inside of you
that knows of right and wrong
trouble is easy to get into
getting out of it can take long

Now take these thoughts, let them sink
in your young and tender ears
use what you can of any of them
throughout your many years

Much love, Your Auntie !


I have been myself
All my life.
At least the
Self I've shown.

You have come to
Know me,slowly,
As you read my actions
Like psychologist scribble.

I am walking away
with spring's uncertain self.
I will return
And you wont know me.


at the coffee shop 
small girl with her grandmother 
future's memory


Love's naked eyes - -
Promises of everything, fringed
With grayish feminine grace - -
The soul, cut deeply - consecrated with our fiery taste,
Your presence and the privilege - -
I find irresistible, total surrender, my stronghold impregnable,
Tender, sensual embrace; our spiritual coalescing - -
Face to face - your voice and the midnight glow of the sun,
Consummated espousal, sacred un-ion.
A gentle stroke of your crown of honor, so fine - -
A mutual gift of rhythmic sighs, a closeness of which we see as Divine,
Our eternal gift of self we share, within your breast, of we you care - -
Through the beating of my savage heart, though love adorned thy kissing dart,
Mine treasure of self I give to thee, your god-like bliss of augury.
Not adversity nor strife may drag me from thee - -
Two natures' in one, holy kiss reconciled, thy great mystery.


Taste of green
on my tongue.
Scent of rain
on my skin.
Bursts of wind
through my hair.
Bouquets of leaves
on the rattling limbs.
The sky above
a clean and watered blue.
Fresh and crisp.
Snapping linen on the line.
Monarchs grace
their petaled thrones.
Melodies perch
on a rusted fence.
Jewels dance
on tautened strings.
Laughter lights
the scattered grasses.
Beyond the trees
sits the jaundiced beast.
Eyes glinting
and a silvered grin.
Serenity breaks.


Did not God’s fingers,
Like mine,
Paint the purple mountains majesty
The blue earth’s sea to shining sea
The sky o’er us
Below He/She?
If this is true
How can you
My Divinity?
You can’t.
And you, friend, foe,
Are Too.


Ashes of a Giant - Adeolu Adesanya  

Ashes on my head I walk in a daze
Like a outcast ghost I count no days
Out of my luck I made no case
Ruling it on ill-luck or just fate
Life is drama, full of tragic scenes
Drowning in it no one to save
You grit and willed, nothing to show
I dream to live, not in a cage
I crave for life I see on the page
So heavenly, I want to die
Because everyday am in a rage
Of how much is never enough
Confused whether to love or hate
Many fangs too much to count
All waiting to suck and bleed me dry
Blood ties tying me in bondage
My child cries not or my wife
Family expectations and mate promises
And everyday I bear the shame
Commissions and bills I paid in late
Debt up to neck, face I must save
Out of my wit can't hardly breathe
Heart skips a beat when the phone goes
Shadows on my trail, running a mile
Faces I met, never a smile
Stories to tell, some worse than mine
Everyday, just like yesterday
Hoping for when all this will end
So much hate, I can hardly breathe
Haunted daily like game in the wild
Howling loud as I see myself slide
In a crowd, yet no one by my side
Friends hangs you up to fried
Your tears keeps you company
You tasted it's better than salt
Just like a plague it's bound to spread
For everyday, it's but a routine
Even in my hole, a stand to take
Resigned to fate or break the yoke
Ashes on my head, it must be purged
Ashes on my way, it must laid rest
Ashes in my world, I know you not.


Te extraño
Every eventide of
humid grasp with you,
was locked with
the amaranth satin
on the king size bed
and I gave it away to
the poor guy looking
for blanket on the street.
Every solemn oath
penetrating the silence
after the flight in April,
echoed in barbarian Latin,
harassing the treaty of peace
and I borrowed it to
the scout without speech
for his first victory in a battle.
Every “te amo”
written with lipstick
on the silk of my back
was burning the surface
of my sensuous portrait
and I shared it with
the bubbles in the bath,
ready to forget your glance.
Every blissful tear
after an illusion with you
was knitted in the steps
of our dance at night,
killing every sad twilight
and I donated that too,
to the ballerina in “Swan lake”,
she needed extra sparkles.
And now, counting the sullen
remains of your presence, it’s been
more than an hour that
I listen to “Noviembre sin ti”
and I wonder, why nobody
told me how perilous
one simple song can be …


May there be streams in your desert.
May you sleep in the company of angels,
cradled on wings of grace.
May your dreams be filled with the music of Heaven,
may you wake in a hallowed place.
May you love as you are loved,
and pray as one who has the ear of God.
May your faith blossom on a vine
planted in the Lord’s vineyard
as the wine of His nearness fills you with joy.
Let there be streams in the desert
and highways for your journey.
Let praise fill your night
and crown your day with gladness.
And when the shadows come.
And when the shadows come
may your heart hold hope enough
and faith enough
to look up
and see the face of God,


I wish to dance; I wish to laugh,
I wish to enjoy my Life stance..
I don’t have a song; no reason to smile;
Yet, I desire to celebrate..!
I wish to pluck a flower to smell-
Singing around the place in joy.
To open my arms; whirling around,
Realizing rudely they are left blank.
I wish to move my head softly,
Look into your eyes smiling gently.
To be held in your arms n forever..
I wish to love you beyond Eternity!
So much so for my wishes n desires;
I no longer wish to wish for anything..
Stay suspended with all hopes passed-
I now sleepover my mundane Destiny!


All must become great visionaries
Imagine the outcome that seems
impossible: Earth’s waters
pure and sweet, air unpolluted,
forests restored to the original majesty,
balanced climate, nature’s resources
healthy and abundant. Each of us
can envision a new world with
faith in the power of love
to heal what man has almost destroyed.

Do not be complacent, or let others
control your thinking. We must
take charge of our lives
not just stay buried in the mundane
of life. Be wise, give careful thought,
avoid busyness. Our thoughts are
creating our realities. Spend time
each day creating the new world
that is beautiful, peaceful, abundant for all.
Realities start with a thought.


Soft, fluffy little clouds
Of white feathers floating in the air
You are here for me with love
To bring a message from “Above”


Should I jump,
Will you catch me in the air,
Or give me wings, flight
Will you be standing by my side,
Should I jump, should I jump,
If I am to jump

And if I am to knock, knock,
Will opportunity open doors,
Like; hello, hey you, come in,
Take a sit, a drink? am all ears
Should I knock, should I knock

And if am to walk, straight,
No turn on the wrong side,
Keep my head down,
Focus on my set plan
Will a thousand miles, get me there,
Should I walk, should I walk

Will you give me a helping hand
Hold hands, point directions
Like my GPS
Will you be, be my extra
When I just need that push
And stand, in door ways, 
Waiting, cheering, is that you


kind of
in my
i adore
the way
you are
made of
as if gathered
for me


May you be blessed
Even when all seems lost
With hurt at its deepest
With regret at its highest
May you be blessed

Even in the dark nights of the soul
In the profound loneliness
In the pained silence
May you be blessed
For though you grieve
Though you suffer
You are not alone

May you be blessed by beauty of your existence
For your life makes richer the lives of others
May you be healed by the One who created you
For your wounds are cared for by the Divine
May you be loved by those around you
For you are loved and are worthy of love


The red shoe
lay in the grassy verge
by the path
It was upright
and in tact
only the velvet scarred
by sun and rain
silken thread patterned the shoe
as cobwebs
patterned the scene
like delicate slithers of mist
beneath the sunlight
that stabbed through the clouds
shinning down
to where the dye
stained the ground
a clue lost and found
with the changing elements
Another red shoe
lays in the grass
by the road
In tact
the same velvet red
patterned with the silken thread
as her golden hair
Patterned  the ground
Shimmering under the sun
While she floats above
A delicate mist
In the rays of light
That beam down
To where her blood
Stains the blades


We all live a small life
Much decisions on our shoulders
Some a burden while some for fun
But not friendship
No, not at all
Come let me take you into a fantasy
A dream like one you’ve never seen
Just close your eyes and listen to me

Can you hear the Lark?
Can you hear the Cuckoo?
Can your hear the Nightingale sing?
A melancholy song
Of a story not so long
For the sands of time to bring

Listen carefully my dear
For there is a lesson to be learnt
Don’t judge so soon
You may be wrong
And hurt yourself in return

It was a bright bright day
Not a sound to be heard
No noise made
All were present
Man, beast and bird
No one moved
They simply stood and watched

Then came a far, far off cry
Of pain of hurt
And a sob and a sigh
For all watched a tortured soul
Tormented hurt and die.

There he was on his knees
Begging, pleading
For those who he took as his friends
Used him, hurt him
Then let their friendship come to an end
“Why?” he asked,
“Why?” he cried.
“How had the bond been broken
Hadn’t it been made by chains of love so strong?
Or was it of mere selfishness
A weak thread, a token”

“A proof, a mark, deep inside
To scorn me of my foolish pride
So sharp the tongue
That hurt my soul
I cannot run
I cannot hide”

No more could he stand the pain
A laugh, a cry, a blend of both.
But none could work
None to ease the pain
None to ease the hurt.

Blinded by the tears
Of shame, of fury
He then struck a blow
A fist came down on him later
And then there were more

Blow by blow came down upon him
Those very hands
Those very hands
One’s which had calmed the hurt he got
Were opening those wounds
With added salt.

Thus he fainted
Bloodless, lifeless
Calm and still
Writhing insides now empty, now void
Still not a soul moved
Still not a soul moved

“Why is it dark?
Has the night set in?
Or am I dead,
And gone to heaven
Maybe hell for such a sin.”

“Nay my friend,
You still reside on earth
You have your soul
Your body is healing.
But, forgive me my friend
To hurt you and torment your mind
For I have to tell you
That your vision has gone friend
That you are blind.”

A tear falls and then another
For yet the burden was augmented
The voice was known
Too known to ignore
For to ignore was what he wanted

The voice was familiar
The tone was not
Yet how could it be so?
His friends had turned evil
His friends had turned bad
And the voice….

The voice was of a foe


Botswana swelters and the Delta sighs
where Okavango meets hot desert sands.
Soaring high on rising thermals, eagles
effortlessly glide under azure skies;
lords of the air above sunkissed lands.

But far below on verdant flood plains
in the lush African Gardens of Eden,
that yield to salt by the suns attention,
where life survives by natures decree,
down here, a different predator reigns.

A troop of chacma baboons congregate
as the heat of day cools to sticky dusk.
Thirsty and wary, they approach water
but the dust and the dusk obscure much
and stragglers are unaware of their state.

The moment is seized by a young leopard,
perhaps this act was her rite of passing,
for although still cub, her body is full
and she leaps upon a lonely baboon
and kills it quickly before she is heard.

With ungainly gait from dragging the kill
she heads up the nearest tree, for safety
from the prying eyes of hungry hyenas
and makes ready to eat, until her meal
moves, plunging her world into confusion.

From the dead haven of blood-matted fur
a baby baboon drops by the leopard
who is unsure and bats it like a mouse
but maternal instinct gets the better
and an amazing scene is soon played out.

The leopard licks and cleans the baby ape
and snuggles it for warmth through the night
but simian balance is still unsteady
as the day old baboon falls from the tree
and each time the leopard fetches it back.

Daylight dawns and eagles queue for thermals
as the sun comes over the oasis.
The leopard, cub no more, fully fledged now
slinks away from the dead baby baboon
into the sweltering Okavango Delta.


When in her ill you do not quiver,
But is always there to comfort her.
Bestow confidence over her childish fears
At her every need to lend an ear.
To shield the ones near and dear
And make her drop not a tear
To brighten everything under the sun
And make responsibilities turn fun
Live life of sharing and caring
Then of continuous battling
To do away with unruly commotions
And care for gentle emotions
To sit beside and watch the sun setting
It really makes life worth living…


I am the dreamer
I am the stargaze
I am the unspeakable truth
For you are the dream
You are the star
And you are the youth

Running and screaming
she hides in the box.
air holes
and soft uneven cuts.

She hides in the box
with utmost care.
She should not be found,
no she shouldn't.

She has to win today.
She has to hide away.
She had to win

And as she hides
they pass the box.
Looking for her,
shouting for her.
She looks
through the peephole.
She laughs.

They care.
She thinks.

Happy thoughts.
Winning thoughts.
proud thoughts.

She is missed.
She is loved.
She is hidden away.

But then the fear creeps in
of being stuck like this
She is comfortable,
yes, she is.
She is hidden away.
But what if she is never found?
How long will she
have to hide like this?

She had to be found
and dragged out to failure.
She won't unhide
and come out of the box.
And until she is found,
she will hide
in a box with holes
and cuts and bends.

She is winning,
they have given up.
And by winning
has she lost?

In a box
with holes and cuts,
she is hidden away.

She has won.
She has lost.
She has been forgotten
in that box.



In the mood for some prose today;
Some Chat from Chaupati, Bombay.

In the mood for some prose today;
A favourite playlist put on replay.

In the mood for some prose today;
To look at you in slumber sitting by where you lay.

In the mood for some prose today
A bookmark on a page, crying over its overstay.

In the mood for some prose today;
Lazy blinks glued to liquid crystal TV display.

In the mood for some prose today.

(the morning after)

I cracked a joke and laughed myself.'At least that's 50% of the crowd.'

I looked into my eyes and complimented.'At least I still find a mystery in them.'

I made some pancakes and had it myself. 'At least someone likes what I cook.'

I read a book and smiled to myself. 'At least The book knows I smiled.'

I looked at you and turned to my side. 'At least someone's not lying next to a beloved-dead(*checks her own heart beat*)'


As I was walking down the corridors one day, I heard a voice.
“Out of sight, out of mind”, it said
“Out of sight, out of mind”, it whispered
And the words echoed from the halls of this almost empty building
Into the labyrinth of thoughts in my head.
I wondered as I whispered the saying again and again:
“Out of sight, out of mind”
“Out of sight, out of mind”
Too long has passed since I’ve seen you, too long has passed since we’ve talked
And still your name is written on the labyrinth walls.
“Out of sight, out of mind”
“Out of sight, out of mind”
And these thoughts seem to permeate the boundaries of reality;
Seeping into the everyday.
The walls seem to bear your name everywhere I look.
Letters forming patterns
On doors and bits of paper;
On menus and food packaging;
On billboards and neon signs that light up the skyline at night.
“Out of sight, out of mind”
“Out of sight, out of mind”
Each time those words left my lips, I believed them a little less;
Had I been completely blind I would still see your name scribbled upon these walls;
I’d still see your face in the shroud of impenetrable darkness.
For as I was walking down the corridors one day, I heard a voice.
“Out of sight, out of mind”, it said
“Out of sight, out of mind”, it whispered
And the words echoed from the halls of this almost empty building
Into the labyrinth of thoughts in my head.
And somewhere along the way most of the letters got lost
And the walls whispered your name instead.

Staring at the majestically sinewy track,
A restive follower dropped his empty sack.
Glancing at the uncommonly wide-eyed crack,
Commoners dropped him nothing to stack.
The world is semi-permeable to the questioning gaze,
Asking some to beg more and seldom laze,
Answers to life are gravely set ablaze,
As buildings of doubt are set to raze.
He showed no grace with a grieving heart,
Relaxing his muscles to do his part,
His life starts with an open heart,
To the foibles of the world in a heavy cart.
The ashes with the winds are blowing,
Of all things dead and thoughts glowing,
Charred to the depths of the soul flowing,
The ashes are set in a handsome bowing.
The eyes of the passers ineffectively looked,
Going about their chores blindly hooked.
There isn’t the usual irritant beseechingly booked,
Inflicting his squint on their plans cooked.


To examine life is to
Confirm one's vulnerability.
Debilitating disease, dependence, death;
Beauty and wonder, mystery and perfection.
We all negotiate the multi junctioned path of life.

The multi junctioned path of life.
Some travel a well planned route
Without a problem or cause for concern.
Some navigate instinctively, demeanour calm and relaxed.
Other's blindly follow their ancestors footprints.

To examine life is to question one's purpose.
Is the purpose to dominate and conquer
Or to contribute, share and enjoy.
To love, procreate and give
Or to follow the warrior's path.

The multi junctioned path of life.
What flexibility exists.
Does circumstance facilitate retracing steps
Or must we remain on the path of choice.
Does our individuality and uniqueness
Guarantee freedom of choice.

To examine life is to identify
The multi junctioned path of life.

Smiles are sent your way
To enjoy and give away
Free gift from nature’s store
Doubts and confusions
Trials and tribulations
Leave aside every chore
Reciprocate, then ask for more.

The warmth it conveys
Through eyes and face
Reaches the heart
Intellect by passed
Balm to spirits
Wan and sore
treasure this smile, then ask for more.

Some are matchsticks
Igniting secret fires
ignoring norms and mores
Invoking forgotten desires
Fanning the flames
Opening doors
Realize its power, then ask for more

An exercise of few seconds
Calming the storm
Relaxing the frown
Pouring light into dark souls
Turning mountains into moles
lovelier than pearls, emanating from the core.
Savour the treasure, then ask for more


Although we all would love to have,
A shock proof, bullet proof heart,
That would make us not feel the pain,
That would make us cold and numb,
That would help us to look into someone’s eyes and not show any emotions,
In a blink of an eye, you will feel the moist, the warm tears,
Tears falling from your eyes, feeling sorry for yourself,
Because you are still having a heart that beats,
A heart that is meant to suffer,
Till the end of times…


It was the rain that came down,
like a flood of suppressed emotions,
having altercations over which
would be the first drop
to touch the virgin ground.
No kings were born on lands below,
like cabbages waiting to be discovered,
some fortunate to be stolen,
others tossed into salad bowls.
The water drops gathered, merged,
became a face with a million identities,
yet identical in every respect,
meant to be forgotten,
but remembered nonetheless.
Cold to the touch,
like hands held underwater,
and brought to the surface
for the whiff of a breath.
Soaked to the skin,
she could feel the venom travel
softly down the curve of her spine
and disappear.
What more could she do but wait,
taking in the silence of the words
which were never spoken,
but which the rain whispered in her ears?

Centuries passed,
like vows undertaken,
oaths broken,
and friendships betrayed
for the clink of silver,
all in the span of a second.
Used and abused laid the emotions
attached to the end of a string,
with sticks poking through
their heart and their wings.
Yet always,
fingers reached out to mend
the shattering feelings,
fingers that caressed the forsaken soul,
fingers that healed,
fingers that deceived
and dug in deep with their nails.
Puckered up,
for the taming of the sands of time,
that came and washed away
all unwritten rhymes.
She had forgotten what was no more,
or was it that it never existed,
this petty dime for a dozen souls?
There is a fine line
between memories and dreams,
a tiny thread binding perception to fact,
such was the knowledge she had acquired.

Meandering through cervices
of lies and truth,
there was no end to the follies
played by the mind,
giving more than could be given,
and taking endlessly,
as if resources were infinite.
The guillotine is less cruel,
an execution instrument,
a clean swipe and it is over,
unlike the multiple blows,
life hits one with,
even though each one is worth it.
Dragonflies and daffodils,
more like a drop of sunshine,
coming into her life,
but leaving before she could grab it,
and she learned to believe in nothing.
It was hard to believe that one
could be so alone in this vast universe,
stretching on into infinity.
It was hard to comprehend
the magnitude of the fact
that solitude was one’s best friend
on a planet with seven billion souls.
But it was a choice she said,
not an obligation.


this is carnaval
twirl around laugh don’t
let the curtain fall
the night can’t end won’t

twirl around laugh don’t
sleep there’s no time now
the night can’t end won’t
we’ll dance through somehow

sleep there’s no time now
the music lifts me
we’ll dance through somehow
exhausted happy

the music lifts me
when it’s over then
exhausted happy
we’ll sing like madmen

when it’s over then
hold the memories
we’ll sing like madmen
any way you please

hold the memories
let the curtain fall
any way you please
this is carnaval


Grain by grain…
the castles take form,
lives carved into the bemired landscape.
Grain by grain…
images carefully tended by the sculptor,
identity fragile to the tides flow.
Grain by grain…
walls erected, protecting the delicate king,
sitting in guard, barriers to the soul.
Grain by grain…
the waters of truth corrode,
deliquescing the layers in its waves.
Grain by grain…
standing in vulnerability, infancy returns,
the castles take form.
Grain by grain…


(To Dheepak)

Firstly, walk to your water filter
and drink a mug of water.

Do not forget to eat ice cream
from the shop across your road –
you know and I know, it tastes like
candy but it’s worth every penny;

Now, call up your best friend and
whine relentlessly about how
miracle is a bitch and why
you should never trust her,
till he gets tired of you to
diplomatically hang up on you;

Then kick air for few seconds
in rage.

When you look at the mother
carrying two children,
one inside, the other out,
walking 20 miles a day
to draw a can of water on news,
may be allow yourself
to have faith.

Forget few days of your life
immersed in alcohol and dope.

Beach walk and
make love to waves
with your thoughts.

Wait till midnight,
climb all the stairs to the terrace,
lie flat on your back,
on the cold floor – watch stars.
Draw babies and monsters
with your fingers,
follow your own wondrous eyes,
to go to sleep
not knowing when you did.


See the beautiful horizon
ever moving water
and the sand between toes

see the trashing waves
hear the windy wail
endless surviving game

leave the storm alone
love the pale sandy shore


Solitude opened the skylight…
… Of the past,
And the veiled reminiscences…
… Tiptoed silently.
Sunshine of warmth
Velvet Breeze of smiles
Drizzles of tears.
Gush of laughter.
Made the heart…
… Brimming with nostalgia.
A vague contour…
…tried to take shape.
A forgotten feeling…
…contrived to burgeon.
Emotions residing…
…in a corner of heart
Struggled to peep.
Memories quiescent…
…somewhere in mind
Emerged quietly.
Bygone never elapsed,
Just stayed dormant.
Loneliness evoked it
Yet again.


Let me die silently
Before the time I wake.
The body deserves a rest
As the soul needs to be freed.
Meet me when my Maker insists
To bring you up with me.

Let me die silently
Before the time I wake.
The rashes have been painful.
Let go of my scorching world!
Meet me when my Maker insists
To raise me up for good.


Crisp lips turned bitter cold and
I’ve been daydreaming for hours
Since there’s nowhere I’d rather be
Than raising steps for your bare feet
Growing intentions to untangle your hair

Harvesting promises from your deep rooted smile


A bubble of thought rises in his mind,
what if she..
A sigh left his lips in shear disappointment,
what if she..
A finger started writing something on the sand,
what if she..
A smile passed across his face as he saw,
what if she..
A heavenly feeling dawned upon him,
what if she..

She sat there besides him on the sand.
In her white dress,
her trinkets jingling happily.
As she brushed her hairs aside from her eyes,
her eyes met his and she couldn't stop her smile.

A word passed from him to her,
and the thought crossed his mind,
what if she..
She was attracted as if through some unseen energy,
towards his lips her lips brushed and submerged.
She withdrew them and said,
what if i..

His heart skipped a beat or two.
The breeze was silent and calm.
The waves rushed towards their feet.

She got up from there,
started walking away from him.
He murmured to himself,
did I finally say it?
I love you ..does she understand?

He gazed up into the endless sky.
And back on the waves his eyelids closed.
And he said to himself,
what if she..
and saw towards the direction she went..

She stood there,
the most beautiful girl in the universe.
Retracing her steps back,
she stooped low.
Mumbled in his ears,
I love you too..


Scream Angel Scream
Sitting there in chains
Bound by imposed limitations
Wild eyed and frantic
Gnashing at metallic steel
Spitting at impending confrontation
Withered are your wings
Spattered with sweet blood
Splintered bone strewn in bits and pieces
Jigsaw patterned flesh
Nails digging at the floor
A bitten lip leaves a lonely trail
Faint echo of a heart
Diamond glint of tear
Take a breath and
Scream Angel Scream


Let's conquer the waves again today
as we ride on the shoulders of the sea.

Let's strain the deep for its fruits
that have helped form this clay.

Let's pray that a good wind blows
and takes us back to the shore
today, tomorrow, every day.


Oh how i wished there could be a fire
in eyes that talked so much,
in hands that yearned to touch
in heart that beat much faster
in words that were said never.
But all i felt was an overpowering desire
to let eyes drink all that you showed
to let hands trace the things you owned
to let heart play music to your beat
to let words die before i could speak.


Have you ever seen black ants
on snow,
or a fruit fly
cast a shadow?

I don’t know --

When I was a boy
growing up on a farm
in Tejas,
my brother Alberto and I
had an elaborate graveyard
for animals.
It was the Oh Fuck, I Up & Died Cemetery For Critters.
We had stones and wooden crosses
with painted epitaphs:
Here lies one leg of a prairie dog
ate by the damn chicken hawk
that’s been eating our chicks.
He was a good meal; and in death, he saved a hen.
God bless him;
Here lies a one-eyed rodent
shot dead for being a rat;
like when farmer Hopkins
poisoned my dog,
and my brother and I buried him
under a harvest moon.
The epitaph simply read,
He was our brother,
and we loved him.
Our hearts are broken.

I think of when I e-mailed Glen,
told him she was dead;
what I wanted to say was
I had talked to her
and told her I liked her shit.
I told her I understood
the eating of her lover’s asshole;
and, being we lived 10 miles from each other,
maybe one day we’d meet

-- but now,
she was gone;
and Glen e-mailed Jim,
and Jim told our brothers and sisters
and we mourned.
Many pomes were written.We told each other
how beautiful these pieces were,


in reality,
it all sucked --
like her death.


it still haunts me
-- Lake Michigan
-- words
-- her tongue.

On winter nights
I feel her cold lick,
and I pucker;

I’d just like to say,
your pomes
make me feel like Coyote.
Tricked by Raven,
he fried and ate
his own fucking anus
choked on it.
It’s goddamn funny --
isn’t it?”

about black ants
and snow;
fruit flies and shadows,


I don’t know –


I wasn’t

lonely until


taught me

the impossibility

of being true—

I like that,

and I don’t

but the feelings are mine.

I work hard

not to let myself go—

to fight

to have nothing

significant said—

while young writers

too busy bumbling

and thrumming words

to notice

the juniper’s jig,

the lark’s demure lyric

can’t sing beyond the key

of what they feel

right now

—I’m all I’m comfortable with

what I know

is in spring

birds sing back.


how long have i stared at that angel-
a headless thing on a pedestal
my stone john the baptist
riding in the birdbath with his double chin
he’s my little garden paperweight
in this over-processed world
peeking just above the peonies
screaming of the end of time.


They gave me a rifle,
Showed me how to take it apart,
Told me a name for each piece.

It was strange at first
Like disassembling death.
What would happen
If I didn’t put him back together?

I wondered if my rifle pieces
Had claimed any bodies
In a past, jumbled incarnation.

When they had taught me
Enough about the rifle
They put me on a bus.
They brought me to the range,
Gave me a live magazine.
A hundred of us
Like camouflaged cattle
Smiling at our weapons,
Waiting for our next command.

I didn’t come here to kill a man,
I thought.
So why am I here?
To learn how to kill a man,
Of course.

They made me keep shooting
I placed a nice, close group of
Tiny lead missiles
Right through the man-shaped
Target’s paper heart.
They taught me how to kill a man.

They taught me how to
Adjust the rear sight,
Take aim,
Lie still,
Hold my breath,
And squeeze.

But I don’t know how to kill a man.

I wonder
How many fighting boys
Never thought they would
Take aim,
Lie still,

And breathlessly squeeze
Three steel-tipped, lead-bodied bullets
Into the meat of a man’s chest,
In a nice, close group.


Dancing circles sequester the stillness
of waters dark, tranquil and deep.
Thoughts are invited, secretly,
To plunge into the impalpable abyss;
To probe untouchable chasms;
And to challenge,
Questioning answers found.

Punctured armour, the surface
Ripples with cries of exposure
From a vulnerable kiss.
Concluding inquiries, water brims over
complicating solutions and gushing out lies.
The façade thus created:
A cataract only, a torrent of emotion in battle for peace.
Devotion combats intrusion and welcomes
The fear and excitement:
Crusade but not war.


Diamonds on the road
Flow down the asphalt
Trading partners,
Dancing down the distances

Flow down the asphalt
Passing time with competition
Dancing down the distances
Finessing the interstices

Passing time with competition
Merging boundaries
Finessing the interstices
Creating beautiful patterns.

Merging boundaries
Trading partners
Creating beautiful patterns,
Diamonds on the road.


Recognize the enemy!
Enemy at the gate!
Enemy on the plate!
Enemy in the bottle!
Enemy in the stick!
Enemy on the mind!
Enemy from behind!
Enemy in the lips!
Enemy that deceives!
Enemy in the heart!
Enemy that hurts!
Do you know your enemy?
What is your next step?


Stepping into the shade; dark, spiced, cool.
A high silvery factory roof over
long, tall rows of language in small jars.
Cool white windows of smallgoods;
ask for your choice of sausages,
cheese, octopus, anchovies, salmon, tapas.
Explore the brown boxes of pasta, kilo bags of
colourful spices and racks of fresh bread.

An older man from somewhere
waiting at the till
with six jars of pickled cucumbers
and a massive bag of walnuts.
Imagining his kitchen, tidy chairs
and strong coffee perhaps?

I find my own flavours, sampling
from these other worlds
and step back into the Australian sun.


It all started as a
Meeting, you
Know that.
It was a really,
Rainy Monday noon.
We met through a common,
Then we caught up with,
Each other.
Exchanged & shared thoughts,
Then slowly the thoughts,
Became our dreams.
Then the dreams became,
Our words.
Then the words slowly,
Turned into vows.
It all started as a
Meeting, you
Know that.
It was a really,
Rainy Monday noon.


torn curtains, windows split,
candles burnt down, fires lit
to burn down hope, burn down loss
on this very street you´ll have to cross.

A distant smile, a distant gaze
alights the path, all silken ways
to the land where freedom lays.

moonlit fields outside your door-
strains of blood left on your floor.


Harry’s skin
is so terribly thin

you can see where he’s going
and where he’s just been.

One look at Harry
it’s hard not to grin.

His insides are out
and his outsides are in.


Dear I have been sending you
A postcard ever since I have left,
I have kept most of the letters
Knowing it would never reach you
But this might be the last one since
You are coming here soon,
I can’t wait to be reunited with you.
I love you and miss you,
I’ll be there waiting near the white gate
As you walk over that cloud,
You will love it here.
Till we meet again.
Postcard from heaven with love.


if the world ends now
i would say fine, let it
if that is what it takes
to start a life with you
to start a life with you
if that is what it takes
i would say fine, be it
if the world ends now..


Though sometimes in the shadow,
Waiting for a chance to bestow,
Pearls of wisdom and awards too,
Some for me and some for you,
There are angels in our midst,
Yes, these angels really exist,
As poets and writers emerge,
These angels encourage and urge,
All authors to write about life,
From the depths of strife,
Or tell of demons in the night,
Who escaped when you decided to fight,
Describe the inner beauty of a child,
Mountains of snow or weather mild,
Sensitive we poets are,
Afraid of criticism and words that scar,
Yet we are joined at the heart,
Filling the net with our art,
There are angels who say,
What I need to hear on a very bad day,
“Good job, great work, we like you,
Please submit another poem, too.”
“Because you are unique in what you say,
Please stop and visit another day,”
I don’t hear the fluttering of wings,
But I know a lot about these things,
Kind words in the world are sometimes rare,
But the angels among us really care,
Trying to touch all with words of gold,
And helping newer angels their wings unfold,
Who are these angels, you ask of me?
Their presence is very plain to see,
For in their comments are jewels and gold,
Encouraging, urging, with words so bold.


Fearing Fearlessness

How many times have I given the credit to night blind fear, credit due the brave persistent child? How many times have I blamed the willing diligent pursuer when the fault was the backstabbing delay of mistrust? I resist the onset of freedom. Fear was my oldest familiar and I put from my mind that it was my jailer, captor; kidnapped me from my cradle and kept me locked from G-d’s fine intentions. Fearlessness sounds debilitating to my crippled ears, organs who hear well the disclaimers and are deaf to the claims. I am the producer of bile and addicted to dread, endorphins wear white hats and win the day once this yellow belly is put to bed.

Allow yourself distance from uncomfortable people


Birds and Bees can get me drunk
I have to watch the amount of envy
Which pours through me as I watch their bliss

When others make a beeline to the hive
I must head to a meeting and save myself despair
If my spiritual condition is not sound

When other couples are weaving their nests
I have to be careful
Not to weave my way back to the bar

The mating dance is so sweet and seductive
I have to make sure
I don’t end up doing the two step

For as much as I hate to admit it
If steps one and twelve where enough to keep me sober
The rest would not have needed to be written


I voice silent scream
A collection of my fears
Ever flows through me


The orbit of licit sex is full of violence, sadness and boredom-

It is the illicit sex that inspires the gentleness of poetry....


"Help","help" cried out the fly
from the cob web that was so high
oh! dears help me here
let me live a little more.

Bee went by, cockroach passed
other relatives also roamed
but nobody helped not even tried
to help that poor, dear friend.

fly thought- may be they didn't hear
so tried out a little louder
he didn't think that even for wife
nobody will risk their own life.

For others who saw this plight
thought the spider got his prey.
Spider was happy was getting ready
to have a wonderful good breakfast.

But poor this fly was going through
that bridge between life and death.
Realised now that nobody will help
turned to God,with a cry like yelp.

At that moment the lady of the house
thought of removing the cobwebs,
took a long brush swiped the web
it was broken,the fly fell down

came down hanging on a piece of web
reached the soft sofa safely,
removed the small portions happily
rested and flew away as a deb.

Again he was free, thanks to God
for hearing his prayers....
When our prayers are answered
we call God 'a dear' otherwise deaf.

Is this right?


your green shirt and borrowed car
glide right back into place
a place you never thought you’d return to
a year ago today
we were sitting in a tiny office
being shamed
in this separate scrap of our storybook
we make this day something different
something that bodes of a place for me
on your xiphoid process
of spending evenings predicting murders
in bad tv mysteries
and buying used couches for tiny first apartments
of you laughing at my extensive, high-maintenance beauty routine:
coffee, venti
and making you do the bills
as I bake you your favorite things
of me saying I’m sorry when we fight
never going to bed angry
and being content with simplicity
all this I know
from three seconds in your embrace


“G” is for Grief

I hope
that somewhere in this cold world
there is a cure
against the evil darkness
You and I
as the autumn leaves
maybe are falling
to the ground

I’ve tried to find the key
of the black cover that holds you
in its cold embrace
I failed
A love was born
among the strong words
inviting me into the magic world
We were two strangers
suited so well together
our love was not enough
The weakness was larger
it never won over fears
In stead of staying alive
we’ve chosen to slowly die
You’ve become a dead poet
but for me still immortal
The one from my dream

I was prepared to haunt you forever
So I guess we’ll be good darling
I’ll find you again
In another life


Unwrapped in ashes
Unveiled as I move forward
As I move closer
As I move in

To you

Your breath cool against my skin
In the heat,
In this stifling air

This seed you’ve sown into my soul
Into my once good soil
Uncoils and grows

Ready in the sunlight
Ready in the darkness of my soul

…Your soul…

You own it

Whispering in my head
Whispering in my flesh
Whispering to the beat of my heart

Changing its rhythm
Making it yours

Pounding out your name
Lovely, lonely, and deathly – all at once

Shouting your name
How can these people be so deaf?
So short-sighted?

In this moment we pull close
And this poet becomes just another human being

My words are so futile here in your arms


I came, I saw, They conquered

I came, I saw, They conquered
I came, I saw, They conquered
I came, I saw, They conquered
I came, I saw, They conquered
I came, I saw, They conquered
I came, I saw, They conquered
We met, We lingered, We parted, We reminisced.


this scent
that was just yesterday here
a small white promise
today is lavish budding
so sweet night-blooming jasmine


having found ground
too rich to ignore
grey dove strolls under tree
almost soundless cooing
wistful sweet music


homeboy squirrel
dines nightly on the deck
climbing the white birch
peeks in our window 6 p.m.
by some internal clock


You lie awake at night…
Thinking of the day when he’ll come to your heart’s delight…
Your emotions clouded in sadness that shrouds your night…
Thinking when he’ll take you by the hand and escort you all the way to never never land…
Hoping, dreaming, and wishing for that day to come at hand…
You look forward for something that you know’ll never come…
While I sit in my chair and think of you over a bottle of rum…
Broken a man have I become…
Dreaming of the day to be with you and be as one…
See my face over the horizon and pretend to be one who is blind…
With your unsure thoughts, you keep me in your mind…
Picture me and you together…
In your thoughts, you know that I’ll make a good partner…
Who’ll love and care for you till the end of ever after…
In your silent wars with your heart and mind right now and thereafter…
You ask, why not be with this man now hereafter?
Instead of waiting for someone that’ll never come for you after?
In the silent wars that your mind has begun…
About that guy you dream about that you know is there for another one…
And me who is offering you my heart my one and only one…
Here i am waiting for the time when you’ll decide for me and you to be as one…
Go beyond silent wars and reveal to me your secret scars!
Show me your true colors and I’ll take you away to a world beyond the stars!
Come! Let me spark again the fire that long has kept your reason!
Come! Let me show you a kind of loving filled with romance and passion!
Come! Let me bring you that horizon!


For ever I sought one thing
Only one thing;
Something real!

I sought the truth for ever
One thing real
Was what I sought

Beyond the skies of wisdom
In valleys, jungles, roads
I wandered

I wandered and I wondered
Any given single moment
And I walked

Just a trace, a tiny speck
Was all I needed
Would suffice!

In the arms of this and that
I sought it, felt its

But I never truly felt it
How I wanted to
Be felt

All the gazes, lovely smiles
All the trouble
For a touch

All my hassle for some passion
As well as dirty

Even death and mystic magic
Or a maze of thousand

Or a friendship of a lover or
The lovelessness,
“Just friends”

With tears of joy or laughters
Of a crazy man
Called me!

It never was reality
It was nothing
Ever real!

I lost it, I recovered
I broke my heart
It mended

I hurt it once again,
Once a million times

Each time with hopes
Of things of

They didn’t ever come;
This wasn’t ever

Yes, none of it is real
I don’t want what
I can’t feel.

In the meantime
I would

For dreams have
Never lied
To me

I would close my
Eyes to this
And see

Those things that
I could truly

Those things that
I would love
To feel

Those things that
I could


I miss smiling without trying,
I miss living now I’m dying.
You killed me.You killed me.And you killed me again.
Every time I wake up, I wake up in hell.
You say we came here for a better life.
But since we’re here I wish I could die.
Stop telling I’m killing me
when you’re the one who killed me.
I am this cold inevitably,
cause you’re the one who made me.
Please take away all this sorrow
please take away all this pain.
I wanna live in tomorrow
because I died in today.


Look at that past path
a serpentine/switchback
              twisting         over 
  under                 and           and 
around         up
           and           and             and
                                   down             then
it took you
                (circuitous like Odysseus) 
                                                          where you
didn't think you would want to be
away                     a
                                     way to

right here
with me


Brunette beach is rolling in ~
no faster than a single speed
can crest, its smooth mint frame
and chrome shiny handle bars
grabbed wide for laying back
riding low and just before beyond,
behind everything that once


Phase un-phasing, cycle un-snaking
sinoidal.  Unflappable, she rides

~ oscillation onyx ~

hair waving, turning wide, leaning into
the red, the highlight, the backside of creshendo,
apex basking in slow motion glow.

She rides in pocket & groove
between bell & basket
assailing swells on panting pavement
the magnanimous magnolia
& its julep on a cruiser~

polka dots scream- jumping from her dress
to mine, this thirst, this rhythm
this hands-free life.


Why buy the cow
Come get the milk for free
Let's skip the seduction
And get straight to the deed
I'm ready and I'm willing
And I know what you need
So forget about her
And take a ride with me.

Games are for children
I don't wanna play
I saw you and I want you
Ain't no shades of gray
What we're doin' is wrong
Don't try to pretend
If you believe in God
Start making amends.

Why buy the loaf
Come get the slices for free
My mama always told me
That's no way to be
But mama's not around
And I don't plan to tease
So come over to me baby
Bring me to my knees.


for a friend of mine

and life changes in an instant
in a fleeting moment
you just might find out
who you can trust
and who you cant
who your real friends are
and who they arent
and whether you will ever
be the same


Is it either Heaven or Hell?
Don’t spend more than a moment counting on a wishing well
Perhaps you have fallen under Satan’s spell
You are not the first
But imagine if you could be the last?
Consider if men learned from their past
Resisted the temptress despite how good she looked in the red dress
Seal your fate for the delight of a mortalizing caress
Could a man deny it even at his best?
Why such a demand for the distinction between the organs down below and in our chest?
Too many susceptible to the temptation of lust at its most perfect sight
To trade an eternity for a life-defining-night
How do we attempt rationality when Satan’s mistress Aphrodite offers you a bite?
The notion of being no better than our worst moments sends one into a quarrelsome plight
To be good most of the time in a state of nature would be pretty alright
But that is not the world we live in
And nine times out of ten we give in
No matter the detriment to our well-being and richness of the soul
With but a single opening we abandon our every goal
Self preservation always comes second to a woman’s touch
It is only my short sidedness and desperation that can manifest within me blush
From lover to friend—a transition that insists our hearts and minds bend
Why not abstain?
Darwin’s theory lends to releasing the pheromones embedded in her scent and name
What is it I wish to hold onto?
Certainly my answers do not lie with you
There are far more deserving of my good intentions brought about a sky blue
Why must we sink or swim?
Refrain—or fill to the brim?
Our indulgences shed light on the people we hope and hate to be
Perhaps that is why Sartre believed it a curse to be free
But if freedom, a curse
There exists no dividing line between breathing and hearse
So breathe I will, and free I am
And maybe next time I will turn down the most enticing indulgence offered at Satan’s hand.


we stand,
as members of the same tribe,
in the kitchen making small talk.

There's a strange underlying discrepancy
somewhere along the line
while sitting next to a fire
your great great great great grandfather
decided he didn't like my great great great great grandfather
(or maybe it was the other way around)
because one had more sheep
or one had more women
or one's skin started to darken
or one found the promised land first
or one faced the correct way while praying
or one had a better seat on the heaven bound train

such a shame these men
because their make-believe rituals don't matter now
my fire is still your fire
my tree is still your tree
my air is still your air

and we all mourn the same.


My heart dances to his voice in my dreams…
As I search for his face in my awakeness…
Love leaves me unsatisfied as he alludes me…
Tempted as I am I do not lose hope….
I keep believing with every new sunrise…
That his arms will encircle me fully…
That his lips will press mine with passion…
That his soft whispers will sing into my soul…
That his eyes will burn into mine as he utters the words…
“Lovers we are now and forever more.”


Stationary and moving from the start,

Still trees and moving trains.
Waiting folks and moving trains.
Rooted grass and moving trains
Fixed seats and moving trains

Built stations and moving towards the final stop.


I know the end is near
I feel the change upon the wind
Death is coming for you my dear
a pain that will not end

Blood spattered on the wall
The beast is free of its cage
Its roar a fierce battle call
The ground shakes with its rage

Humanity gone, the animal remains’
the dead its passage mark
Insanity, calamity,horrible pain
it stalks me in the dark

Coming, its coming at last for me
Like lovers we shall meet
Teeth and claw his weapons be
mine a blade forged in great heat

Once my heart, my lover true
When Human and beast were one
To late, betrayed, can not undo
Damage has been done

Now my friend, I come with death
a gift to set you free
Come my love, take your last breath
and leave me here to grieve


The lines on my face
The wrinkles near my eyes
Speak of my age
As time flies.
Of moments, of phase
Like stars in the night
Of time, of days
An era gone by. 

Of moments happy and gay
Of dark and the light
Of clouds of grey
And evening sighs!!!
Shadows in the evening play
On a brink of a twilight
Waiting for murmurs to say
What a wonder life life!!!


Elusive I am …
Large expanse I fly …
Precious nest I hide


Sea Butterfly.

Tallest cathedrals
rest on a grain of sand.

Sharing the load
across its billions.

Mightiest oceans
rest on a butterfly

Giving its body
to succour humanity.


Spring time is for new life or is it for raking under the freshly dead?
There’s a little life left in the dead for the seedling to suck dry into dust.
The sad tidings are the seedlings are forced to use failed DNA and imprints.
One root after another hitting rock bottom again; more shallow every season.

Maybe a brittle snap of winter will return, supplying more dead for yet newer life.
Some who are perfect escapes the nursery, being transplanted into a new environment.
The fresher soil still steams with nitrogen and oxygen flooding into their roots with new life.
No one knows their fate as the shovels begin to turn the rest of us under again into the void.


he's sitting with his
broken bones all jumbled up
he picks dust from filth

scarry eyed shit man bearing
the corruption he's chosen

he sits there waiting
the rising of the deep swell
in his wretched life

 it never comes

she sits there scribbling
the only word she knows, "cake, cake",
it makes her happy

sitting there rocking comfort
through her veins she misses us.

we never come

she sits, body here
mind there, not looking, seeing.

peace with some cold tea


my heart says what im doin is wrong
mind says its right
im confused in here
dunno to take which side

life has brought me here today
i have no fear
dunno if it'll stay this way
its a roller-coaster ride

it's too late
I believe
time to leave
time to say
cheerios, adios
im gonna miss you my friend
torn between friendship and love
how can i choose one
hang on, let me take this slow
it is better said than done

close your eyes
close your ears
hold your thoughts
be in my shoes
what do you feel
what will you do
tell me what to mend

i am bad at taking decisions
lived my whole life making assumptions
why cant you make it clear
lemme kno your intentions

I can't see
you hurt again
dont want to be
the cause of pain
so, cheerios.. Adios
nothing more to say, the end


Human Atomics - Kez

We're in a room,hitting the walls
The worlds not round its like a hall,
People can't breathe,they're walking the walls
Their ideas keep crashing and having fights. 
If only one of them could see the light

The hall's so long and people can't see,
Their ideas so small they need to be freed !
Lets knock down the wall,
So people can see,let their ideas breathe,
Then hopefully they'll see the worlds much bigger
And its not just me !


The Priestess possesses feminine wisdom, patience and perception.
A Lunar consciousness longing for the inner source of the mother soul.
Goddess Isis reflected in water, the unfathomable feminine of the Sphinx.

She rests in the depths of our dreams and gleams through our visions,
she sees unity beyond the veil, reality the other side of night.
Goddess Isis inspires our fantasies and reveals the treasures of the deep.

We reach out for images of our soul but they escape our memory,
fleeting and reflective thought forms, changeable like the moon.
Goddess Isis, she may be the light of life or the dark night of the soul.


Scene I- The curtains opened..
She strolled
With the ease of a cloud
Playing a character
Until her piece, unsold

Scene II:
Praise showered
On her like dew drops
That even the impassive
Girl she was, savored.

The curtains closed..
After the curtains shut:
She blacked out into a trance
Burying her naivety,
Into a self made casket.
When did the on stage guise
Slip in its self off stage?
The instance doubt
Slid into her self

Scene III
She froze on stage
After curtains opened again
Losing her guise momentarily
Sweating, searching, all in gauge
Of a silent audience, readily
Willing to strip her,
Of all the adulation and
Send their heroine into a dark alley
She blinked and travelled
From the limelight to a black
And back, continuing to search
For the guise she once called
Her self.


a dream she is
a moment it was
a bliss she is
a treasure it was
a sweet she is
a dessert it was
a flower she is
a bouquet it was
a journey she is
a kiss seals it
Sachin she says

‘I could not control my tears of joy’, he says

dream journey


Beauty is everywhere you see
Open your heart to divinity
set yourself free


singing soft syllables stitching symphonies
melodiously mending, mellowing my miseries…
toiling through tough turbulent testing times
salvaging souls spreading sweet smiles …

collected, cool companion candidly confronting complications
livid lively levitating lustrous, love’s laminations….
emotional enduring ecstatic enchanting eyes ensnare,
foster faith, flaunt feelings, forever, fires flare…

holding hands, healing hurt, heralding harmony
moulds my mind, makes me merry
gods genuine grace generously granted
tumultuous time terminates, thanks to thee…

start ! speak ! say something serene,
Senorita , sing symphonies…..

Purvi sings ~~~~~~
Vital vigorous vigilant visionary virtuous
Daring dependable darling, delightfully delicious
vibrant vivacious vinous velvety voice
chivalrous charmer’s chocolaty choice

soft stout sappy sugary sweet smart sonorous
smooth spirited sapient stud synchronous
calm composed cavalier, comforting caring courter
clairvoyant cautious clever charismatic cruiser

punctilious pristine, playfully persistent patronizer
perfectly poised, pleasant poet popular
chatty cheerful childlike cute catchy
clear conscientious courteous choosy classy

Sane sanguine sober solemn Sapphire Signor
Brilliant beaming beau balanced beloved bachelor


So long Mr. So and So
it's time to move along.
I thought your lack of interest
to all your goings  on.

I was naive in thinking
the few kind words we shared,
made you a human being
someone who I thought cared.

But we were never really friends,
I was blinded by your spell,
And so the shame's on me my friend,
and you can go to hell!


Looking out in the distance,
The path seems to blur;
Where land meets the sky,
I can not be sure.

A thick blanket of white,
Untouched and pristine;
Laid out like a carpet,
Not a step to be seen.

As if a million diamonds,
All glistening with light;
The snow dances with sparkles,
Such a wondrous sight.

Standing proud and tall,
And lined up in rows;
Branches leaning outward,
Touching tips in a bow.

I walk under the canopy,
All about is so calm;
No wind blows the pines,
The needles making no song.

A lone snowflake falls,
I am transfixed by its flight;
Sheer beauty in motion,
No more beautiful a sight.

It looks cold up ahead,
With the absence of color;
Mittens warm on my hands,
My breath will they hover.

My steps make a sound,
The only sound I hear;
Crunching through the white,
It tickles my ears.

I am completely enchanted,
By the peace and the quiet;
The solitude beckons,
A beaming ray of light.


In the cool breeze
Of the morning sun
Sits the raven.
His eyes flickering back and forth
like a serpent
getting ready to strike.
seeing everything.
Biding his time.
To put his curse
upon mankind.
Because He knows
the first human that
sets eyes on him today
will die.
Here sits the Raven.
He knows he is death.
He’s watching
for you
to take your last breath.


Johnnie the Shit-Faced Liar,
Had a heart made out of ass,
A conscience made of dog crap,
And a tiny dick, the end.


The thought of a dead rat
Wakes me up
From my hurried siesta
Built over the somnolence of
A nauseous baldness.
As drizzles flake in
As in a languorous ball
Over my camouflage jacket,
And fade in over my skin,
I get anxious
To smell out
The remains of my dead
Scattered, God knows,
Over wells and dustbins and the ploughed land
And, no, over the roll-on deo.
As in this drizzle
In this languor between earth and heaven
Will they flow in and wade against my feet,
Or puddle and feed tell-tale beasts,
Or remain, as the elusive wetness
On a tiny patch of melanin?

The holes on the window mesh
Industrious vicious incisive
I still manage to plug them

But where did the rat go?
Where did our dead go?


walking in and
cleaning up debris
from earthquake
and tsunami.
radiation eating
greedily with flecks
of meat being spat
as a sneeze blows
her foul wind to
the city reminiscent
of another day.
loving glances
towards pictures
of grandchildren
deep sighs and placing
one foot in front
of the other
walking in
cleaning up debris.


We are the half stitched seams,
The slightly off splendour,
A subway map in a wallet,
The oil in the eye of a puddle.

We are the half sung screams,
The fantasies of dullards,
A joke inside a hospital,
A spark that wants to flame

And we are the half dry streams
Running from a river,
An iron roof in a storm,
The sand by a museum jar.


You can’t change nature.
Don’t blame the creator.
Although writers write about it,
it doesn’t mean real people feel it.

I hear laughter down the street.
I’m not here…
it’s not meant for me.
I’m somewhere else,
somewhere not free,
somewhere in the debris…
singing along to someone else’s song.

You’re the tortilla left burnt inside the pan.
I’m the man too proud to remain upright.
You were right about every lie you said.
Every insult you uttered went right to my head.

Put it before a jury.
What’s your hurry?
Stage a coup.
Fly the coop.
Fitz and tantrums.
Bullshit anthems.
Let’s go downtown,
where the drinks are free.
Let’s go uptown,
where the shrinks are mean.
Let them diagnose my ghost!
Let them medicate my fate!

I was young once, full of vigor, but immature now.
Used to be smart, but now I’m dumb, what does it matter?
We’re just lumps in the pancake batter.
I speak truth. So do you. There’s still no proof
if we keep climbing we’ll reach the top of the ladder.
I’m on the bottom rung — blowing out my lungs.
Shout so loud I might as well be a bomb.
You call me a bum while you run back to your mom.
We could let go of everything and have nothing.

The black dog stole my son, stole your daughter.
The cloud carried us underneath the rainwater.
The spider threw his picture in the trash.
I had it for six years. After six beers,
you thought you knew me better
than I knew myself,
and maybe you were right.

I’m just a child.
A lost orphan.
A missed abortion.
I’m just a crooked smile.

You need someone stronger than me.
I’m just a flimsy Frisbee.
You need a Mount Rushmore.
I’m just a whore.
You need gold
I’m mold.

I wish this were different.
I wish there was a God.
I wish wishes came true.
I wish I belonged to you.

The wine we spilled was our hearts unfurled.
I hope you gave up hope when you hurled
your lungs your guts and your juvenile dreams
of love extreme…

I hope you claimed your porcelain crown.
I shouted and barely made a sound…
I flailed in the waves but eventually drowned…


Against my foe I have no allies
Vict’ry or defeat alone rest on me
My body weary with exhaustion
My spirit fatigued with pain
My will power my greatest weapon
As I look above for guidance
None shall overcome

A book I read
About the dead.
The thoughts played out
Within my head.
I dare not look
Outside the window,
For fear that they
Would come tomorrow.

I heard the growling sounds
But it was only a lion
And his pride.
I wish that I have never read
A book that spoke
Of the living dead.

Dancing and swaying in the warmth of your arms,
Resting a heavy head, following the beats of your heart,
My fingers knotted with yours, my pillar of strength,
Smiling as I lay asleep, in the shadow of your breath...

Dewy dawns and nightfalls, all merge into one,
When you're around, the fading darkness, illuminated by the Sun,
Your unblemished affection dominates my hopes,
Alluring bliss, in your loving canopy I soar...

Memoirs of a tumultuous past have now been set ablaze,
In our worship of this ferocious passion, a tranquil craze,
Clad by your kisses of unadulterated adoration,
Both fierce and the fond now find unity in your eyes, singing devotion.

Augmented by a fleeting month, a moment so divine,
Promises made, shoving away flooding uncertainties in mind,
Today and tomorrow, I shall take respite in your abode, my Love,
'Til vindictive time does us part, if it can,
For it shan't be long, till we meet again, by the one Above.

Goodbye old self,
old shell
cast aside, outgrown
May you disintegrate
into the dust of my past
save for the good memories,
the smiles,
the moments to treasure
The future beckons
but I yield with pleasure
to the vortex of today

When the journey was young,
And the spirit frail,
The boldness grew,
For your passions sustained.

When shadows grew,
And chaos freed,
The Angels sang,
And the darkness ceased.

The mountains danced,
And the rivers swam.
Joy was abound,
For "Yours I am".

Through the moon that shone,
And consciousness unashamed,
The gentle breeze blew,
And one we became.

The tempers flared,
And fiery eyes glowed.
Blemishes magnified,
And reasons hollowed.

And when the light did dim,
The voice wept,
For the sorrows were unnumbered,
And your promises unkept.

When I write
I often get befuddled
by this question
'Where do these thoughts come from?'
What is the reason?
Are these ramblings yours or mine?
Are you far or nigh?
Are you the cause
and I am the effect?
Are you the one who acts
and I just react?
I guess, I just reciprocate
Watering these subtle seeds
You silently sow
In my imagination
Giving these formless
Entities a form
Capturing these free birds
With my limited words
Trying to get grasp of your creation
Naming the nameless as ‘inspiration’

That when my palm encircles that tiny finger,
we form a bond, for life.

That I'll crawl with you,
and wait for those pink toes to take their first step.

but when the tables turn,
I will let you walk ahead, and try to catch up.

That my eyes will light up,
every time you walk into a room I am in.

That I'll tell it like it is,
but fight hard to not let the world's prejudice blight your innocence.

That I'll prove by example,
that a real man is unafraid of his emotions; he cries, he hugs and he loves.

That I'll let you choose your own passion,
but be sure to stack your shelves with Blyton, Rowling and when the time comes, Frost.

That I'll be happy with whatever you choose to do with life,
but fervently hope some of that literary passion passed down the genes.

That there will be no unpleasant silence; no void to fill,
we will talk, we will scream, we will cry, we will laugh out loud.

That I'll teach to you stand,and stare and never take for granted the small joys;
to never slight a woman, to never pass on a righteous fight, to never lose your voice.

To lose yourself in music and words, to always make time for yourself,
to never let the weight of the world make you forget the wonder that you are.

To love with all your heart, and forgive just as easily;
that hate is high maintenance; a toxic cocktail you can do without.

To be wise with money and a career,
but to remember that people are the only real assets you'll gather.

To prop you up on the kitchen counter, and let you discover the world of smells and tastes,
and get your hands dirty, to see your first flower bloom.

That when the time comes when you find my company embarrassing,
I'll take a step back or two, and let you walk into adulthood, on your own.

That I'll always believe that after those wonder years of rebellion,
you will come back, to this bond we have, and we'll start over.

To leave in you, all that is good about me, all that is worth passing on,
and work hard to not let my character flaws cloud your persona.

To be glad each day, to be thankful, to be grateful,
for this little life, that is all mine to nurture, sculpt and make a beautiful being out of.

I promise all this, to you, and more, my child...
even if you never are to be mine.

Breaking news on intergalactic
planetary notice board :
Moon missing in action
Recover for magnetic reward

It is half past midnight
Moon hasn't been in sight
Poets are waiting for inspiration
Tides confused about gravitation

Campers lost in orbital expedition
Lovers look for romantic association
Earth is missing her companion
Pole star has lost all orientation

Galaxy Police Chief Isotope
decided to investigate
To round up the usual
suspects before its too late

Isotope knocked on door
of Moon God Shining Lore
Anxious looking Lore said
I came back from a Mars vacation
Find I may need a new vocation!

What if there was a head
on collision with an asteroid?
What if moon has been put
under a charm by an android?

Isotope called up black hole
Did moon cross your toll ?
Black hole said I don't know
Check with his secretary radiation

Isotope went to moonlight's
secretary Ms.Halo Flight
Halo asked what is
all this mega commotion ?

Isotope said don't you
read intergalactic notice board?
Moon missing in action
Recover for magnetic reward

Sky lit up with full moon just then
Poets flooded with inspiration
Lovers filled with eternal affection
Isotope looked for a new investigation

Isotope said Mister Moon
who kidnapped you?
How did you run?
How did you come?

Moon said: That's some
orbital hypothesis !
I was not kidnapped!
Nor was I under a spell!

Just tired of revolutions
Needed time for contemplation
I had gone for a long night walk
Just forgot to take my clock!

The vision was of the ever-twinkling north star.
Bright as the flash of a bolt of lightning.
Next to the moon, the star remains in peace.
Twinkling cheerily, radiant as the angel that it is.

Gravity is now working hard and strong on me.
Falling deep deep into a bottomless pit.
What awaits me down below cannot be daggers.
But lasting flowers and the sweet poison they deliver.

The faint smell of her hair and an outreaching hand.
Impale my heart, soften it to its very core.
Protection shall be given whenever needed, or not.
An arm to hold in the chill, a shoulder to hide from the cold.

Staring into her enchanting, mesmerising eyes.
Falling down into a chasm full of blinding light.
A fall has never been better, never felt so perfect.
I am falling deep into the music of lost souls into the night.

The beautiful seed, the name given to the one hope is pinned on.
I believe she is, moving towards her every waking and sleeping instant.
Falling through the lines of human emotions, with a singular thought.
The fall quick yet slow, perfect; the emotion inviolable, reciprocity sought.

A twinkle in her eye, a shyness in her demeanour.
A jingle in her feet, the sweetest smile, leaving me disarmed.
Fallen into the well of the most powerful emotion to offer.
At the epitome of perfection, these moments and the next, to never be stifled.

oh woah oh
we’ve grown apart all these years
we used to be forever
but now it’s no longer

you’re wishing it’s still the same
but darling I’ve changed
nothing is forever
and nothing stays the same

stop wishing you could turn back time
stop hurting, your heart’s not mine
our story’s not forever
stop waiting, it’s over

Wherefrom my being,

whereto return,

from oblivion to existence,

an eternal flame,

forever burn!

from ignorance to wisdom,

from darkness unto light!

I leave any moment,

another moment to return!

It seemed that there was no one else on earth,
Who had discovered this neck of the woods,
Tucked away between two old Douglas-firs,
A prized love nest, where tomorrow once stood,
Situated just east of the river,
Warm nights spent in the heat of surrender,

A handmade blanket from Mexico laid,
Fresh flowers and fruits, picked and packed with thongs,
Her cranberry sundress blowing His way,
The time spent caressing worthy of song,
Their own special sunset shared together,
Blessings found simply in beautiful weather,

Rights remain silent, words never exchanged,
Would rather exact a body language,
That defines and explains this melody,
To every animal within range,
Her sight and scents and sounds are, heavenly.

We’ll starve until our blood bursts out our veins,
or maybe just pretend, whining so you’ll
look at us, just once.
We’ll pull out all the stops - Bitch! Slut! Whore! Prude! -
and we turn on each other, shriek so you’ll
listen to us, just once.
We don’t have a say in the answers you gave,
the questions in blood we never let you have,
nor the choices you forced us into.
Take away the money for our passions,
Control our bodies and how we view it,
Kill our friendships, self-esteem, careers.
We are tired. Watch us wither
into mothers grieving for our girls,
raise them by driving the stake in deeper.
You won’t do anything. You won’t.
We don’t believe in you anymore;
we don’t believe in anything anymore.

toward the girl,

walking through

falling snow,

down the avenue,

now barren

of late-night

summer revelers,

its only sounds


from plodding cars,

the refuse,


dragged within

a bitter wind.

blocks down, an

unassuming dive—

I glance inward,


two old men;




a billiards table

like vultures;

one rests his beer,


against the ledge

beneath a neon sign

as the other

sees an opening,

eyeballs a shot,

Stevie’s Superstition


from the speakers.

during this,

the bartender

remains oblivious;

he’s sitting,

slouched over

the bar,


in a newspaper.

this scene unfolds

within seconds

as I pass;

I imagine it’s been

this exact evening

in this

exact pocket dive


than its patrons

can remember.

and on this night,




it is

a comforting thought.

A light beyond the
Boundaries of knowledge
Touches the lips of
Secluded essence allowing
Her heart to
Manifest still desires
Weaving chaos between
Her mind and soul
Simplicity and Complication
Intertwined giving birth to
Confusion’s growing inanity
Moments wandering between
Elation and Agony fading towards
Unrequited silence
No warning
No reason
Leaving her to
Seek sanity within
A fool’s reflection

I am a mere painter,
a gatekeeper of your creative mind.
I hold in my right hand a clean paint brush and a
used canvas in my left.

I have put my painting on display,
listening to whispers of what I have said.
However, I am more than interested your trite kings speech.
You reel the oh’s and awe’s
With your maverick tongue.
I want to exhale and teehee,
with a nice bag of black tea.

However, I worry that you’ll interpret me wrong
Like usual,
you’re all gums and fangs
and you’re looking quite satisfied; and worst of all…
you’ll buy my work to hang.
Have you no shame?
Your obtuseness is on display!
You have strayed my old acquaintance
Because you do not hear what I have said.
How can you interpret my work
When you do not know my history?
You have dropped out of the education of ME!

I’ve heard of your treatment of my past works.
It sits in your chambers,
Clumsily protected.
Let’s see how time will tear, old chum.
Let’s see your rustic interpretations pause a vagrant bum.
You know not I anymore.
You’d know that,
If you’ve understood that,
Time has a way of changing that it surrounds.
That’s why-Next time-
Don’t move so haughtily before me.

The night gets darker, I walk by the moonlight
I feel your presence, yet I long for your sight

The small café on the other side of the road
Is still open, facing your quiet, lonely abode

The tired old autumn leaves fall to the ground
Waiting perhaps, to return as the seasons turn around

And among them I walk, feeling you by my side
Holding my hand, following the stars as our only guide

And they turn dim in the golden sky, the night is gone
I am still there waiting for you to be back to where you belong!

Sunrise and sunset married
beginning and the end

Blended as they are,
you know not where one begins and the other ends

The moon and sun, play
peek-a-boo, follow me, where are you?

Some days, they stand and
you see them together like old friends

From your astral plane,
you stare, wondering which one is an omen?

Sunset and sorrow,
beginning and end become

Sunrise, not missing a beat,
took enchantment to dance

There you lay, watching the display,
searching , where does one begin and the other end?

Loud motor sound,

Feet walking
backward into view
through thick wet grass

Red sweatshirt, fur-lined hood
pulled over forehead to nose,
the lawnmower lady works it
like a runway model
with precision-crafted guns

I glance down, and
she up

Our eyes lock combatively
with the force of Iron Shield
to missiles launched

I, Israel
She, Hezbollah

Me, on high
Her, in the trenches

Until the passing comes, and
she moves off my
sliding-glass radar screen

Motor noise lingers, and
then cascades away
over distant lawns of
grudges never forgotten

a distant star glimmers
the coldness of the night
makes me shiver
i hear you whisper
i shudder at the thought

you live in my heart
you never left
that's why i still hear you
and feel your love as
cold air embraces me

every time i lay awake
anxious at uncertainties
you rush to ease my mind
if only you could
wipe away my tears

memories of rainbows and
of echoing laughter
unfulfilled dreams and
promises lie in their wake
bittersweet remembrance of past

I wish I know
when time will arrived
leave me on my own
to pass through this life

I wish I know
when will you go
it will changed
everything in life

If I don’t know
when will time arrived
will I be on my own
to pass through this life

If I don’t know
when will you go
will all be changed
everything in life

The tender’d touch
Upon thine awaiting lips
The forever more
To be awash’d selfishly
Rekindled childhood glee
The rain came quickly

Jingle’s Perfect Poet? Whoa!
Let’s celebrate with pizza dough!
I haven’t tried this recipe
As yet, but it looks good to me.
I got it from a commenter
On Runner’s World’s site, who’s sure
His version of an easy crust
Is better than the one discussed
Ad nauseum by posters who
Complained the magazine’s had too
Much salt — 12 times too much, in fact –
For which the author was attacked
Mercilessly, though, to be fair
You’d have a lot of crust to spare
If you put in a quarter-cup
Of sodium, then baked it up.

So, here we go. Ingredients:
2 Cups bread flour — that’s ’cause, since
Bread flour has more gluten in it,
You can stretch and pull and thin it
And it won’t rip quite so much;
A subtle but important touch.
3/4ths of a cup of Water –
If you’re starving, make it hotter
So the dough will rise more quickly;
Cooler, if your tummy’s prickly
And you’d rather wait, then bake it.
2 teaspoons of yeast will make it
Rise, though it be slow or hasty.
2 teaspoons of sugar — tasty!
1 teaspoon of salt — no more
(We covered all of that before).
One tablespoon of olive oil
Tops it off — don’t skimp and spoil
Everything by skipping this:
It takes the crust from good to bliss.

Mix the sugar, yeast and water
By themselves — you hadn’t oughter
Add the salt ’til later on;
Let sit until there’s foam upon
The water, then put in the salt
For Ph balance. (Not my fault:
Blame chemistry if you can’t wait,
But take your time, and you’ll do great.)
Next, add 1 cup of flour, then
The olive oil, which will blend
Much better if the flour’s there
To help the oil and water share.
Then, add the second flour cup
And use your hands to mix it up
Once it becomes too heavy for
A mixing spoon to do the chore.
At this point, if it’s sticky, throw
A bit more flour in the dough:
It should be soft and hold its shape,
Not sticky, so your hands escape.

Now, oil a bowl and plop the dough
Inside, and let some oil flow
Across the top, then cover it
With plastic wrap and let it sit
Atop the counter (in the fridge
If you’d prefer to wait a smidge).
The yeast will cause the dough to rise,
And when it’s doubled in its size
(About two hours, give or take),
Get your oven set to bake
At four hundred fifty degrees
(That’s Fs; two hundred thirty Cs)
While you set out a pizza pan
And roll the dough as best you can
Into whatever shape is kneaded
(Get it? Good, I won’t repeat it).
Top it with your favorite stuff,
Then bake it ’til it’s brown enough
To suit your taste — 10 minutes, plus
Or minus, works for most of us.

That’s it! You’re done! This whole adventure
Yields about a 14-incher
(Measuring across the pie),
So says the Runner’s World guy
From whom I copped this recipe.
Come on, let’s try it out and see!
Who’s with me? Dare you place your trust
In Perfect Poet’s Pizza Crust?
If it turns out to be sublime’s
Antithesis, at least it rhymes!

Oh, right: Rhyme Me A Smile, you’re it!
You’re certainly a better fit
For this award than I could be,
So that makes you my nominee!

Angles a’jangle and elbows akimbo,
Eyes and limbs askew.
A hem hanging down and a tilt-a-wheel hat
defined all life that he knew.

Life was a cobblestone complete with a trip
On each and every third stone.
Storms with gale force winds was all he had every known.

The wind ripped his umbrella backwards.
Rain danced familiarly on his head.
Life was left of center
with elusive bits of brightness
that sparkled in the labyrinth of his head.

The world is full of liars and fakes
Face to face they project a smiling aura
But they are a scary bunch of snakes
They can inflict sufferings in plethora
They enjoy, sneer like evil from hell
For every deed done so innocently
Making their victims painfully unwell
Forcing them to accept cruelties quietly
Why the bad prosper in their iniquities?
And enjoy life of pride and prejudice
While their victims feel harsh realities
Afraid to face the world of bullies
I pray that God will punish the wicked
And save the people from the crooked!

I’ve sang songs as I have sat by the sea shore
I’ve written songs about singing songs
I sang while sitting by the sea shore
I am a song sang while sitting by the sea shore.
I am the sea of which you sang while sitting there singing by the shore
I am the wind of which she sang as she set singing songs by the sea shore
I am the shore that set by the sea since eternity did sing of me
And I sing of the days and the nights when you sat singing songs
About the sea that sang songs about me as I set singing songs

Walk the crisp floor of the woods
Dark and lonely, echoes abound.
Halt to stare at a shining light;
Trouble or joy, my mind can’t decide.

Legs find a courage of their own ,
Take a step and then some more…
Till I find with great relief
A snow globe – Oh! what a delight!

Round and glittering,
Squeaky clean to touch.
And cold like the snow
Surround the thick walls

Give a shake and two,
Hear the glub glub;
Watch the snow whites
gently descend down.

No large cities or castles very pretty,
No sweet homes or Santa Ho Hos!
Only a girl, young and alone;
Holding a snow globe…
In the dark, lonely woods
With ever so fright!

Two o’clock
Surrounded by
Ghostly presence
Haunting emptiness
Getting up
Sitting down
Walking in circles
Holding on to
The promise of healing
From painful farewell…
It doesn’t come…
Three o’clock…
Keep watching the clock
Pain will soon ebb
Just hold on…four o’clock
To the promise…
Time heals all wounds.

There are wisest souls in life:

Who stillness touched,
Who motion choked,
Who fire burned,
Who water drowned,
Who passion drew,
Who abstinence wept,
For moments known,

Wisdom keeps
With each new scar,
As to sink
As distant star,

All the brighter
All the lost,
Are always made
By fires cost,

All the souls who wisdom bore:

Who hide,
Who flaunt,
Who flee,
Who whore,
Who wince,
Who wallow,
Forever more,

Wisdom releases those children:

For to suffer
is to know,
As to know
Is always suffering,

To remove the sword from flame
Is to bend the edge again,
As to keep it from the hells
Is to all it’s sharpeness quell,

So is soul, and such is grace,
To crosses born of All’s sure pace,
The fires flicker ‘cross the face
As Wisdom sings within her lace.

“Come within and yet without,
For all my fires dance about,
Warmth my rays, do eshew out,
So humble flow upon them.”

And Wisdom spake
As Wisdom knew,
And all the rays reflected blue
And all the Stillness roaring true,

And eyes
Once closed,
Now open
Rows along their brows,

And all shall be
As all was,
Apart from pain
Aglow as us.

My mulling gripes of the day:
Petrol in a can, in your words
Angry emails, just
shooting in a cave, to you.
I am, you say
A hot-air balloon, rising above a graveyard
And so, you polish a pedestal
Watch the children like spring buds
And I say, whisper
something before I go
to sleep.
You say, electricity. Wood, plaster, wire.
And make me a sculpture.

Birds sing their simple morning songs
Peepers shrug off the chilled dawn
Joining the chorus with their songs
Of bog bound love and loneliness.
In the trees squirrels are just awake
And rubbing a tiny paw on sleepy eyes.
A weary ol' mama possum walks along,weary
Looking for breakfast, digging through
Thick leavings from Autumn and Winter.
Serving as omnibus for six tiny youngin's
Clingin' to her back, holdin' on tight
Tooth and jaw clamped to mama
Like rat ugly hair clips.
Yet above all the hustle, the frenzy
The bustle, the busy, frenetic
The cheeping, the peeping, tweet tweeting
And croaking, harumphing, coo cooing
Conk honking, qua-quacking, whee wheeting
Of morn...
Above all the caught up-ness, the mating
The eating, the cleaning, the seeking
The business of dawn
God is slowly painting the horizon
Once more with the finger paints of creation

Mother, the Doctor Lied to Me.

I remember the rules but not the names
collecting pebbles and shells. The games
we played--running, we'd say, to Malta and back.

And then at school we learned of the sea,
dissected the flag and the olive tree.
They warned us about the schisms, the bombs, and the borders.

We learned to fold history neatly in two:
What we read in books and what our grandparents knew.
Our houses had been here longer than the grapevines.

I remember the dust on the windowsill
His books, his glasses, and his words: "I will
have to make sure. Now, open your legs."

Tears are slowly falling down
With scars inside that’s killing me now
This sadness, it makes me frown
To stop myself from loving you again, I will never vow

With every single breath, I think of you
With every rainbow, I see its hue
Seeing you again, I never had a clue
I guess I’ll forever be alone with this blue

So now I am standing here
Watching the stars that seems to be so near
Forgetting love for it forgotten me
Wishing that inside your heart, I’ll always be

But now you’re with someone else and I must go
Because I already knew that answer of forever and it is no
Thinking how long it takes to heal an alien heart
Thinking that forever we’ll always be apart

I here the alarm sounding in the distant sunrise
I should of ran so long ago
But I stayed.

You asked me to believe
You cried me to sleep.
Now I am here standing alone,
Nothing left but a pillow

I throw questions in the wind
Along with the anger and broken promises

I blow the dandelion
Watch it's beauty as you spit in my face
On this cold rainy day.

Did you know
I heard the wind long ago
She tried to take me away from you
you held on.
And cut me to peices
all at the same time.
I gave it all
gave it all

you owned this childs heart
cut out perfect waiting every night
I lay here as you spit in her face.
The only rain left is the rain from her face.

You had to tear her to peices
til there was nothing left.
she bent forwards and in half
wrote a love note in a bottle hoping he would come back.

Every gift , every promise a diamond shattered and carried away by the sea.
she sings a lullabye so she can sleep.
watches beauty fade
and every dream drowned under the weight of the sand and tide

She was on her knees
she was briused
she sacrificed everything for you

We both did
Then he spit in my face.
washed away with the winter rain
not sure how long it will last.

Unending and bland as the day I was born
And my mouth twice as dry,
With withered digits, buried legs,
And two good front eyes, flat.
But you can tell I love you by the words I say…
Why there is no where to go but up.
You can tell by my tone.
You can tell by the time I spend spend spend
With you.
My God, look at my hands…
Look down at my hands,
You know,
If I were a more sensitive man
I could run around, wild, and we could fix this
By God, it could be a paradise.
My God, look at my hands
And how the blood pours out,
What is it that all this means to me?
What is that it needs from me?
But there I stand in the kitchen, knife in hand,
A silly Jew, slating the beef,
Draws out the blood,
Degenerates the essence
But I’ve said that before.
What good it does…what good it does.
Talk about drawn,
Why I can barely feel my hands and feet, up to my elbows
Up to my knees,
A phantom pain, maybe, but what good is a memory?
My God
My God,
Is this really me?
A thousand miles down,
Alone, at the bottom of the sea?
Is this really it,
What does your mother tell you?
Is this really all the bother?
A scrap of dried cloud/cloth
To smother out the rest?
A dried up utopia,
Just add water
Soak it overnight.
Is this really me?
A thousand miles down,
Alone, at the bottom of the sea?

I gave up sleeping, with my old blue bear.
Drinking from cartons, and chewing my hair.
Dancing and whistling, and chocolate mousse,
But honestly it hasn’t been much use.

Hope, it is perched, in the old beggers hat.
I think I need a little ray of that.
A little truth, is really all we need.
I’ll clutch on straws until my fingers bleed.

You’re faith is faded, like the summer drapes.
You want for nothing, but to just escape.
The sky is dark, and full of cruel despise,
just like the thoughts hidden behind your eyes.

Happy’s a word, only five letters long.
But stretches miles, when it is acted on.
Maybe in time, we will be taught to pray,
and we can dare to put that word to play.

That flutter in my stomach
was not butterflies
but light-hungry moths
drawn to densely shaded globes
in Gypsy Den windows:
mic in one corner,
crowd of intent ghosts
lifting frothy mugs to their lips,
waiting for me
to open mine,
release my first shaky line,
and decide whether to dub it poetry
or mere words.

Passing their test
brought fleeting respite,
lulled beating wings into hibernation
until the next reading.

And now
as I cup my own steaming brew,
watch exposed insects
threaten to knock
open-mic virgins off stage,
I feel my muddle of Gypsy moths
sense growing light,
begin to wake from dormancy,
return me to my debut.

Questions into affermation - Wiserskydiver

Little less of conversation helps find the answeres
Questions asked in rage are more of complications
Solutions to problematic situations have thoughtless calculations

Knowing to love is barrierless egoistic projections
Being hated needs no foolish behaviour just a brain with complications
To be liked we need to like others with their behavourial ramifications

Drops of water make ripples like doubt creates aimless accusisions
Love aint blind it just needs thoughts expressed by executions
If I ever asked then would mean your love needs explanations

White trash sitting on the patio, flicking cigarettes into tall grass.
Junk strewn about the yard
A camper rests on cinder blocks, sending roots into the ground
slowly rotting into the littered landscape.
White trash collecting cans, every penny helps.
Old man throws back a beer as kids scour the roadside for aluminum.
Old man looking like a fool, trying to be cool
with a cowboy hat wrapped in snakeskin, skin dirty, clothes dirty.

White trash dumpster diving looking for a score.
Amazing what folks will throw away. Just wipe it off and eat it.
Dinners made from government cheese and church hand outs.
Those rich folks don’t know what they’re missing.

White trash I was born to but never was.
Reaching for the stars, brushing off the dirt, the grime.
Staying one step ahead of myself.
Spent a lifetime trashing that.

Earthen Guardian,
growing green with leafy teeth
and limbs between.
Your bones,
a dying tree beneath
a scaly skin—cascading leaves.
Vines that sway
like Dragon’s beard.
Hollow eyes that speak –
Fey enchanted weird.
Beast of Time
and Tangled Root,
awakened by
a satyr’s flute.
Watching many,
yet seen by few,
with ruffled ears
that catch the dew.
Windblown tops
and butterflies.
With tendrils climbing
to the skies.
Magical creature of elven goodbyes
you have been left
to guard the Land…

There once was a girl who saw too much and ran far inside herself
And when she could run no more she stopped
and leaning against the wall of tiredness and defeat
she sank and huddled down
All was still
except somewhere deep inside was that little girl
Still looking
That kind of look that makes you stare at the screen when the movies over and the
screen has faded to black
The kind that makes you stretch your eyes wider to cross a room in a darkness like pitch
Even knowing that wont help you see
Into this infinite nothingness she stared as she curled against that wall waiting
In spite of the looking and waiting it still caught her unaware
when it came
this mind numbing joyous light
Gently surrounding her
changing her
It warmed her light dimmed soul
And she became it
this fire
Small and crackling
Soothing and warm
And then bigger
And irrepressible
Impossible to ignore
A long overdue conflagration
of thoughts and feelings and ideas
and love
And whether made uncomfortable by her heat or drawn
by its warmth
people gazed at her fire

Big Ms. Lisa sat on her toilet
after eating pancakes of flour and milk,
When along came a creature just then to meet her
hanging from unseen silk.
She closed her blue orbs, almost frightened away,
for vision she was partial to everyday.

“What the hell was that?” asked Ms. Lisa to her three sisters: Me, Myself, and I.
“Maybe it was an angry bee,” she said to Me, who did not disagree.
“Mighta been a ‘skeeter,” offered Myself, eyeing I.
I said, “It ain’t neither. Wonder if we have some pie?”

Ms. Lisa dared to look herself and what did she see?
A spider in mid air, from the coils of Big Lisa’s big hair.
Ms. Lisa knew what had to be done,
and instead of run she grabbed a book
for the spider to be took.

Spider, however, had other desires,
book seat declined, he decided instead to go into its spine.
Ms. Lisa then divined that it takes much time
to free a spider when he otherwise is inclined.


Shades of gray
bordering on black
but not quite.
Brighter white
so elusive in my touch
in between of something,
hovering the line.


I rushed into the auto,
running late to work,
gasping for breath,
I asked him to lower
the blaring radio
spitting election news.

As the volume lowered
and better sense restored,
he started a conversation
that turned more a monologue,
as i remained reaction-less,
impatient and cross,
at this uninvited jabber.

"Madam this time the tides are changing!"
He exclaimed excited.
"Anarchy and decay
have swept the land.
But this time the wheels
of fortune will change.
This time righteousness will prevail.
I have fasted and prayed,
Offered poojas at dawn
and showered garlands countless.
This time I have
pierced my tongue,
and pleased the family deity.
For sure this time,
Amma will take power,
snubbing the forces oppossing.

Madam i will tell you how
Amma is the one,
Destined by stars divine;
Amma is the goddess herself Madam!
Yes, a reincarnation of Durga.
The Goddess fierce and furious,
The warrior who rages,
battles injustice,
and tramples vicious demons,
whose presence pollute.
Yes she was born,
to redeem the land!

Amma is my living deity Madam.
Dont be scared,
But i was put in jail,
Yes, of course it was fixed,
False charges, you see.
My family and I,
Rotted in misery,
For countless days,
Unsure and tortured,
Until one day,
A miracle happened,
The party rescued me
Giving me
a second lease of life.
Ever since i have been faithful
I have recruited and enrolled,
Big names for the party,
But i have never contested,
For it invites envy and quarrel aplenty.
I have no regrets anyhow,
For people come to me begging seats now.

If the party wins,
I will make my auto AC.
And take you around for free.
If the party wins,
I assure you,
a government job
With a snap of my thumbs.
If the party wins,
we will be kings.
If the party wins,
We will erase,
Not just the opposition,
But their questionable position,
On the existence of God.
If the party wins,
we will replace,
all the Christians
Of this land.
For Christians,
worship a God that is not Hindu.
But don't you worry Madam,
The party is kind to your Islam,
For did you know,
Our devi was wedded
To a muslim.
If the party wins,
Together we will monopolize the offices of power.
And kick the Christians on their asses!

Madam I never let a Christain,
step into my auto.
If they do,
I ask them to leave,
Never bothering about my fare.

Madam don't worry, your job i assure,
For the days to come will bring us cheer.
I can adjust with your people
But never with the cursed Christians".

We reached the destination.
I stepped out.
Asked if he needed his fare.
For i was a Christian
Who he had took for
a Muslim.


Looking for
To annoy and run
When one is
The morn
Spells out

The world around
Has withered
And seen
The return to
Corn and
Water troughs.

Muhhamad Shah Tughlaq's
Coup de grace
A weir
A moat
A defensive wall
And engineers
Over their
Sluice arches
To gloat.

And there
Over a stagnated
She shines
The hoopoe
As I forget
And fumble
Across the shutter
And pebbles galore
For what we adore.

As it skips
We click
And as we
A flutter away
We whisper to
The bird revered
Oh holy avian on tree
Once my hairstyle
Was modeled on thee.

Satpula was
An irrigation
Channel, an
Enemy refrain
A bridge
To ancient cities
Of Tomars and Khiljis
Long gone
In violence yet in peace
In pain
Yet sans disdain.

The entry
Ready to
Snap at
Or humans

Then one
The German Shepherd
The response
Is as expected
Dogged in
The human
Takes a stand.

The end pavillion
Has tales
To tell
Of droughts
And famines
That went on
Till empires
And plagues

The interiors
But not
For one
See ruins
Preferable to
The tourist

A barbet
Flies in
I dig
Avians grace
All bright
And spick.

As the
Draws to
A noisy end
We relapse
Into a
Squinch somewhere
All that
Is left to decay
In bare.


The tiny planet shuddered,
drew clouds around her like a garment.
“Name me!” she sighed,
“for I am lonely.”
Lost amongst the star shine
of a billion suns revolving;
she huddled in her orbit
and waited for the day.
Slowly dawned the presence
of a mighty force around her;
and she felt the power singing
as He swept the night away.
Confusion turned to order,
as He clothed her in a mantle
made of misty mountain meadows
and sparkling coral sands.
He placed upon her shoulders
tall woodlands filled with flowers;
and for her skirts deep waters
hemmed with foaming strands of pearl.
Then closer came the presence;
knelt in holiness upon her
and from her soil He brought forth sons
to tend her fragrant gardens.
Earth was what He named her;
jewel of the heavens;
fragile integration
of the majesty of life.
c. 2011. Donna Swanson from Splinters of Light


We shall surely drink,
As we have brewed:
For eternity resides,
Within every deed;
The fleeting act,
Gone in an instant;
Lives on amidst
The shadows,
And symbols of life:
Still at hand,
So subtly cloaked,
In the mists of time;
Always, always,
To return.


go onward still
one step ahead
another will
the sun too bright
as sky blinds blue
clouds lead the way
to hope for you
no worry son
begin today
in ways so new
for you I pray
bring peace to heart
and solice too
dear son of mine
your soul is true
still barely lost
keep searching though
leave past behind
forgive the cost
beyond the darkness
through light of day
see hands of faith
to lead your way
push farther now
to take this ride
to make it to
the truth inside.


traveling down billie’s road
minus the horse, minus the man
because this is a mental trip.

I could cover the waterfront
but I came to absorb the wood
of the non-desolate dock

so cleanse me tide; wash me water
until I am free
of the robotic revolutionary


it’s in the night
i find you there
whether i want to or not
no, it’s not a longing missing kind of thing
it’s just a thing
a habit
you were the night…and now the night is silent again
i never trust the silence that comes with you
like the moon…it’s never truely gone
you’ve abandoned me physically
but you drill into my brain
you know you are there…and i know i am there
you carry on…i see it from afar
miss happy go lucky
no care in the world
but it’s dark now
the night is here.  how do you occupy these hours?
did i tell you how soundly i sleep?
how much calmer i feel?
and yet not trust the storm that brews
in the form of your name
funny how when you are present, the storm is so near.
i don’t trust you
i have my cat eyes watching
and waiting
but still…i sleep soundly
in this night


there are things
i do well and
things i dont
do too well
why do i worry
over which
that i fail?


I welcome the pitter patter
That is graciously introducing itself to my windowsill
I lay and listen to the beautiful music
That the greatest composer in this world is creating
The thunder may shake the ground and the walls around me
But my soul doesn’t stir
It sits in anticipation of the next beat
The radiance of lightening doesn’t make me cower under my sheets
I willingly give her my undivided attention
Taking in her splendor and power
With every flash that announces her entrance
This land is her stage and right she’s showing off
As I take in the Nature Made Mix
My mind drifts to why the tear like droplets staring at me
From the window
Make my insides stir in a joyful like manner
It’s you
The thought of that rainy day we spent together
Has forever altered my perception of rain
Just like the ever flowing nourishment that falls
You came and restored my Life
Washed me of all that had clouded my vision
Strengthened the roots of my essence
You gave me all and asked for nothing
Just like the rain pours its Love over the Earth
You wrapped me within you just to watch me Flourish
Thank You


So far away though I hear your call for me,
your pain and sadness pulling me.
We lay down and together breathe us in.
When I close my eyes I see what you see.
Your heartbeat resting against my lips.
I feel you,
your hot tear falling into my palm.
My tongue uttering your pleas,
the darkness tugging.
Your there in the shadows behind nights shroud lonely and cold.
My reflection in your eyes
Lying there shaking,
your hand reaching for me.
I can hear you though you don’t make a sound.
My lips uttering your words,
only my name.
Pain consuming you holding you down.


Eternity begins here calls the long dusty road.
Colorless sky, endless landscape, motionless tree,
barren branches contain only empty nests.
A presence can be felt but not heard.
Silence prevails and shadows are the only measure of time.
Lone figure strolling down road on horizon,
coming back from past or lost in present?
Weathered sign beside road reads retirement.
Destination, or just a pause in the journey


Dusk falls
The moon lit up darkness
With more than  faint ivory
The King of Vampires slowly sips (Yes,
With vampire mafias, kings are mere established)
That flask of red wine
Other kinsmen sit
At a round table, with their shares of wine
In a mansion, in a room, half-lit
"We've reached a deficit in blood.
Anyone know why?" asked the king,
Almost about to break the glass
"Where is Nathaniel?" one of them asks
"He's one to be late."
"His lateness," starts the king
"Is it a factor in the deficits?"

"I believe so, master. I've seen him out,
And when he feels someone staring at him,
I see him always flitting."
"His wine is getting cold, too."
"Vilinius," the king smirked.
"See that holy water over there?"

Nathaniel  came to the mansion
His kinsmen awaited him
With smiles in their faces
"Your wine is cold." said the king
"Come sit." the others chimed in
Nathaniel sat, drank his wine, somehow
With a funny taste to it
His throat burned, his flesh parting
Flesh ripped, muscle revealing
He fell without a scream to escape his lips
Such was the end of Nathaniel
"Now next," said the king
'Who tainted my wine?"
The vampire next to Vilinius never met his gaze with the king's


Life’s taking me for a ride and I’m its rodeo.
Not the kind you would think, not a Spaniard
I’m just the one from my own backyard.

An important crossroad of life I am in.
There’s more to lose than to win
To accept, decline or just think about it,
Decision making is draining a lot of courage and wit

One wrong move and I may have start from the Ice Age.
Nothing that can measure the loss, nor is there a gauge.
Not ready for all the pressure, the face-offs,
I sense the future, all the mock and scoffs.

Even after summoning all my extra- terrestrial strengths
And efforts which extend to inexplicable lengths,
They, those Pummelling thoughts never grow tired drowning my will.
Am I to beguile myself from those dreary thoughts or should I stay still?

Crazy as it may seem, reconciliation (with myself) seems a ghastly task.
That face across the street, is it me or is it just another mask?
The moment has come to ask myself what I want.
Will I give an answer or will I stray? I’m no truant.

Life’s taking me for a ride and I’m its rodeo.
Not the kind you would think, not a Spaniard
I’m just the one from my own backyard.

There is not much to worry, this is not a dirge.
If it is anything, I have let a few things merge.
I’ll set things straight and when I tune the radio,
I’ll hear a new tune- It’s my life and I’m its rodeo!


(meaning of Heb. Uncertain)

As long as I said nothing,
My limbs wasted away
From my anguished roaring all day, Selah. (Ps 32.3)

Are you lost?  Are you lost?
Have you lost your way?
Come with me, come along with me,
And we will lie down our heads and point our eyes
Up toward heaven,
And we will find a way.
The breeze will blow
And the trees will shake,
And we will be secret, secret, secret
As we whisper fugitive words
To each other in outlaw tongues
And color outside these lines,
And hushes,

You engulf men in sleep;
At daybreak they are like the grass that renews itself;
At daybreak it flourishes anew;
By dusk it withers and dries up (Ps 90.5-6)

Are you blind?  Have you lost your sight?
Are you blind?
Can you no longer see?
Come with me, come along with me,
And we cast these shadows back and forth,
Shadow play, marionettes and half-gone day.
It will be quiet, quiet, quiet
And it won’t be made of light,
But made of mummer and noise
And will not require your sight.

Put not your trust in the great,
In mortal man who cannot save.
His breath departs;
He returns to dust;
His plans come to nothing. (Ps 146.3-4)

Are you falling?  Are you falling?
Can you not stop?
Hanging by a thread,
Blue star, gold star, red star, bled bone dry
Wilted brown,
Tangled up and dead?
Come along with me,
With me,
With me again,
And turn with me on this solid ground,
Set loose in space,
And half-drained
Of sound,
Made half-consumed of fire,
And the rest drowning in the cure,
Steel and iron
Cut out of hallowed ground.


Each face precious
A raindrop quenching
Life's endless thirst
For the unique divinity
That is you and me


People sit on the rough seats,
People and cars on the outside
rush by with speed.

It is early morning and
we are all half asleep.
We will be at school soon.

None of us have control of this bus.
We cannot change the destination.
No matter how much we wish,
we are out of control.

All we can do is sip our coffee,
it brings bitterness to the fore.
All I hear is the wind rushing by
and faint sounds of wishing.

We are lost in here
among our numbers.
We feel the same,
like a nobody.
Yet, we do not quite fit in.

We are tired of the smell
of the poor old seats
and their leather coverings.

Like our life in school.
Old. Boring. Same.
We are desperate for change.


The wind is calm tonight,
stars are out, the moon is high.
Shadows fall distorting images
-caught in reflected light.
Curtains stir and shades are drawn;
the final show for the day is done.

A screeching cry disturbs the silence,
a cat dashes out of the old armory.
I wonder what scared it...There it is,
a man caught in the pale glow of the night.
My heartbeat quickens, it's weird-
how a shadow can look so weathered.
I start to shut and lock the door,
then realize the moon is casting reflection-
of a scarecrow, across the armories stone surface.

The darkness which lies before me
is dreamlike...another world
revealed in the night. A dream
which has a seedier side-
A place where we struggle and
take flight from ignorance,
unaware that those very shadows
will eventually fall across our home.

Then, just as I had watched the windows
across the street, those shadows
will put on a show for someone else-
Someone staring out their door,
...watching my windows~


Forget me not I begged a lady
Whose tender love I strongly seek
Her beauty and faith, and strength maybe
Has stolen words my tongue aught speak
Forget not the radiance of her face
Dimming the brilliance of the moon
“…I am not the fairest…” she says
In modesty she generously forgets the soon
What though my faith in her be shaken
What thief sent her memory aflown
A new hope that has us believing
With faith comes lots of joy unknown
So speak here, kind dear Lady
For with your memory flies my sails
All you have to do is remember me
And I shall remember everything else
…for you.


Though life has dealt this hand
A hand that has one a round
The game is yet to come to fruition

Doors are open to proceed
Time is at it's own
It does not wait

What is next?
Which door to enter?
It has been draining...

To the point of this
Frustration has set
Overshadows desire

The doors that are before
Is what has come
It is now finished


I know who I am
I know what I do
I know where I want to go

No question...

This was in need
I see that now
Flow from the pen



the editor
chose my letter
and my words were in print
there was no illusion
my need for a friend
was evident
even though my words
were only a sliver of insight
into my tragic reality
your letter found me
no address
just town and state
I wasn’t alone anymore.


A ghostly past that whispers her name
Careful not to shout too loud
For it knows how easily she’s spooked
By the shadows in the dark
Are they real or the secret part of her psyche
That she tries to keep locked away tight
Sometimes things don’t quite add up
A crack in the carefully constructed mask
Threatening to expose the pieces that remain hidden
The unstable bits not meant for public consumption
She carries her head high
And carefully creates what the world is to see
A successful businesswoman micromanaging her life
But behind closed doors she crumbles
She curls up with her knees to her chest
And cries.
She breaks down, confessing her weakness to the air
For it won’t tell her secrets
It won’t give her hiding spot away
It envelops her like a warm blanket
Promising to keep her secrets always
And help her to feel safe and recharge
To be ready to face the next days battles
To patch up the cracks with some pretty make up
So no one will be the wiser
And it will appear that for one more day
She has the strength to forge on.


It’s harder now to make friends with strangers
It’s so easy that friends can become strangers
What you say and what I hear might not be the same
What you mean and what I see is a total opposite.
You don’t understand me
No, you don’t understand me.
We all defense, but if we could have
Just a little respect,
Just a little understanding,
Just a little kindness,
And A little Trust;
Open up your mind,
Open up your heart,
Take down your barrier,
Keep your eyes open.
We all like to be strangers to keep us from getting hurt.
We all be with people so we don’t lose another friend.
I dare to say what I think and mean what I say
Don’t you too feel like you wanted to change things too?
No, you don’t understand me.
So you don’t get to judge me.
No matter how we defense, if we could have.
Just a little respect,
Just a little understanding,
Just a little kindness
And a little trust.
Open up our mind,
Open up our heart,
Take down your barrier,
Keep your eyes open.
How many times can we see the sun rises and set?
A life time is shorter than the journey of a star could travel.
Be my friend,
Stay with me.
And make life colorful.
If we could have
Just a little respect,
Just a little understanding,
Just a little kindness,
And a little trust.
Open up our mind,
Open up our heart,
Take down your barrier,
Keep your eyes open.


I see the rainbow through the rain
All my worries slide down the drain

If I could wish for something dear
It would be that I remain right here

The storm clouds have past all the pain is on leave
All I feel is the joy and happiness, I’ve seen

I am thankful for both the joy and the sorrow
I am grateful for today, yesterday and tomorrow

I embrace my life and the memories I’ve had
I can’t help it, for a life  it hasn’t been bad

The rain will come back, I’ll be blinded again
But, I hope it’s this outlook I have in the end

I relish in my freedom, I rejoice in my song
Things that are this good could never be wrong

I’ll always look for the rainbows, I’ll always search for the gold
I’ll always seek with wonder, so my story can be told

And as the light rain starts to penetrate my heart
I promise to except the pain, not rip it apart

When I close my eyes to everything I’ve seen
I see a rainbow reflecting off the sea

I know in my heart, from the depths of my soul
That the rainbow I see is a person I know

With it’s colors and brightness, wonderful beauty
I know that this glories rainbow is me


As i lie here wide awake
Insomnia is here to ensure
I ponder my mistakes
The twists and turn in my mind
Was i mean or was I kind
Things I’m proud of
Things that will haunt me till the day I die
Ups and downs I’ve experience them both
These are the mechanisms of personal growth
So as I lay her wide awake
A smile graces this weathered face
If you feel the feelings like me
Fear them not for the future has yet to be seen
Live your life on your own terms
Live your life until your final breathe adjourns
Never stop growing
This will keep your soul glowing



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